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Ukraine sends special "special forces" to Odessa- Slavyansk heats up

 There are now several updates at the bottom- please check them out?!

Ukraine sends “special forces” to Odessa . Why? 
Not because of the horrible atrocity committed by the thugs and soccer hooligans. No sireee.
Kiev is pleased with bloodshed. As is the IMF. And Washington is pleased with those killings too.
Since NATO's leadeship and it’s bank are pleased with the killing what else to do, but, guarantee more killing? The IMF all but stated Kiev had to get things under control or lose money.
IMF warns Ukraine on bailout
In a staff report on the aid program, published Thursday, the IMF added that a change to eastern Ukraine's borders could force it to adjust its bailout.
NO doubt that IMF statement applies to all borders of Ukraine, not just the Eastern borders

Which is why more thugs/fascist/Bandera adherents and soccer hooligans are going Odessa. So that these so called ‘special forces’ can kill more people
 Ukraine’s Interior Minister said on Monday he had drafted a new special forces unit into the southern port city of Odessa after the “outrageous” failure of police to tackle pro-Russian separatists in a weekend of violence that killed dozens. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said the new Odessa force was based on “civil activists who wanted to help the Black Sea city “in these difficult days.”
"Civil activists" = thugs, fascists, neo-nazis
The entire leadership of the local police had been fired and could face criminal action. “The police in Odessa acted outrageously, possibly in a criminal fashion,” Avakov said on his Facebook page.
Did they act outrageous because they allowed people to be burned alive, shot at and brutally beaten?
“The ‘honor of the uniform’ will offer no cover.” Kiev’s anger on Monday focused on the Odessa police decision to release 67 largely pro-Russian militants after supporters besieged and stormed a police station on Sunday. The crowd of several hundred chanted “Odessa is a Russian city!” Russian is the first language of many of its residents.
The violence in Odessa, a southwestern port with a broad ethnic mix from Russians and Ukrainians to Georgians and Tatars, is seen as something as a turning point in Kiev: a warning of dangers if rebellion spreads beyond the Russian-speaking east.
Why is Odessa so important to Kiev?
 Odessa, a city of a million people, with a grand history as the cosmopolitan southern gateway for the czars’ empire, has two ports, including an oil terminal, and is a key transport hub.
 Pipelines. Energy resources. Control of. Denial. Access. Profits. The usual stuff.

That which makes Odessa important to Kiev, makes Odessa important to Moscow


Ukrainian troops fought pitched gunbattles Monday with a pro-Russia militia occupying an eastern city – an apparent escalation of their efforts to bring the region back under government control.

 #1- Slavyansk Update: Heavy Fighting Breaks Out in Slovyansk
except from link above

Accounts from both sides suggested the Ukrainian military was pushing further into the volatile city than it has before, with the confrontation marking the most sustained fighting since Kiev launched its operation to quell the insurgency in eastern Ukraine. It comes following a weekend of escalating clashes as the conflict moves into a more dangerous phase.
On Monday morning, Ukrainian forces met with strong resistance from a group of about 800 pro-Russian fighters armed with large caliber weapons, mortars and other equipment, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said.
The Interior Ministry said four Ukrainian soldiers had been killed and 30 injured, and an untold number of militant fighters had been wounded in the operation. A separatist spokesman told the Interfax news agency that there had been a large number of dead among the rebel fighters following pitched battles in various parts of the city.
"The fighting is still under way. We have managed to stop the enemy from advancing deep into the city but it was with great difficulty. We have a lot of victims--maybe more than 20 people," he was quoted as saying.
He said a gas station exploded after being hit by gunfire, sending up a large fireball that was visible from all around the city. Ukraine's defense ministry said a Mi-24 helicopter had been shot down by heavy machine gun fire and had crashed into a river but the pilots were unharmed.
The ministry also said that a pilot taken captive by militants during heavy fighting last week in which two helicopters were shot down had been rescued during Monday's fighting. It said it had disrupted an effort by rebel fighters to convert railway coal carriers into armored train cars.
Mr. Avakov said the operation was moving forward slowly as to avoid civilian casualties, although his ministry said civilians had been hurt in the fighting, blaming separatists for using them as human shields.
Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry said an armed pro-Russian mob overran a police station in the city of Slovyanoserbsky in the neighboring Luhansk region and beat up the police chief.
#2-  This is a link to the Russian  'White Paper'   -NBC is mentioning it in a very light fashion and is the only NATO media outlet I have seen reporting on the release of this document.  It is about 80 pages and chronicles the numerous incidents of violence and abuse the thugs in Kiev have visited upon the rest of Ukraine.
The release of the report may be intended to strengthen Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's position at a meeting of the Council of Europe in Vienna on Monday and Tuesday.
What position is Lavrov going to take that would require this paper be leaked in advance?

ht kaspi who left it this morning- thanks kaspi :)
Sounds like the Russians have all their ducks in a row...

#3 - It seems Odessa was a  provocation intended to cause a massacre. A fire was set to cover up for the atrocities committed by the thugs sent by Kiev. Then Kiev could justify sending further fighters, thugs, fascists and more into Odessa.
Please take a moment to look at this article left here. It should be unsurprising to anyone to see the presence of snipers 
ht Anonymous commenter below
 Provocateurs disguesed as pro-russian+police (with red bands on their hands) provoke football fans to place where an anti government camp was stationed. They got blocked in Trade Union Building where squadron of CIA killers await them. 250 corpses are still missing.

CIA hiding evidence of their mass murder, by telling that people were "burned".

CIA crimes shouldn't go unknown. Breaking lies saves life's. Repost please.


  1. Posted in haste, will tidy up later and maybe update too
    see ya!

  2. How the thugs killed Odessa inhabitants in the Trade Unions House - the details of bloody scenario

    1. thank you for commenting I will have a look at the information you have left :)

  3. Content is graphic, please care. What really happened in odessa.
    Here's how it was set up, its in Russian but i tell you narative.
    Provocateurs disguesed as pro-russian+police (with red bands on their hands) provoke football fans to place where an anti government camp was stationed. They got blocked in Trade Union Building where squadron of CIA killers await them. 250 corpses are still missing.

    CIA hiding evidence of their mass murder, by telling that people were "burned".

    CIA crimes shouldn't go unknown. Breaking lies saves life's. Repost please.

    1. and again we see the presence of snipers in these images
      good god!
      starting a fire to cover a crime- a tried a true method
      thank you for the info

      I have looked only at the live journal piece so far
      graphic content does make me squeamish (admitted wimp)
      but, I will look at the rest

  4. After they killed people they will set up massive hunt this night for the survivors. thats why jews leaving the city. 150-250 corpses still in basement, everyone who know it must die. At least 5 children confirmed to be missing.

    Fat Nazi-provacature with AK already dead.

    1. A massive hunt for survivors to this slaughter is why Kiev is sending the thug army to Odessa and why the anti-coup people had to get the survivors out of jail- cause they would have been - like fish in a barrel.
      so to speak
      Yes, the news of jews leaving Odessa is here
      another commenter- karin- left it
      so they see the writing on the wall too

  5. Penny,
    good , as always :)
    Have a feeling this is the same info posted by previous commenters
    This has been translated into English and researched by a friend in Ukraine/ Rusian that I trust 100%

    It is a livejournal piece and yes, the pics are horrid, but the analysis is first rate imho and many others including Mark Sleboda are confirming info as valid.

    You can find it Here
    Alot of info coming out. Russia has put out a White Paper (?) of human rights crimes from Nov ( I bleve to Odessa )

    1. yup, it has but don't worry karin
      and I have the white paper linked in the newest post
      it's a trying time isn't it- I mean it always is
      shakes head-

  6. Have you seen the videos/pics of the men in Odessa wearing the red arm bands? Strange that there were some of them in amongst the police and some of them in the anti junta crowd. One report I read said they were also among the pro junta group. Were these people there as agents provocateurs to 'manage' the 'event'? Would appreciate your thoughts on this.

    1. I have seen the images- in fact there is a whole series of images, those included linked in my latest post
      What do I think about these persons? I am rolling it over in my head and will reply tomorrow- gotta get to work right now- ah household chores..

  7. Toatlly out of character for me but it touched my heart and a lump in my throat.

    meet ( as thankfully a comment tells us, These guys blind brothers Zolotukhin, our Lugansk singers

    Aren't they beautiful ? Graham Phillips found them on the street and took the video. I really like Graham, he's cut from a different cloth than most news types. :)

  8. We've all heard the acronym FUKUSA : with Canada sending its forces to aid the neonazis emergency can update this to CANFUKUSA

    1. It's truly and embarrassment brian
      (shamefaced Canadian) :(

  9. The NATO, ECB and US supported psychos in Odessa are bragging about strangling a pregnant woman to death, shouting "Mama Got Whacked" in this "RT" news video. Believe it comes out around the seven minute mark, but since this is live this morning, might have to wait until it cycles back around at the top of the hour.

    The bastards.

    Jews are leaving Odessa? How many times will that bunk work. They were 'leaving' Soviet Russia when Bolshevik Jews were rampaging across the land.

    They were leaving Nazi Germany at the same time big wigs in World Jewry were conspiring with Hitler to send Jews to Palestine so they could steal a 'land without people.'

    Guess if the lie works, don't fix what ain't broke.

    1. These guys are sick- indoctrinated sickos

    2. Greg,
      I want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. No ONE gives them hell like you do and sometimes you make me laugh so hard. Thanks

      I have tried a number of times to comment, buy my computer skills are laking in numerous areas, ahem, and it never works.

      I found this the other day and wanted to get it to you. Only you can do justice to this little tidbid of jewish-ness. ;^) The irony will slay you.

      The Levene peace plan for israel In Texas of all places priceless

      I sure hope you find this.