Saturday, June 14, 2014

Obama delivered an ULTIMATUM to Maliki via ISIS- Comply or.....

I have read and reread this article from Washington Post

Main stream media is produced in such a way that it is difficult to discern what is actually being said.
Usually I can cut through the bullshit pretty quick, but, this one took several attempts to decipher.
-President Obama said that though the U.S. has "enormous interest" in Iraq, it is "ultimately up to the Iraqis" to resolve their conflicts

Ultimately up to the Iraqis to resolve their conflict? Reads good, but there is something else contained in this article that lead me to conclude- It's clear that an ULTIMATUM has been delivered with the help of ISIS from Obama to Maliki! 

Put another way the "surprise" advance, that was no surprise, by ISIS coincidentally took place right at time when Maliki is vulnerable. Right after the Iraqi election.  He needs to reach out to other groups in Iraq to make the first elected government, since troops left, happen.

 Obama's babbling about Iraqis needing to resolve their conflict is a message to Maliki to either 'choose' the right people, the approved people, or their will be repercussions.
Including the possibility of Maliki  being pushed out! Despite his big win.
 I am not sure what Obama is aiming for? But am now certain the election win by Maliki triggered the use of ISIS to help bring about the Obama administrations desired results.

Nouri al-Maliki coalition biggest winner in Iraqi elections
A coalition led by Iraq's Shia prime minister has emerged as the biggest winner in the country's first parliamentary elections since the US military withdrawal in 2011, electoral officials said.
The results boost Nouri al-Maliki's chances of a third term in office, although he still needs to approach other groups in order to secure a broader majority coalition inside parliament that will make the first attempt to form a government.
The first ever election this nation has had since US troops withdrew and Obama is using ISIS to influence or even overturn the results of the election. The election has not yet been certified. Certification triggers a CALENDER that requires a new parliament to be seated within two weeks. It's going to be a frightful two weeks for Maliki and the Iraqi people.
Iraq’s recent national election contributes to the administration’s belief that political actions can be taken quickly and visibly. Shiite parties won an outright majority of parliamentary seats, in results that will be certified in the next few days.

“Certification triggers a calendar that, among other things, requires the new parliament to be seated within two weeks,” the official said, and a series of timelines for forming a new government and choosing a new president, prime minister and other high-level officials
“It’s going to be very interesting to see the impact of this crisis on that process,” the official said.
There you have it! The crisis was created to impact the election process.
The thumb screws being applied is more then clear in the paragraph below
Asked about a risk of the security situation on the ground getting out of hand while the administration waits for political movement, the official said, “That line may well exist. We’ll know it when we see it.” Obama, he said, has ordered military options prepared to “get ahead of” the line and to allow for quick action, if necessary.
 This is very clear, to me, that ISIS is a terror asset controlled by, for simplicity, the US.
The administration will be able to 'get ahead' of the line and act quickly should it become necessary.
But what type of action is being referred to here? If Maliki doesn't comply will ISIS march into Baghdad?

The WP article corrected the election win from Maliki being the winner to "Shiite parties winning an outright majority"- Not surprising, given that this is a Shiite majority nation.

 Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly said that Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s Shiite coalition won an outright majority of parliamentary seats in a recent national election. Shiite parties won an outright majority.
Just another example of when an election doesn't go in the direction the US wants, the US ignores, derides, or worse enacts a regime change- That  indeed looks to be the situation

Oh and one last item from WP

The official said the Obama administration was closely consulting with regional governments, which might be asked to provide assembly points or air bases for U.S. military action. Those consultations do not include Iran, he said, where talks with the United States remain limited to Iran’s nuclear program.

Let's see assembly points and airbases? Turkey is definitely involved.
Turkey has NATO airbases. Israel is possible. Jordan.
Anyone else have any thoughts on who Obama might be consulting with?


  1. Hi Pen, good work. Some others around the net seem to be puzzling over who is running Isis. Amazing after all these years of banker or affiliate financed proxy armies. Just that line up of Toyota trucks screams Daddy Warbucks!

    Anyone else have any thoughts on who Obama might be consulting with?

    Afghanistan with overflight permission from Iran. Yes, they are quite capable of such brazenness

    1. Just that line up of Toyota trucks screams Daddy Warbucks!

      I love that comment, and yes, it does
      I used the picture a few posts back, what 30,000 plus a pop, times how many trucks?
      100's ? thousands? big money- where do our 'rag tag' fighters get millions of dollars for no doubt non standard Toyota trucks-
      by non standard I mean- with extras that would never be included in a truck off the lot at the dealership.

  2. It's clear that an ULTIMATUM has been delivered with the help of ISIS from Obama to Maliki!

    Penny, I think you nailed it.

    I really think what Russia is doing against the dollar is a real player here.

    “Everything is relative and we can compare what the USA did to our country with what Russia is doing now,” wrote the Iraqi newspaper al-Furat. “America, this bastion of democracy, completely destroyed Iraqi statehood, annihilated its infrastructure and industry and is now attempting to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign state. Russia, by way of contrast, is attempting to help us emerge from the difficult condition which we were driven into by America. The commencement of work at the ‘West Qurna Phase II’ oilfield is a striking example of this. This operation will create new jobs, reduce unemployment, and the revenues from the exploitation of the oilfield will, we hope, be directed towards the revival of our industry and the creation of new infrastructure.”

    Iraq is getting to cozy with non-Rockefeller and non-Rothchilde interests, such as Russia, China, and Iran.

    Many stories are discussing the close ties between the Kurdish and israel. I do think this has some to do with it, but not as much as above. Using ISIS to carve out land for the Kurds so they have a state. In the long run though they will be treated just like those in Palastine and Rothchilde can control the flow of oil. But this project is now where near ready to be implemented so I do not think this is the main reason for the ISIS moves. But will fit into the long term plans.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on who Obama might be consulting with?
    Azerbaijan. Russia is making some headway there so I think if the west wants to shore up their ties there the best way is to move more assets into that country.

    Still to cloudy to see the big picture though, but I think your on the right track. This whole mess is to get better control of Iraq and what currency they sell things in.


    no comment needed...

  4. this is also interesting

    Iraqi natural gas to Jordan and Egypt.

    This is direct competition to israel's Leviathan field. Which I noted on an earlier thread is in trouble. With Russia selling gas to the EU at just over 10.2 / 1000cf and the break even from Leviathan at 14.2 and climbing, they don't want to loose the rest of their furture customer base.

    1. Paul, thanks for all the links and additional info, it's a great help!

    2. Anyone else have any thoughts on who Obama might be consulting with?

      NATO Holds South Caucasus Seminar In Azerbaijan


      just a note. I'll be changing my screen name to something different. Not sure to what yet. Too many others are using the same name.

    3. Here is some more on the gas story and how Leviathan is a player with regards to the EU supply.

      So killing the South Stream is a must due to these other players just can not compete with Russian gas prices. I forget how much it was but the EU withheld a huge some of money slated for completely unrelated projects in Bulgaria to help hold up South Stream. Not to mention McCain making a personal visit which brings to mind the 'Economic Hitman' story of holding a gun to their head.

      This also reminded me of a point I made a few months back about the 2 Catholic non-profit orgs. in Texas who get 2% each of the 'gross' sales from israel's gas which is send through other non-profits to fund groups like ISIS. Remember all those interrelated non-profit orgs. in Britain tied to funding the organ eaters in Syria???

  5. Insightful comments, Paul. And nice research.

    There is also the issue of the Iran/Iraq/Syria gas pipeline. The war on Syria has been holding it up but now that war is on the way to being lost, the bankers are moving their organ eating nutjobs 'upstream' to Iraq to be an impediment to the gas line there.

    From Pepe a year ago-

    War against Iran, Iraq AND Syria?
    By Pepe Escobar

    Amidst the incessant rumble in the (Washington) jungle about a possible Obama administration military adventure in Syria, new information has come to light. And what a piece of Pipelineistan information that is.

    Picture Iraqi Oil Minister Abdelkarim al-Luaybi, Syrian Oil Minister Sufian Allaw, and the current Iranian caretaker Oil Minister Mohammad Aliabadi getting together in the port of Assalouyeh, southern Iran, to sign a memorandum of understanding for the construction of the Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline, no less.

    At Asia Times Online and also elsewhere I have been arguing that this prospective Pipelinestan node is one of the fundamental reasons for the proxy war in Syria. Against the interests of Washington, for whom integrating Iran is anathema, the pipeline bypasses two crucial foreign actors in Syria - prime "rebel" weaponizer Qatar (as a gas producer) and logistical "rebel" supporter Turkey (as the self-described privileged energy crossroads between East and West).

    The US$10 billion, 6,000 kilometer pipeline is set to start in Iran's South Pars gas field (the largest in the world, shared with Qatar), and run via Iraq, Syria and ultimately to Lebanon. Then it could go under the Mediterranean to Greece and beyond; be linked to the Arab gas pipeline; or both.

    Also see- (also linked by Pepe)

    1. James. mind reader, now?
      I was going to relink my post on that very topic, including Pepe's piece and a bunch of other stuff I had used in that post to fill it in a bit.
      I was looking at it over the weekend and thought I really should bring it to mind again

    2. You might be interested that Iran and Turkey are in discussions about bypassing Iraq and Syrin and running the pipeline through northern Iran straight into Turkey.

    3. HI Pen, Yes, I'm physic, don't ya know?! :)

      Paul, good catch. It sounds like the old Nabucco pipeline to me. It was supposed to compete with SouthStream but lost out because there weren't sufficient supplies or suppliers. I figured it was always intended to use Iranian gas but after a regime change there which didn't happen, of course.

      Maybe they are trying to woo Iran now that they have admitted defeat there (partly courtesy of Russia's protection). Getting Iran to supply gas to a revived Nabucco system would cut out Russain supply to Europe and drive a wedge between Russia and Iran. Wont' happen though. Iran knows which side its bread is buttered on.

      I think it is just more of the desperate bankers trying anything and everything to stave off their inevitable demise. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of bastards :)

    4. Here is some more on that Turkey-Iran possibility

      Funny how BP is mentioned and now Britain is reopening their embassy in Iran.

      Anyone else think this is quite the coincedence that this story shows up right at the same time as the 'stop Iran from nukin the planet' talks are going on??

    5. Paul, those are a couple of great links. They kinda nail it! It all adds up to the bankers trying to economically isolate and strangle Russia. Blowing up the gas line in Ukraine is to stop money flowing the other way. The Ukes blew it up as soon as they were cut off from free gas by Gazprom.

      Follow the pipelines!

  6. great minds think alike Penny

    1. hey brian, maybe Mr Tarpley read my post ;)

  7. Last year the US dumped a bunch of humvee surplus on Lebanon.

  8. It's was Exxon that sold the southern fields for the north....coincidence

    1. a bit more info if you come back?

    2. I believe it was sold to PetroChina



  9. O/T but we talked about this recently.

  10. Nouri al-Maliki Biography

    This bio puts a whole different perspective than the one at wikipedia.

    I am seeing quite a lot of bashing of the guy in the msm and putting a lot of focus on him. This to me seems to highlight what the motives are behind unleashing ISIS and backs up the theme of this post Penny. Looks to me like some do not like the direction Maliki is taking and time for more regime changing.

    1. Malliki won a majority via all the shiite parties, because Iraq is a Shiite majority nation- The US wants him to form a multi sectarian 'security' committee
      In other words they want people in who are compliant
      An all shiite government is not going to be compliant, particularly considering the entire pic in the ME

      L Paul Bremmer is yapping today in WSJ, the nerve of him!
      They want Maliki to sign an agreement for immunity for US soldiers
      kill at will- slaughter on a whim

      "Mr. Maliki quickly sign a Status of Forces agreement to give our military standard immunities that all our overseas forces have."

      Standard immunity from war crimes and crimes against humanity, that all their overseas forces have- sweet deal for the American forces, eh?

      The US also wants ". Prime Minister Maliki should relinquish the positions of minister of defense and interior. "

      So, yes, I stand by my theory, and am sure the US is pressuring Maliki, they want a subservient, compliant leader and government in Iraq and will do what it takes to get it

  11. I am n an android tablet and you'r website is flickering and hard to read. No problem with MOA, Saker or niqnaq.

    1. I am on blogger same as Saker, so, can't see why you have any issues here if you don't on Saker's blog. Not a clue.

      Clearly you could read well enough to leave a comment though?
      And use the captcha?

  12. Excellent analysis. Thank you for your insights on the WP piece.

  13. Dean Yates reports in a Reuters article dated July 18, 2007:

    A senior operative for al Qaeda in Iraq who was caught this month has told his U.S. military interrogators a prominent al Qaeda-led group is just a front and its leader fictitious, a military spokesman said on Wednesday.

    Brigadier-General Kevin Bergner told a news conference that Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, leader of the self-styled Islamic State of Iraq, which was purportedly set up last year, did not exist.

    The Islamic State of Iraq was established to try to put an Iraqi face on what is a foreign-driven network, Bergner said. The name Baghdadi means the person hails from the Iraqi capital.

    One of the persons behind the al-Baghdadi brand was the Egyptian Abu Ayyub al-Masri, a close aide to and successor of Al-Qaeda’s Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi who was killed in a U.S. air strike on June 7, 2006. Al-Masri was politically active in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) where he joined Ayman al-Zawahiri’s Egyptian Islamic Jihad in 1982.

    1. I wondered about the Al baghdadi name- branding?
      I knew it, it just seemed so implausible, so impossible.

      "The Islamic State of Iraq was established to try to put an Iraqi face on what is a foreign-driven network"

      That's quite obvious-despite drivel pitched elsewhere
      Like James said the convoy of Toyota trucks reeked of Daddy Warbucks
      dam good way of putting it!

    2. That is the third story I have read that claims baghdadi is a made up charactor. He has also been killed about 3 times now in the last 4 years.

      but they all use fake names anyway so anyone can actually pick up the name and use it.

  14. Worth checking few days ago Uganda accused western backers of creating another kony mock up. Also Maliki has been out of favor for years. That Iraqi vs that fled Baghdad few years ago for allegedly running death squads went to Kurdistan and uae etc. Something like 5 death sentences at last count. Maliki ordered a raid out in a bar late last year on official which really set off the sun ni set. As the us re based to Jordan upon that early pullout? The an bar Insurgency took off. Nyt reported in 2012 that the us wad quietly re deploying special forces through iraq. On oil front last year iran said he'll or high water going to bring back 4 m barrels even if it meant price war. ExxonMobil dumped their southern fields as they opted instead for northern e and p after getting heat from Baghdad for partaking in kurdish illegal auctions.

  15. The disinfo machine is in high gear now.

    2 fx market trading sites are publishing articles on how Bagdad airport is on fire from ISIS mortar attack. Just crap to game the market.

    read a tweet about the same group is now shelling the US embassy... also a lie.

    funny how these stories show up but little info on how the Iraqi military is currently shredding ISIS. Looks like over 500 killed so far and a lot of their equipment. Pretty good video footage of those toyotas exploding from rockets and guns from helicopters. Also 8000+ volunteers to fight ISIS around Mosul and to the west to cut them off.

    now this trash being spit out by reuters and ap about how the us intel has intercepted an Iranian comunication to 'insurgents' in Iraq to attack the us embassy if Syria is attacked by the us forces in route to Iraq. This is absolute rubbish. If they had intercepted this so called message then they would never tell anyone and give away their capabilities. And who is this message supposedly sent to since the Iranian government just released a statement that they have no people in Iraq.

    all this belongs next to the story about how the man in the moon is not made of the cheese they thought it was due to the assistance from the aliens on the dark side of the moon.

    hollywood is getting some real competition...

  16. There's a report on Syrper that Syria has sub-contracted some of the SAAF to Iraq to help tackle the ISIS infestation.

    It'll be interesting to see how US spins that.