Friday, June 13, 2014

Obama "urgently" considering airstrikes on Syria as well as Iraq

 Well wasn't that "unexpected" attack on Mosul very fortuitous for NATO's designs on Syria?

Of course, I am being facetious. If you can't get to your destination via one path there are many other roads that can be travelled

The Obama administration is urgently considering an air assault on Islamic extremists that officials told the Guardian could be directed at targets in Syria as well as Iraq.
President Obama announced on Friday that in the "days ahead" he will decide on a package of military and diplomatic options to halt the rapid advance of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis), as the jihadist army's march from Syria through Sunni Iraq has upended Obama's achievement of extricating the US military from the Iraq conflict.
Obama has had so many opportunities to stop the advance of ISIS. He could have, if he ever really would have wanted to? Instead.... he bolstered them at every turn. One could easily say that ISIS was birthed by the US in Iraq.

Obama has ruled out sending US soldiers and marines back to the Iraqi streets they patrolled from 2003 to 2011, but signalled a new, reluctant openness to returning the US to war in Iraq.
Reluctant? Openness? Bovine! Excrement!
 Obama the peace prince ( of darkness) and I ain't talkin' skin colour has been makin' war the world over. He picked up the scepter from his evil predecessors and ran with it.

*Isis "could pose a threat eventually to American interests as well"

 *Options under discussion include an air campaign, using either or both air force or navy warplanes, the potential duration of which has yet to be determined.

* Two officials said that a strike at Isis in Iraq and Syria was under consideration.

* Isis "is now across the border," said a Pentagon official, who requested anonymity. "It is possible to take out the head, you've got to take out the heart … Everything is being looked at."

*Officials pointed to the extensive military planning last summer for what looked like an imminent air attack on Syria that ultimately did not come to pass. While that planning targeted the regime of Bashar al-Assad, they said it formed a basis for modification against the current cross-border threat from Isis.

Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, D and E

*Any potential military strikes in Syrian territory would be complicated by the potential repercussions for the country’s three-year civil war.

*"The Pentagon has been considering targets in Syria for 18 months, but everything they're looking at is Assad," Harmer said. "Isis is just something we haven't looked at closely or not closely enough."


 The prison break freed up lots of fighters- Weapons cache- Humvees to Syria
Mosul has a US consulate and lots of mercs. Reportedly 1000 at least in 2011.
 How many in 2014? No doubt, substantially more

 Everything there for the pickin's though the US knew full well that ISIS was on the move and growing stronger. Maliki had asked for help. The US had been surveying the area

I take Fisk with some reservations but find this intriguing-

The Croesus-like wealth of Qatar may soon be redirected away from the Muslim rebels of Syria and Iraq to the Assad regime, out of fear and deep hatred for its Sunni brothers in Saudi Arabia (which may invade Qatar if it becomes very angry).
Interesting- Saudi Arabia may invade Qatar? 
I am going to refer you to a comment left by 
 AnonymousJune 13, 2014 at 12:22 PM
11 points and more info that is worth considering- Read it!
We all know of the “deep concern” of Washington and London at the territorial victories of the Islamists – and the utter destruction of all that America and Britain bled and died for in Iraq. No one, however, will feel as much of this “deep concern” as Shia Iran and Assad of Syria and Maliki of Iraq, who must regard the news from Mosul and Tikrit as a political and military disaster. Just when Syrian military forces were winning the war for Assad, tens of thousands of Iraqi-based militants may now turn on the Damascus government, before or after they choose to advance on Baghdad.
That works out so well for NATO- Swimmingly, really. Couldn't have gone better if they would have planned it themselves.........Planned it themselves? Planned it for themselves?
Since there were already plans of attack that included cross border modifications

And one last helpful image. Cause it's time to sign off for the night

ISIS; Origin Iraq! With much US/NATO assistance
 In London, the US secretary of state John Kerry told reporters Obama would move swiftly. "Given the gravity of the situation, I would anticipate timely decisions from the president regarding the challenge," he said. "I am confident the US will move rapidly and effectively to join with our allies in dealing with this challenge."

Background info-

How can the US help Maliki when Maliki is the problem- But ISIS isn't?!

The US Departure from Iraq was all Illusion!

Very Telling! US REBUFFED multiple prior Iraq requests to quash ISIS

The fall of Mosul. Who benefits and who does not. Updated!


  1. Not predictable?
    From Jan
    Kurdistan Regional Government Advisor Says Kurdish Independence From Iraq in Five Years

    This week UN envoy called Syria in wake of elections a Somalia

    Now the question for the US given those bombers off the US coast is how Putin plays the US escalation in Syria.

    Tonight the US is claiming the Russians goading Ukraine tanks across the border violations. since the conflict began the rumor mill has it that the us has been spoofing gps to try and entrap Russian fighters for violations - which claws at the wider GPS batttle between GLONASS and us backed GPS (that recent rocket "failure")

    still no word on the turkey order to stand down in mosul???

    erdogan a lonely man doing everyone bidding

  2. On Saudi: the twitter and social media clampdown comes as Kuwait is seeing more corruption protests

    Much as the Saudis are leaning against the wind, they export 70 plus % to asia. Translation: China. With the US and IEA not missing a month to talk up the us oil "revolution" and the IMF falling in line with reports about Saudi deficits, the writing is on the wall. But going east isn't uncomplicated.

    Consider the events in Pakistan. The US once again pinned the American POW on Haqqani network and noted ISI support - ditto OBL + threat to enter Pak territory, Then comes the airport raid in Karachi and the resumption of Us drone strikes.

    Dial back some years May 2011 when the insurgents attacked a PAK airbase and burned p3c orion

    Then Nov 2011 article about unmarked vans and us plans

    In 2013 this gem:
    US Army Corps of Engineer has been granted permission to build a Tactical Command and Operations Centre (TCOC) compound at the Jinnah International Airport (JIAP), Karachi to exchange information with Pakistan Customs Drug Enforcement Cell concerning smuggling activities in and around Karachi, according to documents released by US Army Corps of Engineer, Middle East District.

    Saudis rumored to be shopping for nukes
    Then the loan to Pak

    And this gem from 2013
    Four US embassy officials detained at Karachi airport

    What if the Saudi outreach to Iran is because they have already secured their umbrella and turned east USD be damned. It isn't like Saudi is in a position to change the current momentum pushing events along. Hence the Saudi-Russian detente and the china courtship.

    Saudi pragmatism...with some spring cleanup

  3. Penny, exellent info as always. But I have to make one point I think is very important to see the real picture of what is happening. You seem to insinuate that ISIS and other factions of islamist militants are NATO assets. I think this blurrs reality a little. I see it as a private military of the banks and nothing else.

    The CIA is not a US Gov. entity. It has a charter from the US but still is not controlled by them. CIA, as well as the other intel outfits like mossad,mi6,ISI,etc. are all under full control of the bankers and always have been. All these militant groups are all under control by the intel estabishment... aka 'The Company' ... which has been around for hundreds of years just under different names.

    NATO, on the other hand is a Pentagon asset. The Pentagon does not really have an agenda outside of just getting stronger and killing on Q. But they really don't have political/economical goals. They are just another asset for the psycos callin the shots... so to speak.

    Yes NATO helps train and supply ISIS, but so do other non-NATO groups.

    But lets call a spade a spade. ISIS, Al-Qaeda, islamist extremist, Takfiri, whatever. Call them what ever you like. The point is they are a private banker military. Created by the banks, controlled by the banks, and are nothing but for the banks.

    I just think that distinction needed to be made...


    on another note, how about a good story for a change...

  4. Hi Penny. Thanks for the excellent coverage. I have reblogged this at my place.

  5. May the West venal and phoney 5 eye pervert Gentry swing on Ropes, just like Saddaam. Justice. Priceless.

  6. The biggest winners are the Kurds, Kirkurk is now effectively Kurdish. This looks like an Israel inspired plot. The Haifa oil pipeline now looks likely. Yet again the Kurds have been let down by their leadership, the 3 countries bordering Kurdistan will soon annihilate them.

  7. I will be back later to respond but for now thanks for all the comments :)
    Want to respond to Hans at this moment- Yes the Kurds are the biggest winner here
    ISIS is in fact carving out Kuridstan- look at a map of Kurdistan- what they hope for and look at the territory ISIS is carving out in Syria, Iraq- It is Kurdistan..
    In Iraq when ISIS left the Kurdish militias filled in the void.
    You mention the Haifa pipeline, yes, because the Kurdish territory goes right to the Med.
    And Israel and the Kurds have such a bond-
    will they be united in treachery? It looks as if they will