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Ukraine: Losing control of porous border & Putin "inspired" separatists

Been a busy day here..

So don't miss-Car bomb in Kiev ? Very Unclear. Which is looking very hoaxish.

And the 3 part essay written in 1947 - The Lost Tools of Learning- Dorothy Sayers Part 1
- A treatise that is both prophetic and offering up a solution

1st- Porous borders between the Ukraine and Russia- Take a look at google earth. The East of Ukraine, well actually most of Ukraine was a gift from Russia, but I had taken a look some months ago at specific areas along the "border". Farmers fields, wooded areas, streets with houses all indicative of once having been common grounds. Porous, indeed.

MOSCOW—Ukraine lost even more control over its porous border with Russia on Friday when it abandoned eight border posts that had become the target of sustained attacks from separatist fighters. 
The State Border Guard Service said it had opted to pull its forces back from the crossings into Russia's Rostov region because it had become impossible to "prevent a threat to the lives and health of the local population."

Seven of the posts are in the southeastern Lu(g)hansk region, where pro-Russian rebels appear to have gained firmer control in recent days despite a stepped-up military operation ordered by the government in Kiev.

The eighth crossing at Marynivka, in neighboring Donetsk region, was the scene of heavy fighting on Thursday. The border service said the battle raged for hours after an armored personnel carrier, seven vehicles loaded with fighters and four flatbed trucks equipped with machine-gun turrets approached the border posts from both sides of the frontier.
Eight border crossings, now controlled by separatists.

Refugees? The answer is yes
Russia has increasingly tried to depict Ukraine's military assault in the east as a humanitarian issue. On Thursday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said the fighting has driven thousands of Ukrainian civilians across the border into Russia. Kiev, however, said there was little evidence of a refugee crisis.

The Ukrainian border service said it had seen no detectable spike in the number of people crossing into Russia. On Friday, Russian lawmaker Vladimir Pligin told the Interfax news agency that Russia had received about 800 requests for refugee status from people coming in from Ukraine.
Judging by these statements there are clearly refugees. Russia is saying thousands. Kiev is saying there is 'little evidence'. That tells us there is evidence of refugees entering Russia and Kiev is going to downplay the numbers. Ukraine border service says 'no detectable spike' which means we aren't acknowledging it.

More evidence for refugees comes from the UN, but, the report from the UN is spun
On May 20, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees issued a report saying that while an estimated 10,000 Ukrainians had been displaced within the country, "the number of Ukrainian asylum-seekers in other countries has remained low."
10,000 Ukrainians have been displaced but numbers going to other countries have been low
How low? How high? How many? That's anyones guess, but, clearly there are refugees!
And some have entered Russia, no matter the lie/spin from Kiev or UN.

The Economist- Vladimir Putin’s European adventures
The Russian president’s strategy towards Ukraine and the West may not have worked as well as he hoped.
It's an 'interesting' presentation of reality? I am really not quite sure if Russian strategy, alone, is being discussed.  Or if this information presents a case of things not working out so well for Russia? As opposed to not working out so well for NATO/US. You decide?

In Ukraine, Mr Putin may also presume he is getting what he wants, even if Moscow is not directing day-to-day fighting in the east. Ukraine’s newly elected president, Petro Poroshenko, who will be inaugurated this weekend, is inheriting a messy and intractable conflict that will divert attention and resources from other problems, not least a floundering economy. Financial woes and the need to end the fighting will force Mr Poroshenko to deal with Mr Putin—though the reverse is also true, since the Kremlin will have to accept Mr Poroshenko as a valid interlocutor.
There is that admission Moscow is not directing day to day fighting. And yet the NATO media persists in presenting this as the case? It's not credible.

At a minimum, Mr Putin and separatist forces in the east, inspired and in many cases supported by the Kremlin even if not run by it, have created facts on the ground that make the prospect of Ukraine joining NATO impossible.
 There is that admission yet again! The separatist forces may be 'inspired' by a great many things... perhaps even Putin but they are not being run by the Kremlin. Oh and how is the prospect of Ukraine not joining NATO a loss for Putin?
It may be that Mr Putin was not dissuaded from invading eastern Ukraine by the threat of sanctions, but that he would have gone in only if there had been no other way to achieve these goals. The tens of thousands of Russian troops stationed on the border—Western military officials say all but a handful have returned to their bases—were there mainly to intimidate and deter Ukrainian forces and to act as cover for rebel paramilitaries to take over more government buildings.
The sanctions were ineffective. Useless. The stationing of the Russian troops at the border server to deter Ukraine forces and embolden rebel separatists via sheer intimidation. Again, how is this a fail for Russia?
It seems so far Russia has been pretty effective in achieving goals without direct intervention of any kind.
If only the US could exercise such restraint in it's affairs, anywhere.
The Kremlin may thus have flipped the switch for an anti-Kiev insurgency that it cannot easily turn off. The violence of what Kiev is calling its “anti-terrorist operation” is also hardening local sentiment. On June 2nd a rocket apparently launched by a Ukrainian military jet killed several people outside an administrative building occupied by separatists in Luhansk. Hostility to the new authorities in Kiev was formerly inchoate (was it?)  and fed by Russian propaganda, but more civilian deaths and a sense of siege have made it harder to reverse

The Kremlin, as the Economist has told us more then once, is more inspiration then anything else. How can the Economist writer claim the Kremlin has flipped a switch it can't turn off? Just doesn't make sense.
What is correct is that the cruelty Kiev is displaying is intentionally inflaming the situation as opposed to calming it down. There is evidence to support that. Still no evidence to support one claim of Kremlin involvement or intervention internally in the Ukraine.

- European leaders see the $450 billion of annual trade with Russia as too large to risk tougher sanctions. -The sale of Mistral ships, worth €1.2 billion ($1.7 billion) and highly important to France’s arms-export industry, shows commercial considerations winning out.
-The rise of far-right parties (anti EURO parties) across Europe gives Mr Putin further comfort. Movements like France’s National Front have an “ideological convergence” with the Kremlin.
-The hoped-for anchoring in Asia is a large geopolitical gamble, (according to who?) the result of which will only slowly become apparent. On May 29th in Astana, Kazakhstan’s capital, Mr Putin signed a deal to create a Eurasian Economic Union with the Kazakh and Belarusian presidents
The spectre of increased NATO forces on Russia’s borders in Poland and the Baltic states has become a reality thanks to Mr Putin’s actions in Ukraine. (?) And having fought to preserve its sovereignty and economic leverage in relation to Europe and the West, Russia risks replacing them with a new dependence on China.

NATO forces on Russia's border because of Mr Putin's actions in Ukraine?- The economist is fully in bizarro world with that one- F' the EU. 5 Billion dollars. Mercenaries from Israel and other nations.
Ring any bells Economist propagandist?

And a "new dependence on China" ?!?! What?!?! I find  that statement incredible. Simply incredible
China the largest market on the planet. Hungry for energy. And the economist calls this 'dependence'

Yah, I have a couple more articles  for further reading:

From CNN- I found this to be an interesting read

CBS-Ukraine leader gives little sign of quick end to conflict

 He also took a firm line on Russia's annexation of Crimea this spring, insisting that the Black Sea peninsula "was, is and will be Ukrainian." He gave no indication of how Ukraine could regain control of Crimea

He will just go kill a whole bunch of people that's what the warlord/oligarch will do!


  1. Well done Penny.

    read somewhere earlier today that 15000 have left Donetsk alone to Rostov-on-Don. not sure where it was posted, maybe Rick's site stopnato. The article at Saker's about the kids evacuated to safety at the beachfront in Crimea brought a tear...

    Have you picked up on the 'Russia is closing the border' misdirection???

    also read a story about 2 B-52s from South Carolina and one from Minot, ND landing in England today. Worded in a way to hint at exercises with Ramstein AB in Germany and will be a long term deployment. Now all 3 of these planes come from the nuke forces. If they were carrying I don't know. Seems strange that if they want Russia to do the nasty and attack with force, then why this warning??? maybe just moral support for Poland since they are in such immediate danger... lol

    Did you know that all that gas that israel wants to sell is a no go unless they can raise the market price at least 30%?? No pipeline through Syria really tossed a wrench in that. Having to liquify it now and not profitable unless they can get Gasprom to shut it off... hence the not paying by Ukr.

    Eric does a wonderful job on this interview, well worth a listen.

    Saker sure got spooked by the 'Chocolatier-in-chief's' statements calling it a declaration of war. I got all the respect in the world for him but I think he got this one wrong. No need for the green guys, as polite as they may be, to move yet. Way to risky in my view. If they do have to go in, they have to go in big. They can not just go in and chase the thugs out of DPR and go home. Think Georgia. What needs to be done is remove the threat and take away thier ability to wage war or they just come back. So if the green guys are asked to do it, we are looking at a major undertaking and will result in taking everything up to the river. Can't go furthur as that is the red line for nato, and they may use those B-52s... but would also require a sustained presence to keep those across the river at bay. Then we have DC's wet dream of a new Berlin wall, just a little wetter, with little ability to move for Russia after that. Putin still has other/better options right now.

    Chocolatier's statements were due to leverage. Reuters article mentioned it, he has five kids... each with a gun to their heads if he did not tow the line. Hence the psy-opp story of the bomb going off during his swearing in. He'll need a new nickname soon though as he is selling off the candy store. It's a liability at this point. His market is in Russia and can't survive without it. It's dead. So, financially he has been forced to stay in the political field now. His stupid greed and blind lust for power is not going to work out well for him.


    1. Thanks Paul- you brought some interesting news to my attention :)
      Did not know that wrt Israel?
      or the b52's
      I will definitely catch Mr Draitsers interview!

      And the chocolatier is selling off the business of sweets- I had no idea

    2. Surely Russia can go to Odessa and Kiev. Besides, the US is very far away, and a few planes in Poland don't mean much with the kind of air defenses and missiles the Russians have. Anyway, the US would likely want Russia to go to the Polish border - better for the weapons business and frightening Europe, as well as the obvious strategy of sending in radicals to destabilize things.

  2. Hi Penny

    1 The car "bomb" Personally I think it was a mechanical failure (albeit a untimely one) from all I have read. WE dont know whether the "eastern Russian" was a supporter or activist of Keiv. Still it makes good head lines re Kicking Russia.

    2 All that D-Day stuff has confirmed that there is one important skill lacking in all the European Leaders Leadership.
    They are very good at followship though, follow the leader ie usless states making IUSEU more entrenched in general. However I have a caviet to that in both Germany and France have way too much to lose by blindly following the leader so with a bit of judgement they have an opportunity of bringing about a game changer to the "official" line.

    3 Russia has so many options available to it WITHOUT using force economic ones to start with, while accepting goods from East Ukraine ans refusing goods from West Ukraine Potatoes for an example have just had a stop placed on them. So let the EU buy all the Ukraine goods, which wont be up to the EU standard so no sale there.
    Their will be so many other items that can be inspected, tested and delayed so they go rotten before being cleared then refused for being too old and inedible. The list is almost endless, all this before Russia has to harm its own income from Gas to Ukraine, though upfront payment will draw down the countries reserves very quickly.

    An aside, Russia has stopped delivering Rocket engines to the us (I had to laugh at that one) talk about cutting of your nose to spite your face.

    As for ( like this name for the ukieprestitute) Chocolatier-in-chief's speech. Putin said after the chat they had, listen to what he says, but take note of what he does, its what he does that matters.

    Thank you Paul for the new name for the IIC of Ukraine (Idiot In Charge)



    1. Car bomb hoaxes, choclatiers and all sorts of little conflicts give our corporate media everything it needs to hype this 'conflict' and frighten people into not thinking clearly.

      In the real news of business between Russia and the West, we saw close to a billion dollars move from Ukraine to Russia (facilitated by American banks) this week to pay part of their gas bill.

      It was very coincidental that this preceded the big payment.

      It was also interesting that yesterday the corporate media gave zero mention to the huge development of Putin sending his Ambassador to Ukraine back for the first time since being he could attend the swearing in of the new illegitimate Ukrainian government. Corporate media are working very hard to hype up this 'conflict' and doing their best to play down and avoid the behind the scenes cooperation going on. Sneaky people.

    2. "to the huge development of Putin sending his Ambassador to Ukraine"

      Is it a huge development?
      Or a necessary response to an ever changing situation?
      Since we do now have a 'elected' leader as opposed to a coup leader

      Did the media give zero mention to it?
      How did you find out then?

      " the need to end the fighting will force Mr Poroshenko to deal with Mr Putin—though the reverse is also true, since the Kremlin will have to accept Mr Poroshenko as a valid interlocutor."

      It would have been bigger news if Putin went, he didn't
      But PM Harper did.

    3. "corporate" media gave zero mention of it, or played it down. Just like you.

      So Putin making a decision to return his Ambassador to Ukraine is unimportant??? To you maybe.
      But you seem to imply Putin meeting Poroshenko would be a big deal...........well they did have cordial discussions at the celebration of war events in France.

      Lemme guess, that isn't big news to you either, for some goofy reason TBD.

    4. You know Ambassadors are pretty much spies, right?

  3. Car bombs and refugees, sure signs of a country falling apart.
    Of course these tragic events are more orchestrated (by foreign spook services) than organic.

    Behind the scenes, the largest US oil giant and the largest UK oil giant, have both signed a massive gas deal with Russia this past week.

    The scope of these gas deals are big $ billions.
    Odd how the west and Russia are setting Ukraine ablaze and chirping at each other in corporate media circles while behind the scenes, they do these multi billion dollar partnerships. Odd.

    1. "European leaders see the $450 billion of annual trade with Russia as too large to risk tougher sanctions. -The sale of Mistral ships, worth €1.2 billion ($1.7 billion) and highly important to France’s arms-export industry, shows commercial considerations winning out"

      from the post above-which you clearly didn't read
      It's not behind the scenes and no one is hiding it


  5. I picked this one up when I was wandering. Looks like the Volvograd office is investigating. What is the relevance of this development if any to events?

    1. carol: I will be the first to tell you the whole digital currency thing is out of my league
      however- when Mt Gox crashed where did the digital currency get to?
      Or, rephrase?
      The disappeared digital currency went somewhere- got into someone else's digital wallet

      From your link

      They say they already have evidence that suggest fraud, money laundering and financing terrorism. At this moment they think about criminal prosecution of individuals involved

      Was the digital currency at Mount Gox moved into financing some sort of covert ops?

      That' s the only thing I can think of
      Don't know how much help that is to you? Sorry :(
      If anyone else has any ideas, please feel free

  6. Well done penny : reading the economist requires an iron cast stomach !

    1. I almost always have barf bag handy :))

  7. Hi Penny. I don't know if you have read about this angle, but it doesn't bode well for the Ukranians.

    These four politicians have two things in Common: (1) They all wield tremendous influence in the new Jew-controlled Ukraine. (2) They are ALL Jews. Far right, Ukraine’s new Prime Minister, Arsiniy Yatsenuk, a Jew (see below); next to him, American Secretary of State John Kerry, who recently discovered his “Jewish roots“; left of Kerry, Ukraine’s recently elected President, Petro Poroshenko, another Jew (see below); far left, Vitali Klitschko, Jewish boxer politician whose father served in the Bolshevik “Red” army.

    The recent shock revelation that Ukraine’s new president, Petro Poroshenko, is Jewish, as is the country’s coup-installed Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenuk, has come as a stunning body blow to many Ukrainians. This is because Ukraine happens to be one of the most anti-Semitic nations on earth, and not without good reason i.e. the Holomodor, 10 million Ukranians killed by starvation.

    1. I haven't see this article MotherB, but, honestly thought everyone knew that Poroshenko was another tribe member?
      Same for Arseniy Yatsenuk.... It was some time back that was mentioned here?

      Is Ukraine one of the most 'anti-semitic' nations on earth?
      I didn't know that? But then I have issues with how that whole meme is played out- thinking about the ADL's latest psyop regarding antisemitism

    2. Hi Penny,
      Sorry, but I thought the " Famine" which caused the 10 million deaths in the 30's, was caused by, J.Stalin, from Tibilisi,Georgia.
      And this was to bring the recalcitrant Ukrainian peasantry to heel for rejecting the state policy of collective farming?
      I have spent a large part of the last 20 years in Ukraine and can say that,
      to my personal experiance, anti semitism is very low
      The same occured again when the population of Ukraine voted for independance from Russia on the collapse of the USSR in 1991.
      All the personal savings of the ordinary Ukrainians, the modern day equivilant of the peasantry, held in the State Savings Bank,
      were confiscated as punishment for rejecting intergration with Russia.
      And now for a third time. Attempts by Moscow to force a de-facto
      integration by having Ukraine join their trade block in preference to the EU having failed, Putin has de-stablised Ukraine and as a result the Hryvna has de-valued by about 30% since last December. Who has suffered? Again the ordinary Ukrainian.
      Ukraine is the largest Country in Europe ( Except for the European bit of Russia ) so is it any surprise that Putin will do whatever possible to enlarge his Empire?

    3. There are a great many, many, many questions about the great famine...
      What happened and who starved?

      There is no evidence what so ever that Putin was attempting anything remotely related to taking over Ukraine
      There is also nothing to indicate empire building on the part of Russia
      NATO spin doesn't fly here

      As for the antisemitism??? It is a tool used to keep followers of a certain religion down and in control and it also serves many other purposes
      political agenda on a global level. Including causing people to not ask questions about banking cartels and other control agenda promoted by zionist indoctrinated persons

      If the Hryvna has fallen look no further then the corruption endemic in the Ukraine and also the IMF.

    4. Though I will agree the ordinary citizen will suffer and once the IMF, Euro banking scum gets through with the ordinary citizen their suffering will be tenfold and this will have zero to do with Russia

    5. AnonymousJune 9, 2014 at 1:54 PM

      I should have also said
      parts of Ukraine have definite antijewish issues- Kiev for example

      also wrt Holodomor
      I have no doubt that whatever happened there it was greatly embellished along the way Israel Shamir touches on that

      and also the US in it's early CIA/OSS days with the help of many followers of Judaism created a great deal of anti- stalin propaganda
      no doubt including that issue