Sunday, August 3, 2014

The pendulum of the Arab Spring has swung in Israel’s favor......."

 The pendulum of the Arab Spring has swung in Israel's favour. That is not a coincidence. That is long term planning

Ok, so much for my enforced break. After a lovely day in wine country.....
I am back! Continuing on with the situation in the ME.

Hope you all listened to that Max Igan interview?

During the first hour of the interview Max says something along the line of the Arab Spring changing the scenery for Israel. RIR- Max Igan- Zionist Terrorism in Gaza

Can't recall the exact wording, but, it was something like it appears the Arab Spring™ had to take place before Israel could launch this brutal attack on the Palestinians in Gaza. He says it about 3 minutes in.
Mr Igan believes this is because all the other nations are distracted. This is true enough, in the case of Syria.
Libya. Forget about Turkey. However, this is not true of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and UAE, Kuwait and Oman. The six countries known as the Gulf Council
They aren't 'distracted' They are complicit. Not the people. But certainly the governing bodies are completely embedded with Israel/US. And then there is Egypt. Also, not distracted. Not, really. Not enough to miss participating wholly & fully in assisting Israel in the destruction of the Palestinians in Gaza.

Let's read some news together, shall we?

 Arab Leaders, Viewing Hamas as Worse Than Israel, Stay Silent

Originally posted with the headline, judging by the url, .../fighting-political-islam-arab-states-find-themselves-allied-with-israel.

Political Islam is a spin term, in this case. The term is supposed to represent ISIS. ISIS or IS the Islamic State- ISIS rebrands as IS " declared the establishment of a new Islamic state"

Of course ISIS, the NATO backed terror group, had to rebrand as IS the Islamic State so there could be a 'fight' against Political Islam- which is a scam! A complete and total scam!

Now, we have that rebrand out of the way.... there is NO Political Islam. State or otherwise. There is only ISIS taking territory and pretty much leaving it, or will be leaving it, to the Kurds. Coincidence? No!

Israeli/US aided Kurdistan 

Land taken by ISIS so far, but, still in flux. Kurds already hold the territory bordering Iran
Notice the proximity of ISIS to Israel... and still Israel isn't afraid. Hmmmmm........

A cease-fire proposal by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt met most of Israel’s demands; Hamas rejected it
 After the military ouster of the Islamist government in Cairo last year, Egypt has led a new coalition of Arab states — including Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — that has effectively lined up with Israel in its fight against Hamas, the Islamist movement that controls the Gaza Strip. That, in turn, may have contributed to the failure of the antagonists to reach a negotiated cease-fire even after more than three weeks of bloodshed.

“The Arab states’ loathing and fear of political Islam is so strong that it outweighs their allergy to Benjamin Netanyahu,” the prime minister of Israel, said Aaron David Miller, a scholar at the Wilson Center in Washington and a former Middle East negotiator under several presidents.
 The Arab States loathing and fear of political Islam is so strong- Bullshit! 

The Arab states all mentioned above have been aiding, abetting, training, arming and paying our boys from ISIS/AQ the whole freakin' time!!!  (Yah, I feel like swearing but, won't. I truly get fed up with the endless stream of lies, spin and utter garbage that is fed to the masses)

If the "Arab States" are so 'afraid of political Islam why have they have all been assisting IS/ISIS/AQ and every brand and rebrand of NATO's Islamist army in the killing, raping, beheading, plundering of the Syrian people instead of coming to their aid.  As these same states aided in the destruction of Libya? 

Obviously, these Arab states haven't had any allergy to Israel. None that I have seen for my more then 6 years of blogging on news and events. 
Somewhere on my blog is a post covering this-Israel opens virtual embassy for Gulf States 
Amongst multiple other examples of Israel and the GCC being all cozy together.

Breathe....back to NYT's

 “I have never seen a situation like it, where you have so many Arab states acquiescing in the death and destruction in Gaza and the pummeling of Hamas,” he said. “The silence is deafening.”
 Hamas isn't being pummeled, as persons conspiring, they will linger on
 Innocent people are being slaughtered. And more Palestinian land is being stolen- And the Gulf Council along with Egypt are aiding Israel in the theft of land and murders of humans

Israel's latest land grab- 'buffer zone'
Although Egypt is traditionally the key go-between in any talks with Hamas — deemed a terrorist group by the United States and Israel — the government in Cairo this time surprised Hamas by publicly proposing a cease-fire agreement that met most of Israel’s demands and none from the Palestinian group. Hamas was tarred as intransigent when it immediately rejected it, and Cairo has continued to insist that its proposal remains the starting point for any further discussions.
 Cairo may have surprised some members of Hamas, but, not all  members of Hamas were surprised

Why do I say this? Well, let's see? As I have said on more then one occasion here at the blog over these many years- Jordan will be the solution to Israel's Palestinian "problem". The Palestinians that make it out alive 

Hamas opened an office in Jordan and there is a plan to make Jordan into Palestine without the historical name

Jordan offers Hamas new home-2011

 The thinking in Jordan is that when Assad's regime falls, (as if it is a foregone conclusion?) Hamas will need a new home - this is likely to be an excellent chance for Jordan to return to the center of Palestinian politics, from which it has been excluded for a decade.

Jordan and the Israeli/ Palestinian peace plan 

 Surely, Western officials say, for the right price, currently estimated in the tens of billions of dollars, the Jordanians will help John Kerry, America’s secretary of state to fix a settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian

The Jordan Option
The "Jordan option" is deeply rooted in the idea that the eastern part of Jordan is part of the historic land of Palestine. Consequently many Israeli leaders, mostly but not solely from the Likud party, argue that the Palestinian population should be transferred "to that part of Palestine".

Back to NYT's
But as commentators sympathetic to the Palestinians slammed the proposal as a ruse to embarrass Hamas, Egypt’s Arab allies praised it. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia called President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt the next day to commend it, Mr. Sisi’s office said, in a statement that cast no blame on Israel but referred only to “the bloodshed of innocent civilians who are paying the price for a military confrontation for which they are not responsible.”
el- Sisi cast no blame on Israel?!  It is Israeli bombs, bullets etc that are killing Palestinian children!
How could el Sisi say such a thing?

Get ready for a paragraph of utter nonsense, lies and pure grade A excrement
 The dynamic has inverted all expectations of the Arab Spring uprisings. As recently as 18 months ago, most analysts in Israel, Washington and the Palestinian territories expected the popular uprisings to make the Arab governments more responsive to their citizens, and therefore more sympathetic to the Palestinians and more hostile to Israel.
 Only a complete and utter fool could not see or understand that the entire Arab spring was undertaken to weaken all of Israel's neighbours and redraw the borders of the ME. One would have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not understand that the entire Arab Spring benefited Israel, intentionally so, more then any other single nation in the Middle East!

Now I am not trying to offend anyone with the above statement, I am just frustrated and angry. Disgusted also. 

The Arab spring did not benefit- Syria or Libya- Egypt is going to hell in a handbasket- rife with division amongst the people which is no good for a nation, anywhere.
And the countries where a real 'spring' or renewal is necessary like Saudi Arabia? No spring there.
How about Bahrain? The people tried. And the Saudi army crushed the Bahrain spring.

 “There is clearly a convergence of interests of these various regimes with Israel,” said Khaled Elgindy, a former adviser to Palestinian negotiators who is now a fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington.
Instead of becoming more isolated, Israel’s government has emerged for the moment as an (NOT) unexpected beneficiary of the ensuing tumult
 Egyptian officials have directly or implicitly blamed Hamas instead of Israel for Palestinian deaths in the fighting, even when, for example, United Nations schools have been hit by Israeli shells, something that occurred again on Wednesday.
 And the pro-government Egyptian news media has continued to rail against Hamas as a tool of a regional Islamist plot to destabilize Egypt and the region, just as it has since the military ouster of President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood one year ago. (Egyptian prosecutors have charged Hamas with instigating violence in Egypt, killing its soldiers and police officers, and even breaking Mr. Morsi and other Brotherhood leaders out of jail during the 2011 uprising.)
The diatribes against Hamas by at least one popular pro-government talk show host in Egypt were so extreme that the government of Israel broadcast some of them into Gaza.
“They use it to say, ‘See, your supposed friends are encouraging us to kill you!’ ” Maisam Abumorr, a Palestinian student in Gaza City, said in a telephone interview.

Some pro-government Egyptian talk shows broadcast in Gaza “are saying the Egyptian Army should help the Israeli Army get rid of Hamas,” she said.
  Egypt has infuriated Gazans by continuing its policy of shutting down tunnels used for cross-border smuggling into the Gaza Strip and keeping border crossings closed, exacerbating a scarcity of food, water and medical supplies after three weeks of fighting.
 Egypt and other Arab states, especially the Persian Gulf monarchies of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, are finding themselves allied with Israel in a common opposition to Iran.
 The pendulum of the Arab Spring has swung in Israel’s favor, just like it had earlier swung in the opposite direction,” said Mr. Elgindy, the former Palestinian adviser.
“But I am not sure the story is finished at this point.”
That is a lengthy article and there is more to read at the link. The same article is at  Irish Times 

Eventually. Israel will carry out the Jordan option and the Hashemite kingdom will go along for the right price? Or as a result of a new Arab spring of sorts?

Flashback as an Update-

I wrote this blog post approximately 13 months ago- Rebranding the Arab Spring to Reorder the Middle East/Africa

Moving forward we can see how the Arab Spring rebranded into "Political Islam".

1-The agenda is still the same reordering the Middle East/Africa 

2- The method in which the reordering is taking place hasn't changed- it's still a destabilizing/balkanizing campaign

3- However the presentation has been rebranded from Arab spring as a catalyst for change (positive presentation-) to Political Islam (negative presentation)

Inherent in both presentations is the opportunity for intervention.



  1. If I seem angry, it's because dammit I am!

    And frustrated too.
    I think of all these poor people, the Palestinians, the Syrians caught up in this horrific game on the global chessboard- Their lives are being used as the pieces, for the game to play out, by the psychos in charge and it's just heartbreaking to me.
    No respect for human life.
    then I think of the Canadian who don't realize we are pawns as well
    Sure we aren't being bombed, but, we are being played other ways
    and too many of us still believe utter nonsense
    And worst of all think we are 'free' as we boil like frogs
    It's so perverse

    1. Excellent rant Penny. Much info that goes straight to the bottom line as we know it.

      The 'exodus' of the left over Palestinians to Jordon by big payoffs to a few is something to watch for. Of course Jordon is part of the Eretz Israel plan so that 'solution' would only be temporary.

    2. Hi kenny, I would agree the exodus, should all the cards fall in place, would likely be temporary- As Israel moves to expand it's borders
      Which it can't do all at once, it has to do, as it has been doing it, incrementally- which is why I thought of the boiling frog analogy

      But just think if it, the masses, would breathe a sigh of relief
      the Israeli/Palestinian problem would be solved and people would forget that Palestine as a country ever existed, ditto for the people, as we are fed this constant stream of propaganda and pushed along in the psychopathic dream of herding the human resources to serve the elites

      Which is why, again, and i know when I talk to you, you are someone that "gets it" we have to stop participating in this system-
      this system is going to destroy us as sure as it is destroying the Palestinians, Syrians etc
      We absolutely have to!
      Take back that which is ours, the land, the water, the food, it is us, we are that
      sorry kenny

  2. This is a seriously anti-American post! It has all sorts of really important information in it, and that's one of the telltale signs. ;-)

    I think you are right on the money about the Arab Spring (TM) and you have been ever since it started getting all kinds of mainstream publicity (which was one major hint) and I remember being touched but alarmed by reports that said pro-democracy activists in the Middle East were embracing the support they were getting from the Americans, and I was thinking "Whoa! Do you really think they want YOU to have a REAL democracy? Have you been missing what's going on here? They don't even want US to have a real democracy."

    Of course it would be anti-American and anti-Israel to say that, and therefore anti-Semitic, and no better than Hitler. But I don't mind too much, and clearly you don't either.

    1. Can't have really important or factual information now can we Winter, indeed, that would be 'anti-american' because to be truthful is to be anti american and anti semitic all at the same time
      Only the biggest liars and scum bags are true blue
      Exactly Winter "They don't even want US to have a real democracy."
      So why would anyone, anywhere believe that the US is delivering 'democracy' to them- Look at Ukraine?

      "But I don't mind too much, and clearly you don't either" ;)
      Not in the least :)

  3. Hi Pen,
    If the Arab States are complicit (which they are), why do you think Max Irgun said they were "distracted"?

    1. I don't know if that was his exact wording in the interview?
      And if it was I have no idea how he intended it
      Max Irgun?
      james you have some 'splainin' to do :)

  4. While you are right in almost everything you wrote, the real reason is Iran, although the political division of Hamas two timed Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, the military wing still was strongly aligned, the result is what we are seeing in this Gaza conflict, where the Palestinian are abl to hold their own against the ground invasion. Iranian armory has proved their worth, their usability. The conflict in Gaza is now so called Shia-Sunni war. The current leaders of Iran, mistook the Islamic Awakening to real Islamic control of their governments. Iran needs to wake up fast, they re next in line , I suspect Khorasan to be soon destabilised. Please remember Kurdistan was always a very big contributor to men as mercenaries during the Khazar empire. The big prize is Iran, destruction of the Rus orthodox church, not Russia resources.

    1. the real reason is Iran,

      The real reason for all this is just Iran?
      No, this definitely was to assist Israel also
      Assisting Israel is part of remaking the borders of the ME
      There is, IMO, always more then one agenda at play

    2. you are right penny, i am talking about the war prize, it is not Russia, it is the subservience of the Rus Orthodox church, similar to the Greek, Serbian etc, for without the Rus Orthodox church, Russia is nothing. Why do you think Iran is so heavily involved in the Gaza conflict, it knows that they are next in the firing line, a bit late, but not late that precautions cannot take place. The overthrow of Putin is tied to the destruction of the Rus Orthdox church.

  5. I have added an update to this post- hopefully this will clarify my position?

  6. Fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) took over Iraq's biggest dam unopposed by Kurdish fighters...

    Hey Penny are you watching the Ebola programme? It's getting crazy.

    1. unopposed by Kurdish fighters, imagine my absolute non surprise at that
      And right under the watchful eye of that expanding US drone base off the highway in Mosul
      Seriously freethinker, imagine my surprise?
      like the fox guarding the hen house!

      Haven't enough time to keep an eye on the whole Ebola show.

    2. Ebola:
      It's being hyped like mad on the MSM (possibly with reason),
      It's being downplayed by some authorities; eg saying it cannot spread by air, but that is false - it can spread via aerosols (sneezing etc).

      The doc (aged 33) who was imported from a quarantine zone into the states walked out of the ambulance (since when do the over-protective hospitals allow that?). He was hooded but not wearing a respirator or using an oxygen bottle. His minder was using a respirator with recirculating filter - not a self contained oxygen system. An unprotected photographer was allowed to get within a few feet. More than 60 healthcare workers have died from this but the infected doc was apparently allowed to walk into the hospital with almost no protection.

      Oh, and the specially fitted out plane came from Phoenix Air otherwise known for rendition flights.

      Lots of talk of vaccines, and Obama has updated executive order 13295 which covers 'the apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals' to include Ebola.


    3. Hey Freethinker
      took a few minutes this am to read up on Ebola
      Noticing it's in west africa

      There's much oil to be had in the area. Equivalent to Brazil

      "Investors have said West African territory could potentially mirror oil development in Brazil, which is estimated to hold as much of 50 billion barrels of oil off its coast"

      Of course the World Bank, great charity that it is, has pledged 200 million dollars to help- no strings attached ;)

      I did see the news that the doc was able to walk on his own into the hospital- which is very strange!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_620/hi-brantly-jpg.jpg

      I see there was a video,but, it has been taken down? Odd

      Infectious disease specialist Dr William Schaffner, of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, noted Dr Brantly didn’t require a ventilator.

      “The first thing we all said ‘Whoa he’s not on a vent’,” he told the ABC.

      I found it odd that they brought him back to the US to begin with?
      Seems inappropriate?
      Or perhaps they wanted to 'personalize' this for the American audience?