Monday, November 17, 2014

Obama "Would Order" US troops into Combat if ISIS Got Nuclear Weapons

Considering all the spin regarding ISIS goading the NATO nations into attacking them... this headline just screams -FALSE FLAG - to me.

Why on earth would Obama make such an absurd statement unless the masses are being set up for some sort of perception managed psychological operation, that has yet to be unleashed?
When one reads what Obama says.... he set the bar low. I mean quite low.
ISIS won't have to use a weapon. 
It just has to be alleged that ISIS possesses some sort of nuclear weapon

If that doesn't shriek, any excuse for Obama to expand this war, I don't know what else would?
Here's the news-
President Obama has been unwavering and definitive in declaring he will not deploy U.S. ground troops into combat to fight ISIS militants. Period. (We know that's bogus and that troops are covertly on the ground,but, let's go with the lies for the moment)
But for the first time since the start of then anti-ISIS offensive dubbed Operation Inherent Resolve, the president volunteered a scenario which he said would change his mind.
“If we discovered that [ISIS] had gotten possession of a nuclear weapon, and we had to run an operation to get it out of their hands, then, yes,” the president told reporters at a news conference in Brisbane, Australia, on Sunday. “I would order it.”
There is no indication that ISIS currently possesses or could easily obtain a nuclear weapon, officials say.
Still, Obama’s declaration of a nuclear weapon in the hands of ISIS is a noteworthy new “red line” and a very high bar for a U.S. offensive role on the ground.
It's not a high bar at all. All Obama has to do is claim ISIS possesses a nuclear weapon and he'll order troops in. It's a fuzzy red line. I mean, how would Obama KNOW that ISIS possessed a nuclear weapon? Is he psychic? Or would ISIS announce it to the entire world?
Doesn't make sense

Obama and red lines- he sets them and then, like magic, they get crossed. 
Like that oh so convenient Syrian false flag.................

I wonder, would, could Israel provide the "intelligence' (reprising their role in the Syrian false flag)  that this nuclear material came from Iran and scupper the P5+1?  Demonizing Iran in a big way. Oh and Russia at the same time. Definitely a win/win for Israel/US/NATO. But who would buy that?
It's too absurd? Or is it? Recall the smoking gun in a mushroom cloud from GWB? Far too many people believed that bullbiscuits.

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  1. Yup, as the efficacy of false flags has waned with each new "event" - 9/11, Ghouta, Boston, Sandy Hook, ebola, etc etc - TPTB really don't have have much room to maneuver besides going the nuclear route and they are sure to pull the trigger on that bag o' tricks sooner rather than later.

    The same is seen in Israel proper nowadays with their incessant crimes against the Palestinians taking on newer and higher levels of provocation - the Al-Asqa business, Gaza this summer etc etc. - not seen in years.

    Why there was a "terrorist attack" in a Jerusalem synagogue just this morning that - gee, shucks - just happened to kill some Americans too. I'm sure that "event" - don't worry Penny the perps are dead so we won't be able to investigate ourselves - will be good for a few sympathy points for the Zionist aims in the ME, right?

    1. Well the perps always have to die.. dead men tell no tales
      So now the saga can be spun to suit the agenda....
      Oh yes, good for the sympathy buttons