Tuesday, November 11, 2014

90 MILLION Taxpayer dollars misapropriated by Canadian gov to "fight" ISIS in Iraq

 90 Million, likely understated, and still counting taxpayer dollars

As of October 30/14 the US acknowledged spending at least 1 Billion misappropriated US taxpayer dollars to "fight" ISIS in Iraq
Cost of War on ISIS- 1 Billion dollars and counting, expanding, consuming, growing!
This has just gotta have the military industrial complex/banking scum rejoicing?
These are the numbers for the US. When I get a hold of some Canadian figures I will put them here too!
Today I came across the Canadian figures and as expected they are about 1/10 of the US figures- which makes them equal pretty much on the basis of dollars per population- Which means Canadians are being equally robbed and pillaged and debt enslaved by their own fascist government!
Odious debt, Canuckies, odious debt.
Airstrikes over Iraq cost Canadian taxpayers $90 million: Report

Well, we might just have an answer — thanks to a thorough analysis by some intrepid reporters at the Ottawa Citizen 
A Citizen analysis estimates the first week of air operations against the Islamic State cost taxpayers between $2.7 million and $4.1 million.

That means if the Canadian military aircraft tasked with helping the U.S. fight ISIL continue flying at their current pace, the initial six-month mission will cost Canadian taxpayers between $60 million and $90 million.
The Citizen notes that their estimates — derived from publicly available information about the number of sorties and departmental operating cost estimates of the different aircraft — are likely understated because they don’t include the full costs of personnel salaries, general maintenance or equipment depreciation. If you include those, notes the newspaper, the full-cost of the six-month mission could total between $178 to $266 million.
And remember, Canada is keeping the door open to extending the mission.
Yup, like I said in the post regarding US figures  - This has just gotta have the military industrial complex/banking scum rejoicing?

 So with the endless war agenda sucking up the taxpayer dollars, indebting Canadians and Americans for the foreseeable future, do you understand the amazing foresight of the global banking leeches in their choosing of a different way to steal your money?

Banksters: Global Haircuts= Global Plunder. Legalizing the theft of your savings.

Amazing isn't it?!


  1. Funny how they treat folks like garbage when they broken enough to have to ask for Welfare. No Respect. Look at the way they fly ther equipment. Whooosh! Scaring Birdiesand Raccoons. Knuckledraggers. Need Socks? No Money? Sorry, it went to Buy Bombs. Figures. Off to the Soup Line sigh. Communist GreyScale Canada.

    1. Agreed- Canada is certainly turned into a war mongering nation and a decrepit falling apart nation- with it's citizens being drained dry via high taxes and no services- but plenty of money for the war machine and did anyone ask Canadians if they wanted this? No. I saw some of the comments at Yahoo for this story and I gotta say Canadians are a dumb lot, not even concerned with their future or what's best for them, their families, communities etc.,
      What a pathetic lot
      But then they have been dragged to war via massive media manipulation
      Thanks CBC etc.,