Friday, November 7, 2014

US NOT Confirming Claimed Russian Incursion as Kiev says 200 Rebels Killed

Following up on two previous posts- 

Earlier today Kiev: Laying Siege to the Separatist East

From Tuesday November 4/14: Ukraine: Poroshenko breaks Minsk ceasefire- Moving troops- Revoking autonomy laws...

Kiev claimed a Russian invasion was taking place..... I had some serious doubts as to the validity of the aforementioned claims. For one simple reason. The claim seemed completely unsubstantiated.

So, it comes as no surprise that the US is NOT CONFIRMING Kiev's incursion claims

The United States says it can't confirm reports of a new Russian military incursion in eastern Ukraine despite claims by the Kiev government.
A Ukrainian military spokesman said on Friday that a column of 32 tanks, 16 howitzer artillery and 30 truckloads of troops crossed into the separatist-controlled Lugansk region.
US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki admits Russian battle tanks, armoured vehicles and cargo trucks had been seen on Thursday at a rail yard about 25 kilometres from the border.
She said the United States did not have 'independent confirmation' of the latest reports but voiced Washington's dismay.
 Kiev's claims??? Worthless!
The US won't even confirm them. Kiev has cried "the sky is falling" many, many times. And still the sky is above...

Ukraine's military has killed 200 rebels

Ukraine’s military said it killed as many as 200 rebels in an attack in Donetsk, inflicting the biggest blow from either side in the conflict in more than two months and removing pretense that a Sept. 5 truce is holding.

This number is unconfirmed. It could be a greater number? It could be a lesser number? However, I absolutely do believe that a great many people, likely many civilians were killed, but not by Ukraine's Military- Rather many persons were killed by the militia/mercenaries paid for with the money of an Oligarch- One of the Jewish Oligarchs to be specific. Is that "racist"? I don't think so. It's just the truth. It's just a fact. A fact is not racist- it simply is.

Haaretz- Is this man the most powerful Jew in the world
He is a perpetrator of terrorism. He has the money to pay the ultra national terrorists to kill all manner of persons.

Igor Kolomoisky

 This April, a few weeks after his emergency appointment as governor of Dnipropetrovsk province, Kolomoisky was photographed proudly wearing a particularly scandalous T-shirt. It combined the Jewish emblem of the menorah along with the Ukrainian ultranationalist symbol of a trident, and all in red and black. Beneath it said “Zhidobandera”
 Kolomoisky serves as the president of one of the main Jewish organizations in Ukraine and holds joint Israeli citizenship. 
   Kolomoisky’s signature on the security program was his offer to pay cash prizes to local militiamen who repulsed separatist attacks, and his system of bounties for those handing in weapons used by the pro-Russians – $1,000 for a machine gun; $1,500 for a heavier weapon; $2,000 for a grenade launcher; and $10,000 for turning in a separatist fighter. It’s not clear how many separatists were actually turned in (although local drunks tried to cash in by giving up their friends), but the results are unequivocal. Pro-Russian protests in and around Dnipropetrovsk died down quickly.
 Kolomoisky has gradually expanded eastward, establishing his control over neighboring districts in the Lugansk and Donetsk provinces closer to the Russian border. He created a de-facto border between the regions controlled by pro-Russian separatists and the Ukraine still under Kiev rule, or at least under Kolomoisky's rule
 The oligarch’s opponents have accused him of using violence, intimidation and coercion, similar methods to those he has been accused previously of using in some of his business dealings, especially in the takeovers of companies. These included accusations of sending his own club-wielding security people to occupy factories and mines in Ukraine after company owners tried to block his maneuvers. During a legal dispute in 2006, over control of a mining company (which Kolomoisky and his partners won), a judge in London observed that he had “a reputation of having sought to take control of a company at gunpoint in Ukraine.”
 Some observers in Ukraine estimate the investment of Privat Group and Kolomoisky personally in stabilizing the Dnipropetrovsk region at over $50 million over the last six months.
Haaretz ends the article with this paragraph-
 The strongest Jew in Ukraine, perhaps in the entire world, may have already decided that he enjoys frontline politics and to stay on, to try and become the main power behind the scenes in Ukraine’s future.
Yup, the guy sounds like a terror kingpin!


  1. And suddenly things start to look very clear. These are the International Zionist front-men trying to orchestrate the 3rd world war between the USA/Europe and Russia. Does history repeat itself or are the same people still in control, with the power to actually orchestrate and rewrite history?

  2. Kiev(US) has started something it can't finish. No way will Russia be defeated.

  3. The sky is falling again, the sky is falling again ... film at some time when we can get actual film of the sky falling.Kolomoisky is one of the most deranged and dangerous men in the world. Where is a good sniper when you need one.

    1. He's got thousands-strong private army guarding his stronghold. Later when more of Ukraine will be liberated by the rebels they can come close to getting him dead or alive , for which case Kolomoyskiy has at least one aircraft on standby to fly out of the country at any time.

  4. Kolomoisky is desperate for Ukraine to enter the EU. The EU has legislation allowing for 'repatriation' of property 'confiscated' from Jews. Israel has specialists in providing such documentation - gained through 60 years practice in Palestine.