Thursday, November 6, 2014

US Strikes Khorasan,in Syria,again?! Dead bombmaker and an update

Where is this Khorasan story line going to take us? To Iran? Lebanon? Or into Turkey?
Options. So many options.....
The US military says it has carried out air strikes against the al-Qaeda-linked Khorasan group in north-western Syria.
The US hit five targets related to the group, including several vehicles and buildings, near the border with Turkey.The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the violence, said several militants and two children had died in the attack.
It is the second time US strikes have targeted Khorasan, whom it accuses of planning attacks on the US and Europe.
In a statement, the US Central Command (Centcom) said Thursday's strikes near the town of Sarmada had hit vehicles and buildings used for training and to produce bombs.
Little is known about Khorasan other than information released by US officials.
Centcom said the group was using Syria as a base to attack the West, rather than seeking to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad or helping the Syrian people.
Little is known about Khorasan other then whatever the US claims.
Ynet is reporting "the group was plotting to attack Europe or the United States.
 As claimed by the US.

Killing a "key bombmaker" 
The U.S. fired at a vehicle it believed carried David Drugeon, a skilled bomb-maker in his 20s who also has ties to core al Qaeda members in Pakistan, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.
 I don't know....???? Who is David Drugeon?
A very serious CNN talking head. A bit over the top in her delivery.

Took the time to do a bit of digging on David Drugeon. Not much prior to his alleged killing today?
I did manage to find this from October 30/14

Translated from Italian via google translate

Isis: US intelligence leader Khorasan not killed in raid

October 30 19:29
(ANSAmed) - WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 - The US intelligence believes that two key leaders of jihadist group Khorasan are still alive, although the target of the first US raids on Syria, and that they are plotting attacks in Europe. This was reported by CNN.

The two are the group's leader, Muhsin al-Fadhli, given up for dead in September, and David Drugeon, a jihadist French and key member of the group, expert in bomb-making; according to the US are still alive even though they may be injured in the raid. "At 99.5% are alive," he told CNN an intelligence analyst.

According to the United States, and Drugeon 'involved in facilitating the movement of fighters to and from Europe and in planning attacks in Europe. His identity had not previously been disclosed.

As al-Fadhli and the rest of the group Khorasan, US officials argue that Drugeon has links to al Qaeda in Pakistan and it supposedly arrived in Syria from Pakistan in the past two years. Intelligence believes that it is an expert in making bombs and may have been involved in the creation of bombs easily nascondibili which led to increased security at airports last summer.

According to the US, and 'it is still possible in Syria.

Drugeon reads like a western(NATO) intelligence asset. French? How did he make his way from France to Pakistan then onto Syria? The TTP has sent fighters to Syria. But they (the TTP) appear to be a western intelligence asset- NATO jihadi group- so if this Drugeon came via Pakistan he came with the TTP
Tehrik Taliban of Pakistan- I have posts on this bunch, here, at the blog.

 In the good news from Syria department..........

Syrian army retakes gas fields from ISIL
ISIL militants seized the gas fields last week. (AFP/File)
Syrian Army take back Syrian Oilfields

Soldiers of the Syrian army have recaptured two major gas fields and a gas company in the central province of Homs.
The Syrian military forces backed by pro-government fighters “retook control of the Jhar and Mahr gas fields, as well as the Hayyan gas company in the east of Homs province,” said the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Wednesday.
"Jhar and Hayyan are particularly important because they feed Homs city and Damascus the gas supplies needed to produce electricity," said the observatory’s director, Rami Abdel Rahman.


  1. And Syria wants the s300s in new Russia request

    Lot of chatter appearing about saving Aleppo. UN calls for safe zone. Turkey outlining its own proposal.

    Turkey allegedly mvoed heavy equip to the front Syria border today.

    Keep an eye on the fire on Russia sub chaser which is per Interfax being scrapped. Reminiscent of the sub fires on US and Russian subs in early 2013.

    Ukraine flaring. Spec attacks on Russian fx. When does Putin counterstrike?

    Black Sea Fleet's large antisubmarine ship Kerch likely to be scrapped - source

    1. Thanks for the updates but I thought Syria had s300's? Or not?
      There were reports and denials so who knows?
      Russian sub chaser?

      Yes, it does appear as if Ukraine is going to flare up again, not that it every really was calm? I guess that's all kind of subjective, but it does appear Kiev is making new moves on eastern ukraine..

    2. Fearing U.S., Syria seeks Russian S-300s

  2. Hi penny,

    I have heard of s300s in Syria as well. Perhaps it will be a surprise for the enemies.

    BTW, I enjoyed saker's podcast... You should start a channel too. I searched google for some podcasts like saker's but nothing stood out. Any sources you could provid?

    1. Hi Shoes! Yes, Saker's podcast was very good
      I too am looking forward to Sakers next podcast

      I should start a channel, well I won't deny the thought has crossed my mind, but... I would have no idea where to begin?

      As for podcasts? I have some links in the sidebar of my blog
      I don't 100 percent agree with everything everyone else does but there is some interesting listening freely available at Gnostic Media, Meria Heller Red Ice, WRH, What on Earth is Happening, Stephen Lendman, Jack Blood etc., Sometimes but not too often I catch Webster Tarpley,.
      I listen to podcasts at SOTT also
      I have also enjoyed many Dave McGowan interviews, stuff on Gnosticism so I am all over the place with listening....

      I abhor Alex Jones and would never recommend him, but some others really like him, so it's pretty well up to you what you want to listen to, what your interested in etc

      If anyone else has some suggestions feel free to leave them

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    1. Thanks Hans, I will have to translate the link because I am unilingual only