Wednesday, January 14, 2015

US pledges 2 BILLION dollars to Ukraine- Yes, that is 2 BILLION dollars

And Ukraine is never going to pay this back. Leaving Americans on the hook. Arseniy Yatsenyuk is using the word "grant" regarding this 2 BILLION dollars. Is he misleading the Ukrainian people? A grant is different then a loan. I'm not sure what is being alluded to, but, 2 Billion dollars could be better spent in America

Yats the technocrat

The Government of the United States of America has decided to grant Ukraine a USD 2 billion of loan assistance, according to the model of May 2014. Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced at a press conference on Tuesday, January 13.
"The U.S. Government noted complete progress of the Ukrainian authorities in a number of areas, including the measures to curb corruption and a thorough reform in the energy sector – it primarily concerns the Naftogaz, and the restoration of the financial system, improving the business environment, in particular due to recent laws which have been passed by the Ukrainian Parliament, and the return of financial stability," said Arseniy Yatsenyuk.
In the first half of 2015 there is planned to allocate USD 1 billion and the rest in the second half-year.
The Head of Government stressed that the funds would be granted on condition of having the IMF program, "As a rule, a financial support model for Ukraine is based on the principle that when the IMF gives certain part, other contributors also give certain part."
The funds being received by Ukraine in the framework of macro-financial assistance, according to the Prime Minister, "aren’t spent on salaries of military personnel, funding the army, reimbursement of pensions", "We have to cope with this ourselves. It is the task for the country - to make the budget well balanced in order to finance the incredible military spending that we have today. As someone thinks that it is very easy - we have taken loans and spent them on pensions, salaries, new military equipment. None gives loans under these things”.
The principal goal of the macro-financial assistance is, according to Arseniy Yatseniuk, "to restore financial stability in Ukraine and confidence of markets to Ukraine, to increase foreign exchange reserves of the National Bank to stabilize the exchange rate",
Sounds like all the financial assistance is for the bankers anyway?
"The main purpose is to make those deposits that people took and hid the certain part of these to the deposit boxes, come from the bank safety boxes back, circulate in the banking sector, and we could step by step get out of this situation."
Why would the people put their money back into the banks? For the bankers to steal it in a bail in scenario? I say watch out for the bankster scum.
Moreover, Arseniy Yatseniuk informed that the total amount of payments of Ukraine on loans in the current year made up USD 11 billion, "And this implies only direct payments, the funds we haven’t taken".
He reminded that the previous year Ukraine had received USD 9 billion of IMF assistance, and paid the debt of USD 14 billion.
Concerning an overall debt of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk reminded that when the previous year he had become the Prime Minister, Ukraine had had USD 73 billion of debt: “As of today we have similar amount of debt in dollars. ( I can't see that as being a true statement) Objectively, that calculated in hryvnya it has changed, as due to the 20% loss of the country's economy the rate has changed. But the total amount of foreign debt that was denominated in U.S. dollars for the year during the incumbent Government has not changed."
Regarding the cooperation program with the International Monetary Fund, the Head of Government reminded that an IMF mission was staying in Kyiv these days, "We are working on a daily basis. There is a number of important issues that need to be considered again. But I stress the progress in our bilateral negotiations".

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  1. Hi Pen,
    Likely this $2b is payola for Yats and the Ukrainian oligarchs/bankers to sell what remains of Ukraine to the western oligarchs/bankers together with a promise of a big party thrown for all in Tel Aviv when it is all done

    1. Hi james, yes this does truly appear to be money for banks and banksters

  2. And Ukraine is never going to pay this back

    Just the part doing business with Amerika. Amerikan tax payer get burned and the friends of the neo-conns are downing champagne. Good-Bye Main Street Ukraine and if you can leave do so now.

    1. Hi jo
      I don't think that Ukraine will ever pay this back- It's almost as if the excessive indebtedness will be used to destroy Ukraine, completely

  3. :..: RollsEyes. Good Grief. There'll be Dancing Globally when these Traitors finally Fall. Insuffrable Monsters.

  4. Perhaps it's his fee for rewriting history.... dont you know, it was Russia that invaded Germany in 1941....

    Well nice try..... pity no-one believes him, still he has shown the world the strength of his intellect, thats some achievement at least. If you listen carefully you can here BBBWWWAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAHAAAAAA in the background when he speaks.

    Cheers Penny

  5. Things seem to be hotting up in the Donbass.

    The blue finger poking into militia territory is to the east of Gorlovka and includes the town of Debalcevo. This would make a fine pocket if the militia were able to close it. Apparently the Ukranians now have more long range artillery which makes it difficult for the militia to respond in kind. There have been continuous attacks on residential areas in the past months of the farcical ceasefire.

    The references to the second world war reminded me that the halting of offensive militia operations in the Summer when the Ukranians were in utter disarray reminded me of Dunkirk. Just as the German army were prevented from destroying the remnants of the allied forces, the militia were halted just as the momentum was all in their favour.

    There have been ongoing reports of political infighting within the Donbass which reached a new low with the assassination of a militia commander with code name Batman and his escort apparently by forces of the militia. It was quite recent, but so convoluted and depressing that I didn't understand the details.

    It really does seem that the oligarchs on both sides are ensuring that the militia can not win, but thankfully that strategy can't negate the courage of the militia rank and file.