Saturday, May 9, 2015

Syria: Chemical Weapon meme rerun as US readies airstrikes supporting ISIS etc

Flashback: US Begins to Train & Equip "Syrian" fighters in Jordan

 There are no moderate Syrian rebels- There are multiple brands of NATO/Israeli backed fighters. Including ISIS. AQ. Al Nusra.  As previously mentioned the US is 'training' these killers and will use air power to support them. Covering all bases the US is recirculating the already implanted meme regarding chemicals weapons 

US air support for terrorists:

"they are likely to run up against a myriad of forces, including those of the Syrian government"

 "Once they return, (to Syria) Washington will defend the forces"

  "Washington will provide the rebels with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assistance, and potentially air support as well"

The terrorists, western backed, are being trained to enable the US & company, including Israel no doubt, to bomb a sovereign nation, that threatened no one, more extensively then has been done.

So, imagine my non surprise to see the "Assad used chemical weapons" spin, lie, mind virus, rear it's ugly head, yet again.

Recirculating the mind virus of chemical weapon use and in the Wall Street Journal:
An attempt by the lying media to give credibility to the non credible
Three U.S. diplomats stepped up pressure against the Syrian government on Friday by accusing it of continuing to use chemical arms against its opponents in the country’s four-year civil war.
The American ambassador to The Hague-based Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, Robert Mikulak, cited a “steady stream” of accounts that the government is using chlorine as a chemical weapon, as recently as this month.
Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters that accounts by people in Syria over such chemical attacks are “strong and credible.”
And Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said evidence makes clear that Syria is killing people by dropping chlorine-filled barrels from helicopters onto neighborhoods and stressed that the international community needs to assign blame to Damascus.
Three persons I would never consider credible- no matter the appeal to authority presentation
 As you know, only the regime has helicopters,” Ms. Power said.
The blame is to be assigned to Damascus, because, only they have helicopters....???
It's pretty safe to say that many others have helicopters, also. Israel. Turkey. US.
So, Damascus having helicopters isn't going to do it for me. How about you? Samantha Power's assignment of guilt based on possession of helicopters is not credible- And really has to be completely dismissed. Leaving the claim on very shaky ground.
To make matters even worse for the US claim, to make it that much more obvious that there is no evidence to bolster this claim-

 Read this little tell all paragraph from the WSJ article
The more immediate concern for many diplomats is the allegation that Syria is continuing to use chlorine. The OPCW launched a fact-finding mission in April 2014 to investigate the charges, concluding in September that chlorine was used “systematically and repeatedly” in northern Syrian villages.
But the mission isn’t authorized to name perpetrators, to the frustration of American diplomats. The U.S. is pursuing the issue in the U.N., where a group of physicians and others made a presentation on the chlorine allegations several weeks ago.
The mission can't name perpetrators to the 'frustration' of the American diplomats?
Bullbiscuits- that the mission can't name perpetrators plays right into the hands of the American diplomats- because it allows them to make all kinds of crazy unsubstantiated claims. And they are, oh yes, they are

This is an exactly replay of the Sarin episode - Same lies, less fanfare this time round:



  1. Christ Penny, the lies never end. The Empire grinds on....ben

    1. exactly ben, the lies never end. Or as I prefer, it's all manipulation all the time.
      the chem meme is back because it's an idea that already long implanted in the brain- so it's simple enough to refresh
      the whole thing is sick and deadly

  2. At this point, who amongst the living would give any credence to what Samantha "kill them with humanitarian bombs" Powers has to say. Oh, wait..the culture is brain dead. would anyone be suprised if this is another episode of the 3 stooges(Zionist that is)

    1. "would anyone be suprised if this is another episode of the 3 stooges(Zionist that is)"

      I don't think any of my readers would be surprised