Wednesday, June 3, 2015

FIFA: Israel & That Sudden Resignation? Linked or Not? Russia 2018

In the post from yesterday I stated: " I'm less inclined to believe this has much to do with Israel."

Here's why: Palestinians dropped their bid to ban Israel from FIFA days ago!!
 It was reported May 29th/2015 that the Palestinian delegation withdrew their challenge
So, how could that issue have been a factor in the sudden resignation of Sepp Blatter?  
If anything this resolution between Israel and the Palestinians should have bolstered Blatter's presidency, but, it didn't.This fact suggests to me that this is about Russia.

Times of Israel OR  Al Jazeera 

 Take note of what appears to be a staged theatrical performance on the part of the Palestinian ‘leader’ and the Israeli leader. Props included.  I suspect this was all arranged beforehand.

From the Palestinians:
 The Palestinian delegation to FIFA on Friday dropped a motion to have the Israeli soccer federation suspended from international football amid pressure from dozens of national delegates.

Palestinian soccer chief Jibril Rajoub submitted a last-minute amendment to the proposal, eliminating the demand for ban, and told the Congress that “a lot of colleagues” had asked him not to call for Israel’s suspension.
“Palestine has not withdrawn it’s application completely, but merely suspended it,” he added. “A lot of colleagues, whom I respect and whose commitment to the ethics and values of the game I appreciate, told me how painful it is to hear of the issue of suspension.
But I want to protect the Palestinian footballers, to let them enjoy the privilege of the game as others do.”

He said dozens of football presidents called on him to drop the bid, “but it does not mean that I give up the resistance.”
Dozens of football presidents ?
Instead, Rajoub called on international delegates to vote on setting up a monitoring mechanism to oversee three points: the movement of Palestinian soccer players and soccer equipment donated to the Palestinians, monitoring racism and discrimination against Palestinian soccer players, and the issue of Israeli teams from settlements in the West Bank, which he referred to as “five racist clubs which should be banned.”
Theatrically, Rajoub pulled out a referee’s red card at the podium, saying he was showing the card in a protest against “racism, humiliation and demonstration in Palestine and everywhere.”

On the Israeli side:

Israel’s delegate Ofer Eini requested to speak immediately afterwards, and FIFA President Sepp Blatter gave him the podium. Israeli Football Association head Eini said he was “delighted” that the Palestinians had dropped the motion and called on Rajoub to “leave politics to politicians.”

“I appeal to Jibril Rajoub… I want us to work together, I want us to cooperate, I want us to hug and embrace each other,” Eini said, addressing the congress in Hebrew.
He wants to 'hug and embrace' the Palestinians- he speechifies in Hebrew
“There is one thing on which I disagree with you,” he said. “We must not involve politics and football.” He said the five teams Rajoub sought to ban were kids’ sports teams.
We must not involve politics and football? As if!
“There are always differences of opinion… but if we can speak, we can always resolve our differences,” he said. We have proposed a joint committee (Israel, the Palestinians and FIFA)… and I hope we will be able to resolve all problems as they arise.

“I call upon you to join me on the podium and shake hands,” he said, inviting Rajoub to join him on stage — an offer Rajoub rejected. (No he didn't- Israel Times is bullshitting the readership)

“I am ready to come and shake hands, but let us vote, make a deal — me and you will cooperate under the umbrella of FIFA,” Rajoub said. “Let us vote for the items I have raised, then we can shake hands.”

From Al Jazeera and Morning Star (Britain) also reported the handshake taking place right in their headline
Rajoub and Eini Shake Hands as FIFA committee is created

"Afterwards, Rajoub and Israeli soccer chief Ofer Eini shook hands to thunderous applause"
Which does seem the most plausible end to this theatrics for the benefit of FIFA

Israel being tossed from FIFA was never going to happen. So, we go back to Russia 2018 and the likely prospect that we will be in a state of expanded warfare in that part of the world, by that time- and I want to be wrong

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