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More on NATO affiliated Kurds & Their US/Israel Supported Ethnic Cleansing in Syria

I have had doubts about the Kurdish narrative as presented by msm, prior to the Yazidi saga in Iraq.
Check for that flashback and others at the bottom of this post- thanks!
For a broader picture combine the flashbacks below with the ones from yesterday's post US Probes Reports of Kurdish YPG Militias PURGING Arabs  and a more complete picture should emerge-

Of course there are still more posts related to this topic, but, were talking about getting into reading the equivalent of book with hundreds of pages. Feel free if you like!

McClatchy News- Ethnic cleansing charged as Kurds move on town in Syria
Let's read together about the incidents occurring as NATO/Israeli partnered Kurds steal the belongings of others. As they have done before!
The PYD, or Democratic Union Party, is a Syrian Kurdish political party affiliated with the PKK, which has been declared a terrorist group by both Turkey and the United States. 
The PYD’s armed wing, the People’s Protection Unit, or YPG, is credited, along with an intensive U.S. bombing campaign, with holding off the Islamic State at Kobani after a four-month siege.
PYD/PKK same/same. YPG is the military unit of PYD.
Arabs and Turkmen who’ve fled Syria use more caustic terms to condemn the Kurdish offensive, which also is backed by U.S. airstrikes. They charge that YPG militias have stolen their homes and livestock, burned their personal documents and claimed the land as theirs.
“They forced us from our village and said to us ‘this is Rojava’,” the term the YPG uses to describe a swath of territory it claims across northern Syria, said Jomah Ahmed, 35, a member of the al Baggara tribe. He arrived from the village of al Fwaida with dozens of members of his extended family before Turkey closed the border.
“They said ‘Go to the al Badiya desert, go to Tadmur, where you belong’.” Tadmur, captured last month by the Islamic State, is more than 100 miles to the southeast of Tal Abyad.

Several members of the extended family of Jomah Ahmed, a member of the al Baggara tribe, share a small house a few kilometers from Akcakale, Turkey, after fleeing their home village of Al Fwaida. They were photographed on June 12, 2015. ALICE MARTINS — McClatchy
As long as two years ago, Kurdish activists who took power when the government of President Bashar Assad withdrew vowed to push the Arabs out.
Non-Kurdish Syrians say that campaign is now under way. They say that the Kurds are trying to create an autonomous state in northern Syria and that the United States is helping. “They told us ‘We have been here 20,000 years. You came only recently from the desert. Go back to your desert,’ ” said Ibrahim al Khider, an Arab prince who leads a tribe of 16,000 in Deir el Zour province.
Equally bitter, Tarik Sulo, the spokesman for the Syrian Turkmen community in northern Syria, said the U.S. bombing support and the YPG ground forces “are changing the demography of the area in an ethnic cleansing.” He said Turkmen, an ethnic Turkish minority in Syria, “are losing lands where they have been living for centuries.
The YPG captured two Turkmen villages on Thursday out of 20 with a total populaton of more than 40,000. On Saturday, its forces were reported to have advanced to the outskirts of Tal Abyad. During in interview in Ankara, Sulo showed a McClatchy special correspondent a photograph now circulating on social media that shows uniformed YPG fighters forcing an Arab captive to kiss the YPG flag.
To my knowledge the Kurds have NEVER had a nation. I can't find a single bit of information to support that claim. Historically speaking the ' Kurds' were nomadic tribes moving around a general geographic location.

Even the western backed 'opposition' coalition has recognized YGP violations against civilians!
The Syrian Opposition Coalition, the exile grouping the United States once recognized as the leading anti-Assad political force, also has accused the YPG of “violations against civilians” in Syria’s Hasaka province. It said these included systematic displacement of civilians, compulsory military service for young residents, and kidnapping civilians “to spread terror among the population.”
Which means the violations are widespread, atrocious and cannot be hidden or these lackey's wouldn't have said a dam thing!
The criticism by Arabs, Turkmens and the Syrian opposition points to the tactical nature of the U.S.-directed offensive in Syria. The U.S. has rejected working with moderate anti-Assad rebels and has begun training Syrians for a new force whose principal mission would be confronting the Islamic State.
In the meantime, it has found the YPG to be a willing partner
 But the U.S.-YPG alliance has triggered harsh criticism from those who say it shows little regard for the politics and history of the region or the sensitivities of NATO ally Turkey.
That lack of regard is completely as intended! The US/Israeli/NATO/YPG alliance has NO REGARD for the history or politics of the region. Why should they concern themselves with that which they are trying to redraw/remake/ rewrite?

It also has led to allegations that, with no U.S. troops on the ground to monitor developments, the YPG, which has its own political agenda, has been using the offensive to push an anti-Arab campaign. Local residents have accused the YPG of intentionally misleading American commanders about conditions at the Syrian town of Bir Mahalli in late April. A U.S. airstrike there may have killed more than 50 civilians, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights.
The U.S. Central Command is looking into the allegations that the U.S. is unintentionally furthering ethnic cleansing.
No they aren't.
“As a matter of course, we neither condone any form of ethnic cleansing nor would we willingly support any such activity,” Air Force Col. Patrick Ryder, a Centcom spokesman, said Friday. “But we take any such allegations seriously and will look into them.”
But refugees who’ve fled to mainly Arab Akcakale just across the border from Tal Abyad tell a different story.
Ahmed, the al Baggara tribal member from al Fwaida, said Kurdish forces arrested and beat him for two days and invited him to join them in the battle against the Islamic State. When he refused, they expelled him and his family from his village.
But the Salman al Fayyad family, a 14-member extended family, was allowed to stay when they agreed to join the YPG, he said. If the border were open, tens of thousands more would leave, said Abdulhamid al Jasem, 25, Ahmed’s cousin.
Flashbacks !
The Yazidi genocide narrative strains credulity- No fly zone by stealth

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