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Turkey & Iran Broker 72 Hour Ceasefire in Syria- Updated

This is interesting. Very interesting! Is this a possible answer to the question that ended the previous post?  Is the US/Turkey "Safe Zone" the April Glaspie Handshake?

Final paragraph below:
"If Turkey's goal was to prevent a hostile Kurdish territory from forming at it's border, and I do believe that was their goal, the US will no doubt target Turkish military assets.  Turkey has to be aware of the duplicity of the US &  NATO. What is Turkey's plan? "
 On To Today's News 

I've wondered for the last little bit if there was some cooperation between Turkey & Syria, in particular. There was activity at their mutual border that had caught my eye via some news reports.
Keeping in mind the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Syria's warring parties declared a 48-hour ceasefire in two frontline areas on Wednesday after unprecedented mediation from Turkey and Iran.
The ceasefire halted fighting between insurgents on the one hand, and the army and its Lebanese militant Hezbollah allies on the other, in the rebel-held town of Zabadani and in a pair of Shi'ite Muslim villages in Idlib province.
The two areas are strongholds of each side under ferocious attack by the other. Sources familiar with the talks, which have been under way for weeks, said the truce could be extended to give time for ongoing negotiations aimed at evacuating civilians and combatants.  
 Three officials close to Damascus described the truce as a result of mediation by Turkey

 After four years in which diplomats made no headway toward peace, countries that support Assad and his opponents have been quietly discussing ways to end the war and tackle the common threat from Islamic State.
 Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif arrived in Damascus on Wednesday and met with Assad. He was expected to discuss a new peace plan for Syria.
 Sources on both sides of the civil war told Reuters earlier on Wednesday the truce was to begin at 6 a.m. (0300 GMT), and negotiations would continue. The rebel group Ahrar al-Sham had led the talks on the insurgents' side. 
"A ceasefire began at 6 a.m. today for 48 hours to halt military operations in Zabadani," Hezbollah's al-Manar TV reported. "It also includes the two villages of al-Foua and Kefraya in the Idlib countryside."
Abu Walid al-Zabadani, a fighter with Ahrar al Sham in Zabadani, said: "We have stopped firing. It's from both sides." 
"As fighters on the ground, we were not interested in this ceasefire, but it is led by our commanders and we have to abide by their orders," he told Reuters from Zabadani. 
A second rebel said there were 200 injured insurgent fighters in the town.
Hezbollah said Islamic State gunmen had opened fire in Zabadani in an attempt to break the ceasefire but other insurgent groups had intervened to stop them.
IS gunmen opened fire but were stopped by others?
Sources on both sides say negotiations are underway about a possible evacuation of civilians from the two villages, and a withdrawal of rebel fighters from Zabadani. The evacuation of the critically wounded had been agreed but logistics were still being worked out.

Ahrar al-Sham said last week it was holding talks with an Iranian delegation over Zabadani.

 Turkey, is revamping its strategy toward the Syria war. It is pressing for a buffer zone in Syria near its frontier.
Any thoughts on this development?

UPDATE: Yahoo News  A 72-hour ceasefire came into effect Wednesday
 "No shots have been fired since 6:00 am" local time (0300 GMT) in Zabadani as well as in Fuaa and Kafraya, two regime-controlled villages in northwestern Syria.

"We really noticed that it was relatively calm this morning," Mohammad, a Zabadani resident, told AFP.
"We didn't hear sounds of shelling or clashes, and we hope the situation stays like this."
Pro-regime forces launched an offensive to seize Zabadani from rebel groups early last month.
In retaliation, a rebel alliance including Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra Front surrounded Fuaa and Kafraya, two Shiite Muslim villages in Idlib province, and regularly fired rockets into them.
Mohammed Abu Qassem, secretary general of Syria's Tadamun (Solidarity) Party, told AFP he had negotiated the ceasefire on behalf of fighting groups inside Zabadani.
"Tadamun was authorised to negotiate with the government to reach a new agreement," Abu Qassem said.

"Since the beginning of the military operation, we have been trying to find a solution to the crisis in Zabadani," he said, adding that a local administrative council, rebel groups and regime forces had signed off on the ceasefire.
 Interesting also is are reports the US has been dropping bombs on refugee camps in Syria:

At Least 5 Children Dead in US Airstrikes in Northern Syria
"The overnight raid on the Atmeh region in the Northwestern parts of Idlib province killed five children and three adults," Rami Abdel Rahman, the head of the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said on Wednesday.
Abdel Rahman reiterated that Atmeh is home to a large camp for displaced Syrians.
Wonder if the Kurds called in those airstrike targets?

I don't believe this news story at all!

 Syrian opposition accuses Assad of napalm attack near Damascus

And if I recall correctly, the first time this lie made the rounds it was demonstrated to be patently false. 
If true, the attack would be the second serious allegation of napalm use in the Syrian war. In 2012, a BBC crew in Aleppo province witnessed what they described as a “napalm-like” attack on a school.
Long term readers here may recall this incident? There were videos that certainly reinforced the  zombie meme and I'm pretty sure the whole thing was picked apart as BBC creating propaganda against the Assad government. When I have more time I'll dig back into the blog archives for info on that.

Regarding the previous napalm incident that the Guardian UK is pushing as credible- 
Tons of info and links below-  Haven't had a chance yet to check through the blog archives
Because I've been having intermittent issues accessing the blog!

Fabrication in BBC Panorama 'Saving Syria’s Children'

 Updates again! 

 New Terrorist Attack Leaves 13 Dead and 63 Injured in Damascus 

 Damascus, Aug 12 (Prensa Latina) A new terrorist attack against residential areas in this capital launched by the self-proclaimed Army of Islam today left 13 people dead and 63 injured. The attack against the civil population is the fifth in the last ten days, and aimed again at heavily populated areas at rush hours.
The rockets impacted the districts of Mazraah where the Russian embassy is located, the fruit and vegetable market in Zablatani and the crowded neighborhood of Mezzeh 86.
The area of Abu Rummaneh was also attacked with morter shells, headquarters of several foreign embassies and where a missile impacted almost 200 meters from the Cuban embassy.
Other missiles targeted the Baramkeh area and the University of Damascus, where four rockets impacted the buildings of the schools of Mechanics and Civil Engineering.
The Syrian air forcé responded with a series of attacks against the areas controlled by the terrorists in the suburbs of Jobar, Zamalka and Erbin, located in the outskirts of the city.

 UN statement on Syria delayed over Venezuela objections


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  2. Erdogan made clear over a year ago as I recall that a Kurdish state was a nonstarter even if it meant reversing course on Syria

    The Iran angle again..

    Iran FM just canceled visit to Turkey

    Turkey Protecting ISIL to Limit Kurdistan Workers' Party - PKK Leader

    Erdogan pushing new elections with rumored majority locked up

    Kerry says USD dead if no Iran deal

    US denies cooperation of safe zone

    Ford says US a marginal player in Syria

    US Coalition Using ISIL to Reach Own Goals - Syrian Ambassador to Russia

    Saudi Arabia Backs Political Settlement in Syria Without Assad and rumored to be doing an Isklander deal

    This article in the FT should tell you all you need to know whether Erdogan knows of the fire he plays?

    Erdogan says same forces behind Brazil and Turkey protests

    Brazil just got downgraded and Dilma faces an August 16 march..

    Keep the timing of the Chinese devaluation (IMF response vs. US Treasury dichotomy) in mind as the SDR review was just pushed off.

    European think tank out warning about US-Russia conflict as the Germans brush back the new Polish President on his latest Russophobia

    "Influential German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung issued a critique of newly elected Polish President Andrzej Duda on Monday, saying Duda's calls to deploy additional NATO forces in Poland and elsewhere in Eastern Europe violates the compromise reached at the 2014 Wales Summit, threatening to drive a wedge between the alliance's members". Responding to Duda's speech, Süddeutsche Zeitung columnist Daniel Broessler argued that while Duda's "declaration of struggle" may "at first glance appear to be directed against Russia, it is in fact directed against Poland's own allies." Unfortunately, in Broessler's view, "among the Polish right wing, there is a deeply rooted belief that a diplomatic offensive, together with good relations with Washington, can achieve almost anything."

    European defense think-tank policy analysis reveals that NATO and Russia are bracing for a possible military confrontation.

    1. Very large forces are afoot and the Chinese FX move punctuates the point. All of this into what the Fed has said will be a Sept. rate hike, the fallout of which is seen in the Em FX carnage (MXN, BRL, MLR, RUB, INR etc). All probing lows. The economic tidal wave looks set to crest which has every appearance of exerting pull on the various regional conflagrations.

    2. thanks anonymous, for the many interesting links

      about the US denial for agreement regarding safe zone?

      Rudaw reported yesterday that the US will not allow Turkey to strike Kurdish terrorists in the safe zone- While Turkey is suggesting there is a deal which allows this to occur

      It does seem true that the US has not made any deal with Turkey- they are certainly not acknowledging the deal has been made and the only statement I can directly attribute to them is the statement by Toner

      " The United States will not allow Turkey to attack Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (PYD) forces in northern Syria, US State Department spokesman Mark Toner told Rudaw Tuesday"

      Not surprised that Iran and Turkey closed the border crossing, given the circumstances

      all good reading- thank you

    3. Now a tianjin explosion as yet unnamed warehouse. Few interesting things to conisder in view of the hybrid hype

      Former head of the pboc under investigation major player in tianjin

      Explosion occurred at logistics company

      Ngo greenpiece out touting a toxic and hazardous material depot (more fires around chernobyl which have now been deemed arson)

      Anolog or not recalls the series of russian weapons depot explosions and the 2012 Congo blast that ripped apart a warehouse and killed many chinese

      Vatican ramping up operations inside mainland going back to the Pope visit duringwhat the pla officially called an attempted HK spring.

      Major natural disasters like ferry and Nepal quake showing response impotence? PR intention?

      Many factions inside China under assualt especially the entrenched PLA security and what appears to be banking apparatus. Does china have an emerging turkey problem?

  3. There might be buffer zone but it will never be a no fly zone, Syria is to heavy armed with S-300.

    Napalm, let me guess the Russian gave it to them;) I thought I saw somewhere in the last few days the British used somewhere in the area.

    Iran said they would have their plan for Syria in just a few days. That should be interesting since they have spent a lot of time in Russia as of late.

    Because I've been having intermittent issues accessing the blog!

    No problem we'll be around to visit.

    1. Hey jo

      The napalm is utter garbage- As soon as I read the headlines, I was like oh rehash- already planted meme- they can even rehash their previous images and other nonsense- so, that can be dismissed- completely
      Sadly the masses just don't pay attention and the useful idiots will eat it up!

      Yah, iran is visiting- Saudi Arabia has been in touch and Turkey looks to have been in contact- so lots going on behind the scenes

      Do come back by jo- anyone who loves a good wine is always a welcome conversationalist!

      btw: I'm enjoying an excellent chianti at the moment- it went beautifully with my lasagna- all home made- except for the wine

    2. You are reading my small mind Lasagna is tomorrow the red stuff is made and then on to the food part. I have no idea on the whine:)

      Yes it's going to be a interesting weeks of propaganda and hopefully some real news

    3. Jo, Syria does not have the entire S300 system. They have recieved some of the command and control equipment which helps to coordinate their existing air defense network but they do not have any of the new missiles or radars

      note to Penny: The Kurds are split in several groups and many are in Syria/Iran's camp. Lets not lump them all into the isis/nato/zio camp.

    4. original Paul:
      I have noted on several occasions that very issue regarding the Kurds

      not unified- period

      the nato backed kurds have heaped abuse on the non nato backed kurds

      in fact- I look to be the only blogger addressing those important issues

      along with other posts reporting on the zio nato kurds killing non compliant kurds in Syria

      My reference to KurdIShIS is always a reference to the Kurds affiliated with ISIS/NATO/Israel

      Now if the msm and other alternatives would mention those facts that would be really something else

    5. Paul- Original Paul: same IP Address
      plus you mentioned you were one and the same way back- when you first changed your moniker and I asked then about your identity
      why do you feel that type of stuff necessary?

    6. there was another poster who showed up using the name Paul a couple years ago who was posting things I did not want to be associated with. I believe him to be a paid shill. So I changed it. You know my real name anyway from our email correspondence. Paul was my grandfather's name. A very well respected businessman due to his honesty/integrity, something I try to be. So nothing funny going on with the name.

      Penny, I read every article you post and I have a lot of respect for your effort and the information you dig up. I only mentioned the Kurds thing due to some of your articles pass on the feeling that Kurds in general are part of this evil. I know you don't feel that way but that is how it comes across... just trying to help is all.

    7. paul:

      yes, email you had sent. I recall.

      "I only mentioned the Kurds thing due to some of your articles pass on the feeling that Kurds in general are part of this evil"

      Pass on this feeling? Or how you take them?
      This place is certainly not about 'feelings'
      It's about what I can verify and or demonstrate to be correct.

      I appreciate the attempt to help, that's thoughtful, but I don't need the help in that manner
      An interesting link etc to expand upon the post would be more appropriate- it helps everyone to get a better understanding of the situations at hand. Thanks kindly in advance!

  4. I notice that Paul/original Paul did not answer your question, Penny.

    1. Hi james!- glad you have stopped by :)
      appreciate it