Friday, August 28, 2015

YPG- NATO backed of course, 'test' the newly held "ISIS" safe zone

And it took less then 24 hours!  Recall yesterday I posted this?
Kurd/ISIS Symbiosis: ISIS takes Syrian border towns A post which contained my not out on a limb prediction 
Not going out on a limb here at all to predict that which has happened many times, in many different locales along the Syrian/Turkish border.

ISIS has now taken Syrian territory which the Kurds will ‘fight’ them for in a manner that is ‘so fierce’, that of course,  ISIS resistance will melt away. It will simply evaporate.
And here it is, in just 24 hours time!! :Syria Kurds test Turkey’s planned “safe zone”

BEIRUT – The Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) have launched an offensive against ISIS outside Jarablus, challenging Turkey's plans to establish a “safe zone,” roll back ISIS and prevent Kurdish forces from expanding along its border.

 “The YPG successfully carried out its first operation to breach ISIS defensive lines west of the Euphrates River on Thursday night, managing to kill 12 of members of the group to the East of Jarablus,”

We, of course have no proof any one was killed. Or if  those persons  killed were "ISIS"
We have unsubstantiated Kurdish militia claims.

"The Iraqi Kurdish outlet cited a military field source as saying that a group of YPG fighters had crossed secretly on boats to the west bank of the Euphrates River and reached ISIS position"

And no one from "ISIS" targeted the YPG in their boats as they secretly crossed the river?
ISIS- the global threat? That is not even weakened by NATO aerial bombing.
Yet somehow the wily YPG sneak in on their boats to reach ISIS positions? Seems a bit absurd.

Before the raid, the general commander of the YPG boasted that Kurdish forces would “liberate Jarabulus,” directly challenging Ankara’s plans to establish its own Turkey-friendly safe zone in the area.
Of course, I will be waiting for ISIS to just melt away. Evaporate. As the so called global threat has done time and time again.
Shouldn't take long at all- Cause the Kurds are "fierce' so says every meme dropping msm outlet!

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  1. In case this never appears at MOA?

    No mention of Israeli's annexation of Golan and subsequent denial of water for Syria? Why not?

    Posted by: Penny | August 29, 2015 at 09:48 AM