Sunday, November 15, 2015

Breaking News: France is bombing Syria! Updated!

 France is striking Raqqa, Syria. The alleged ISIS stronghold

France has carried out a massive airstrike on an Islamic State stronghold in Raqqa, Syria. It struck dozen’s of targets including a command and control center, training camp and munitions warehouse, the country’s defense ministry announced.
Ten French fighter jets took part in the country’s biggest air raid in Syria, the statement from the defense ministry read.
The strike, coordinated with the United States, was carried out simultaneously from Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, according to Reuters.

As more news becomes available I will post it-
Many world leaders are in Turkey for the G20 presently- Including the 'rock star', as if, Trudeau. (rolls eyes)

France announces Raqqa airstrikes on ISIS

All the news is pretty much the same- limited details same as the RT report.

US delivers more ammunition to fighters from Syrian Arab Coalition (Kurds)

The so called 'syrian arab coalition' is run by YPG/PKK- I've covered this previously in several posts. The first delivery was supposed to be about 120 tons going to the NATO backed Kurdish militias

  The United States has carried out a fresh delivery of ammunition to fighters from the Syrian Arab Coalition battling Islamic State in northern Syria, pushing ahead with a strategy that initially unnerved ally Turkey, a U.S. official told Reuters on Sunday.

The delivery of ammunition represented only the second time the United States has moved to arm the Syrian Arab Coalition, a collection of about 10-12 groups numbering about 5,000 fighters. They are working with Kurds and others to claw back land from Islamic State.
In a shift in approach, the latest U.S. resupply operation was completed on Saturday by delivering the weaponry by land, the U.S. official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
First large delivery to the Kurdish affiliates was via airdrops
It was not immediately clear who transported the ammunition into Syria, but the official said American troops did not drive them into the country.
Further details on the operation were not immediately available.
 If I had to guess how these weapons were delivered, it wouldn't be to difficult.  I would just figure the weapons were delivered into Syria via that crucial supply route successfully created, just a few days ago, through Sinjar- Just like I said on Thursday. Sinjar was about creating a crucial supply route-

Sinjar: Creating a Crucial Supply Route for KurdIShIS & Annexing Iraqi Territory

Update France bombing of Syria-

Syrian activists claim 'stadium, museum and medical clinics' hit after France launched air strikes on ISIS

Anti-ISIS activists in Syria claim a stadium, a museum, medical clinics and a political building have been hit after France launched airstrikes in retaliation for the Paris terror attack.
Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, a group of anonymous activists inside the ISIS stronghold, wrote that heavy strikes had been taking place since this morning.
The group began documented the airstrikes at around 8am and said it had increased to "30 airstrikes" this evening.
No civilian casualties have been reported yet, according to the group.

Update # 2:

 French Foreign Minister: Decision on Syria Airstrikes Was Made Saturday

 Turkey--France’s decision to attack Islamic State’s stronghold in Syria was made Saturday, a day after coordinated terrorist attacks killed more than 100 people in Paris, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said.
“France has always said that because she has been threatened and attacked by Daesh, it would be normal that she would react in the framework of self-defense. That’s what we did today with the strikes on Raqqa,” Mr. Fabius told journalists Sunday following the first day of a summit of the Group of 20 leading industrialized and developing nations.


  1. Why does the cynic in me say that the French could make up anything regarding what they have supposedly hit in Syria?


    ** At least we know that they can't claim the glory of a pinpoint strike on Jihadi John. Maybe they can invent a new character Wahabi Willy or Takfiri Tom.

    1. Anthony that is hilarious, I like Wahabi Willy personally :))
      I needed the laugh- I came home and hubby said France is attacking ISIS in Raqqa and I corrected him and said- France is attacking Syria- flat out!

    2. Hi Penny,

      Apparently the "massive" attack by the French consisted of 20 bombs in total on two main targets.

      The only thing "massive" about the French military is it's hyperbole.

      The same applies to NATO in general.

      Another case of all mouth and no trousers.


  2. This is a sad commentary on the French.

    Their own criminal government knows that ISIS is a scam and now they have joined in for the destruction of Syria.

    The reports may say they "bombed" Raqqa but we know that is for gullible people. The real targets are Assad forces.

    I wonder what russia will do now?

    1. The French have been participating in operation "Desert Bombing" with the United States for over a year. I'd be surprised if this wasn't more of the same. At most, they might go for some rogue terrorists who have stepped out line.

      I find it significant that they didn't use the carrier based aircraft but instead called upon the aircraft already based in the region. So basically this is just a continuation of what they were already doing with better marketing.

      I don't think the French would dare bomb Assad's forces. How could they hope to get away with it?

      As you say, what Russia do?

      And the French have a very large duck sitting in the mediterranean.


    2. And the French have a very large duck sitting in the mediterranean.


    3. What I find interesting is that this duck left Toulon last wednesday, how convenient.
      This said, I'm also very worried, that the carrier is set up (by USrael) as the sacrificial sheep to get this WWIII going (better to kill someone elses sheep). Our leaders being too inept to even understand what's played.

    4. Good morning Gallier- The US took it's aircraft carrier out and France brought theirs in- Is it expendable? Not that it really matters?

    5. for USrael it's better to have others toy be sunk, there is then less questionning at home.

  3. Hey Anthony and NTS:
    Since this bombing news is still unfolding and may still be ongoing, I'm adding updates- So there are two new ones
    keepin' an eye on the story

    1. Hi Pen,
      the US is pushing the French out into the Russian 'traffic' on the end of a stick. If the Russians stop (by conceding concessions at the Vienna talks), well and good. If the Russians do not stop and instead run over the top of the French (downing their planes or bombing their troops if they are silly enough to put them into Syria), then the US will mount a huge publicity campaign to rally Europe into a war with Russia while they (the US) sit back and laugh their tits off.

      It's a double bind. However, the Russians have prove adept in the past in finding a third solution.

      The US is trying to destroy Europe or, more particularly, the Euro because, above all, the US bankers need to preserve their US dollar.

    2. Hey james

      let me see if I am getting this?

      Basically the US is putting France in a position where they would be the party that would/could come face to face with the ongoing Russian ops

      So, the US is using France to "test the waters'?
      Or are they using France to apply pressure to Russia?
      Or is it both?

      As hubby says the US is being cowardly- They are playing a manipulative game I call "let you and him fight"

      America is way more comfortable putting others at risk and France is stupid enough to go along with it
      Basically the US is creating the conditions for a possible France Russia confrontation- while they observe.. and judge the interaction and outcome

    3. james you nailed it as to the holy dollar and the Russians we'll wait and see but if france gets in the way I'm not sure what will happen but Russia will not let go of Syria.

      Amerika is still playing the losing neo-conn game until the end of Amerika. Then only us citizens lose.

    4. "So, the US is using France to "test the waters'?
      Or are they using France to apply pressure to Russia?
      Or is it both?"


      "As hubby says the US is being cowardly- They are playing a manipulative game I call "let you and him fight"

      Yep! It's the psychopathic way (divide and conquer). As is being cowardly.

      If the US confronts Russia and Russia runs over the top of them, the US lose twice because not only do they get a bloody nose but their omnipotent image is shattered for good. With that image gone, the US's allies will desert them.

      But if the Russians run over the French, then the US can still act strong and incite others to join the fight against Russia. Their allies will do that thinking the US is behind them - which it is but not in the way they would like!

      Meanwhile, Europe gets involved in a war with Russia which will cost both and benefit the US. The US dollar will remain the pre-eminent currency and allow the US Empire to continue on its exploitative and destructive way rather than the ignominious end it is facing otherwise.

      I'm guessing though, that the US is calculating that the Russians will see the double bind and elect to make concessions rather than confront the French. I'm assuming the French will escalate this further thinking they have 'carte blanche'. Notice that they performed this latest bombing run while Putin is at the G20 meeting - where France is absent. So Putin can't buttonhole Hollande face to face. It's all been planned in advance.

      But I'm hoping/confident that the Russians will find a way to shoot this all back at the US through a third alternative to the two (double bind) they are being presented with.

      I agree with Jo that the Russians are not going to abandon Syria. They wouldn't have started this if that was an option. Allowing these American run terror organisations to survive will be everyone's undoing and Russia knows this.

      Kudos Pen for picking the Sinjar supply route

    5. From Pepe Escobar-

      "Bets can be made that Sultan Erdogan, now on a full-fledged ego trip, won't admit his "strategy" in Syria is in tatters. Even the ultimately demented option - the Turkish Army invading northern Syria - is not out of the cards. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu - who buried his own "zero problems with our neighbors" policy - is now frantically spinning Turkey would join a hypothetical "coalition ground operation" targeting ISIS/ISIL/Daesh, with Washington leading from behind."

    6. Hey james
      the Sinjar route was easy enough to figure out- knowing the Kurds are already fully integrated with NATO- Knowing their are Kurds on both sides of Sinjar and knowing NATO is looking to expand this war- including against Turkey- they needed alternatives- and they created them
      I suspect Turkey sees this double cross coming, figure they have for a good long time now- surely longer then I've noted it

    7. Pepe is full of beans- 1-He is channeling Mike Whitney or 2- Mike Whitney is channeling Pepe. 3- Or are they all channeling NATO?

      Turkey's strategy was NATO's regime change strategy
      Turkey thought they were playing the NATO game until it became obvious they were being played

      I got a nice little article to post that should make very clear Pepe and Mike Whitney and all others dumping NATO's plans onto Turkey are channeling NATO- Intentionally or not.
      And in the case of many who should no better- I believe it is intentional

    8. Hi jo- Americans and Canadian are in the same boat, in a heck of a lot of ways, but, America does have global dollar hegemony so it would be much worse to lose that very large advantage- And ordinary Americans will pay the price

    9. Iran or factions therein understand the Erdogan 'conundrum'

  4. How reporting changes

    1. hey brian; which is why I specifically included the reports of a hospital, museum and arena being struck- notice no media outrage?


    Paris, A321 Crash 'Bear Hallmark of Islamic State' - CIA Director

    Were the Jihadis looking for the Hallmarks in the Sinai?

  6. Timing?

    And the Jihadi John

    Channeling Samantha Lethwaite, Hayat Boumedienne

    Amedy Coulibaly, one of the gunmen behind the January attacks on satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo and a Kosher supermarket, shared detailed information before the attacks with an unknown individual from abroad, according to French daily Le Monde

    French police launch manhunt for a Paris attack suspect who was questioned and released hours after the carnage unfolded

  7. Hi Penny,

    Here is a very good analysis of the events in Paris.

    He mentions the situation in the Middle East and Africa, but crucially also the domestic situation, in France, but this also applies across the western world.

    The alternative media and free thinking intellectuals are thorns in the side of the satanists. They want to fabricate excuses to silence them.

    ** Speaking of satanists: Apparently the death metal band at the bataclan had just played or were playing one their songs entitled "Kiss the Devil".


  8. A video of the supposed bombing of Raqqa. You should skip the first 70 seconds or so which is pure Rafale sales pitch. There is then 30 seconds of poor quality targetting video. A couple of buildings are hit, and a load of missiles are fired at the desert.

    Caution - loud obnoxious music

  9. thanks for all the comments, will play catch up tomorrow all :)
    am busily putting up new reads, and then can respond tomorrow
    meanwhile, keep leaving what you all got