Friday, November 6, 2015

For Vladimir Putin, what's at stake in Metrojet investigation??

One of the many reasons for the NATO media alleging ISIS  downed the Russian plane, was to put political pressure on Putin in Russia. And also while at the Vienna talks (ht james)  And further, to manipulate the gullible dupe masses in the west. Reinforcing the fear. Great for trauma based mass manipulation.

Before we get to CNN gloating- Let's recall something previously mentioned here?
The US & company repeatedly informed anyone who would listen that Russia wasn't targeting ISIS!
In this post- Russian Plane Crash in Egypt- Recent Updates
 The US has been claiming all along that Russia wasn't targeting ISIS in Syria. 
Recall? More than 90%' of Russian airstrikes in Syria have not targeted Isis, US says
Or:   Just Who Is Russia Targeting in Syria?
So, why should we believe that ISIS exacted revenge when we were repeatedly told ISIS was not ever targeted by Russia!! It's absurd! We should not believe this spin! We should ask ourselves why it is the media wants us to believe this nonsense after telling us repeatedly ISIS was not being targeted by Russia.

 You can't have your cake and eat it too!-Used for expressing the impossibility of having something both ways, if those two ways conflict. 

It's wise, in my opinion, to discount the"ISIS did it narrative" and ask yourself who would want to increase the  pressure on Russia? On it's people. On it's leadership. Think of the sanctions already in place? That will point you to the perpetrator(s) of the heinous crime? Or to the party who is most willing to use a tragedy to their advantage?

Let's move on to CNN: 

I find the language extremely loaded in this entire article. Manipulative to the maximum!
 "If investigators establish that the Airbus 321 that crashed in the Sinai peninsula last Saturday was destroyed by a terrorist bomb, it will bring home to Russians with awful concreteness the potential cost of the war their country is now fighting in Syria.

I suspect Russians know all too well the cost of war..
Until last Saturday, Russians had been treated to a sterilized version of the Syrian conflict. State television reported on the weather near Damascus, noting if conditions were good or bad for bombing. Taking a cue from the U.S. in Iraq, the media also broadcast footage from the military aircraft, with target grids and video-game-like explosions.
A sterilized version?

The funerals in St. Petersburg and Novgorod have suddenly brought the Middle East much closer. Perhaps because the Kremlin has not yet decided what line to take, the official channels have been covering these. Reports of the passengers suggest that they were not members of the jet-setting upper crust but the type of ordinary Russians who saved for months to pay for a $600 all-inclusive beach vacation. Workers in a school cafeteria and an office clerk were among those laid to rest.
Striking at the hearts of a broad swathe of society.
If suspicions of a bomb are confirmed, Russians are likely to feel two conflicting emotions. The first is bound to be anger, exacerbated by a new sense of vulnerability. This could motivate a rally behind Putin and a desire to see the terrorists crushed in Syria. But second, perhaps with some delay, doubts are likely to surface about the wisdom of Putin's Syrian intervention.
Turn against Putin. He is foolish.
The tragedy comes at a time of dismal economic performance. The economy has been plunging into recession, with growth of -4.6% in the second quarter. So far this year, wages adjusted for inflation have fallen by 9%. Consumer confidence nose-dived last spring to close to the lows of the 2009 global financial crisis.
Turn against Putin. He is impoverishing you.
Despite all this, Putin's approval ratings have stayed stable above 80% -- a reflection of soaring patriotism inspired by the return of Crimea to Russia and a barrage of motivational programming on state media. But whereas Russians overwhelmingly supported the annexation of Crimea, they are far less convinced of the need for Russian military action in the Middle East.
Turn against Putin- He is manipulating the populace..
 As for Putin, if terror is confirmed, his instinct will likely be to double down. He could now redirect the fire power of the Russian air force from shoring up Assad to fighting ISIS for real. He might choose to expand the operation, including bombing in Iraq in coordination with the Iraqi government. He might even seek to stage an operation in the Sinai -- presumably with Egyptian military cooperation -- to punish ISIS's bloodthirsty affiliates there.

Quite a CNN article


  1. There's only one thing more disgusting than parsing the BBC lies...and that's parsing the CNN lies. Thx

  2. Saudi Arabia is behind the airliner crash. The evidence is stacking up nicely.