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NATO Stay Behind Armies: Gladio and Grey Wolves. Updated

Hat tip to  anonymous linkie person and Silver Palomino-   Both of whom enlightened me to the presence & involvement of the Grey Wolves in more then one geostrategically important situation.  Clearly this organization is not specifically affiliated with the nation state of Turkey. Nor are they Erdogan’s Grey Wolves ? Rather they appear to belong to the string pullers above the nation state. The intertwining global intelligence/military apparatus. Mostly run and sheltered under, what I like to call that big black NATO umbrella.

Anonymous December 10, 2015 at 10:38 AM


"To begin with, it’s worth recalling that Alparslan Celik, the so-called 'Turkmen commander' who boasted that he killed the pilot of the Russian Su-24 downed over Syria by the Turkish Air Force last month, is allegedly a Turkish national, and a member of the Grey Wolves."

Relevent paragraphs from Sputnik:

"When it comes to the Grey Wolves, one should expect anything. This is a very strong organization which has legal branches in Germany and the Netherlands," the analyst noted. "In Turkey, they are formally banned, but as we can see, they can operate quite freely in neighboring Syria. Recently, the Grey Wolves appeared in Ukraine, publically demonstrating their intensions alongside the 'Dzhemilevists'."

"The Grey Wolves," Nadein-Raevsky notes, "have big plans, and they will stop at nothing to try to achieve them. It's necessary to understand that this is a pro-fascist, terrorist organization, dedicated toward the creation of the Great Turan State, as taught by the Grey Wolves' ideological leader, Alparslan Turkes."

Ideological leaders and nation building- Very PKK. Grey Wolves are also connected to the Uighers- Which now helps to clarify some murky information I had gathered up in some previous posts on Uigher terrorism.

China- 10 Uighers armed with long knives rampage through train station

The Uighers, like the Grey Wolves, have connections to Germany, the US and Turkey. They also connect to pipeline politics

China/Russia Banking/Energy deal- Cue Uighur bombing/attack

Grey Wolves seem to have a kinship with Chechens. All this inter-connectedness puts the Grey Wolves firmly in the NATO fold.

Silver Palamino
Just my two cents but a big YES the wolves are a danger to Turkey but only after they finish the Syria/Iraq project. They have been mentioned in several books and reports on Gladio and most researchers believe they are still active and being used (by NATO/US) as a counter force to the Turkish military whenever a coup is approved. That way US controls all sides of society. Same story as the original Gladio version but this one they managed to keep semi-active by moving it to places like NW China whenever trouble comes up in Turkey.
As a side note they are thought to be the ones responsible for bringing the Chinese Uigyers to Syria not actually Turkey the state......etc

These grey wolves sure seemed to be a group that I needed to read up on- Below you will find the information I found.

Starting at pg.153- 

The Encyclopedia of Terrorism

Operation Gladio: Grey Wolves 

 Just a tiny bit of the information available is posted below:

The Idealist Youth (TurkishÜlkücü Gençlik), commonly known as Grey Wolves (TurkishBozkurtlar), is a Turkish ultra-nationalist,[2][3][4] neo-fascist[5][6][7][8][9][10][11] youth organization. It is the "unofficial militant arm" of the Nationalist Movement Party.[12] The Grey Wolves have been accused of terrorism.[5][7][8] According to Turkish authorities, the organization carried out 694 murders between 1974–1980.[13]



The organization is named after Asena,[citation needed] a female wolf in mythology associated with Turkic ethnic origins. Its formal name in Turkish is ülkücüler (idealists) and Ülkücü Hareket (The Idealist Movement), inspired[citation needed] by the 20th century Turkish writer Ziya Gökalp and later developed by the 20th century writer Nihal AtsızÜlkü Ocakları (Forges of Ideal), the proper platform of the Grey Wolves, denies "direct" links with the MHP and presents itself as an independent youth organization. Their female supporters are called Asena.[citation needed]

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Interesting that the opening chapter of this book mentions the importance of music to this group and it's activities. Thinking about the Hans Utter interviews I had posted here....

Music plays a key role at political-cultural events organized by the fascist Grey Wolves because they see it as a means to galvanise and strengthen the ultra-nationalist Turkish movement.

Take the time to look through the information contained within that translated text

And Finally 

The ‘gray wolf’ threat to Erdogan and the AKP

Supporters of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) make the gray wolf sign of the party as they wait for the arrival of party leader Devlet Bahceli during a rally in Istanbul, Oct. 5, 2013
  Ogan said Erdogan’s concerns about the MHP are real, noting that nine recent MHP rallies have had high attendance. In Ogan’s words, “The alternative right-wing choice of the Turkish electorate is the 'right' again.” I concur.
 Thus, many of the undecided voters from the right-wing ideology may swing toward a MHP that has broken out of its 1970s image of ultranationalism. Last summer, when an 18-year-old Istanbul cab driver told me, “The MHP is the only answer to the AKP, which refers to our martyred conscripts as 'a few bodies.'” I had not taken him seriously. Now, however, there are too many signs to ignore his statement.

Not Erdogan's Grey Wolves.
Further confirmation of my more then year old theory that Turkey is set for a destabilization.  

 Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey.  

Pt.2- Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey  

And many, many other posts on this topic. 


 While doing my day's reading I came across many articles linking the Grey Wolves with the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II-   

Gunman who tried to assassinate John Paul II is expelled from Italy two days after laying flowers at his grave and saying he wanted to meet Pope Francis

An assassin who tried to kill Pope John Paul II has been expelled from Italy two days after he laid white roses on the tomb of the late pontiff and requested a meeting with Pope Francis.
Mehmet Ali Agca was bundled aboard an airplane at Rome's Fiumicino airport by security last night to be sent home to his native Turkey after an Italian judge approved the expulsion.
On Saturday Agca had made a surprise visit to the Vatican to place flowers on the tomb of John Paul II 31 years to the day that the Pope visited the assassin in prison and forgave him for the attempt on his life.
Agca, once a member of a Turkish far right group known as the Grey Wolves, (once a member is wild speculation. He was very likely still a member which would explain his ease in crossing borders) carried out the attack on John Paul after escaping from a Turkish prison where he was serving a life sentence for killing journalist Abdi Ipekci in 1979. 
During the assassination attempt, John Paul was left seriously injured, with one bullet passing through his abdomen and another narrowly missing his heart.

 Agca left John Paul critically injured when he fired several shots at close range in St Peter's Square on May 13, 1981
 His arrival prompted questions as to how he was able to land in Austria and cross the border into Italy as he is banned from visiting either country until 2016.


  1. It's been clear to me for some time that Erdogan and the nation state of Turkey are headed for trouble- The demonizing of Erdogan and the nation state of Turkey in the msm and alt media points to a intentional campaign to justify what may be an overthrow/coup of the elected akp government.

    I remind readers here of a statement made by Erdogan after the election win

    "Now a party with some 50% [of the vote] in Turkey has attained power... This should be respected by the whole world, but I have not seen such maturity."

    1. yet the sae Erdogan wont respect Syrians voting in Assad

    2. Dodgy "brian" said: Erdogan wont respect Syrians voting in Assad

      . . . and neither do the zionists, nor the rest of the Anglo-ZioNastie empire, but we so rarely hear you whining about that, dodgy "brian".

      but "Neo-Ottomanist" "Sultan" Erdogan?

      Can't shut up about that, can you, dodgy "brian".

  2. Hey Penny!

    I came across this paper yesterday and thought you might find it interesting. It's two pages and while the whole thing is worth reading, I was particularly intrigued by the second full paragraph on the second page. It's when I thought of you!

    1. Interesting read, Gwen. Bernard Lewis is jewish and invented and promoted the concept of a world-wide war between Christians and Muslims. What could possibly be wrong with that, I wonder!

    2. Hi Gwen:
      could a member of the tribe be considered an unbiased source on all things Islam and the Middle East and North Africa considering the agenda for Greater Israel?
      I think not.
      That paragraph is interesting because it touches on so many things I have written about here at the blog

      Particularly this:

      Lewis polemicized against the modernizing, nation-building legacy of Turkey’s Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. He argued instead for the revival of an Otto-man Empire that could be used as a British geopolitical battering ram against Russia and against the Arab states of the Persian Gulf—in alliance with Israel.

    3. Hey james- what could possibly be wrong with that ;)

    4. "Revival of the Ottoman Empire" is code for the revival of the Caliphate. Here is an old article of mine where I talk about the purpose and the fate of the proposed Caliphate from the perspective of Lewis and his banker sponsors-

  3. Turkey having a $$$$$$$ problem.

    1. Financial. One aspect of warfare the atlanticists would wage against a nation

      And who suffers? The people. Turkey being destabilized one manipulative, dangerous move after the other

  4. According to this article from Sputnik-

    the Grey Wolves were involved in both Chechen wars of '94 and '99

    1. hey james- hubby saw that article, but, I hadn't a chance to read it but glad you left the link

  5. One thing is for certain, we've gone down a whole new rabbit hole with this Grey Wolf information-
    As in wow and scaaary!

  6. Chechnya

    Tatar link

    Nemtsov’s killers from Chechnya: Russia wants extradited from UAE related to Ukraine Chechnya battalion chief

    False passports

    Quite a background the Chechnya battalion leader: Wife from Ukraine , Odessa

    KSA / UAE weapons in Syria

    Ukraine buying weapons UAE

    1. Adam Osmayev- I knew that name was familiar!

    2. Osmayev, 33, has a troubled history with both Kadyrov and Putin.

      After graduating from Wycliffe College, a prestigious private school in Britain, and attending the University of Buckingham, he returned to his native Chechnya shortly after the second war there ended in 2000. He worked alongside his father, who had been appointed the head of Chechnya's state oil company.

      *Chechnya at that time was led by Kadyrov's father.

      *After his assassination (who killed him?) in 2004, power passed to his son, Ramzan, and his relationship with the Osmayevs quickly deteriorated in a dispute over lucrative energy contracts. The Osmayevs fled to Ukraine.

      so forth and so on- so many like this
      who have such curious lives but end up involved with terrorism, allegedly
      I think this is why the british trial was so interesting..

  7. Hey Penney
    One thing I noticed that seems not to fit the MSM story - the guy in charge of Turkman in Syria who killed Russian pilot was shown in a picture in front of a grey wolves flag that had a light blue background with the same moon/wolf symbol on it. When I first saw the flag I immediately thought of the Uigyers because the fake state the US State dept. funds (East Turkestan) has a light blue flag with the crescent moon on it. Yet that picture of him was only shown, as far as I've seen, on one RT show. Don't have the link anymore, but it seemed obvious at the time.

    USAID/NED funds to them here:

    1. east Turkestan?
      thanks sp, I got some reading to do

  8. explains presence of turkish troops in Iraq
    Sputnik ‏@SputnikInt 10m10 minutes ago
    Iraqi Kurdistan plans to supply #gas to #Turkey by the end of 2016

    1. Like I said on the other thread, Penny . . . .

      The latest lie that [b and the Moonie-bots have] decided to try and sell us is that the whole of events in countries near Israel can be explained by 'pipelines' rather than any reference to things like the Yinon plan.

      Dodgy 'b' of dodgy MOA fame loves to refer to Turkey and "Neo-Ottomanism", but hates to see anyone referencing the Yinon Plan and expansionist Zionism - much like yourself dodgy "brian"

      and naturally dodgy "brian" has decided to double-down on the trolling - which is what you'd expect of a troll imho.

      Next he'll probably decide to tell us how stupid and incompetent the leaders of the Empire are, and how it's all 'blowback' from Neo-Ottomanists playing footsie with headchoppers and how all talk of Anglo-ZioNastie False Flags is just "anti-semitism".

    2. brian: Turkey and the Kurdish territory of Iraq have been dealt with one another on many levels for sometime now

      supply gas to Turkey or transit it through the pipelines?

      have you looked into who owns the Ceyhan pipeline?

      A hint: Majority share is British owned...
      which is why Britain was profiting from the ISIS oil trade to Israel- surprise, surprise

      Possible transhipment via Israel

      It has been proposed that oil from the pipeline be transported to eastern Asia via the Israeli oil terminals at Ashkelon and Eilat, the overland trans-Israel sector being bridged by the Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline owned by the Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company (EAPC).[22][23]

      The pipeline is owned and operated by BTC Co, a consortium of 11 energy companies. The consortium is managed by BP. Shareholders are:

      BP (United Kingdom): 30.1%
      State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) (Azerbaijan): 25.00%
      Chevron (USA): 8.90%
      Statoil (Norway): 8.71%
      Türkiye Petrolleri Anonim Ortaklığı (TPAO) (Turkey): 6.53%
      Eni (Italy): 5.00%
      Total (France): 5.0%
      Itochu (Japan): 3.4%
      Inpex (Japan): 2.50%
      ConocoPhillips (USA): 2.50%

    3. Aargh! don't get me going on the 'incompetence' meme
      hate it!

      I understand every point you are making Hubris, every single point

  9. Police shoot man dead in raid tied to alleged prison escape plot

    Man shot in north London as six other men arrested in operation to stop alleged attempts to help prisoner escape

    "Detectives tackling organised crime were lying in wait after suspecting a group of men were planning to spring Izzet Eren from a van taking him to Wood Green crown court for sentencing from Wormwood Scrubs prison.

    Eren was arrested in October while travelling through north London riding a motorbike. He and another man were found with a Skorpion machine pistol and a Tokarev 9mm pistol, both of which were loaded.

    Hours after the police shooting, Eren and his accomplice appeared in court and were both sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment, having pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing."

    The Independent Police Complaints Commission, the police watchdog, is investigating the shooting of the suspect. It said a gun had been found at the scene and it did not belong to the police, a strong indication that the suspect is believed by investigators to have had a weapon.

    The man was shot on a street after a “pre-planned operation” by elite Metropolitan police organised crime unit officers who descended on the suspects just before 9am on Friday, supported by firearms officers..

    The Met said it arrested a total of six people on suspicion of conspiracy to facilitate the escape of an individual from lawful custody. Two were arrested at the scene of shooting, two just round the corner and two other men were arrested hours later.

    In a statement, the IPCC said: “A firearms officer has reported that he discharged his firearm and analysis of the officer’s ammunition confirms that a single shot was fired. What appears to be a non police issue firearm was found at the scene and will be subject to ballistic and forensic tests.”

  10. Alfredo Jalife-Rahme highlights the continuity between the 1982 Oded Yinon Plan and Moshe Ya’alon’s present-day strategy. While endorsing the vision of both plans, Israel continues to pursue its own balkanization agenda.

    Historically, Israel has always sought to dismember the countries surrounding her"

    (This is a link to an archived letter from David Ben Gurion:
    Lettre de David Ben Gourion à Moshe Sharett, alors Premier ministre d’Israël,l’incitant à exécuter un plan de démembrement et de déstabilisation du Liban. Destinée à rester confidentielle, cette lettre fut néanmoins publiée, malgré la protestation du gouvernement israélien, par le fils de David Ben Gourion, en 1979, en annexe de ses mémoires posthumes. February 27, 1954.

    “Syria will fall apart, in accordance with its ethnic and religious structure, into several states such as in present day Lebanon, so that there will be a Shi’ite Alawi state along its coast, a Sunni state in the Aleppo area, another Sunni state in Damascus hostile to its northern neighbor, and the Druzes who will set up a state, maybe even in our Golan, and certainly in the Hauran and in northern Jordan. (...) This state of affairs will be the guarantee for peace and security in the area in the long run, and that aim is already within our reach today." - Oded Yinon, “A strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties”, Kivunum, translated by Israel Shahak, February 1982

    From the"Yinon Plan" to the "Ya’alon Strategy" November 24, 2014