Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brussels: Bomb Blasts at Airport and Subway/ISIS claims responsibility

 This post has been updated several times since it's original posting!

A string of explosions rocked Brussels airport and a city metro station on Tuesday, killing at least 13 people, according to media reports, as Belgium raised its terror threat to the maximum level.
Two explosions targeted the main hall of Zaventem Airport at around 8:00 am. More than a dozen people were lying on the pavement outside the station, being treated by emergency service for facial wounds.
There were chaotic scenes at the airport as passengers fled in panic, with a thick plume of smoke rising from the main terminal building.

people fleeing airport

The blasts triggered a transport shutdown, with all flights halted in and out of the airport on Brussels' northwest outskirts and the city's metro system suspended.
Jean-Pierre Herman embraced his wife Tankrat Paui Tran, who he had just gone to collect from the airport after her flight from Thailand, as he described the scene.

A third blast hit the Maalbeek metro station, near the European Union's main buildings, just as commuters were making their way to work in rush hour. TV images showed black smoke billowing from the station entrance.

Brussels attacks death toll rises to 34 - broadcaster VRT

 Belgian public broadcaster VRT raised the death toll from Tuesday's twin attacks in Brussels to 34, with 20 people killed in the blast on a metro train and 14 in explosions at the airport.

The Telegraph: Brussels explosions: 34 killed and 151 wounded in two attacks as terrorists 'remain at large'

I don't know how it can be claimed the terrorists remain at large? For all we know they could be among the rising victim count. Contradictory reporting below- a kalishnikov and a dead attacker

Kalashnikov found next to dead attacker

Belgian public broadcaster VRT is reporting that police have found a kalashnikov assault rifle next to a dead attacker at Brussels Airport.

Talk of nail bombs being used... Same as in Turkey recently.
Same types of bombs were employed in Syria
Talk of ISIS cells?????? Though ISIS has not claimed responsibility talking head states
And now Hillary Clinton is on campaigning- I kid you not she is campaigning on this
news program- Today nbc? In fact Hillary used the term "Europe Whole and Free" Boy that's a meme! And one I've written about "Toward a Europe Whole & Free" Via NATO global dominance

Updates  on Brussel continued:

 Police raids under way in Brussels in connection with places in Brussels following deadly blasts killing at least 26, public broadcaster RTBF reported on Tuesday.

There is a video purporting to be the CCTV showing the suicide bomber in Brussels It's from the attack in Russia 2011
Daily Mail 
 Armed police arrest two men but more suspects are on the run as it's revealed security services already have CCTV of bombers.Wrong video employed


Brussels attacks: Video purporting to show Zaventem Airport explosion was shot in 2011. The first video is the CCTV purporting to show the Brussels Airport explosions and the second is of the 2011 bomb attack at Domodedovo Airport in Russia CCTV purporting to show the deadly Brussels Airport explosions appears to be fake. The footage resembles video of the moment a bomb attack took place at Domodedovo Airport in Russia in 2011.
video making the rounds today compared to 2011- Obviously the war mongering media is muddying the waters already... so far no CCTV video released to confirm what actually happened- 11:26 am est



 The video from the 2011 bombing in Russia is embedded in the blog posting linked below:

Suspect in Moscow Airport bombing, reported dead months ago?!


 Belfast Telegraph: Islamic State claims responsibility for bomb blasts on Belgian capital

 The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks on Brussels

 The image provided by Belgian Police is not proof of a terror attack or 'suicide bombing'

We don't know if this image is from the correct airport?
We don't know what date this picture was taken?
It's a meaningless image with no context, save for the one claimed by "authority"
this pictures proves nothing

Go back to the bombing in Turkey and look at the video:
Man acting strangely....kaboom

Turkey: Suicide bomber/s attack Istanbul’s Pedestrian Mall- Car bomb defused Thursday


  1. Just so you all know US media is spinning this is an ISIS attack- cause it's a perfect target for ISIS
    Martha Radditz(spelling?)

    This same msm news is reporting flemish tv is reporting an unexplosed 'suicide belt' was found (not substantiated)

    1. The attack on my newly emerging spring flowering plants by the groundhog in the back of my property I was informed by NATO's spokesman was perpetrated by IS's newly trained groundhog terror group. Not making too light of all this, but these attacks (?) have reached a theater of the absurd level. US destabilization of EU event?

  2. This is a message to long term friend of the blog, who told us all where he worked and this is his neighbourhood
    Gallier: I hope you are safe. I'm worrying about you :(

    1. Hi Penny, I'm OK, no problem. I'm not often in Brussels, so no worry.

    2. Maelbeek station I know quite well as I worked near there several years ago.

    3. Hi gallier2
      glad to know you are ok! :)
      when I heard this news first thing this a.m. you and yours were the first persons that came to mind

      it was interesting that the US news was proclaiming this as ISIS right away- but then Martha Raddtiz looks to be the spooky type of talking head linked directly to the state dept so she's probably feeding the narrative right away
      any thoughts?

    4. I'm OK as well for I work very far from Brussels ;-)


    5. Gallier:
      I did think of you also, 'you and yours were the first persons that came to mind"

      you belong in the yours category, because, you don't speak as often to me as gallier has over all the years I've run the blog
      So, I'm very glad you are well too :)

  3. Martha Raddatz




  4. anonymous

    "Raddatz began her tenure at ABC News in 1999 as the network's State Department correspondent"

    So she's the mouthpiece for the government or the state, whichever label is preferred

  5. I've updated with news that the alleged cctv video making the rounds as the brussels bombing is actually from Russia 2011


    Also shows the the msm is already muddying the waters
    So far no CCTV available to identify the perpetrators

    1. http://pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com/2016/03/turkey-and-discourse-of.html?showComment=1458572778599#c8886842890060801816

    2. went back and reread, but, not sure what your going for here?
      clarify and thanks?

  6. Martha Radditz was reporting that a nail bomb had been employed in Brussels- going on memory I believe one was used in the Russian airport bombing...

    So it's interesting that we have the rehash of the russian airport via the video and the same IED's narrative coming from the mouthpiece of the state department Martha Radditz

  7. I'm waiting to see if this is going to be connected to Turkey somehow- then would we be talking a potential coup?
    I sure can't discount it
    should be interesting?

    1. Industrialists and bankers falling almost as fast as brazil

    2. I went and read that, interesting!!!!
      so were back to Gulen.
      I had blogged some on halkbank previously and of course Gulen loomed large

  8. Well looks like us peons will be giving up more rights wither we want to or not. Sad for those families who lost loved one.

    On another note I see Canada's not so famous mayor died.

    Then Penny why didn't you keep crazy ted cruz in Canada instead of unleashing him on us in Amerika;)

    1. http://www.euronews.com/2015/11/30/belgium-s-pm-michel-calls-for-a-european-cia/

    2. http://www.fort-russ.com/2016/03/russian-intelligence-warned-belgium.html


      Anon they might just want to hire the cia to run their countries like goldman saxs does already.

    3. jo- I explained the cruz situation as quota for crazies here in Canada
      US has a much bigger population and we have plenty of crazies here already- so he went to the US
      sorry about that :(

    4. Penny, a bit off topic, but I must ask, is breitbart.com a source which should be taken seriously? I have witnessed on numerous occassions articles by that source being referrenced in comments here. Personally I place bb among sources such as zero hedge, and others. None of those very reliable.

    5. Yep, Rob Ford died here, and the local media forgets all about what a disaster of a human being he was, forgets about the drugs, the lying, the alcoholism, the utter disdain for all rules pertaining to him. He leaves behind a legacy as the worst mayor EVER for Toronto, and I mean it's not even close . . . and all that with the fact that he may have been part of of or even be the planner/instigator of a murder or two in the aftermath cover-up of his drug use, that intertwined with local bad guys and mobsters and drug kingpins.

      And yep, all that is conveniently forgotten, and every single media person gives their respect. However muted, they give it.

      It's a microcosm of the system in place overall in our world community, in regards to the lords of state that are treated as royalty while they treat us as serfs. It's a mind-control program of epic proportions, not only enabled by the media, but in fact perpetrated by it (and their controllers). The leaders - the royalty, in fact - they can do whatever. The eff. They want. And they are treated like royalty forever after, and when the evil king dies, there are only roses and songs and happy memories told.

      Epilogue to this rant?
      Rob Ford was an evil, lying, sick and probably murderous thug who is one of those people whose grave we all should all piss on.

    6. Hi Slozo

      I didn't pay much attention to Rob Ford- We have our own arse of a mayor here- but he was all the things you are saying. Very true.
      And while agreeing with all your saying, I have to add, he is equal to all other politicians in aspects of corruption, disgraceful behaviour and god knows what else these people who 'lead' us are up to?

      He lived it more publicly then the rest- Some keep it well hidden- Rob Ford did not.

      "It's a microcosm of the system in place overall in our world community, in regards to the lords of state that are treated as royalty while they treat us as serfs.

      Exactly what I was trying to say!
      But you said it better :)

      "The leaders - the royalty, in fact - they can do whatever. The eff. They want. And they are treated like royalty forever after, and when the evil king dies, there are only roses and songs and happy memories told"

      And all the scandals are omitted from the 'history' books. For the sanitized history taught to the future serfs

      And if you get the opportunity to undertake that action, do it without getting yourself in trouble.
      I avoid Toronto completely- When our daughter was there, we'd go, but now.... It has no appeal for us
      Besides we now have many Torontonians living here...
      Some of them are good- some of them bring this big city superiority complex with them- As if!

  9. Anonymous again (actually it's Ed(itor) at Occurrences...)...

    I've been watching Martha since she was first at WCVB-TV, a Boston portal to ABC. Martha has been married three times, is deemed to be very wealthy (so much for poor journalists), and converted to Judaism. Obama attended one of her weddings, a fact some from the GOP wing call to attention given her role in debate coverage and moderation. The easiest way to put it is that Martha was groomed and is successful at being a voice for power.

    I have an old moldy degree in broadcast news and public affairs and my senior new project featured an onsite day-long visit to the offices and studios of ABC-TV in March 73 when Reasoner was the anchor. I interviewed literally everyone and took copious notes and documented direct input into production from Washington. It got me a perfect grade and killed any chances of a career. Thank God.

    While I have your attention, be sure you watch this:


    1. Hey Ed
      just got this out of the spam file :(
      sincerest apologies
      Ed: Occurences? What is this? Your site?

      "The easiest way to put it is that Martha was groomed and is successful at being a voice for power.

      Oh I definitely got that impression the way she was pushing the narrative yesterday morning and then having Hillary on to campaign

      "I interviewed literally everyone and took copious notes and documented direct input into production from Washington"

      Were you shocked at the reality of the situation?

      It got me a perfect grade and killed any chances of a career. Thank God.

      Hopefully that turned out good?

      And I will watch the video right now
      Thanks so much

  10. Charles: I don't read breitbart and can't say a thing about whether it's good or bad- not a clue.

    I wish I could be more helpful, but, I just cant' say
    Any place I feel is disinfo, I'll mention. But breitbart?
    I can't say. I stick to main stream media outlets almost exclusively and discern everything for myself

    You mentioned Veterans Today previously and I am highly suspicious of that place and particularly Gordon Duff.

    I do not take Wayne Madsen seriously either

    Don't know if that helps? Or hurts?
    You'll figure it out Charles, you seem to be a very intelligent fellow, you leave thoughtful comments that suggest to me you really think about what your reading etc
    That's a dam good sign!

  11. if israel is so good with security, how is it where theyre in charge terror attacks occur or are associated (eg Lockerbie)
    whenever we hear of arabs/muslms blowng up stuff, israel is nevr far away http://www.sott.net/article/315080-Former-Israeli-Intel-Operatives-Run-Security-at-Brussels-Airport

    1. "if israel is so good with security, how is it where theyre in charge terror attacks occur or are associated (eg Lockerbie)"

      um . . . bribery and, um . . . political patronage i.e. the provision of money, sex and drugs and the threat of exposure of same.

      Quite simple, really :)