Thursday, March 10, 2016

Samantha Power “Chilling Briefing” Regarding Mosul Dam. Mosul Dam, Again!

"In the event of a breach, there is the potential in some places for a flood wave up to 14 meters high (45 feet) that could sweep up everything in its path, including people, cars, unexploded ordnance, waste and other hazardous materials," Power said.

 ISIS no longer controls dam

Readers here are well aware of that fact- They haven’t controlled the dam, if they ever did, for two years- NATO troops. And allied Kurds have been in control of the dam.

“While ISIS no longer has a stronghold on the dam, repair work and structural enhancements need to continue on the dam, "to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportions," Power said, adding that the U.N. emergency appeal for such efforts is only funded 8 percent.

If this dam goes. It’s on America. It’s on NATO. All the resulting destruction, death and displacement is on their watch. And they are responsible for it. As I’ve postulated already the death, destruction and displacement may be exactly what they want

Covered Mosul Dam and the catastrophe in the making 8 days ago- Many media stories again today- Why?

Mosul Dam Set to Fail- Intentional Take Down? Disaster Capitalism to the Extreme?


  1. Sure looks like the "catastrophe" is being set up, doesn't it? I despise these "people".

    Reminder - Power is married to Cass Sunstein, the guy who advocates infiltrating alt media to fight conspiracy theories.

    1. It does Gwen and that's what frightens me. Greatly.

  2. Iraqi politicians first tried explaining that this dam is not like most US (S. Power Dams)- it is mostly a stone filled dam and is unlikely to "fail" as water would actually flow between the stones that make up the inner parts of this type of dam. That didn't shut up US interferers so they hired an Italian firm to come in and assess the dam. Where is the detailed report from them to back up Ms. Power's hyped claims of the latest Iraqi catastrophe??? Reminder: this is the woman who trots around UN building in a dress so short it barely covers her a**. Last week she was tough talking about North Korea - the most sanctioned and isolated nation in the world - proudly explaining she had led the effort to add new items to sanctions list that already includes luxury items like : mayonnaise and grand pianos. These are just a couple reasons why proof must be given to public for anything she says.

    1. Hi SP:

      The woman is detestable- that's for sure.
      What bothers me is why the media keeps playing this up.
      Why Samantha Powers put this out on twitter to be passed around by the social media warriors- that bothers me- It smells like narrative prep.

  3. You can, if the dam fails, somehow, someway it'll be Putin or Asaad who will be blamed by the Hegemon and their controlled, presstitutes.
    Empire will never, ever accept blame or responsibility for the death and destruction they bring incessantly.
    As for the dam failing, do you have information concerning the volume of water being contained by it? Stone filled dams when breached are subject to blow-out. The water does not merely trickle between the stones. Instead, stones wash out creating increased volume. As this occurs the hydraulic force generated displaces more materials. Eventually the weight of the unsupported stones above create a collapse. Looking at a map, the body of water being damed is not some small pond. Whatever you think of power, to equate her manner of dress to anything about her is off. Hope your disgust with the entire pogrom in Iraq is influencing your choice of words.

    1. And a lot of money can be made in reconstruction too.
      Always that aspect- blame others and make money
      It's a sick world

  4. This looks like NATO blackmail against Iraqis, but NATO has already killed 1.5 million iraqis, and millions more have birth defects. Sounds like NATO desperation at murdering civilians. Reminds me of Vietnam. Generations of Sociopaths. How many people are the banksters going to kill, until they realize anything.

    1. "This looks like NATO blackmail against Iraqis"

      It could well be!