Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Syrian/Turkish No Fly Zone- To Help ‘fight’ ISIS?

So attack at Ataturk airport in Istanbul, Turkey..... Blamed on ISIS.

I suggested yesterday that by putting the blame on ISIS, the implementation of the Syrian No Fly Zone could be triggered- Read: Attack On Istanbul: Ataturk Airport- The Death Toll Climbs: Updated To battle ISIS in Syria and to assist Turkey with border control - At least that will be the lie told via the war mongering/agenda promoting media. The reality, that’s been discussed here, is remaking the middle east. Destroying existing nations states to creating Kurdistan or as I like to call it Israel 2.0..

Recall the State Dept Dissent Memo? Sure you do! Lots of main stream and alt coverage.
In all that coverage, what aspect of the memo went largely ignored? The case for a no fly zone!
    7. (SBU) Third, putting additional constraints on the regime’s ability to bomb and shell both fighting forces and the unambiguously civilian targets would have a direct, mitigating impact on the refugee and IDP crisis. This crisis has deeply affected Syria’s neighbors for years and is now impacting our European partners in far-reaching ways that may ultimately jeopardize their very character as open, unified, and democratic societies. Even in the United States, the crisis in Syria has lent credence to prejudiced ideologies that we thought had been discredited years ago. Furthermore, the calm that would ensue after the regime’s warplanes are grounded would lessen the importance of armed actors, strengthen civil society throughout the country, and open the space for increased dialogue among communities.
Criticism, allegedly?
Research by Micah Zenko of the Council on Foreign Relations found that airstrikes account for only a fraction of deaths in Syria. Mr. Zenko also found that no-fly zones tend to escalate wars rather than calm them.
Clearly an escalation of war is desired by the NATO crowd. Order out of chaos.
Making a no fly zone ideal.

I talked up the no fly zone at the time of the memo release because it seemed vastly more important then the limited hang out coverage, main stream and alt, of the dissenters memo.

US General: We Are Ready To Create a No-Fly Zone in Syria
*So, we've got the 51 diplomats demanding attack and regime change

*We've got Rojova in  a position to ask for a no fly zone

*We've got multiple military bases including air fields to enforce the no fly zone.

* No need for Turkey (non NATO Turkey)- the US has already made noise about withdrawing from Incirlik & they've been firing from the Mediterranean

Let's get to the ability and readiness to create a no fly zone in Syria
 The U.S. Air Force is ready to create a no-fly zone in Syria, as stated by General David Goldfein, Rosbalt reported.

Read the rest including the often made comparisons  between Syria and Kosovo. Which, coincidentally or not, the NYT's article regarding the State Dept. memo mentions Kosovo also-
"Proponents of such a plan often cite the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, which helped push that country’s leaders to reach a diplomatic agreement over the conflict in Kosovo"

Yesterday anonymous commenter made mention of the no fly zone potential:
and the syria no fly inches closer
Changes that were made three weeks ago which will make no fly zone implementation easier
 Turkey has adjusted its military rules of engagement to allow NATO allies to carry out more patrol flights along its border with northern Syria, a Turkish official said Tuesday.
What Turkish official said that?
"Some NATO countries, especially Britain, complained that they could not perform enough patrol flights on Turkey's Syrian border as the engagement rules were too strict," the official told Reuters.
"After talks ... Turkey eased these engagement rules to bring them in line with NATO policies," he said. NATO was told about the move around three weeks ago, the official said, but coalition countries had not yet carried out additional flights.
Turkey eased engagement rules to bring them in line with NATO policies three weeks ago. 

Which tells us when the US General said the no fly zone is ready to be implemented he was aware of the Turkish changes to military rules of engagement. No Fly Zone anybody?

UPDATE: ISIS has NOT taken credit or claimed the airport bombing as their own


ISIS has yet to confirm they were behind the attack, but Turkish and U.S. officials believe the group planned the suicide bombings at the Istanbul airport.

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  1. The Iran events are equally interesting as Russia moves in Syria/Israel/Turkey. This comment in particular:

    Yesterday IFX: Russian ambassador in Damascus: Kurdish autonomous region may appear in Syria in post-conflict period

    And this one also:

    IFX: Russia ready to ensure South Stream, gas supply if Bulgaria, EU

    Begging a few questions:

    Is the Turk stream resumption a straw man to resume South Stream? Implications for Macedonia and the Balkans (Serbia) in view of rumored Russian 'base"

    Hezbollah deploying more forces to Iraq Militias and the resumption of suicide bombings in Lebanon which recalls the Russian warnings about a major Beirut barracks like attack possible?

    Russia and Iran coordination inside Syria as the Reuters Foundation employee goes missing with a petition. She is accused of color tactics. Iran PKK attacks, the massive terror attack roll up last week and the Supreme leader reshuffling the armed forces leadership? Now Ahmadinejad resurfaces as the Rouhani and IRG tensions boil up under threats in US to roll back Iran deal whch the RG has called one in name only anyway (Kerry leaning on European banks weeks ago into the Russia eurobond deal which NOTABLY is cleared not through Euroclear or DTC but LOCALLY.

    IS Israel cutting a deal to get implicit Turkish backing for the Gaza port and hanging out a pipe to keep Lebanon off balance and anyone who might push a settlement? Israel also talking a Cyprus pipe via Greece which would run headlong into the TAP, Poseidon pipeline (Russia)and possibly South Stream plan. Notable Bulgaria just refused to take part in the Black Sea fleet (though basing, BMD and the US Aegis noted). Bulgaria allegedly wants to resume negotiations as does Austria (leading the anti refugee / merkel charge)

    EU ready on South Stream

    1. Which incidentally recalls the cancellation of the Russian Burgas pipe through Greece and that namesake Burgas bombing

  2. comment in spam.

    Also the US moving to training spotters backs the no fly...

    1. aha! this time I got the comment out of spam!!!!

  3. It might be a little hard for Amerika to do a no-fly zone with Russia in the way.

  4. You are right Penny, not to protect turkey at all

  5. Scott Humor has recently provided, in his latest sitrep, some great analysis. Worth a read along with links to other sources.