Sunday, July 3, 2016

Heterosexual Pride Day “Resentment at it’s Most Childish” ??

The other day GC put up this post : Heterosexual Pride Day - Does Society Need One?
Penny said...
I'm all for a heterosexual day! Parade and all- we can bring our multi generational families- that are biologically ours
greencrow said...
Dare we? It might be considered "oppressive" by various and sundry newly minted minorities. Perhaps with the transhumanism agenda upon us....some we don't even know about yet.
Greencrow was spot on when she postulated that a Heterosexual Pride day would be presented as oppressive or somehow less worthy? Or “childish” to quote this spin doctor from Irish Times

‘Why do some people feel the need to celebrate being part of an overpowering majority? “

Probably because we heteros don’t feel part of an “overpowering majority” !!  We, in fact, feel like persons derided for simply being who we are! And Donald Clarkes propagandistic yet published article makes my case for me- If heteros were such and overpowering majority could/would he really write such an abusive oped? I think not! Doesn't Donald Clarkes published article in fact tell us all where the power lies?

I warn all my readers the article is filled with name calling /ad hominem attacks galore, half truths and strawman, to name a few

“Here is this column’s considered view of anybody who thinks that this week’s Heterosexual Pride Day was worth entertaining. You are a knuckle-dragging halfwit, a passive-aggressive bigot, or both (their being far from mutually exclusive). “

And here we hetero’s are being derided- “ knuckle-dragging halfwit, a passive-aggressive bigot” As already stated- no real overpowering majority is going to be abused in such a manner- This writer makes my point for me- Where is the power in our overpowering majority if this man can write such nastiness about us- and get it published!
“Throughout the day, however, an ambient murmur of aggressive entitlement sounded throughout the digital ether. “Hey, if ‘they’ can have Gay Pride why can’t we have Heterosexual Pride?”

Talk about the pushing of weaponized identity politics- Aggressive entitlement? - Sheesh!
Heteros are equally entitled to be proud about who they are.

“Since its inception International Men’s Day has won a degree of tolerance for focusing on worthy subjects such as testicular cancer and the educational underperformance of boys.

But we know what it’s really about. It’s not fair that women get a day and we don’t! Why can’t we have a day? International Men’s Day could no more exist independently of International Women’s Day than Lego Batman could exist independently of proper Batman. (Yes, I know. Lego Batman is better than proper Batman, but you get the idea.) The event is a manifestation of petty resentment at its most childish. It’s like baking a second cake for the overindulged brat who resents that today is his sibling’s birthday. “
Oh really?! Is that what it’s really about  Mr PC agenda pusher? - I’m a woman and I think men should have an international day- to recognize there many valued contributions to society- As men. As fathers. And grandfathers. Brothers. Strong physically able workers. Their masculinity has been very beneficial to both women and children. Enabling families to survive, through out all of human history. The family structure has been the back bone of our human survival and our human society- Dad, Mom, Children, Extended families. Working together.

“If you can’t understand the distinction between setting aside time to celebrate an often-oppressed group and establishing a day to applaud the already entitled then you are even less deserving of your status as grand high fathead than seemed possible. What’s wrong with that?”

Apparently the author of this agenda pushing, perception managing, piece of nonsense doesn’t understand the distinction as he heaps piles of disdain on persons, who it is very clear, are not the “powerful majority” he claims! Even going so far as saying heteros are less deserving of their alleged status, with more name calling thrown in, then the ones he claims are  powerless?

Doesn’t the very fact that this man, Donald Clarke, writes such an insulting, attacking and vicious article hating on heteros & men tell us all who it is ok to hate on? Bash? Deride? Belittle? Name Call? His abuse certainly doesn’t speak of a powerful majority. It speaks of the powerless being further subordinated to a state of greater disenfranchisement.

The Elites have named their enemy. It is the heterosexual couple who dare have their own children.


  1. Hi Penny:

    IMO, we are entering an unprecedented time in human history where human reproductivity is seen as a negative. Granted, I do believe the earth's ability to sustain human populations is limited...but I also believe that we should enter into an intelligent discussion about what to do about it....not be forced, tricked or manipulated into unnatural human societies. When we look around and see all the GMO going on...can't we extrapolate what is likely also happening to human DNA? The Gardisil vaccination atrocity is just one example of stealth attacks on human reproduction. I recently read a headline where Gardisil causes "ovarian meltdown".

    Currently, we're being placed in a position where when we raise genuine concerns and/or objections to where this is going...we are put down as anti-gay, anti-transexual or arrogantly heterosexual.

    1. greencrow- I believe the earth can sustain us- or we'd be gone- No different then when the deer population gets too large. Or any other living creature for that matter

      As I said to Karin, it seems to me the elites are looking to control human reproduction for their own psychotic reasons-

      "Currently, we're being placed in a position where when we raise genuine concerns and/or objections to where this is going...we are put down as anti-gay, anti-transexual or arrogantly heterosexual"

      100 percent agree!

  2. If it had not been for his / her knuckle-dragging heterosexual parents, and their parenting, good ole 'author' and defender of LGBTWXYZ would never have happened.

    Cultural marxism and the Frankfurt School subversives have infested the depths of society and the tribe are giggling and toasting their champagne glasses in celebration !

    The whole goy populace is a pitiful victim !

    1. Hi rougek

      I was thinking exactly that all these lgbtwxz's have a mother and a father cause that's how you make a baby
      There's an egg and there is sperm
      In nature,in nearly every instance, there is a male and a female

      Agree on the cultural marxism- It's sick (language alert) It's f'n sick!
      I do believe that state is looking to control human reproduction to their own ends
      think of brave new world and the huxley's
      psychopaths they are and their inflicting their psychopathy on us all

      resist, resist, resist- do not participate in this twisted shite

    2. It's Rockefeller, Carnegie, CFR and their introduction of 'think tanks' who spun off to Stratfor and Brookings and countless others.
      The tribe is right there w/ their lawyers, professors, and academics (encouraged through centuries to school) to give the answers to the think tanks they want to hear.

      A book I found used and is loaned to my dentist,(author Stroup) about the CFR and their total control of US foreign policy, especially during the 60's 70's 80's era . Again, the Trilateral's and their influence as "advisors"also. Rhodes Trust $.. Ford Foundation is prominent .. after Henry died year after my birth.

      This advirors trend goes back to the Treaty of Versailles when no less than 19 jewish advisers were in attendance over the 9 months in Paris. Each country represented ( I think) had a 'jewish adviser'
      WHY ?
      that Paris summit holds much fascination to me.

      sorry, I rambled again :)

    3. Karin (and other Penny-istas), some more reading material you might find of interest-

      'Our Program' - the plan for the Zionist take-over of Palestine written in 1905 (contemplate the timing!)-

      'The Jewish Utopia' - The Ultimate World Order (1932)
      Compact (OCR'd?) version-

      big and slow raw scanned image-

      A commentary by an former military intelligence officer (make of that what you will) in the 50s-
      very un-PC and rather crude by our modern 'liberal' pov.

    4. Thank you for the links. I shall save them to read when time permits.

      I may have read similar already. Am very aware of their plans spanning over the last 3 centuries, but also dating back much, much earlier.

      I'm not hopeful they can be stopped, as humanity is a 'little late coming to the dance', and still hasn't hit critical mass mode. BUT, I continue to attempt to get people to shed the indoctrination, when time permits.

      I've read reams and have probably 100 PDF's stacked up to read, ( along w/ several books I've found at auction ) when time allows ;^) .. but my time is running short ( turn 70 in Nov ) hence I've decided to spend more time on our survival and our life.

      Thanks again :)

    5. MMM, I just looked at the uploader of that first link.
      I've found gobs of info from that source. Spent hours going through his uploads. :)

  3. "The Elites have named their enemy. It is the heterosexual couple who dare have their own children."

    This is not entirely true. All non-elites are the enemy. The Elite's solution is classic divide and conquer - black vs white, man vs woman, hetero vs homo, etc, etc. Partition, pigeon-hole until everyone is on their own, fighting spurious 'enemies'.

    1. Power uses any ideology they can find, or create.
      They could care less about the plight of anyone ( real or not) and capitalize on it. Easier to manipulate.

      example: hillary clinton will get the black vote, the 'gay' vote, the hispanic vote and the female vote.. those are guarantees. And to top it off, I highly suspect these people are moved into mainly Right Wing areas to subvert and change the demographics.

      I have seen it happening right here in N Florida in the last 2 years. :(

  4. Thanks Penny, Sane people in insane world

    1. You are welcome- Sanity is what this world needs