Monday, July 4, 2016

Pride Parade Hijacked By Black Lives Matter

Ok, one quick post- Just too good to pass up- The identity politics battle plays it out on the means streets of Toronto- "Black Lives Matter" VS Pride Paraders 

Classic divide to Conquer! And all this occuring while Justin Trudeau was marching with an aids infected Syrian refugee- How many hot button memes in this news alone! (It's the theatre of the absurd and I can't resist)

My identity politics are more important then your identity politics says' Pride organizer- na, na, na, na, na, nahhhhhhhh :P

 ‘Pride is bigger’: Organizer says Black Lives Matter demands are start of ‘conversation,’ not binding contract

Pride Toronto’s director said the document of demands he signed after Black Lives Matter Toronto stopped the annual parade on Sunday is not a binding agreement, but is instead only a promise to have a conversation with the activist group.
Not binding eh? Bet that'll be decided in the courts
The BLM protestors, who led the parade, stopped the celebration about two thirds of the way along the route to make their demands. The list included more funding for black queer groups, and removing all police floats from future parades.
Refusing to move until Pride agreed, executive director Mathieu Chantelois signed the document and the parade continued.
Chantelois told CP24 on Monday that the decision to no longer include police floats in Pride is a decision that needs to be made by the community, not BLM.
 Frankly, Black Lives Matter is not going to tell us that there is no more floats anymore in the parade. I will not tell you that there is no more floats in the parade because Pride is bigger than Black Lives Matter,” Chantelois told the news outlet.
“Yesterday, we agreed to have a conversation about this. We agreed that we will bring this to the community and to the membership, but at the end of the day, if my membership says no way, we want to have police floats, they decide.”
BLM said they did not tell organizers about their plan to hijack the parade, an act that has since been called a “win” by the group, but widely criticized by many others.
Janaya Khan, a co-founder of the Toronto chapter, said the 30-minute planned protest that blocked the celebration at Yonge and College for its “anti-black practises” was kept “on a communal level.”
“Pride organizers were not made aware at the time because we did not feel that would be the most impactful action,” Khan said.

Pride is being accused of racism- "being anti-black"

Justin & the Syrian 'refugee' with Aids 

Is aids the worst problem of the so called refugees, brought into Canada, who are mostly not Syrian! 

The migrant, Bassel Mcleash, was indeed born in Syria. But he hasn’t lived there in four years. He’s been living and working in Egypt.
I also see in the CBC story that Mcleash is HIV-positive. As in, the precursor to AIDS.
The Canadian AIDS Society estimates that the lifetime cost of treating someone with AIDS is $1.3 million dollars.

As Canadians, born and raised, paying a life time of taxes watch their healthcare and everything else going away...

No name calling though. I guess that's just for us heterosexual persons. Everyone else is to be taken very seriously except us powerful people- wink, wink.

My husband commented to me about the smirk on my face as I post this- He says you're enjoying this one and I said, yah, it's quite humorous!

Divide to Conquer.


  1. Do you think the malarkey will work better on Canada than it it did on the Brits? The winners have realized they've lost and ain't nobody driving that trainwreck.

    "They're coming to take are stuff!" Is a cry as old as the one that greeted the first frenchmen stepping-off the boat in Quebec, or, later, the 'maudits anglaises', or the yankees, dogans, bog trotters, the ukes, squareheads, kikes, wops, dagos, DP's, jungle bunnies, and everybody else who has shown up in Canada uninvited.

    And it hasn't been right yet. What makes you think this time is different? Imagine what the place would be like if it was full of people like you.

  2. "Imagine what the place would be like if it was full of people like you"

    How do you mean that sentence?

  3. I can imagine it! ��
    It would be a place where you could have an intelligent public conversation without being shouted down by loud-mouthed morons and their press toadies who are all complete puppets of a bunch Frankfurt School psychopaths.

    1. thanks james-

      "intelligent public conversation without being shouted down by loud-mouthed morons and their press toadies who are all complete puppets of a bunch Frankfurt School psychopaths"

      we can work towards that reality for sure

  4. r-pocalypse now...

    funny thing, just the other day they found something they could all agree on.

    1. it really does look to be divide to conquer at play
      sigh... Toronto will turn into a battle ground-
      but hey I'm bad for pointing out the agenda?

  5. Don't forget these social engineered soap operas make great 'news' fodder and diversion.
    Tabloid journalism lives on.
    Forget the economy, wars, fat cats in NYC and the Federal Reserve, this kind of news is 'closer to home' for the nit-wits

  6. I'll be posting more information regarding identity politics as a tactic of divide to conquer

  7. brought you a Pride present :P

    IMO those watchers are just as sick as that fat freak w/ the ass rash he's so damn proud of.
    I honestly don't know how much more of this kind of stuff I can take before I go off on someone-s.

    better find a cave to hide in I guess. :))

    1. Yah, our daughter went once when she was in University in TO- I was on the phone with her and she said
      OMG there's a 300lb fat man going by nude
      about 10 years ago

      Apparently it hasn't changed at all
      And yes, I agree the people watching are freaks themselves- Cause freaks like freak shows
      Certainly not a family event despite how it is billed.

    2. btw: the black lives vs pride battle via the media is still a hot topic in Canada!

  8. karin: my hubby says he sure hopes their mom and dad are proud of them- (homosexuality aside)
    Morbidly obese is never good for ones health and shouldn't be considered a role model- oh now I'm a fat person hater-!!!
    Quick ad hominem me!

  9. Little Justin is living up to the low expectations I set for him within days of his birth as scion of the Trudeau emperorship. Only back then, hopelessly naive as I was at the time, I had no idea just what those expectations involved... AIDS was unheard of back then. How could I possibly have... imagined....

    A man who slips thousands of men off to war near Russia... and various other locales... and then dances like a madman with deviants along a major street....

    Forget celebrating "Canada Day'. Let us have Canada Memorial Day and remember Canada as it was before we were fully noahided....