Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Turkey’s Destabilization, called Here, Months Ahead of Sibel Edmonds Coup Talk

 Which is why the coup attempt, while a surprise, wasn’t.

I laid out on November 19 and November 21/ 2014- With some necessary background the reason it seemed obvious to me that Turkey was being destabilized and it was only going to get worse.
 From that time forward I wrote consistently about the destabilization of Turkey as it was ongoing- This most recent attack, the coup, is one of many strikes against Turkey. 

 I realize Sibel Edmonds has a way higher profile then this lowly blogger- and I also realize there are many newer readers here who haven’t been around as long as others.

Below are just a fraction of article researched and written by yours truly before Sibel Edmonds talked coup, finally, in December of 2015.

And by the way, I was so darn HAPPY that someone else, either then myself was talking about Turkey being targeted!!!

 For stating the obvious. I was harassed. Called an “erdogan lover” Blocked from certain sites for making my claim regarding the obvious freakin’ destabilization of Turkey. Commenters at Syper couldn’t attack me, call me names and demonize me enough. For stating the obvious.
I stopped going to Sakers. Then some of the name callers showed up at the blog... I can’t recall how many times I mentioned a coup as a possibility, including just a few days before this one happened.

Posting to show dates when I put this information out:
Could ISIS Take Over Turkey
1:19: "Turkey has also been implicated in contributing funds and fighters to ISIS, although no direct connection has been proven"

2:37: "But should ISIS actually depose the Turkish government from within, as unlikely as that may be, they will still be protected under the NATO mutual defense clause"
That's likely the goal- for ISIS to take over Turkey.


  1. Yes, well, Sibel's strength is the ability to translate the language, NOT the geopolitics, and her vanity makes her slip up EVERY time.

    1. Not sure what you mean about Sibel's vanity? But no matter- she had the audience and I had actually hoped once Sibel uttered the words- Turkey targeted, destabilization, coup, what ever- people would realize that yah, there is something going on--- but the vast majority of the alt media, along with the msm, kept on with the NATO demonization campaign of Erdogan and Turkey and I lost faith in those I had thought were actually worth reading-

      And continued on my own one woman path- but what ever- I have to be true to myself, first and foremost and yes I'm really that kind of person-

      Luckily I do have a good crowd around me- in real world and at the blog :)

    2. I think you are giving her too much credit. She hasn't been telling her following the truth about what has been happening in Turkey for the most part and that announcement about the coup was kinda couched in anti-Erdogan language, don't you think? I mean it could be just me, but I don't have a lot of faith in her.

    3. She wasn't telling the entire truth I agree. She tossed in the boohooing about the PKK- barf

      However, she did point out that Turkey was being targeted, and that attempts would be made against Erdogan- to her credit,yet still the fake alt media droned on and on against Erdogan, Turkey-

      Yah, no going through those old posts there is one there with a video where NATO said if ISIS took Turkey they still wouldn't kick Turkey out of NATO

      I mean how obvious does it have to get?!

      I may embed that one again for the hell of it

  2. Now here's a question for you... do you think the US and French attacks on civilians in Manbij Syria were a reaction to the failed coup attempt? I do.

    1. Yup, I saw that news. The US and France are brutes- message to Turkey- don't get in our way

    2. I think they are stepping up the cleansing of the areas that the Kurds call "Rojava" and the coalition is starting to do away with any pretense that they are there fighting "ISIS". See that's the issue with the failed coup. Now Erdogan, Putin and maybe even Assad will start looking at slowing the "Western Kurdistan" project a bit. So, President Peace Prize and the Vichy French are stepping up efforts to secure as much land as they can before the shite hits the fan. Just my guess.

    3. Manjib is in 'Rojava'. The French are trying to cleanse the Arabs so they can change the demographics and make the region Kurdish.

    4. NATO and the Kurds have been cleansing the Arabs and the Christians for a hell of a long time now- It's been said here probably at Willy's and no where else.

  3. The secretary of defense had this too say today in the wake of the massacre in Manbij:

    “We have now have momentum in this fight and clear results on the ground… We must ensure that our partners on the ground (freedom fighter Kurds) have what they need to win the fight and then hold, rebuild, and govern their territory (“Rojava”),” Sec. of Defense Ash Carter, today

    I hope you guys read my article on the subject I just finished. It addresses all of this. By the way, congrats on your coverage of all of this Penny. You've been at it for a while and trust me, I know the abuse you've taken for telling the truth on this one, from all sides. Good for you.

    1. Ash Carter is despicable- really he is

      I'll check the article out Willy!

      Believe it, or not- I'm trying my hand at baking a loaf of bread- yes, a real loaf of bread- not store bought- like my grandma, and my hubby's baba did, and my nonna- in an outdoor oven in italy-

      going to give it a whirl!

    2. You are great! Thanks for your articles and greetings from England. :)

    3. You're pretty good too Ally :)

  4. Thank you for staying on top of all this. In the "real" world not many people are paying attention and so these atrocities don't register with them. So I'm grateful for you and Scott and this online community of people who are aware of what's happening. So much in the world seems to be getting uglier by the day so I pray for all of the people who are being killed and terrorized by our governments, and I send you, Penny, and all of your regular commenters a big hug.

    1. Thanks Gwen- I appreciate the hug and surely the other readers do too :)

  5. The empire strikes back:
    Speaking of the demonization campaign against Erdogan.
    However, in spite demonization or whatever, my opinion is Erdogan is sort of a jackass.

    1. hey charles: He's not perfect, no doubt. But I can think of a few that appear vastly worse to me.

      Hillary Clinton
      B Obama
      F Hollande
      J Trudeau
      T Blair
      D Cameron
      I could go on..

      Compared to to few above mentions. All who stink to high heavens. Erdogan comes out smelling like a rose

    2. Meanwhile,

      Turkey Army Chief's chief of staff falls on his sword as a Gulenist as Army says no one involved? Forget the fighter plane timelines, who put the tankers (if?) from Incirlik up? Power still out reportedly

      Fidan remains the one voice who has been very quiet.

      Wiki dump yesterday broadly similar to the transcript leaks in wake of the Turkish move (into Syria tomb) which implicated none other than FIDAN'

      What doe the notorious anon Twitter handle claiming to be Erdogan insider that has troll
      ed the him on twitter have to say about the coup?

      The Saudi Deputy Crown Prince made another return to the United States a week or so after a grand tour as the Turkish Ambassador to Kuwait picked up at an airport. The King and his son are now out of the country. Who in Saudi Arabia is cooperating with Turkish intel? Nayef, amidst those Brookings rumors of his illness (perhaps the same one that killed his father?)

      UN and US ramping up the rhetoric against Iran as
      Mahmoud Ahmadinejad back in the political equation. Correlated to internal destabilization?

      Destabilization inside Belarus (Ukraine journalist bombing) and Moldova matched by moves inside India as bleed over from Bangladesh

      Burgas, South Stream and Turks Stream are back in play. Add Nord Stream II as well.

    3. Aside:
      With the escalation around Iran ongoing, the alleged Russian intelligence may serve as a warning to any idea of moving on Iran especially with the Eurasian radar extension and Syria layer. Norther route all but foreclosed leaving Saudi as a kind of sole source.


      And a warning

  6. Farsnews - whistle blower relays info on Saudi participation in Coup ? in cahoots w/ Gulen people
    UAE implicated too ?

    check out the French intelligence article too on 100 a week going through Turkey to Syria

  7. We can add Mike Whitney to the growing list of journalists who are starting to understand what the demonizing of Erdogan really means. Seems Penny here was way out in front of a developing movement of antiwar (and anti-nation building) reporting.

    1. I think it is more a case of Whitney playing catch-up, Scott. If he can't steer the bus down a blind alley, he still has to stay on the bus. i.e. he has to stay relevant.
      Whitney writes-
      "Whether Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan staged the coup or not is of little importance in the bigger scheme of things."

      - weasel words

  8. Penny,

    Agreed. Erdogan may be a jackass, the others are assorted murders, war criminals and organized crime syndicate members. Hey wait, he may be accused of being complicit and an accessory to some of the same crimes. In my opinion it's simply a matter as to what degree of involvement.

    1. He is involved in crimes but no more than Western leaders. The Western leaders can't remove him for things they are involved in, there are other interests. They forcefully propped Erdogan up and played nice with him despite all the bad things that he did. Only when he no longer agrees to be Washington's puppet do they want to remove him! Remember Saddam Hussein and Reagon shaking hands and then Bush invading Iraq to topple him. Erdogan is going to end up the same

    2. To remove Saddam, the Americans had to invade the country. Do you think that this would be possible in Turkey? I don't. Not with Erdogan backed by Russia.

    3. Assad is backed by Russia and the US has still de facto invaded the country. And plus, there are many other ways they can topple Erdogan without invading it.