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Turkey’s Thwarted Coup: No Popular Support for Coup. Dead Erdogan desired? Did Russia Provide Intelligence?

 Did Russia provide intelligence? It's possible. It surely would have been beneficial to them to do so....

Following up on yesterday's info packed post:Military Coup in Turkey- Destabilization to Coup - No surprise here

IMPORTANT: Indicative of prior knowledge!

France on Wednesday said it had closed its embassy in the Turkish capital Ankara and its consulate in Istanbul until further notice for security reasons, after cancelling events to mark the July 14 Bastille Day holiday.

What annoys me, is that I saw the news on the 13th of France closing its ambassy and recalling its personnel from Turkey

I should have send you this link as it was a good indication that something was afoot.
Looks as if France had prior knowledge of the coup.

The media is claiming today the coup began late in the afternoon in Turkey- Based on the reports from yesterday- the coup got started in the morning- By around dinner time here (est) the military had announced it was in control, instituting marital law and a curfew- this is when the news, here in Canada, began covering the coup.

It appears the media is taking the announcement of martial law and curfew as the beginning of the coup- That makes no sense. The military would only make a martial law/curfew type of announcement once they felt they had things under enough control to really get the entire government under their sway.   Prior to this announcement it was all Nice, France all day. Making the even in Nice a multi purpose distraction..

There are conflicting casualty counts- However it does seem well over 100 persons were killed.
Going by yesterday’s reporting and today’s this was not a move supported by all in the military and police. And certainly not a move supported by the Turkish people! Who defied the curfew and martial law. Most reports are claiming tens of thousands of people were out in the streets opposed to the coup. It was most probably a very substantial number of people outdoors. Very, very large numbers of people in the streets would make this coup to overthrow the elected gov a hard to sell occurrence. From a PR perspective- If you want to make the elected government look the bad guy and the military look the saviour you can’t have the coup plotters gunning down thousands of people who are opposed the the coup,

What’s next? Overall the western media is portraying exasperation and disappointment

According to Robert Fisk and the Independent: Another coup

Turkey's coup may have failed – but history shows that it won't be long before another one succeeds

He talks about Erdogan being unable to trust his army- which is correct. No Turkish leader can truth that military entirely- He then launches the usual diatribe against the elected leadership. Claiming a military junta/martial law is preferable to Erdogan’s alleged authoritarian ways. I’m missing the advantages to military junta and martial law?

Israeli media is implying the coup was an Erdogan plot! No doubt  much of the alt media is spinning this too. Without evidence. Everything is always an Erdogan plot. Every bombing is an Erdogan plot. This is an Erdogan plot. That is an Erdogan plot- Without proof. Crying wolf is a bore. Back the claims up for cripes sakes!
“Experts say  (appeal to authority) the coup attempt by a small number of the military could shore up the president’s power, and even speculate that this was a false flag operation that aimed to achieve that exact goal”
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks to the media Saturday, July 16, 2016 in Istanbul, after a military coup against his government failed. (screen capture: YouTube)
According to Aykan Erdemir, senior fellow at Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Washington, the coup was a result of many factors including the military’s fear of the new system.  (not sure what that means)
 Political parties do not have “fond memories” of the previous coup d’etats given their bitter experiences under military rulers, said Erdemir.
 Erdemir said the era of successful coups — as in 1960, 1971 and 1980 — is over with the public largely hostile to the prospect.
That's what I'm seeing- the Turkish public is very hostile to the prospect of more coups!
Hence the large turnouts and the thwarting of the coup-  I will post a piece at the end by

A Turkish military helicopter has landed in northern Greece where its crew has requested political asylum.
Local reports suggest the crew are part of the faction of the Turkish military that attempted to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government in a coup on Friday night.

Greece’s defence ministry has confirmed seven military personnel and one civilian landed in a Blackhawk military helicopter in Alexandroupoli and requested asylum.
More on the Coup plotters fleeing to Greece:
Greek authority's gave direct permission to the helicopters crew to approach the airport and provided all relevant meteorological information and the runway in use. At the same time, two Greek fighter jets took off to accompany the Black Hawk.
 Military escort to guarantee a safe landing for those involved with the coup!

Greece- another NATO nation, of course. Who were these people? 7 military and 1 civilian. We’re they all Turks? Curious
Iran supports the elected government of Turkey : They’ve good relations and a multiple common enemies:
Iran, Turkey's neighbour and regional rival, said on Saturday it fully supported the Turkish government against an attempted military coup and expressed concern about its implications.

President Hassan Rouhani chaired a meeting of the National Security Council on Saturday to discuss the latest developments in Turkey, where loyalist troops were fighting to crush the remnants of a coup attempt launched on Friday night.

"We support Turkey's legal government and oppose any type of coup - either initiated domestically or supported by foreigners," National Security Council secretary Ali Shamkhani said after the meeting, quoted by state news agency IRNA.

European Leaders Condemn Coup and Chastize the Turkish Government
Messages of support also followed by appeal to respect political freedoms rather than launch a crackdown

Would they respect political freedoms after surviving a coup? Do European leaders respect political freedoms now?

Turkey might re-introduce the death penalty to deal with coup plotters
If Turkey is an authoritarian state with an authoritarian leader-...Why don’t they have the death penalty? The US does. Wouldn’t that make the US vastly more authoritarian! Claims it might be reintroduced don’t wash- It won’t be
photo at sputnik

Turkish Frigate seized by Coup Supporters (why not use the word plotters?)

Why is Sputnik using the very neutral term of "supporters". Always thinking of language employed to create perceptions. It certainly lets the perps off easy, no?

The bloody coup attempt in Turkey by a section of the military has failed and the night of the long knives is about to begin. The geopolitics of the coup makes it inevitable that reverberations will be felt far and wide beyond Turkey.
Was Erdogan thinking about sniper fire?

The narrative that this has been an eruption of disgruntled generals and colonels who rebelled against an authoritarian leader is far too simplistic. The target was undoubtedly Erdogan, but the agenda is more complicated than that.
The dramatic events are bound to impact Turkey’s regional and international role in all its dimensions.
One thing can be said with absolute certainty at the outset: this was not a coup attempt by the ‘Kemalists’ who sought to make a desperate move to roll back the tide of political Islam and remove President Recep Erdogan from power. The two main opposition leaders of the principal Kemalist party and the nationalist party respectively have voiced strong solidarity with the democratic forces.
That, in turn, means that the immensely popular Turkish leader at the moment enjoys the sympathy from a wider spectrum of Turkish opinion than the 51% mandate, which the ruling Justice & Development Party secured in the 2014 parliamentary poll.
It seems that yes, Erdogan has the support of vastly more of the populace then our media ever portrays- However, that has been pointed out on a number of occasions here
The overwhelming majority of Turkish people do not want their country to relive its past history with the Pashas systematically subverting the supremacy of elected civilian leaderships.
Erdogan surely senses that he is on the right side of history and he can be expected to take advantage of it in the coming hours, days and weeks. This is one thing.
However, the most ominous thing is that the government has pointed the finger at the followers of the US-based Turkish Islamist leader Fetullah Gulen for staging the abortive coup. (Gulen, unsurprisingly, has rejected the allegation.)
The state-run Anadolu news agency has pointedly named one Colonel Muharrem Kose who was dishonourably discharged from the Turkish military in March 2016 for his alleged links with Gulen, as the leader of the coup attempt.
The Justice Minister also said on the state television that Gulen’s supporters have staged the abortive coup.
It is 100% certain that the government will launch a massive purge against the followers of Gulen in the various agencies of the government and the armed forces and the judiciary.
Erdogan has been seeking the extradition of Gulen from the United States and this will now become a pressing demand, which Washington will have to contend with.
And the US has not be willing to extradite their man to Turkey
And herein hangs a tale.
The point is, there has always been this suspicion in the Turkish mind that Gulen worked for the US intelligence.
A memoir by the former Turkish intelligence chief Osman Nuri Gundes (who served under Erdogan), published in 2011, actually alleged that Gulen’s world-wide Islamic movement based in Pennsylvania provided cover for the Central Intelligence Agency, especially in the former Soviet republics in Central Asia.
Interestingly, Russia subsequently banned Gulen’s ‘Hizmet’ schools’. So did Uzbekistan.
Although Gulen fled Turkey in 1998 for the US, he obtained a residence permit only in 2008 and Turks have insistently claimed that his application for ‘green card’ was recommended by two top CIA officials. (It must be noted Gulen never once traveled outside the US in the past 18 years since he landed on American soil, although his network has worldwide operations.)
To be sure, against the backdrop of the abortive coup, Gulen’s role will cast a shadow on the Turkey-US relations, which have already suffered setbacks on various counts in the most recent years during Erdogan’s rule.
The big question is how far the coup attempt would have been motivated by Erodgan’s foreign policies. That there could be such a dimension cannot be easily overlooked.
Gulen has voiced strong disapproval of many controversial aspects of Erdogan’s regional policies such as the decline in Turkey’s relations with Israel and his handling of the Kurdish problem or the Turkish intervention in Syria.
Curiously, the coup attempt coincides with the nascent trends of a shift in the Turkish foreign policies – in particular, in the direction of a rapprochement with Russia and a possible rollback of Ankara’s interventionist policies in Syria.
Did Russia provide Turkey with any intelligence regarding the coup?- We got Kerry dangling carrots in front of Russia presently- Did Russia up end the US.
The coup, had it succeeded, would have scuttled a possible meeting between Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin in the coming weeks that holds the potential to be a defining moment in the Syrian conflict.
Moscow factors in that the normalization with Turkey could have positive fall-outs on the situation in Syria. Ankara has also hinted at a readiness to re-establish ties with Syria. (Significantly, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif has used exceptionally strong language to condemn the coup attempt in Turkey – even before it was decisively crushed.)
All things taken into consideration, therefore, Turkey’s possible change of course is being anticipated in Moscow and Tehran as a geopolitical event of momentous consequence to the realignment in Middle East politics and the overall balance of forces.
Meanwhile, Turkey, a major NATO power, is a regional partner that the West also cannot do without for pursuing an effective Middle East strategy. Of course, Erdogan has not been an easy partner to deal with – and on his part, he also remains suspicious of the western intentions.
Conceivably, the newfound proximity between Turkey and Russia will necessitate a reset of the entire calculus of Western strategies as well. In fact, a reset becomes necessary as regards a host of issues – ranging from the regime change agenda in Syria and the fight against terrorism to the competing agendas of gas pipelines to feed the European market.
The bottom line is that if it is proved – rather, once it is proved beyond doubt – that ‘Gulenists’ have staged the abortive coup attempt, Erdogan may only see a hidden hand of western intelligence to send him packing from Turkish politics.
Clearly, Erdogan’s invocation of ‘people’s power’ to roll back the coup attempt has caught most US analysts by surprise. Howsoever unpalatable it might seem, the region and the ‘international community’ – especially the European Union and the US – will now have no option but to learn to live with an Erdogan who is in full cry.
Erdogan’s propensity to plough independent foreign policies will only get more pronounced after this searing experience where he has barely escaped by the skin of his teeth.
In particular, these events would constitute a major setback to the US’s agenda to establish a permanent NATO presence in the Black Sea to contain Russia.
Did Russia help Turkey in order to help themselves???
Had the coup been successful the result would have been a dead Erdogan
Last of the coup plotters rounded up this afternoon in Turkey- as I post this it is 11:35 am est but it is 6:35 pm in Turkey:

hiding their faces
The final group of pro-coup Turkish military personnel surrendered Saturday afternoon, a security source said. Around 150 plotters, who are suspected of being members of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization, had been holding out at the headquarters of the General Staff and the nearby gendarmerie compound in central Ankara. Three prosecutors went to the headquarters to receive the surrender of the group, which included 13 high-ranking naval officers, the source said on condition of anonymity due to restrictions on speaking to the media. Two buses carried senior officers away while other ranks, many wearing just their underwear, were put on three buses to be taken to a sports hall in Baskent on the western edge of the capital. Riot police guarded the General Staff headquarters, which had been one of the focal points of Friday night’s coup attempt and where senior officers who refused to participate were held, including the Chief of the General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar. The source said counter-terrorism officers would make detailed search of the compound, where earlier Saturday around 700 coup troops surrendered to police The government has said the coup bid was organized by followers of U.S.-based preacher Fetullah Gulen, who is accused of a long-standing campaign to overthrow the government through supporters within the Turkish state, particularly the military, police and judiciary.

2 UPDATES: 1:38 PM EST :

 Barack Obama convenes National Security meeting 

 The US President Barack Obama convenes a National Security meeting, after a  military coup attempt in Turkey, reports Hurriyet, referring to the statement of the White House. According to the source, Obama will meet with the National Security and foreign policy team.
 Interesting tweet supporting the coup

11:03 p.m.
In the coup’s early hours, U.S. Representative Brad Sherman, a Democrat from California and a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, tweeted what seemed to be a message of support for those overthrowing the Turkish government.
That tweet is still there! And it does not 'seem' to be a message of support- It is a message of support
Serdar Kilic, Turkey’s ambassador to the United States, fired back at Sherman a few hours later on Twitter.


  1. I hit the nail on the head on this one. Got the perps and reasons correct before statements by most experts. Thanks for your help teacher :)

    1. Charles- thanks :)
      that's nice- Teacher.

    2. See previous link morning of coup hurryiet posted article on ready to call for gulen extradite. More curious as french shut down ops in ankara us did not and made statement saying so no threat. Watch those posters in pakistan

    3. anon: I went back and found the comment, it is now linked in the post- thanks
      Yes, the french shut it down in Ankara and Istanbul after cancelling their bastille day events

      I'd love to know who took the blackhawk helicopter and exited to Greece- One civilain
      7 military...


      Interesting the implication on Turkish Intel. Recall erdogan maneuvered him back into running Intel and is seen as shadow policy maker. Also recall the 2013 wsj hit Pierce on his independence which allegedly included outing that mossad cell. Lemon into lemonade?

  2. not that it's important or any thing ;p

    Coincidences of #History:
    July 16, 1917 - Bolshevist led civil uprise against Tsar in Petrograd (Saint Petersburg) |


    1. Yah, isn't that interesting
      going to take a quick look at that bit o history

    2. This fits in w/ article you had at end of your post.

      "Pro American" coup in Turkey (guess who is in Ankara? )
      bottom of short article link to Dugin in Ankara

  3. I'm going to add this into the post- interesting
    the Greeks sent two military planes to escort the fleeing coup plotters

    The identities and leadership of the coup's leadership was unclear, but on Saturday, a Turkish Army Aviation Black Hawk helicopter landed in the International Airport of Alexandroupoli of northern Greece. The copter transmitted a distress signal that cited mechanical failure.

    According to the Greek Aviation Authority, the helicopter was flying at very low altitude and approached from the east. Its crew made the first call on an emergency frequency within 10 miles from the airport of Alexandroupoli.

    Greek authority's gave direct permission to the helicopters crew to approach the airport and provided all relevant meteorological information and the runway in use. At the same time, two Greek fighter jets took off to accompany the Black Hawk.

  4. Ally: How's your family doing?

    1. Hi Penny, I have been panicking for a few days. My family in Istanbul and Ankara are afraid to come out of their homes. My Diyarbakir family are holidaying in Istanbul. Ankara is still seeing some clashes but things have generally calmed down. I think that you should continue to read Andrew Korybko's articles because he is really good. All opposition parties, from the Turkish fascist MHP all the way to the pro-Kurdish HDP have all denounced this coup. There has been many coups in Turkey and they have been quite bloody so it won't get much support from many, not even his fiercest opposition. The mainstream media is hinting that Erdogan's time is nearing to an end. They are calling for regime change in Turkey and it is going to get bloodier. Today my cousin in Istanbul said that she hopes things will get better. I said 'I hope so'. I feel like crying because things will only get worse. Many say that the coup has failed, I'd say it's just begun. But Erdogan himself is digging his grave himself. The first time in history a leader has cut of the US from its nukes in Incirlik. Erdogan's way of saying 'I am the Syltan of this country and if you support coups against my country, I will take my revenge'. The US is now trying to start a colour revolution in Turkey and get rid of Erdogan in even more extreme ways. Just want Erdogan to stop slamming the West as it will only encourage them even more and for the West to stay out of Turkey!! The Guardian now describe it as the Erdogan 'regime' as if the regime here is any better. Our Islamist/Shariah sympathising leader Theresa May wasn't even elected. I don't support Erdogan but the country and world is much safer with him in power. I would also like to note that Gulen owns many charter schools in the US, something that is obviously not going to be mentioned in the MSM news. Can't the world just see that what is happening to Erdogan is the same thing that has happened to Saddam, Gaddafi and Assad - another many who won't obey US orders. Feel so bad.

    2. Sorry for the rant

    3. Don't be sorry Ally- I was thinking about you and your family this whole time and I can understand your panicked feeling, because believe it or not Ally, I felt absolutely panicked when you told me the news. You can even ask my husband- He thought my hair was standing on end! The risk of escalation endangers those far beyond the borders of Turkey and that's what makes this episode frightening to me too.

      Hugs from Canada- :)

    4. Just want to point out that during the attempted coup, the military was ordered out of Kurdish regions in Turkey. Look at this: he is livid that the pro-US coup failed.

  5. Hi you remember the names of the Turkish General who met with the high level US General a month or two ago? They both circumvented a meeting with Erdogan. Eyebrows were raised. Could this meeting have been connected with the coup?

    1. GC: I can't recall the names- I'll try to dig into it
      and if anything comes up.. I'll post it
      meanwhile if anyone can assist please do
      Did you see the katehon piece karin left?

      worth reading imo

    2. You did a post about the meeting as I recall. I will look at the katehon link.

  6. I've added two updates to the post
    bottom 1:38 pm est

    Obama has called a National Security meeting
    and a very pro coup tweet from U.S. Representative Brad Sherman, a Democrat from California and a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee,

  7. Well, this is interesting "Soldiers arrested during a failed coup attempt in Turkey told interrogators that they thought that they were taking part in military exercises." If true, it comes from RT so make of it what you will but, if so, it could well be that the ones who flew to Greece were the real conspirators and the regular conscript soldiers really had no idea what was going on.

    Remember a couple months ago Erik Prince was in Turkey but we don't know who he met... Whoever he put in charge of Turkey ops is most likely candidate to be the civilian on the helicopter in Greece.

    Another dot to connect is recently V. Nuland has made at least 2 visits to Cyprus. Trying her best with bribery to get Greek Cyprus to accept Turkish troops to be put under NATO flag and stay in N. Cyprus. There's a lot to that story see Dances with Bears:

    Not sure it has anything to do with coup, but its one more spot Turkey is involved in. BTW as a side note... H. Kissinger told USSR FM A. Gromyko that US was fine with Cyprus remaining split back in 1970s. That policy would appear to be still in place :-)

  8. More on the Turkish helicopter in Greece "The passengers are reportedly “3 majors, 3 captains and 2 sergeants.”

    Interesting note at end... don't think Greece wants to be involved in Turkish internal affairs LOL

  9. Hmm... this is not good: "I must stress that the pictures remind me so damned much of the lynch that took place in Libya while dictator Qaddafi was been taking down."

    Hope Erdogan didn't get his followers too worked up. But then again the description of decapitating soldiers and lynching them seems to fit with the ISIS line so western countries can use it as excuse to attack "IS in Turkey". Such a quaint story. It all just fits too nicely. And KTG is right - the pics remind of Qaddafi in 2011.

  10. Katheon has another article up by someone from within Turkey
    A Yanus Soner (?)
    this was in the body of the short article

    'Officially, the organizers of overturn said that they are for the peace in the country and for peace with the PKK '

  11. cia cutting payroll cost.


  12. I am always leery of social media imagery- I need to have confidence when I use and image and the one going around where Erdogan supporters allegedly beheaded some coup plotter felt way too dicey form me!

    The Independent:

    "Graphic pictures shared on social media allegedly showing the beheading of a Turkish soldier following an attempted coup, may not be genuine some users have claimed.

    The pictures show a man's body, purportedly on one of the bridges crossing the Bosphorus river in Istanbul, after he was allegedly beheaded by supporters of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

    However, a number of users on Twitter have suggested that the images may instead show an incident from 2006.

    A ten year old image!!!!!

    "The soldiers, who had blocked the bridge throughout the coup, surrendered earlier on Saturday"

    The soldiers who shot at people on the bridge with live ammo. The brit press doesn't bother with that

    1. Recall the image on social media of the turkish soldiers dragging around a PKK around Şırnak, 15Oct15

      In view of the Air force taking credit for the Russian shootdown, this

      Though now considered an archenemy of Turkish authorities, particularly of its president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, prior to Friday's coup attempt he was a celebrated military leader, boasting medals from his own air force as well as from NATO, the Israeli news website Ynet noted.

      Still worth considering whether the Russian plane was put on lock by the same ground system in a replay of the alleged lock that forced the first Russian incursion of Turkish airspace. That Russian pilot said he Maneuvered to avoid a anti air system. No mention of which one.

    2. I've never seen mention that Erdogan was in the military. Just checked around quick and didn't find anything either- So by military leader are they talking 'figure head' type military leader?

  13. Penny,
    Have you read the articles by "suavebel", a journalist living in Turkey. Immensely intersting insights which parallel and supplement your theories:

    1. Is there something specific which have insights that parallel and supplement- I read two post from the past two days and saw nothing of the kind

  14. Did the Russians provide intelligence? You bet they did! They knew much about Gulen since the 90s. 'Shuffling' through the press of 2014:

    "Paradoxically, what today promotes the rapprochement between Russia and Turkey is Moscow’s extremely negative attitude toward the activities and ideas of Fethullah Gulen. In the past, when Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP) were allied with the leader of this Islamic sect — which is taking root in many countries around the world and in which a significant portion of Turkey’s population is involved, including prominent officials and, in particular, members of the security structures and the judges — Moscow’s position acted as an irritant for Ankara. Now, however, with the Cold War flaring up between the leader of the AKP and Gulen, who resides in the United States, Moscow’s position creates an interest in joint actions to limit his influence. Recall that all Gulenist schools have been closed in Russia, and in 2012 numerous books by this ideologue were included in the federal list of extremist literature by a Russian court decision.
    Yet, in Russian public opinion the attitude toward Gulen as an ideologue is ambiguous. This can be convincingly illustrated, in particular, by the assessments included in a paper by an associate at the influential Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Vasily Ivanov, entitled "Fethullah Gulen’s Movement: an extremist organization masquerading as supporters of ‘the dialogue of civilizations.’" The author believes that Gulen’s sect "glamorizes the idea of armed jihad." He lashes out at those Russian experts who try to "position Gulen as a pacifist and even as a supporter of the idea of ‘non-violent resistance to evil.’" Examining the interview – "distributed by the Gulenists" — with Russian expert in Islamic studies and professor at the Higher School of Economics Leonid Syukiyaynen, Ivanov writes that in it the leader of the sect "is disingenuously compared with the Indian philosopher Mahatma Gandhi, and it is deceitfully claimed that ‘between Gulen and Gandhi there exists a similarity in rejecting all kinds of violence.’"
    Read more:

    1. Thanks WizOz- very interesting read
      It seemed sensible provided intelligence

      It's amazing how the media alt and msm is parroting the Gulen line- Ah, CIA media...

  15. How come you don't get the trolls like I do? It's very tiring, you know? I do appreciate you whacking them over on my site. I banned that a-hole by the way. Got tired of reading his talking points memo regurgitation.

    1. Hey Willy: I had tons of troubles with trolls.. I won't get into it here- but let's just say contacting the Internet Service Providers and forwarding the abuses along with all IP's (times and visits) results in a great reduction in abuse- and even an apology

      ( I still have it- so pathetic)

      They threatened to kill me- Sexually harm me and all kinds of stuff- took cheap shots at my husband.

      I have an entire file on these losers- All of the 'jewish persuasion' of course.

      I knew the commenter named 'mitch' was one of them because he immediately used a familiar ad hominem against my person

      I still get em, but, not as much- and I delete the suspect comments immediately

      if any of the anonymous's are trolls they'll out themselves soon enough- that type can hardly help but do it

  16. from the people who gave us we need a 'new Pearl Harbor' AEI
    Could there be a coup in Turkey ? (they are so subtle)

    found that in this article
    Turkey Coup,.. a sucessful Donmeh con

    "main goal was never about taking over Turkey It was always about scuttling any possible Turkey Syria deal and securing a Golan Heights deal for Genie Oil Which explains the crazy shambolic nature of the “coup”

    he's pretty sharp and well aware of the kosher nostra

  17. You probably have seen already
    The nr.2 of the putchist was a long time attaché to Israel.