Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Defacto No Fly Zone Has Indeed Been Created in Syria!

Defacto: being such in effect though not formally recognized: exercising power as if legally constituted......If it walks, and talks like a duck, it’s a duck. And for all intents and purposes a no fly zone has been instituted over Syria as the US and company openly assist the Kurds in their land grabbing, annexation and ethnic cleansing.

Readers here knew this was a possibility- Several posts have been written on this very subject.
When everyone else, msm and alt msm, was going on and on about the 51 diplomats asking for attack and regime change I noticed no one, anywhere, covering the news that a no fly zone over Syria was ready to go!

Friday June 17/2016:  US General: We Are Ready To Create a No-Fly Zone in Syria
*So, we've got the 51 diplomats demanding attack and regime change
*We've got Rojova in  a position to ask for a no fly zone
*We've got multiple military bases including air fields to enforce the no fly zone.
* No need for Turkey (non NATO Turkey)- the US has already made noise about withdrawing from Incirlik & they've been firing from the Mediterranean
 If you haven't read the post previously you may wish to now?

You may also want to read this one: June 29/2016 Syrian/Turkish No Fly Zone- To Help ‘fight’ ISIS? You'll find that one pertinent to some information that will be included below!

Soufan Group- Intel Brief a defacto no fly zone in Syria 

Bottom Line Up Front:
• On August 22, a Pentagon spokesman warned Syrian and Russian air force units to ‘stay away’ from U.S. forces embedded with Kurdish fighters.
August 21/2016 : Pentagon: Top US Commander warns Russia and Syria: We'll defend ourselves
August 20/2016 : Kurdish Terrorists Annex More Territory in Hasaka, Syria? Did the US Enforce a No-Fly Zone to Enable Annexation?

• The warning came in response to an August 19 incident in which U.S. F-22 jets were scrambled to warn off Syrian SU-24 jets near Hasakah.

• A day earlier, Syrian jets bombed Kurdish positions in the area, causing U.S. personnel to relocate.

• The Pentagon’s warning represents a de facto—though very narrow—no-fly zone over ‘partnered operations’ in parts of northern Syria.
"The shift in U.S. posture stems from two recent incidents near Hasakah, where U.S.-supported Kurdish troops are positioned. On August 18, two Syrian SU-24 jets attacked four locations well-known to include U.S. personnel. Though no U.S. personnel were injured, the brazen nature of the attack was surprising. Syrian jets returned to the area the following day, but were chased off by U.S. F-22 Raptors. U.S. statements have now made clear that future incidents will likely result in the shooting down of Syrian aircraft—a noticeable shift"
“Brazen nature of the attack”? Only Soufan group could spin Syrian airforce defence of their own territory and loyalists against further land annexation by US backed thug Kurdish terrorists as a brazen attack. Rather then defence.

With the help of the US  via their annexation & ethnic cleansing agenda the Kurds were able to take Hasakah. In plain talk they've openly annexed Syrian territory- The bogus fight against ISIS was not the smokescreen that obfuscated the reality. Nope. This time it was in your face!

As mentioned yesterday the Kurds had made their move to take more territory: Early Monday AM: Kurdish Terrorist Militias Violate Truce in Hasakah, Syria

hattip Charles

Video via Truthdig... (puke) 

As stated, it's right out in the open now, the Kurds, with the help of the US are and have been annexing territory all along- the media is lying about how this is a new development. It isn't. This is exactly what has been going on all along! There has been fighting a plenty between Syrian Army and the Kurds, I've covered it here previously.  The Kurds have been annexing territory all along with the help of NATO

Also: Kurdish group in near full control of Syria's Hasaka city

 BEIRUT, Aug 23 (Reuters) - Kurdish forces were in near full control of Syria's city of Hasaka on Tuesday after battling pro-government militias, though some government officials remained holed up in buildings in the city centre, a Kurdish official and monitoring group said.
The Pentagon denies a defacto no fly zone- Which tells us all there is a no fly zone!
And obviously there is!
Stars and Stripes

The Pentagon said Monday the United States has not created a de facto no-fly zone in northern Syria despite back-to-back incidents in which jets were scrambled to protect troops on the ground.
 “We will continue to support our coalition forces and our partnered operations on the ground in Syria,” Cook said. “…We’ve been clear … from the start,” the forces that are fighting the Islamic State group “will enjoy the support of the United States.”
Liar- The Kurds haven't been 'fighting' Islamic State- they've been removing the people that live on the land- After the US bombs and kills mass civilians- It's been smoke and mirrors all along. In plain sight for those that had their eyes open to see it all. ISIS shock troops- Kurdish moppers NATO air bombings. Pure terror.

I saw a headline that ISIS has Turkey on it's agenda... this will tie into the expanded no fly zone to be used against Turkey, if all goes according to the NATO terror planners evil plans

Finally, speaking personally, I've only feelings of disgust for those who cheered on the kurdish alphabet militias as the 'best fighters against ISIS', as if NATO wasn't pulling the strings of both parties! Of all parties. ie: rebel factions. It was so very obvious.



Usually I don't go with anonymous sources, unless it fit the general scheme and is a given anyway..

  Speaking to PRI on Monday, a YPG rebel commander who did not wish to be named because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said the Kurdish fighters had specifically requested a no-fly zone to protect them from forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
“The American forces are on the ground, they are following the situation directly,” he said by phone. “We asked our partners to create a no-fly zone. They were very positive about that and accepted this request from our side. Since then there have been no airstrikes on Hasaka.”
“We asked our partners [the US] to create a no-fly zone. They were very positive about that,” a YPG commander said.
On Friday, US jets came within a mile of Syrian planes, highlighting the precariousness of having US forces present amid a complex array of proxies, allies and enemies in Syria.

I can just imagine how positive the US allies were about this request... Exactly what they wanted!


  1. ISIS, Daesh, began a massive offensive today in the countryside south of Hasakah. Targeting the city of Al-Shadadi; which is currently under the control of the US backed SDF. Thusfar daesh has captured three villages despite receiving help from US Warplanes.
    As for the no-fly zone, the US is pushing Russias' back to the wall. The Kremlin hardliners will be pushing for calling their bluff, imho. Russias' next move will be a very important one for all of us. The US bastards could care less about Syria or its people. This is about putting Putin under duress.

    1. Of course they did- and the turds will fight ISIS and annex the land--
      wash rinse repeat
      wash rinse repeat

  2. To clarify, the SDF, received help from US warplanes.

  3. Hi Charles: ty for keeping me informed I used one of your comments in the post. I``m so disgusted today- the media is all singing from the same playbook- oh look things have changed- now the Syrian army and the kurds are fighting..


    `After years of tacitly allowing the creation of an autonomous Kurdish region in northern Syria, President Bashar al-Assad’s regime is treating the ethnic minority’s growing power as a threat"

    This is a lie. Bashar al Assad never "allowed" this
    al Assad said straight up the Kurds were not allies- Their separatist region was a no go- I've direct quotes here regarding that---

    I've articles, news where SA and the Kurds clashed- though for the most part Syria was inundated with so many attackers.. From all borders.. There was no way they could fight everyone at once.. the US knew this.. and they took full advantage of the chaos- to reorder the area

    Get a load of this "A Syrian army statement that followed the Hasakah airstrikes used rhetoric that was similar to Turkey’s. It referred to the police force of the Kurdish autonomous region as “the military wing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party”—the separatist group that Turkey has been fighting for more than two decades"

    Duh, that's cause they are one and the same- So we are getting an entire shift in the narrative from 'fighting ISIS' to Kurdish victims needing to be defended from bad Turkey and Syria

    I'm at a loss how it is I was alone in seeing this- how it is still just Willy Loman and I who are discussing the bloody remake- in a geographic area as opposed to a nation by nation situation- including some form of kurdistan

    I was so smitten with Syria and it's beauty, the history- so much of it being destroyed..
    and actually reading people on line cheering the kurdish thugs as they 'fought ISIS' LOL
    I just can't get past that- I would like to read some of these persons admit the errors of their way- if these were indeed errors? I certainly would.

    Guess I'm feeling broken hearted :(

  4. https://mobile.almasdarnews.com/article/isis-seizes-another-village-southern-al-hasakah/

    Daesh continues attacks in sothern Hasakah. Coalition warplanes haven't stopped their attacks. Odd heh? As for all the threats issued by the US about shooting down Syrian or Russian aircraft, why no mention about Russian surface to air systems or electronic warfare systems? Which are fully capable of dealing with coalition fighters. Not to mention Russia's own fighters.

    1. Where are the coalition planes now that "ISIS is advancing" Of course, non existent. What are they hitting? - But if Syrian airforce comes, you can bet they'll block them!

      What a charade- KurdIShIS

  5. Did you have a chance to take a look at Elijah M's site?

    1. I read the newest post there and the site is new to me.
      Thanks for pointing me to it

  6. Did you have a chance to take a look at Elijah M's site?

  7. https://mobile.almasdarnews.com/article/isis-seizes-another-village-southern-al-hasakah/

    Daesh continues attacks in sothern Hasakah. Coalition warplanes haven't stopped their attacks. Odd heh? As for all the threats issued by the US about shooting down Syrian or Russian aircraft, why no mention about Russian surface to air systems or electronic warfare systems? Which are fully capable of dealing with coalition fighters. Not to mention Russia's own fighters.

  8. I'm also with you on this, Penny. Way back in the early 2000's when the Kurds were always depicted on TV as allies of the USrael....seen marching in single file along the hills of northern Iraq "looking for a homeland"....I smelled a rat. In those days we armchair warriors debated in the NYT "Afghanistan forum"....there were real debates in those days...not the trollathons of today. The likudniks as they were then called...were always going on about a homeland for the Kurds...a division of Iraq into three portions with the north rich oil fields, dontchaknow, set aside for the Kurds. Now we see it in Syria as it begins to dawn that this was always the plan....a huge swath of land across the north of Iran, Syria and Iraq...and taking in the south of Turkey as a new State...Kurdistan which would be under the thrall of USrael. Arthur C. Helton was working on the plan when he met with Sergio Viera de Mello at the Canal Hotel in Baghdad that morning in June of 2002 (I believe) when they were both blown to smithereens.

    So here we are at the crossroads....either the State of Kurdistan is allowed to proceed as planned or the Rooskies, Iran, Syria and perhaps Turkey will draw a line in the sand and we will have WWIII.


    1. Turkey, Iran, Syria, Russia and China had better block this move or they are all as good as done

      The US has long wanted to balkanize Russia and they use the Uighers against China sooo..

  9. Hi Penny

    Perhaps this is the next Russian chessmove:


    Get the Turks to take over the bombing of the Kurds in northern Syria. That way, the US will have to shoot down their own NATO allies to preserve their defacto "No Fly" zone.


    1. Crow... Its all part of the shell game... The criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal has that all figured out in their twisted game...

    2. No. The US will just introduce a NFZ over Turkey.
      They are insane, & have become even more so because their plans have not been fulfilled & time is running out.


    3. I'm definitely leaning towards the US introducing a "defacto" NFZ over Turkey... In fact I've stated that.. in a post written and relinked above.. they likely had hoped the coup would make it unnecessary so their duplicity would be less obvious, but, the coup failed and now they will have to expand that no fly zone

  10. Great post, Penny... I was thinking about "borrowing" this one for my site and to give you more visibility..

    Yes, the plan always has been for the breakup of Syria into smaller scumbag Jew run "fiefdoms" as per the psychotic Jewish blueprint "Securing The Realm" that had it clearly stated that the Israelis would work at breaking up their neighbors to make them weaker and easier to conquer...

    Yes, while the Jew spew media has been diverting peoples' attention with this "ISIS/Al Nusra" fighting Syrian army stories, the US and the "Kurds" have been quietly conquering northern Syria for the Jew controlled "Kurdish state"....

    And of course the US has now openly and blatantly invaded Syria in violation of every UN charter and agreement.. I wonder when the "UN" will call a Security Council meeting to discuss the US's blatant act of aggression against Syria? Knowing how much the Jew pricks and the US control the UN, fat chance for that to happen!

    1. go ahead north, I don't mind :)
      the info may as well get out there

  11. Barzani hits Ankara one day before booze swilling Biden

    1. that's interesting?
      barzani and Erdogan have been amicable, always

      I don't know about buddy, buddy, but they've worked together??
      Saw them as a 'keep friends close, but enemies closer' kind of deal-
      Have to give that a read
      ty karin

    2. Why not, Barzani is threatened as well. The PKK is taking over the KRG, & I read they fought alongside the US when they took those villages around Mosul.

    3. Yup, Barzani is threatened as well- I've written about that previously. In fact if all goes according to US/Israel plans Barzani will be out
      I suspect the kurd that went to UK for his back- it's here somewhere will be the man in charge (pseudo) and the PKK will be the terror force/defacto military drug runner/smuggler/extorting terrorists

  12. Look forward to seeing this excellent post linked on NTS. We can use them as comments forums and updates if "something happens". Just like the realtime comments we used to maintain on the NYT back in the early days of the Iraq War.

    I can comment okay while sailing...but not blog. The Marina WiFi kicks me off after 1/2 hour or so. Just as well as there's lots happening here in Silva Bay on Gabriola Island...lol. Actually, my partner forgot some important meds and we're having them flown from Vancouver to the dock right next to the Marina by seaplane. Gonna cost all of $10. The plan lands right next to our boat....about 40 feet away.

    Now, that's service!!!

  13. Wonder why 'truth'-dig has not made their Video available in the USA ?
    I tweeted that just to make sure people could see it was blocked in US.

    I don't like them either :)

    Something is building, the signs are everywhere.
    for the record, I firmly believe they like to use holidays and such events as diversion when they do certain operations.
    and Labor day approaches in US

    1. Hi, sorry. Been on holiday in Prague but still reading your wonderful articles. Update from my Strian friends: Kurds are starving 3000 Assyrian families in Hasakah and have vowed to fight until all Arabs and Assyrians are exiled. Joe Biden said that Russia can't use Incirlik cuz it's a Nato base. Hakan Fidan went to Damascus uesterday and agreed with Syrian officials that the Turkish army can enter Syria to fight the Kurdish militants. Hope you are ok :)

    2. Hi Ally!
      I wondered where you had gone to
      So the Kurds are starving 3000 Assyrian families in Hasakah- I'm not surprised at all- This is exactly what they've done in Iraq- That is the PKK kurds as they annexed Iraqi territory so- disgusting, but not a surprise.

      Interesting about that agreement..
      I'm ok- thanks :)

      Just disgusted beyond belief Ally, but, glad you're back and well- Update us all on your family in Turkey too?

    3. karin; i felt that way too
      something big coming and I don't like it one bit :(

    4. Absolutely there is, & for the first time I feelt scared about it.
      I read that Chinese troops are now on the ground in Syria, they better get more of them & some chinese planes in air, as well.

    5. Hi Rescue: I've seen news regarding Chinese troops going to Syria..

  14. Watched a group of YT clips of questions at the State Dept press briefing . Just like no boots does not mean boots so too does no fly zone and our forces needing our protection . There is about 4 short clips . https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjImyHRZNF46KJ9UxCbab6A

    1. WOW! this ones a real gem
      guy won't answer the no fly zone question
      even though it's obvious from his answers- the US is illegally, immorally and unlawfully enforcing a no fly zone.

      The US is 'fighting ISIS' claim is the biggest freakin joke of all

    2. Some transcript of that briefing from The Duran-
      Pentagon decides to officially support Al Qaeda in Syria

      The article ends with this, "This is endgame time."

    3. More commentary on the no-fly zone from Fort Russ

  15. "If this de facto “no fly zone” becomes a fact on the ground, it will be expanded beyond Hasakah and may be a US last-ditch effort to prevent Syrian government forces, aided by Russia, from taking back Aleppo"

    Yup, and the US will take it further and expand it over southern Turkey..

  16. Things are headed south from Turkey ...."Turkish tanks have crossed into the Syria as part of a huge operation to drive Isis out of a key stronghold on the border.

    The incursion came on Wednesday morning, following a night of air strikes and shelling around the town of Jarablus.

    More than 220 rounds rained down on the area overnight in bombardment that started at around 4am local time (2am BST), with huge explosions lighting up the night sky. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/syria-isis-latest-news-turkey-tanks-offensive-attack-syrian-civil-war-jihadist-us-jarablus-north-a7206826.html