Tuesday, August 9, 2016

UPDATED! Breaking via Reuters: SAA advance in Aleppo- Close off “Rebel” Route

First report:
Tue Aug 9, 2016 4:45pm BST
Approximately 6:45pm or 18:45 Syrian Time

Syrian government forces and their allies recaptured territory from rebels in southwestern Aleppo on Tuesday, Hezbollah's Al Manar television and pro-Damascus Al Mayadeen reported.

The advance, supported by heavy air raids, seized an area of called Telat al-Snobarat on the southwestern outskirts of Syria's largest city, according to Al Mayadeen.
It cut off a rebel route into the opposition-held east of Aleppo that insurgents had opened just days before in a surprise advance against government forces, the channels said.
 2nd Report:
Adds additional info and some rehash stuff, which I will not include.
Tue Aug 9, 2016 9:35pm IST

 British-based monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights could not immediately confirm the government forces' latest advance, but said fighters from Lebanese Shi'ite group Hezbollah, which supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, were involved in the battles.
Why can't SOHR confirm the advances? They're tight with the terrorists. Is it really that they do NOT WANT to confirm the advances?

I'll update as soon as possible

Last update to above Reuter's news:

A rebel official denied there had been a government gain. "There's no advance, nothing," said Abu al-Hasanein, a senior commander in Fateh Halab, the coalition of moderate rebel groups inside the city.

"The situation is good. There's a lot of bombing, but the brothers (fighters) are taking cover, until they start a new phase" in the battle, he said.
Ahmed Hamaher, a spokesman for the Nour al Din al-Zinki insurgent group, said government forces had briefly overrun an area called Telat al-Snobarat, as reported by a pro-Damascus channel, but had been beaten back and the territory was recovered by rebels.
Of course SOHR  now confirms the rebel claims:
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said government forces had not taken control of the southwestern areas that would cut the rebel corridor, but had temporarily blocked movement of insurgents with bombardments.
Therefore SAA has blocked/cut off the rebel route! Temporarily, SOHR claims. 
Hopefully permanently!

UPDATE! UN Urges Ceasefire
By REUTERS | Aug. 9, 2016 
 UK Gov Talking Head Peter Wilson Blathers
 UK Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations at the Security Council Arria-Formula Meeting on Aleppo Under Siege
I think the panellists here have show today that they have done their part. I think now the question for us is what can we do and how do we play ours?
  Update # 2:
 Syria talks should not rest on halt in Aleppo fighting - Russia @ the UN
Russia warned on Tuesday that the next round of Syria peace talks should not be contingent on a halt to fighting in Aleppo after U.N. Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura told the U.N. Security Council he aims to reconvene negotiations in late August.
Speaking after a closed door meeting of the 15-member council, Russian U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin told reporters: "The lower the level of violence the better it is for the talks... but there must be no preconditions for the talks."
Churkin called on countries with influence over the Syrian opposition to make sure they are prepared for future talks.
"They were coming to the talks without saying anything, they were just saying (Syrian President Bashar) 'Assad must go' and this is not a negotiating position," he said.
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  1. I personally detest the UN- They've gone right along with the NATO destabilization from Day 1- They are the faux 'humanitarian' face of NATO's war making

  2. I concur, Penny...

    I too am so much wanting to see the good guys, the SAA and their allies take out these criminal mercenaries bought and paid for by the criminal US.... And I do want to see Aleppo fall to Assad as soon as possible...

    I have always looked at the UN as a fraud.. Just another Jew run organization and a stepping stone to their "one world government" system... The so called UN peace keeping forces that are supposed to be neutral and working towards peaceful resolutions have in most cases been used by the evil American/Israeli/NATO criminal cabal for their own evil purposes..

    1. hey north
      the un is a fraud- and the peacekeeping forces..don't keep any peace- including ours from Canada
      take care my canuckie friend!

  3. Reuter, that's scary they did the news instead of the normal propaganda.

    Thanks Penny

  4. http://m.journal-neo.org/2016/08/09/graham-e-fuller-where-were-you-on-the-night-of-july-15/
    Great article from Wm. Engdahl concerning Turkish attempted coup, Gulens role and Graham Fuller and his accomplice.
    As for breaking news in Aleppo, I would suggest signing up for breaking news alerts from Al Mansard News. I've been receiving them and posting links here. Getting reports as events unfold has allowed me to be right on top of goings on in Aleppo. Today's airstrikes are intense. Also, the so-called supply corridor opened during the daesh counter offensive is completely targeted by Syrian rockets and artillery positions, as well as by Syrian and Russian aircraft.

  5. Few things to watch.

    Putin put islander missile snap drills in the Jewish autonomous region in the far East yesterday. Related may or may not be the emergency landing of the us open skies flight in the far East last week.

    Bulgaria and the balkans especially with resumed talk of South stream and Burgaw.

    1. will keep a tired eye on those spaces and places

    2. Interfax
      Ukrainian intelligence employee, who is organizer of averted terrorist acts in Crimea, detained, giving confessing testimony - FSB

      Russia promises response

      Bulgaria recently opted out of the Black Sea fleet