Thursday, August 18, 2016

Little Boy Rescued From Rubble? Coincidentally "White Helmets" Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

This is the latest heart tugging news story, out of Aleppo? 
The child was rescued from rubble. So it is claimed? 
Except we aren't shown him being removed from the rubble?
Though, the person who took this footage claims he filmed him being removed from the rubble.
 'I filmed the Syrian boy pulled from the rubble - his wasn't a rare case'
Can anyone point me towards the footage that shows the removal from rubble occurring?
Of any of the children that were positioned in the ambulance?
Something that demonstrates that claim as being a true claim as opposed to another propaganda operation by some NGO affiliated with NATO, the US or Israel ?
The video embedded below does not show anything like that- It shows the boy being handed off from one person to another person. There may have been a bomb? But, I don't know. It bothers me the way these persons have set the child up to be photographed. It seems exploitative? 

An additional thought... the boy does not appear malnourished- Aren't we supposed to believe everyone is starving in Aleppo?
Coincidentally, or not,  the so called "white hats" have been nominated for a 'prestigious' Nobel Peace Prize
  Syria's White Helmets nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
The White Helmets have received backing from more than 130 international organisations to win the prestigious global peace prize.

Long time readers here are aware, or should be, that the word "prestigious" is a dual meaning word.
"cause you know sometimes words have two meanings"

originates : Mid 17th century (in the sense 'illusion, conjuring trick'): from French, literally 'illusion, glamour', from late Latin praestigium 'illusion', from Latin praestigiae (plural) 'conjuring tricks'. The transference of meaning occurred by way of the sense 'dazzling influence, glamour', at first depreciatory.
 Pardon my cynicism, but, since I started this blog in '08 there have been so many manipulative media campaigns, so many staged photos, to justify military intervention, perhaps that no fly zone- so the bringers of democracy can save a nation, that I have to ask- What really happened before this small child  was used as a prop? And does the exploitation of this small child for propaganda purposes bother anyone else?


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  1. going by all the reporting today the shtf in aleppo

    Syrian Army units continued with their counter-offensive in and around Aleppo with air and artillery fire on Jeish Al-Fatah positions in Khan Tuman and Kafr Hamrah regions as well as Al-Mansoura district.

    TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian army troops and their allies took control of more districts near the military academy buildings and Project 1070 in Southern Aleppo and cut the terrorists' supply route in the region.

    "The purging operations of Project 1070 still continue by the army and 90% of the region has been completely cleaned up of terrorists," a field source said on Thursday.

    "The militants' supply routes from al-Hakma, al-Rashedeen 5 and even the Northern parts of al-Mushrifa village towards the military academy have been cut," the source added"

    The army started its operations from the Eastern side of Project 1070 building complexes and the Southeastern side of al-Hamdaniya towards the military academy buildings.

    is the where ypg was located in Aleppo? where there had been clashes between saa and kurdish thugs previously?
    (going on recall??)

  2. plus we have SAA and the YPG/PKK fighting

    "The Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) said in a statement Thursday that it will not stand indifferent to the shelling of the Syrian army."

    NATO's thugs have killed so many already---

  3. and the news on rubble boy is equivalent to the boy on a beach.

    it's all over the place- covered globally

    cnn, including some bubble headed beached blonde crying for the camera- come on!!

    we are being so played- in such a huge way today- it's unreal

    1. Aleppo media center a sub of Syrian expatriate organization per annual report based on k street Washington DC. Not SITE, who is reporting on the related bin laden franchise comeback with its latest Saudi terror threats (good for more oil squeeze and similar to the latest taliban break away faction who is making its own comeback) or the Syrian Observatory, but seemingly related to both.

  4. And does the exploitation of this small child for propaganda purposes bother anyone else?

    Yes, it does! Those of us who are actual human beings (as opposed to the psychopaths running this show) cannot fathom the depths to which these creeps will sink. What makes me nuts is the vast majority of the people, everywhere, either pay no attention or believe the pile of bs they are being fed.

    1. Gwen- it drives me bonkers as well!
      If this child was as injured as claimed, requiring surgery, why is he left sitting alone, unattended?

  5. For some reason this reminded of UNfictionstylee Shirley Temple and Napalm Girl(Canadian now), the real action was away from the camera. As you say who trained the plonker to plonk the child "just so"? Where do all the photoshooting ghouls get schooled, how can I say little so many times in one parse yet still make like a Manichaean Candidate and where is that Aleppo hand car washstylee how shiny is that pimpmyambulance? These and so many questions never asked by the most dangerous persons on this planet, the western killer moron Walter Mitty psychos by proxy public.

    When they are all dead and the TV screens have gone no one will know of them. They have not just lost reason, logic, self and life, they have no name to be remembered down the ages by.

    1. Pimp my ambulance- yah new and shiny.. looks hardly used.
      ty incoming

  6. I JUST posted an article about this bullshit as well over at my site, Penny...

    Yes, the criminals in the US government are trying to tug at the hearts of gullible people just to save their hired murderous mercenaries holed up in Aleppo from being destroyed...

    Honestly, are people truly that gullible that they will swallow this horse shit?

    1. "Honestly, are people truly that gullible that they will swallow this horse shit?"

      I'm afraid a good many will North :(

  7. CNN admitting that civilians fear the Kurds just as much as 'ISIS'

  8. Hi Penny
    This is from the brain-washington post:

    ""We were passing them from one balcony to the other," Raslan said, adding: "We sent the younger children immediately to the ambulance, but the 11-year-old girl waited for her mother to be rescued. Her ankle was pinned beneath the rubble."

    I guess the idea of passing them from balcony to balcony implies a sense of danger and sacrifice, though I assume a building reduced to rubble would not have balconies in elevated positions. Passing them from ground level balcony to balcony seems a bit strange.


    1. true enough aferrismoon- would their be multiple heights of balconies in a building that has been reduced to rubble?

      Cause the 'white hats' are pulling these children out of rubble- so they claim

      Yes, ground level balconies, to pass between, does seem a bit strange- Just a bit! ;)

  9. Weren't there any babies in incubators available?

    The Wars for Wall Street and Israel crowd are doing their damnedest to get Americans psyched up for more wars, but we tired of their butchery and want to go home and repair our damaged nation that is falling apart right in front of our eyes because most of the money is being used to destroy nations Israel doesn't like.

  10. Back up for a minute. If that kid was being rescued by a Syrian ambulance, why does the med kit have instructions on the front in English?

    1. Another great question Greg!
      And sure enough there it is in English...First Aid

  11. The usage of English is of course for the gullible American audience that this is being thrown at...

    Remember the fact that most Americans have only two brain cells to rub together, so they need to sell this message through the usage of English.... And most Americans will be too stupid to realize that the language should be in fact Arabic....

  12. And you hit the bullseye on the fact that the ambulance was almost brand new... So HOW IN THE HELL can this ambulance not even have a scratch on it being in a full blown war zone?

    Yes, miraculous ambulances without a scratch... What are the odds?