Wednesday, August 3, 2016

NYT's: The Case for Finally Bombing Syria- Aleppo Updates

When writing a post I try to consider all possible outcomes/tactics because it's unimaginable  the psycho war makers are not. Yesterday I broached the possibility, again, of a no fly zone aka mass bombing/slaughter destruction campaign. (US Backed Terrorists in Syria VOW To Intensify Aleppo Fight. Recall the All Go Syrian No Fly Zone?) I did so because it's obvious the psycho war makers have planned for that possibility/opportunity and the latest baloney about chlorine may give them the excuse they are looking for.  It's very obvious the western media is playing up the plainly false chlorine story. This morning there are still dozens and dozens of headlines about this alleged incident  (Russian Helicopter Shot down by US TOW- Chlorine attack retribution?) And that chlorine bombing stuff is plainly, obviously and blatantly false- It's just another lie

 Having paid heed to all possibilities, including a no fly zone, this NYT's article came as no surprise:

There is an alternative: Punish the Syrian government for violating the truce by using drones and cruise missiles to hit the Syrian military’s airfields, bases and artillery positions where no Russian troops are present.
 And of course civilians! And civilian infrastructure. Mass casualties and displacement
Opponents of these kinds of limited strikes say they would prompt Russia to escalate the conflict and suck the United States deeper into Syria. But these strikes would be conducted only if the Assad government was found to be violating the very truce that Russia says it is committed to. Notifying Russia that this will be the response could deter such violations of the truce and the proposed military agreement with Moscow. In any case, it would signal to Mr. Putin that his Syrian ally would pay a price if it did not maintain its side of the deal.
If Russia does want to limit its involvement in Syria, the threat of limited strikes should persuade it to make Mr. Assad behave. Conversely, if the skeptics are right that Mr. Putin will get serious about a political solution only if he sees the costs of backing Syria’s government increasing, the threat of such strikes is probably the only way to start a political process to end the war.
Authors of above excerpted editorial?
Dennis B. Ross, a former senior Middle East adviser to President Obama, and Andrew J. Tabler, the authors, are fellows at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Yugoslavia, redux. As mentioned here yesterday. It's a real possibility. 
Recall?  NATO Enforces No Fly Zone

 Aleppo Updates:

 Civilians killed as terrorists shell Aleppo, use toxic gas – Syrian officials
 At least seven civilians died and 25 more were injured as terrorists fired shells, some containing toxic gas, at Aleppo, local health officials said as cited by Syria’s official SANA news agency. The shelling occurred amid an ongoing humanitarian crisis in the city.
 The US/NATO backed terrorists did very likely fire shells containing some sort of toxic agent harming civilians-

Reports indicate the aerial campaign was substantial overnight in Syria- causing the terrorist advance to fail:

A “last chance” offensive against government forces in Aleppo has run into major setbacks, as Russia reportedly increased air strikes to roll back rebel advances.

 "The Russian raids didn't stop all night on the front lines," the monitor added. "This has slowed the offensive and allowed regime troops to retake five of the eight positions that rebels had taken since Sunday.”

 Jeish al-Fatah gathered over 9,000 terrorists to prevail over the Syrian Army positions and open a way into the militant-held districts in the Eastern parts of Aleppo city but failed and pulled its forces back after leaving scores of casualties behind.

 "In the end, the third phase of Jeish al-Fatah's operation to save their comrades in Eastern districts of Aleppo was completely unsuccessful," several army and Hezbollah commanders confirmed in Eastern Aleppo on Wednesday afternoon.
 Syrian Regime Forces Close In On Aleppo

Syrian forces are reported to have recaptured land close to Aleppo from rebels with the help of heavy Russian air raids.  

Government fighters have taken control of two hilltops and two small villages in the southwest suburbs, said monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
The advance turns back Sunday's gains from a rebel offensive launched to ease the regime's siege of eastern opposition-held districts of the divided city.  
 The rebels are seeking to gain control of Ramussa district in the southwest suburbs, to try to cut off government forces and open up a new route into the city for rebel fighters.
 Russia Steps Up Air Strikes on Terrorists in Aleppo, Idlib
The intensified Russian aerial attacks come amid an extensive ground operation by the Syrian military forces to recapture the northern city of Aleppo from the terrorist groups.
Sources at Aleppo battlefield said on Wednesday that Syrian troops have repelled successive attacks by the terrorist groups desperately trying to break the siege of the city.


  1. I've updated the post with the latest news from Aleppo.

    1. I think Charles is too busy to notice Penny.
      Gentle tap on his shoulder please when he returns.
      Thank you once again.

  2. The August 1 (deadline date) takedown of the Russian helicopter was quite transparent...particularly the "newspaper quality" photo of the burning wreckage from about 75 feet away. Reminds me of what they said after 9/11 "We were there to record the event".

    1. I think it was organised by the CIA. Remember Sec. Kerry said that Assad should leave power and a transition begin by august 1, or else the US would take a different aproach to the conflict. I think the shootdown was only the beginning.
      There wont be a no-fly zone, I feel quite positive about this. Largely, because of Turkey. The purpose of a NFZ is to freeze the conflict and partition the country, i.e. a Rojava in the north will be permenant. Erdogn wont accept that now.

    2. Hey GC and Rescue: Agree with you on the helicopter shootdown- I had speculated that it was entirely possible, rather then useful idiot terrorists, we were looking at specials ops as the shooters of the tow missile that took down the helicopter-

      The August 1st date sort of makes that point for me
      I did discuss the August 1 deadline two days ahead of the coup in Turkey

    Just read this Penny. Zionist newspaper openly say that the Kurds can be used against Iran. Also, the Sunni Kurds could also be working with KSA:

    1. Here is also a video that someone has posted about Kurds protesting against the HDP. I used Google Translate for some of the translating but the man is saying that everyday the HDP do walks in Sur in support of the people of the people there because fighting is taking place but in the night, the HDP mayors/MPs go back to their warm homes and the Kurds have to sleep out in the cold snow because the PKK have destroyed their homes. He says that the HDP claims to help Kurds but in reality they aren't. He says that if the HDP really supports the people in Sur, why don't they stay out in the snow with the Kurds and sleep next to them? This man is saying the the PKK has taken all of his belongings including clothes and his walls are left with massive holes(recall the tactic the PKK use in warfare, hiding in civilian homes). He says 'is this what saving the Kurdish population is?'He then goes on to say that these PKK/HDP are not good Muslims and if the PKK didn't dig all of these ditches, the police would not come.
      And here is another video: Figen Yuksekdag is the co-leader of the HDP who actually happens to be a Turk and is crying crocodile tears to a Kurdish woman (she is probably suffering because of the fighting). Figen is saying that she hopes things will get better for everyone but surprisingly, the Kurdish woman tells Figen in Kurdish 'you also have wrongs. You didn't do anything to help the people in Suruc and Diyarbakir'.
      And if you didn't think that this was enough evidence, here is another video of the HDP visiting the Kurdish people: The HDP likes to blame everything on the government but the people here are saying, 'we have lived here for 40 years and never have we seen the government come into our areas and throw rockets into our homes'. The man is making it clear to the HDP that the people throwing rockets into people's homes isn't the government. They are also saying that in 40 years since living there they have never seen the government break people's walls, dig tunnels from homes to homes. Basically, the man is saying that the PKK is the worst. The HDP also have this phrase 'Barish' which means 'peace' in Turkish and they keep saying that they want peace to get the votes of the Kurds but they don't want peace. The man also shows windows of shops that have been broken. He says if this is democracy to the HDP, then they don't want this democracy - 'they can go the the centre of hell'. This man like some other Kurds in the other videos is complaining that the HDP sit in their expensive homes and he would like to see their homes get destroyed so they know how it feels. The last guy is saying that the public have been tricked and he says that he gave his vote to the HDP and that is why their areas are the way they are.

    2. August rhymes? Should Saudi be worried

      Keep Camp Liberty in mind and those western "tunnels" on the Iran eastern border (after the Obama comments its a deal or war NYT again).

      05AUg15: "Let's not mince words: The choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy and some form of war — maybe not tomorrow, maybe not three months from now, but soon,” Mr. Obama told about 200 people in a speech at American University."

      The campaign around Liberty is heating up including Newt Gingrich showing up at the Paris Iran opposition demonstration alongside the former Saudi Turki. Jubeir and Sadr seem to have something in common. Jubeir overture to Russia is the latest version of the Sochi Chechen horde unleashing attacks balanced against lucrative trade deals. The Russians obviously aren't buying it, or Jubeir or the Deputy Crown Prince whose recent visits to the US noted. The Yemen peace talks just blew apart and Saleh and the Houthi announced the formation of a council to run the country.

      The Syria moves around Aleppo, though not accompanied by a Aleppo is burning campaign, did garner the Norwegian refugee council tweet comparing the situation to Srebrenica (speaking of Balkan scenarios). Rather than the Balkans, which looks equally volatile considering the Croatian WWI memorabilia (Vatican) moves and the latest resurrection of various Russian backed pipes, including Burgas (Israel nexus noted), the current chemical allegation much more closely resembles the August 2013 Ghouta run up which followed a carbon copy in 2014 led by the French push for air strikes

    3. 2012 Israel recruiting

      August 2013 Ghouta then that unannounced missile test the Russians picked up in the Med August 2014 in the run up to another call for airstrikes.


      'US spending millions on 'Aleppo is burning' PR campaign to create no bombing zone'
      #Aleppoisburning campaign

      Nusra Front Militants in Northern Syria Receive 100 Surface-to-Air

      04Jul: Camp Liberty attack

      09Jul Paris Iran opposition rally and Russian copter shot down palmyra

      21Jul Iran eastern border tunnels

      22Jul Russian hit US special forces base

      26Jul Netherlands refugee council

      Same Netherlands (MH17) who central bank implicated in handing over $400mto Iran

      29Jul16: Saleh back in Yemen and US says Russian Humanitarian a ruse

      Jubeir says Saudi wants stronger ties with Russia as rumors float the US is willing to concede Assad stays

    4. Area 51 State Department Letter

    5. Obama last year on Iran deal: NYT
      Let's not mince words: The choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy and some form of war — maybe not tomorrow, maybe not three months from now, but soon,” Mr. Obama told about 200 people in a speech at American University.

    6. 30JUL: Going back to those Putin Advisor comments about Russia and Turkey working out the Kurd problem.
      "I don't know whether or not Syria can be put back together again. Where there is some type of confederal structure, where the various confessional groups are going to have the lead and governing their portions of the country," Brennan told Aspen Security Forum on Friday.

      "He said that the U.S. is advocating the establishment of an independent Kurdish state in the region, which contradicts Russia's strategies and beliefs. "If Russia and Turkey can reach consensus on Syria, I believe we can also resolve the issues regarding a Kurdish state in the region," Dugin said."

    7. Ally, I did read the JP editorial and had in fact saved it to post- I haven`t looked at the videos yet and thank you for the translation work. I look forward to viewing them as I`ve brought up many of these issues previously here-

    8. anonymous regarding the Iran nuclear deal and Obama
      Recall this?

      August 7/2015 just over a year ago

      P5+1 is a distraction. Early Seeds of Iranian destabilization cross the Turkish border

      "P5+1 is a distraction. Early Seeds of Iranian destabilization cross the Turkish border"

      I covered news at that time it appeared Turkey and Iran were cooperating.

      "In a phone conversation with his Turkish counterpart Receb Tayyib Erdogan on Wednesday, Rouhani regretted the “destructive role” of terrorist groups in instigating insecurity in Iraq and Syria, saying Tehran and Ankara should draw up a joint plan to uproot terrorism, ISNA reported"

    9. btw: that's one reason I'm certain the rapprochement with Iran is not recent ( past couple of months)

    10. Check this out:
      Justin Raimondo writes an article about Israel demanding more money from the US

  4. Hi Penny
    Would like it if you check this out. It's the same letter posted here but a different colour. Do you believe they obtained it from a different source? I don't see why they would change the colour for no reason?

    1. Yah, I see the colour change, but, it does look/read like the same later- so maybe it did come from elsewhere?

    2. I just saw it. Look at the signatures, they are signed with different pens. The one posted here was a photocopy, hence why it was strictly black and white. This one is the original where it is signed with different pens.