Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pentagon: Top US Commander warns Russia and Syria: We'll defend ourselves

Following up on:  Kurdish Terrorists Annex More Territory in Hasaka, Syria? Did the US Enforce a No-Fly Zone to Enable Annexation?

In the most direct public warning to Moscow and Damascus to date, the new US commander of American troops in Iraq and Syria is vowing to defend US special operations forces in northern Syria if regime warplanes and artillery again attack in areas where troops are located.

"We've informed the Russians where we're at ... (they) tell us they've informed the Syrians, and I'd just say that we will defend ourselves if we feel threatened," Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend told CNN in a telephone interview Saturday from his Baghdad headquarters.
Townsend is the first senior military commander to speak on the record about the US possibly challenging the Syrian Air Force in the wake of an incident just days ago.
Townsend, who took command this week, made the remarks following what defense officials described as an "unusual" incident Thursday in northern Syria in which the regime of President Bashar al-Assad used warplanes to attack an area near where US special operations forces were operating in support of Kurdish forces, which are the Americans' key ally in the conflict.
Several US troops had to be quickly moved, and US jet patrols over northern Syria have been beefed up.

Since the US has ZERO business in Syria.... SAA airforce flying over their own territory can hardly be considered an attack ,requiring the US to defend itself- This is Orwellian talk.

All readers here are aware, or should be, that I don't buy the fight against ISIS narrative whatsoever! What is actually occurring is the remake the middle east agenda. Sykes Picot 2  including a Kurdistan or Israel 2.0. 


It was mentioned here  that General Townsend  would take over the reins from MacFarland in advance of a move on Mosul..

 "By that time, MacFarland’s replacement, Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, is expected to be in command in Baghdad"


  1. South Front posted video and informative statements concerning both the situations in Hasaka and Aleppo today. Worth a visit.

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  3. Amazing that the Yanks can insert soldiers and fly war planes over another country's sovereign territory and not blink and eyelash. I know what side of this conflict I'M fighting on....and it's not on the side of the hegemaniac!


    Just received an alert on the Hasaka situation. US/Israel supported kurds launched a large scale attack, most likely upon directive given to the kurds by them, on pro-government forces earlier today. The pro-government groups were assisted by SAA Airforce planes during the fighting and counter-attacks. No actions by Us/Nato aircraft are reported at any sites I visit, yet.

    1. Hi Charles- Saw the news and thanks for your link
      I've rounded up some reports on the situation- continuing the saga..

  5. US flag officers deserve to be in straight to bin Starshiptrooper remake. I was discussing these clowns with a mate of mine this weekend and we came to a rough model to explain all this rubbish we are getting.

    TPTB Team Alpha operate on 500 year time frames minimum they cement in place millenial universal belief systems.
    TPTB Team Beta on 200 year windows, Western Royalty. Hence the recent emergence of the Queen after a century of being warned to keep their heads down.
    RCE i.e. TPTB Team Gamma are currently handling Russia and the Mormons.
    RCE Team Beta i.e. Soros are handling the Med.
    Soros Team Gamma are stroking the US Airforce.
    Soros Team Omega are handling the so called alt.

    Now I know it may seem bollox but when you look hard at the so called white altMSM in UK, Soros Team Omega must be wetting themselves with mirth. I mean didn't altUK understand that Brexit simply means that destruction is to be delivered sooner?