Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Russia and Turkey Mend Fences. It's Either a Big Deal or It's Much Ado about Nothing?

The media goes between making this a big deal to downplaying the significance. It's either two despots getting together to be despotic or it's much ado about nothing.  It appears we'll have to use our own discernment. Looks to me as if some progress was made. The fact they had the meeting indicates progress. The fact there will be more meetings tells us there is progression or 
a moving forward.

Globe and Mail
Russia and Turkey took a big step toward normalizing relations on Tuesday, with their leaders announcing an acceleration in trade and energy ties at a time when both countries have troubled economies and strains with the West.

President Vladimir Putin received his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a czarist-era palace outside his home city of St. Petersburg. It was Mr. Erdogan’s first foreign trip since last month’s failed military coup, which left Turkey’s relationship with the United States and Europe badly damaged.

The visit is being closely watched in the West, where some fear both men, powerful leaders ill-disposed to dissent, might use their rapprochement to exert pressure on Washington and the European Union and stir tensions within NATO, the military alliance of which Turkey is a member.

Mr. Putin said Moscow would gradually phase out sanctions against Ankara, imposed after the Turks shot down a Russian fighter jet near the Syrian border nine months ago, and that bringing ties to their precrisis level was the priority.

“Do we want a full-spectrum restoration of relations? Yes, and we will achieve that,”
Mr. Putin told a joint news conference after an initial round of talks. “Life changes quickly.”

Co-operation would be increased on projects including a planned $20-billion (U.S.) gas pipeline and a nuclear power plant to be built in Turkey by the Russians, Mr. Erdogan said, as well as between their two defence sectors.

“God willing, with these steps the Moscow-Ankara axis will again be a line of trust and friendship,” Mr. Erdogan said.
The leaders were to discuss the war in Syria, over which they remain deeply divided, in a subsequent closed-door session. Progress there is likely to be more halting, with Moscow backing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Ankara wanting him out of power.

G&M say’s Turkey wants Assad out of power. However.....
Daily Sabah
"We are building a strong mechanism with Russia regarding Syria; we think alike on the ceasefire, humanitarian aid and a political solution," Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavusoglu said Wednesday in a televised interview.
If Turkey wants Assad out, as G&M implies, while Russia has maintained Assad’s leadership is a decision for the Syrians- how is it according to Cavusloglu the two nations think alike regarding Syria?

G&M:“In Washington, the U.S. State Department criticized charges in Turkish media that a Washington think tank had been behind the coup attempt.

“This sort of conspiracy theory, inflammatory rhetoric … is absolutely not helpful,” State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said”
“Conspiracy theory, inflammatory rhetoric” are “not helpful” except when the US engages in such behaviour, as they do so very often. In fact, all of the time

DS: Speaking at the official Anadolu Agency's Editors' Desk in Ankara, Foreign Minister Çavusoglu said a tripartite mechanism is being established including officials from the intelligence services, foreign ministries and armed forces, which would replace separate ties established between these institutions. He said that the delegation will go to St. Petersburg on Tuesday night.

LA Times
“Now I plotted the coup,” Barkey, director of the Middle East program at the nonpartisan Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, said sarcastically Tuesday.

Barkey, who was born in Turkey, was attending a long-planned academic conference on an island off Istanbul on July 15 when Turkish army, navy and air force units sought to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The conference may have been long planned? So it is claimed? Unverifiable.
You’re supposed to believe, this so called academic conference, was long planned making it just a coincidence Henri Barkey was on an island off Istanbul on the very day the coup took place
Maybe it was a coincidence, but, maybe it wasn’t.


Against a backdrop of rising tensions between Turkey and the West, Presidents Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey pledged on Tuesday to repair relations after nine months of open antagonism.

Although their meeting in St. Petersburg on Tuesday produced little beyond vows of friendship and cooperation, (the world according to the NYT’s) the symbolism of the two former antagonists coming together for a friendly talk was enough to raise alarms in Western capitals.

Washington and Ankara, long at odds over American support of the Kurds in Syria and Iraq, have had a series of problems lately.

Turkish officials have been further infuriated by President Obama’s reluctance to hand over Fethullah Gulen
No one predicted a radical shift in relations, at least not immediately. (I thought little was  produced beyond platitudes?)
“It is true that we lived through a complicated moment in our interstate relations,” Mr. Putin said at a joint news conference televised from St. Petersburg. “But we all would like to — and we feel that our Turkish friends want the same — overcome those complications.”

Feeling increasingly isolated this summer, Mr. Erdogan wrote a letter in June offering the apology Mr. Putin had demanded for the downing of the Russian jet. With that done, steps could begin toward a normalization of relations.

Was Erdogan feeling increasingly isolated? NYT’s nonsense.
Wasn’t Turkey, in fact, being isolated by it’s supposed NATO allies- Yes, yes, it was.
“Washington and Ankara, long at odds over American support of the Kurds in Syria and Iraq”
Along with the PKK ending the ceasefire which would have had the blessing of the US. After all it is the US/Israel/NATO that supports the Kurdish thugs of the PKK, YPG, TAK and the alphabet groups of Iranians Kurds... in order to remake the region. That would be enough to isolate the Turkish state.

Efforts to restore ties then accelerated after the July 15 coup attempt in Turkey, after which Mr. Putin was the first leader to call to offer support. “It was very important from a mental perspective, this kind of psychological support,” Mr. Erdogan said at the news conference”

As a possible sign of good will, a major Kurdish representative office closed in Moscow on Sunday, although the local representative said it was because of rent costs rather than politics.

Russia’s gas industry, starting with Gazprom, the state-controlled behemoth, is eager to get the Turkish Stream back on track, because other routes to Europe have been blocked, and Turkey is just as keen on becoming a hub for gas distribution.
“I think the interests of Gazprom and the energy companies are the cornerstone of what is happening,” said Mr. Vasilyev, the analyst.

On Tuesday, the two leaders said they were planning to restart all that. Mr. Erdogan repeated their pre-crisis pledge to eventually increase annual trade between the countries to $100 billion.
“Both countries are committed and determined to returning our relationship to its pre-crisis level,” Mr. Erdogan said at the news conference.

Mr. Putin said Mr. Erdogan had pledged to grant the Akkuyu project the status of a “strategic investment,” helping it avoid taxes and reap other benefits.
Russia agreed to lift sanctions that had barred some agricultural imports and had stopped the flow of millions of Russian tourists.
Press Conference After the Meeting- Approx 30 minutes


  1. NATO is doing great things for peace, unifying the rest of the world. :)

  2. NYT: "....Feeling increasingly isolated this summer, Mr. Erdogan wrote a letter."

    Perhaps the two devastating terror bombings in Istanbul had something to do with Erdogan's "feelings of isolation".

    1. terror bombings, PKK attacks, and other back stabbing via NATO


    Russia yesterday acknowledged that its drone strayed into the Golan. But more interesting was the inability of the Israelis to shoot it down. Now Hezbollah drone strikes after that alleged flying of a drone into Israel a few years ago.


  4. where do I start
    when I saw the Kazakh president go visit Erdogan, I knew it was really for Putin/Russia simply because of info I read a couple of years back of their closeness which is long standing.
    The visit was not 'sudden' but a culmination from communication that had been going on back and forth for a couple of months.
    now, that trip..

    Erdogan blew it of course
    If you throw fireworks and someone gets injured, you are responsible. Erdogan threw fireworks in the interview with Tass even before seeing anyone in Moscow John says.
    The info about the last two months communication back and forth and the letter is from the 2 articles I linked to yesterday.
    Putin doesn't get all mushy and back-slappy when it comes to Russia or her interests
    Orban stated straight out, he is all business down the line.

    1. He's a total idiot. He is now totally isolating Turkey further, bringing it to the brink of destruction, and making it easy to carve up.

    2. How is he isolating Turkey? Moscow, Syria and Iran would not want the breakup of Syria only for a US proxy to emerge. If Erdogan can reach a consensus with Russia, this will be his best chance to ensure Syria's territorial integrity imo.

      It was US who initially started arming the Kurds in Northern Syria. Breaking with the US at this point seems to be in the best interest of the Turks. A united Russia, Iran and Turkey, even if this is short lived can overwhelm the US and Gulf states in Syria.

    3. Yes, but his continued belligerence towards Assad (Tass interview) prevents that. He is not playing the game tactfully, but more like a bull in a china shop, because he believes he's been stabbed in the back by the US.
      Let's remember that it's Erdogans own policies in Syria, and his ambitions and vanity that has lead Turkey to the brink of destruction.
      His stance last night at an Ankara rally "either Turkey or Gülen" is stupid. When the US doesn't extradite Gülen -- which they wont -- what then?
      He is setting the country up for confrontation with the US, one which Turkey cannot win. The US will just overtly attack the country, and take over its bases. If Turkey is going to break with the US, which they certainly should, they need to do it much more diplomatically, which the AKP village idiots aren't capable of.
      If continues like this, it will be easy for the US to get rid of him.

    4. Hi Rescue:

      If the US is going to attack Turkey, as of this moment I think they will, it will make zero difference what Erdogan says or does.

      As for his stance at the Ankara rally- he is playing to his home audience- If the US doesn't hand Gulen over the US will look vastly worse to the masses in Turkey- Erdogan knows the US won't give him up. I pretty much figure they won't. Not as long as they have a use for him- which they still must.

    5. I think the US will target Turkey through a hybrid war. Economically, & posibly some sort of Kurdish colour revolution, parred with an invasion by US trained Syrian Kurds, which has the aim of enforcing some sort of R2P crap against Turkey.

    6. Hi Rescue: That definitely sounds very, very plausible!

  5. Penny, you will appreciate this little bit of info

    "There was no officer from the rebellious Turkish military in Erdogan’s delegation. Instead, he brought Hakan Fidan (right), the US-educated chief of the Turkish intelligence agency, MIT "

    Media seems to have pretty much lied about darn near all points they are hyping Got to be a reason

  6. Foreign Policy (rag) 2008 article comes close to calling Gulen the new messiah

    note University of Florida (and evidently Virginia) article in right margin stating 'remember the 30's when we stood behind UknowWho' bull at end of their support article too.

    Fortunately, others, w/ insight exist that see through the bull and speak out.

    one should wonder just how many Gulen followers now live in US by this time

    1. Interesting in the 08 article they state Gulen is a threat to the secular order of Turkey- Now we have Gulen being a secularist threat to Islamist Turkey

      what ever suits the agenda.

      And the top public intellectual? What kind of poll was this? Who was polled? Bizarre. Definitely a promotion of this man so he could be uses as some sort of 'authority'