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Turkey/US: Cat & Mouse. Creating Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 Has Been A Mass Bloodletting

 Weaponized Migration etc., And it could get worse.

Let’s flashback to the post: Turkey's Move On Syria- Why now? Broken Promises, Coup Fall out, US Elections & Chemical Weapons Meme, Again!

At the time Turkey moved into Syria we were supposed to believe that the US was behind Turkey- That seemed less then true. Less then accurate. As mentioned:
“A senior US official, apparently traveling with US Vice-President Joe Biden, said that the United States was giving air cover to the Turkish operations, telling the Syrian government to keep its planes away”
Unnamed official traveling with Biden claims the US was giving air cover..

Here is the direct quote that is supposed to support the claim:

We have full visibility on what they [the Turks] are doing,” the official told journalists”

Having full visibility does not suggest air cover- It's more indicative of spying.

Hoping none of my readers believed that spin? - Cause the Pentagon spokesperson cited below, with a name, states plainly the US is NOT supporting Turkey in their endeavour.

From today's earlier post: Erdogan's Waterloo: Turkey Invades And Occupies Syria
Elitist  David L Philips Confirms the US was unaware of Turkey's move
The US Department of Defense was quick to distance itself Monday morning from the fighting and Turkish airstrikes, which at least one independent monitor said on Sunday killed 40 civilians.

"The United States was not involved in these activities, they were not coordinated with US forces, and we do not support them," said Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook. "We regret all loss of life in these reported clashes and have expressed our condolences to Turkey for the apparent loss of a Turkish soldier."
 US not involved. Not coordinated with US. Not supported 

Ash Carter to Turkey: Stop engaging SDF aka YPG?
"We have called upon Turkey... to stay focused on the fight against ISIL and not to engage Syrian Defense Forces, and we've had a number of contacts over the last several days," Carter said

Again, throwing mud on the idea of the US and Turkey coordinating the entry into Syria?

Brent McGurk
“DOD: We want to make clear that we find these clashes -- in areas where #ISIL is not located -- unacceptable and a source of deep concern.”

Peter Cook, Pentagon spokesperson, claims these Turkish activities are not coordinated with US forces and are not supported- and condolences for the apparent loss of a Turkish soldier?

Why apparent?

You all know the choice of words is very important. So why not just say the reported loss? Was the choice of apparent meant in this manner? “Appearing as such but not necessarily so; seeming”.
If Peter Cook was truly sending condolences “apparent” is not the appropriate word to use... Personally speaking, it's not a word I would ever use to send condolences. To anyone, anywhere, anytime. Pentagon spokesperson being intentionally disingenuous to an ally??? Turkey was never a real NATO ally - Only an ally of convenience- this has been discussed previously.
Deep Concern? Definitely much more serious in diplospeak then 'regrettable
Bottom line?

 We have Mr Cook stating plainly the US is not coordinating or supporting these activities. We have Ash Carter throwing mud on the idea of cooperation- Brent McGurk being "unacceptable and deep concern" And we have yet another slight aimed at Turkey.

Continuing on...
Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said on Monday that the goal of Euphrates Shield was to prevent the Kurds from "completing an end-to-end corridor" across Syria.

"If that happens, it means Syria has been divided," he said, according to AFP.
Hasn’t that been the plan all along? To divide Syria? I've written about that plan, here, since 2011. So, if Turkey was truly being a US ally, at this time, doesn’t it seem odd they are impeding their allies plan? Much to the annoyance of the Americans...

Turkey’s response 
The United States “should keep its word” and force the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) to withdraw to the east of the Euphrates, Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus has said, responding to U.S. President Barack Obama’s special representative Brett McGurk’s remarks on Turkey hitting PYD targets.

“The U.S. knows Turkey’s sensitivity on this issue. A promise was given: The PYD won’t stay west of the Euphrates river,” Kurtulmus told journalists in Istanbul on Aug. 29, referring to Ankara’s demand that the PYD moves back to the east of the Euphrates
The aim of Operation Euphrates Shield was to clear the Jarablus region in northern Syria of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the minister stated.

“So why is the YPG uncomfortable if the common enemy is Deash [ISIL]?” Çavusoglu said.

 “They [YPG] need to move to the east side of the Euphrates as soon as possible, as they had announced they would and as the U.S. had promised,” Çavusoglu said at a joint press conference with Dutch counterpart Bert Koenders.

hattip to Willy Loman- speaking of ISIS, like the Kurds, being besties for Israel!- really worth looking at! ‘Islamic State serves positive function (for Israel)’ – Israeli think tank

I've discussed and reminded readers of this promise made regarding Manbij- The promise was made, to my understanding, post-coup. I believe it was a promise made, with fingers crossed. If ya know what I mean?

Erdogan snubs Biden; NATO hits the rocks
As I explained, the main purpose of the Euphrates Shield operation is to occupy the strategic border town of Jarablus in northern Syria and have a showdown with the Syrian Kurds (supported by US Special Forces and American air cover). The Kurdish militia had crossed the Euphrates river a few months ago and, contrary to American assurances, they are now moving westward to realise their dream of establishing a Kurdistan straddling Turkey’s border, stretching from Iraq to East Mediterranean coast. Turkey’s ‘red line’ has been breached.
A cat-and-mouse game has been going on between Turkey and the US. The latter was calculating that Turkey won’t act on the ground to confront the Syrian Kurds militarily, especially after the recent coup attempt of July 15, which weakened the military, plus the Russian presence in Syria.

Cat and Mouse Game ongoing. Oh Yeah!: November 19/2014: Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey. & November 21/2014:  Pt.2- Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey Followed up with countless posts documenting the NATO backstabbing of Turkey. This betrayal is most probably the reason why Turkey has been constructing a massive  border wall for more then a year now!! Turkey’s Border Wall with Syria
mkbhadrakumar "The stunning part is that the Turkish incursion follows a tacit understanding with Iran (and Syria). Interestingly, Russian jets aren’t visible anywhere in the Syrian skies to stop the Turkish incursion, either. Surely, NATO is rocking, since it is highly improbable that Turkey took the US-led alliance into confidence over the Euphrates Shield operation, which, ironically, aims at destroying America’s best ally on the Syrian chessboard"
A team of Iranian intelligence officials had made a quick dash to Ankara yesterday morning to give the final touch to the concerted Euphrates Shield operation against the Syrian Kurds. The Iranian delegation presumably carried messages from Damascus for the Turkish side and returned to Tehran yesterday evening itself.
According to Iranian media reports, the deputy head of the Turkish intelligence had paid a secret visit to Damascus on Sunday. Prior to that, Turkish Foreign Minister Mavlut Cavusoglu had a stopover in Tehran on Thursday for 5 hours to personally coordinate with the Iranians – avoiding phone conversations that could have been tapped by the American electronic intelligence system. Clearly, we are witnessing the first tangible signs of a super-secret deal between Turkey and Iran to further their common agenda of preventing the emergence of a Syrian Kurdistan backed by the US and Israel connecting the Kurdish homelands between the Iraqi Kurdistan and Eastern Mediterranean. (Asharq Al-Awsat")
Turkey fears that a Syrian Kurdistan will inexorably boost the separatist Kurdish insurgency on its territory. Iran fears that Kurdistan may turn out to be the playpen of American and Israeli intelligence for undertaking subversive activities against it. Equally, Iraq and Syria also stand to lose since the creation of a Kurdistan will be at the cost of their own national unity and territorial integrity. A convergence on the Kurdish problem brings together Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.
Oh, the elephant in the room, being wilfully ignored by so many!

Personally speaking: ***Presenting the move into Syria, by Turkey, as solely being part of the NATO/Israeli planned destabilization agenda including redrawing the map of the middle east is:  
1-failing to consider that redrawn map includes a balkanized/weakened Turkey. As well as Iran.
2-It fails to consider the obvious symbiosis between Kurds and ISIS- ISIS shock troops/Kurdish moppers and annexers.. all done under the guise of 'fighting ISIS' with the US/Israel backing both sides 
3- It is also ignoring the historical fracturing of the NATO alliance at this time. 4-Russian/China's gain. Tacitly backing Turkey at this time means (a) weakened NATO, (b)No problem with Black Sea and Bosphorus access

Personally speaking again, presenting Turkey's move into Syria without considering the points mentioned above and what has been going on the past few years is a very NATO advantageous narrative- It will allow the  NATO friendly presentation to move forward with other NATO members attacking Turkey for being 'rogue'.

The Ankara-Tehran-Moscow Coalition- Pepe Escobar
As it stands, the major fact on the ground is that ‘Sultan’ Erdogan seems to have had enough of the Americans (NATO of course included) and has pivoted to Russia.

Thus the sending of certified Keystone Cop Joe Biden to Ankara to plead “not guilty” on the military coup (forget it; most Turks don’t believe Washington) and to implore Erdogan not to pursue his massive purge (pure wishful thinking).

Considering Erdogan’s notoriously erratic record, his embrace of ATM may be just a gigantic illusion, or may open yet another unforeseen can of worms. But there are signs this may be for real.

Cavusoglu has already intimated that Ankara is aiming for a military/technological upgrade that is impossible under NATO’s watch. In his own words; “Unfortunately, we see countries in NATO are a bit hesitant when it comes to exchange of technology and joint investments.”

Moscow has every reason to be quite cautious regarding myriad aspects of Erdogan’s pivoting. After all the Turkish military has been part of NATO for decades. As it stands, there’s no evidence Moscow and Ankara are looking at the same post-war Syria. But if we’re talking about the future of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), then it starts to get really interesting.

Turkey is already a “dialog partner” of the SCO, while Iran may become a full member as early as next year. Moscow is certainly envisioning Ankara as a valuable ally in the wider Sunni world, way beyond a role in repelling Salafi-jihadis in Syria. With Ankara and Tehran also talking serious business, this could eventually spill out into a serious debunking of the alleged apocalyptic Sunni-Shi’ite sectarian divide, which is the only Divide-and-Rule strategy spun and deployed non-stop by the US, Israel and the House of Saud.

It’s this enticing SCO-enhancing possibility that’s freaking Washington out big time. Russia pivoting East, Turkey pivoting East, Iran already there, and China now also actually involved in a stake in post-war Syria, that’s a geopolitical reconfiguration in Southwest Asia that once again spells out the inevitable; Eurasia integration.
 Two final questions:  

Did Turkey purge it's military enough to guarantee it will act for Turkey? 

Does Erdogan have trustworthy security?

Started on this post Monday... and that's it for today and until later tomorrow!
I've left lots to read, so please, read it :)
And thanks.


  1. If anyone is looking for a simple narrative.. there isn't one in this situation- except for this, imo, as if the years of war making in this area haven't been bad enough- this could actually get a whole lost worse- but I hope I'm wrong and cooler heads prevail, but, it hasn't happened as of yet...

    1. Erdogan gave a speech yesterday and he said, "the US funds these terror organisations (PKk and affiliates) because it suits their interests but 1 day, the guns will be pointing in their direction'. Basically implying that 1 day, the Kurdish militias will be targetting them.


      wsj reports on Rojova as if it's a legit, when it's simply annexed Syrian land

      same way as they do when israel annexes land- wash rinse repeat


    YEREVAN, AUGUST 30, ARMENPRESS. The US Department of State issued a new warning for its citizens who are now in Turkey or are going to visit there over the existing terrorist threat in that country, Hurriyet reported.

    The State Department’s announcement says the employees of the US Embassy in Ankara and the US Consulate in Istanbul can voluntarily leave the territory of Turkey from August 23 to September 23. During that period the American side will reimburse the travel costs of its employees.


    "Turkish army forces launched an offensive on Kurdish headquarters in northwestern Syria on Wednesday.

    “More than 40 mortar shells fired by Turkey’s military forces hit the YPG headquarters in the Jaqla town of Afrin countryside on Tuesday evening,” a spokesman for the YPG told ARA News.

    “After invading Jarablus city, Turkey tries to cut off the YPG-SDF supply routes in northern Syria and prevent those forces from eliminating ISIS terrorists in Aleppo province,” Battal said"

    Cutting Kurdish supply lines AND definitely related to...

    "An opposition monitoring group and a news agency linked with the Islamic State group say a suicide attacker has targeted Turkish-backed rebels in northern Syria.

    'The Islamic State group's Aamaq news agency says the "martyrdom" attack occurred in the village of Kuliyah, west of the Syrian border town of Jarablus"

    the attack came from the direction of Afrin

    RescueAugust 31, 2016 at 4:58 AM

    "Meanwhile the rats in Afrin are advancing with US aircover towards Manbij to connect cantons"

    ennyAugust 31, 2016 at 10:09 AM

    Hi Rescue- :)
    I finally did get something up on Mosul today, I wondered if the Kurds had advanced from the west, because if you notice "ISIS" attacked Turkish troops- suicide bombing- the attack came from the West and I went aha!

    1. Hi Penny

      The promise to Turkey about YPG/PKK moving to the east side of the Euphrates, was given to Turkey in may, pre coup, by President Obama in a phone conversation with Erdogan, Sec. Kerry promised the same.
      The Euphrates was Turkeys readline, they only webt along with the US using Incerlik for the operation because of this promise.
      Erdogan was stupid & the Turks are too weak. They should have said no, they knew the US wouldnt keep that promis.
      The MSM is now treating it as a crazy Turkish demand, that the US has no relation to.


    Efkan Ala, Turkey’s interior minister, resigned Wednesday, the country’s prime minister said, following a number of attacks blamed on Islamic State and Kurdish rebels.

    Ala will be replaced by Labor Minister Süleyman Soylu, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said in a televised statement, after a meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

    Ala had been interior minister for almost three years. Turkish media said his departure was unexpected, AFP reported.


    Link to an analysis by Elijah Mangier on Turkish move into Syria. His take on the why's and what's.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Don't know if you've read this previously, W. Engdahl concerning US involvement in the failed Turkish Putesch.

    1. thanks Charles. I had not read that one, but, did read it with great interest!!!
      And will be posting it later today, forcing myself to have a break from the blog- lol and we can see how well that's going!!!!

    2. Did you read E. Mangier's article. I find his analysis quite interesting.

    3. Did you read E. Mangier's article. I find his analysis quite interesting.

    4. I certainly read it. I follow him on twitter and read all his stuff. Although he is almost always correct I have a feeling he also serves an agenda, and misinformes.

    5. Hi Charles, Yup, I read it!

      I might quibble with bits of it, but, overall I would agree there was an arrangement before Turkey's entry. The failed coup, certainly, put a fire under the Turkish leadership..

      I like that he used a map of the Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0.

      I continue to be extremely disappointed in the many alternative sites who never mention the annexation of territory by the kurds as wrong, but, when ISIS did it a war had to be fought--- to support them in the creation of Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0

      I see diplomats from the US are meeting with Iranian kurds to offer support in their struggle

      wash, rinse, repeat

    6. Rescue, doesn't everyone have an agenda? Bloggers, commentors, authors, you name it. As for misinforming, I must respectfully disagree. At least I've not seen any over arching attempt to do so.

    7. Rescue, doesn't everyone have an agenda? Bloggers, commentors, authors, you name it. As for misinforming, I must respectfully disagree. At least I've not seen any over arching attempt to do so.

    8. Yes, everyone does. I guess, what I mean is that he is pragmatic, and doesn't worry as much over things that I do. He says it himself " I just report".

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you so much, Charles.
      I hadn't taken Zbigniew Brzezinski words seriously, because it wasn't widely reported & was smeared as a hoax. And I believed it was, LOL. Unbelievable me! who is alert to the lies of the MSM, still intangled in their web of lies.

    2. I agree that it is hard to take Zbig seriously. But I trust Engdahl. Read his "Top USA National Security Officials Admit Turkey Coup"@
      But what almost forced me to admit Zbig is right is that (from WE):
      …one of the members of the American-Israeli lobby in the Constantinople Patriarchate is Father Alexander Karloutsos, Public Affairs Officer close to Archbishop Demetrios (of America-w.e.). Thanks to his ties with high-level officials and Greek-American billionaires, he is basically the only person who controls the money flows from the US to the Phanar (the Greek Orthodox part of Istanbul-w.e.), and that gives him wide possibilities of exerting pressure upon the Ecumenical Patriarchate. On the other hand, Karloutsos is also in good relations with former CIA Director George Tenet, and with the preacher Fethullah Gülen cooperating with the American intelligence....
      It seems to be a cozy network of CIA-Gülen-Constantinople Patriarchate-Clintons, all financed with “money from Greek-American billionaires.”
      Arthur H. Hughes... was US Ambassador to Yemen in the 1990’s during the Clinton Presidency, then Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs. He also served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Near East and South Asia, and was Deputy Chief of Mission in Tel Aviv. His linking of Gülen to the CIA and to the Constantinople Patriarchate points to one of the least-public and most influential covert CIA-run networks in the world, the anti-Moscow Orthodox Patriarchate of Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople. Hughes suggests that if Erdogan and the Turkish government are serious about dealing with future coup threats, they should put the Constantinople Patriarchate under the magnifying glass."

      I can't stress enough the Engdahl words: "the least-public and most influential covert CIA-run networks in the world, the anti-Moscow Orthodox Patriarchate of Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople". It should be a glaring example of how one could operate under your nose, while you look the other way (when you are made to look the other way!). Orthodoxy is the blind spot of 'Western' perception of the world. Nobody understoo what happened in Crete at the so-called Pan-Orthodox Council (glamorized as the "Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church") which represented the failure of centuries old efforts to bring the Orthodox Church under the whip of the ecumenistic pseudo-Church of the 'West'. But as our Lord said: 'no one can put the light under the bushel' (free quotation).

    3. @WizOz Very interesting. I've read quite a bit on the rift between the Orthodox factions but not being Orthodox myself, it's murky territory, the religious language alone makes it nearly impossible at times.

      Very glad to see your info on this and it clears up a few dark areas I didn't even realize. Will be reading the Engdahl article next.
      I really like him anyhow and as you say, he's trustworthy as they come in this geo-pol maze.

    4. @WizOz
      the article on Orthodox corruption is pulled, or 'unpublished' ( a term I've never seen prior ) :)

      NOTE: EurActiv has unpublished this article following confirmation that the author was a fake. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused at a challenging time for Turkey and have taken measures to strengthen our internal processes as a consequence.

    5. @WizOz
      Huges is American Ambassador (retired)
      not very nice for euractiv to call him FAKE :/

      several other venues had kept it.. like this one, in case someone else wishes to read it.

      Will Ankara take aim at Patriarch Bartholomew?

      I know I'm going to read, and not only because it's labelled (now) 'politically incorrect'

    6. Interesting.

      Serbs rejected that Orthodox confab.
      Serb churches up in flames on multiple continents.

      Related? 09Jun16

      "Before holding this historical event it is necessary to resolve the differences between the local Churches, reach a consensus and revise the draft documents due to be adopted at the Council, the press service of the Serbian Orthodox Church cited the letter as saying. Moscow Patriarchate proposed to hold an urgent Pan-Orthodox Pre-Council Conference not later than June 10. It pointed out that the non-participation of at least one local Church in the Council makes the convocation of it impossible. It also said that several churches and monasteries of Athos proposed amendments to the draft documents of the Council that are in sync with the proposals of the Russian Church, and “require fundamental consideration for the purposes of finding Pan-Orthodox consensus.”"

      Australia and NY fires

    7. I got some reading to do, definitely

    8. @Anon, yes, those are two of the recent events that I noticed and tweeted about, not realizing what the split was really about.
      The info WizOz left really was helpful.

      There was a series of articles spelling out the 'rift' at Oriental Review, but I honestly couldn't grasp it all even though I read a couple of them, other than to realize it was a very deep issue naturally.

    9. Turkish judge just picked up off the coast heading to greece to joined the 8 trying to get sanctuary in Europe.

      Vatican-russian orthodox-hk-brazil worth exploring at least as far as Christianphobia and the Christian role in Brazil parliment. Parties in greece - presumably on the other side of the aisle to those looking to roll back Russians sanctions and. Halt the China balkans route, calling out a Greek genocide in Turkey days ago.

    10. saw that news about the judge... he came in with some refugees... what an interesting way of surreptitiously transporting (importing or exporting) fighters, coup plotters, and other questionable persons

  9. couple of items from news catching.

    50 to go on hunger strike, demanding news from PKK leader Öcalan

    and this oddity (which I'm very suspect about )
    US journalist detained in Turkey after fleeing Syria

    smells bad. where she is from.. captive of nusra the whole story stinks of tribe operative
    jmho :)

    1. The journalist is a CIA/Mossad agent. A well known zionist. Her zionist friend, who campaigns for a US war on Assad & Syria, tweeted about her dear friend being unfairly targeted

    2. saw that news, in fact, have it bookmarked and it sure does smell bad!

    3. Thanks Rescue,
      other than the story itself being fishy as all get out, that Cheshire (smug) grin on her face just stuck out like a thumb to me ;)

  10. Hi Pen,
    Interesting article

    This explains somewhat for me the comments of Biden's supporting Turkey's incursion into Syria and the talk of US air cover which didn't eventuate.

    Note that the talks between Turkey, Syria and Russia happened AFTER Turkey invaded and after the US left them high and dry

    1. hi james: I will read it thanks.

      I get the impression from mkbhadrakumar's article that the meetings with iran was conducted the day before Turkey entered Syria

      mkb's article linked in my post was written the very day that Turkey moved into Syria..

      "The stunning part is that the Turkish incursion follows a tacit understanding with Iran (and Syria).

      A team of Iranian intelligence officials had made a quick dash to Ankara yesterday morning to give the final touch to the concerted Euphrates Shield operation against the Syrian Kurds. The Iranian delegation presumably carried messages from Damascus for the Turkish side and returned to Tehran yesterday evening itself.

      Turkey entered Syria on the Wednesday- mkb has all this back and forth going on on Tuesday

      Biden was, imo, just projecting power and presenting a skewed version of reality that the US was in on this.. I'm sure it was comforting to some parties

      I see by the article at katehon the author is referring to meetings in Baghdad afterwards

      The non response of all parties when Turkey did enter Syria, implies, there was prior knowledge by Russia, Iran, and Syria... with Iran being the go between the day before.