Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Turn for The Worse: Obama "Considers" Arming Syrian Kurds to Fight ISIS

 1- Thought the Kurds had already been fighting ISIS and were in fact the 'fiercest fighters' against ISIS?? Still, all this time later........ ISIS exists. 
*As the commonly presented 'to be feared enemy'
*And the obfuscation by US/NATO/Israel to remake the region

2- The NYT's  headline presents this as if this is some new or unique plan Obama is considering.
It is neither new nor unique, as readers here already know. If you don't, have no fear, I'll refresh!

US Airdrops Weapons to Kurdish Militias in Northern Syria: Kurds & War Crimes!
 In a major boost for forces fighting Islamic State extremists in Syria but likely to stir controversy with NATO ally Turkey, the United States on Monday began airdropping pallets of weapons and ammunition to a Syrian Kurdish militia.
 “They started dropping the arms in Rojava early this morning,” said Polat Can, the spokesman for the Democratic Union Party (PYD)
US Airdrops Tons & Tons of Munitions into Northern Syria- For the “good” terrorists
Unconfirmed but interesting and quite plausible
PUKmedia: YPG will receive 120ton of weapons&ammo fr US within 24h. Not confirmed by YPG yet.
 Silent Soldier/2015-"The 50 tons of supplies were airdropped into Al-Hasakah province, home to Syrian Kurds, Arabs and a minority Assyrian community"
Bloomberg: US Arms Drop Ends Up Arming the Kurds

U.S. Drops Weapons to Kurds Defending Kobani
 They were dropped by three American C-130 aircraft, which met no resistance from the air or ground, a second administration official said.
NYT's reported weapons drops in 2014 also
 “There was an urgent need to resupply,” a senior Obama administration official said in a hastily organized conference call Sunday night. “This was the quickest way to get the job done.”
Clearly there have been multi ton airdrops to the Kurds in Northern Syria already
- Never mind that which is delivered with via the Americans at the bases they've built in annexed Syrian territory
-Never mind the weapons that flow freely between Iraq and Syria via the PKK, via land routes

Considering known facts, how is it we are supposed to believe the US is just now planning to directly arm Syrian Kurdish fighters? Obviously we cannot believe this claim.That said it is very clear the US is sending  more arms to northern Syria with the intention of increasing  the level of warfare ongoing in Syria. Including upping the ante with Turkey!

I understand some readers here think the US hasn't already betrayed Turkey- but the US has.
 And they did long before the coup.  All those air drops to the Syrian Kurds were the equivalent of knives into the nation of Turkey... It's going to get much worse.

The NYT's mentions the problems the US is having with Turkey.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is weighing a military plan to directly arm Syrian Kurdish fighters combating the Islamic State, a major policy shift that could speed up the offensive against the terrorist group but also sharply escalate tensions between Turkey and the United States.
 Oh, yes it will escalate the tensions.  Which tells us tension is already present. And clearly the US wants to escalate that tension. As they did with the previous airdrops. And the coup. Aiding and abetting the PKK in Turkey.

Could these be the fierce "ISIS" fighters pictured below?

Kurdish Y.P.G. fighters last year during a battle for Tel Tamer, Syria, at their combat outpost on the outskirts of the city. Credit Mauricio Lima for The New York Times

Sure they could! 

NYT's continues....

The plan has been under discussion by the National Security Council staff at a moment when President Obama has directed aides to examine all proposals that could accelerate the fight against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. Mr. Obama has told aides that he wants an offensive well underway before he leaves office that is aimed at routing the Islamic State from Raqqa, the group’s de facto capital in northern Syria.

Deciding whether to arm the Syrian Kurds is a difficult decision for Mr. Obama, who is caught in the middle trying to balance the territorial and political ambitions of Turkey and the Syrian Kurds, two warring American allies that Washington needs to combat the Islamic insurgency.
Directly providing weapons for the first time to the Syrian Kurds, whom American commanders view as their most effective ground partner against the Islamic State, (Meme)  would help build momentum for the assault on Raqqa. But arming them would also aggravate Mr. Obama’s already tense relations with Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The United States and Turkey sharply disagree over Syria’s Kurdish militias, which Turkey sees as its main enemy in Syria.
The plan has filtered up through the Pentagon’s Central Command, which oversees American military operations in the Middle East. It calls for providing the Syrian Kurds with small arms and ammunition, and some other supplies, for specific missions, but no heavy weapons such as antitank or antiaircraft weapons.
American officials note that the proposal has not yet been presented at the administration’s highest levels for decision. White House officials declined to comment on it.

The review of the military plan comes as American commanders fear that their timetable to take Raqqa was set back after Turkey recently plunged into Syria with ground forces for the first time.
'American commanders fear that their timetable to take Raqqa was set back after Turkey recently plunged into Syria with ground force"
The Turkish offensive cut off a crucial Islamic State supply route but also rolled back the territorial gains of Kurdish militias, who despite help on the ground from American Special Operations advisers have criticized the United States for allying with Turkey.
" rolled back the territorial gains of Kurdish militias" Territorial gains at the expense of Syria!
American commanders view the plan to arm the Syrian Kurds, whose population straddles the border with Turkey, as an incentive to keep them on board for the fight against the Islamic State. Asked if the recent volatile military and political situation around the Syrian-Turkish border had slowed the pace for taking Raqqa, Gen. Joseph L. Votel, the head of Central Command, said last week that it might have.
“We don’t necessarily control the timeline ourselves,” General Votel told a security conference here sponsored by the Institute for the Study of War.
Associates of General Votel say he has expressed much greater concern in private over maintaining momentum in the fight against the Islamic State, especially if the Syrian Kurds and Turkey continue to clash with each other.
General Votel said last week, “We have to play a leadership role on both sides” — Turks and Kurds — “and keep focus on the mission to defeat ISIS.”
In the past two years the Pentagon has provided small arms, ammunition and other supplies to a group acceptable to Turkey — the Syrian Arabs, a minority in the Kurdish-dominated umbrella group that is fighting the Islamic State. About 350 resupply deliveries have been made by air or by land to the Syrian Arab militias, according to the American military command in Iraq.
But out of deference to Turkey, the United States has not directly armed the Kurdish fighters themselves. (LIE!! - see all linked articles and previous posts that open this one)
Many analysts say the Pentagon’s support to the Syrian Arabs is basically cover for aid to the Syrian Kurds, who call the shots in the wider alliance, coordinate airstrikes with the United States, and are considered the most capable fighters. But arming the Kurds directly, even for just specific missions, would still be a significant shift practically and symbolically.
-The US is looking to increase the war making.
-The US is looking to increase tensions with Turkey
-The US wants to assist the Kurds because together they are redrawing the borders of the middle east & asia
- Destroying existing nation states- causing the refugee crisis which is globally destabilizing and culturally destructive.
And Israel is looking at this destruction and expansion as their win/win- Because Arabs and Christians have been decimated in this action- Which pleases Israel to no end!

One last video, available at the link below:

 Obama, Netanyahu: US and Israel Have 'Unbreakable' Bond

 Speaking after a closed door meeting, President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu say the bound between U.S. and Israel is "unbreakable."
An unbreakable bond of massive destruction and ethnic cleansing. Yup!

From earlier today:

Russia Called US Twice To Stop US Airstrikes on SAA


  1. Penny:

    Factoring in the "good news" reported by NTS this morning...that a Russian missile took out a headquarters in Syria that contained about 30 Israeli, US and Turkish special forces...I'm wondering WHO gave Russia the intelligence of this headquarters hidden in the Syrian mountains. Hmmmmmm...could it have been their newfound friend...Turkey?

    Ergo....the US's new "consideration" about whether to arm the Kurds...payback to the Turks???



      Yep, good news

    2. Need to stand up the army to protect greater rojava. Anti air. Train and equip converted to spotters. Specops into the zone. Airbase south mosul. Awacs. and b52 in theater.

    3. So a Russian missle that took out a headquarters in Syria where the Israeli, US, Turkish alliance's special forces were sharing tea and intelligence was provided coordinates by Turkey? Allegedly to kill members of their own, Turkey's, special forces? I don't put anything past the Turks, but it just appears a bit far fetched. Maybe I'm dense? Could someone explain the rationale?

    4. Maybe this one has further info on that report
      It's from Fars via Sputnik
      30 Israeli, Foreign Intelligence Officers Killed in Russia's Caliber Missile Attack in Aleppo

    5. Charles:
      If all reporting is correct.

      The Turks sitting around with the Israeli's and Americans would be well integrated into the NATO infrastructure (deep state) and would be turncoats against Turkey (nation/state) so it would make sense for Turkey (nation/state) to rid themselves of turncoats/destabilizers.

    6. Penny,

      Love your site however we will continue to disagree about Turkey (nation/state) and Erdogan.

    7. Penny,

      Love your site however we will continue to disagree about Turkey (nation/state) and Erdogan.

  2. Everything goes according to plan. The US and Israel just do their job. Turkey must be destabilized and then an independent Kurdistan will be created. Five years ago Uncle Sam began sending weapons to Syrian rebels (FSA) and now to the Kurds. A project called Kurdistan looms on the horizon. If Erdogam can't see this he must be blind.

    1. Hi Anonymous:

      Years ago Uncle Sam and company started sending weapons to everyone to destroy Syria.

      And yes Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 looms on the horizon, in some form, because a remaking of the ME and asia is on going, in plain site

      I've written about this for years now-

      Erdogan can see it- I saw the destabilization of Turkey coming nearly two years ago- Surely it's civilian leadership has also
      Signs indicate, in my opinion, Turkey is well aware of the betrayal


      Turkish special forces commander Zekai Aksakallı in Syria’s Jarablus. Aksakallı, in his former capacity as major general, played a key role in the defeat of the attempted coup after realizing that his deputy, Brigadier General Salih Terzi, was an active member of the junta.

      The article about Akar leaked a day before the Syria incursion.

  3. Also US, Canada special forces are already embedded with the Kurds. I bet this will be ramped up also, if not directly, through blackwater et al.

    1. Yup, Canadians special forces have been embedded with Kurdish militias for years now

      Recall our Kurdish "allies" killed a Canadian special forces officer and injured a number of others..?

      Recall that was swept right under the rug by the government?

      There are posts here covering that quickly disappeared news..