Sunday, September 4, 2016

Obama Meets Erdogan In Bid To Patch Up Differences-Obama Snubbed

By more parties then one.


If a picture tells a thousand words, then what theme or message are we receiving from this image?

Considering: NYT's chose the Sunday of a long weekend to use this image with accompanying article (no one but a die hard news follower will see this image)

Summit leaders posed on Sunday for a “family photo,” with President Obama on one side, and his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on the other, where he listened to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

Go ahead, make that image a bit larger.  Take a good look at it? What do you notice?

President Obama sought on Sunday to heal a rift with Turkey

-  Mr. Obama’s comments, after he met with Mr. Erdogan before a Group of 20 summit meeting here, seemed calculated to smooth over hard feelings in Turkey

 -“This is the first opportunity that I’ve had to meet face to face with President Erdogan since the terrible attempted coup,” Mr. Obama said, facing the Turkish leader across a long table. “We’re glad you’re here, safe, and that we are able to continue to work together.”

Wow, I do NOT believe Obama, not at all.  I am supposed to believe that Obama is truly happy that Erdogan is present, safe and able to work with him and yet, couldn't find a moment to meet face to face with Erdogan in nearly two months????

-The president papered over the fact that Turkey’s interests have diverged recently from those of the United States, particularly in Syria

- Erdogan :“We have to embrace the same stance against all terrorist organizations around the world,” he said, adding, “Our hope is never to see a belt of terrorism, a corridor of terrorism emerging in or around our region.”

No Red Carpet for Obama in China!

 link for image

The US has been agitating in the South China Sea...

It's the second day of high-stakes diplomacy for Obama, who arrived here Saturday to an inauspicious welcome: no red-carpeted stairs for Air Force One and open quarreling on the tarmac between Chinese and US officials over press access. Other leaders arriving for the G20 here were greeted with a far grander welcome.
 It's been reported Susan Rice was not treated in the manner she had expected


  1. Yes, I saw that pic, Penny...and noted that le Dauphin isn't in the cropped pic at all. The larger version has him off to the right.

    1. Yup, I noticed Trudeau wasn't in the picture!
      That was curious?

      I also noticed

      -Putin and Erdogan chatted, very engaged, and did not concern themselves with the picture

      - Obama at a distance including from Merkel
      -Obama looking at Putin and Erdogan

      RT has a video up which shows Putin and Erdogan continue on in conversation, without pausing for niceties

      It's also been reported when Obama landed in China no red carpet was rolled out for him

      I'm going to add more links to the post

      However, I am getting the distinct feeling that Obama was being snubbed, if it's because he's an outgoing President or if there is more to it then that....??

    2. grrr...can't find the specific video

  2. also:

    "In response to mortar fire earlier today, IDF targeted Syrian regime artillery positions in the Syrian Golan Heights," the message read"

    I'm calling baloney on this being responsive

    1. Leaks of Russia and us deal on Syria have assad air force grounded just as reports of assad forces re imposing a siege aleppo?

      Related: us force for first time backed assyrians in Iraq airstrikes

  3. What I think is going on is that BRICS is giving Obama, et al a taste of their own medicine. Remember the last couple of G8/G20 meetings when they attempted to isolate and snub Putin? Well, turnabout is fair play. Maybe the juvenile characters will get the message that if you play these games...when the opportunity comes for revenge...that's exactly what will happen.

    1. Good comment, Greencrow. Psychopaths think they can suspend the law of cause and effect when it suits them.

  4. The 2 Heads directly behind Angela Merkel, both to the left and right both looking at Obama, the look is not complimentary. Missing is Theresa May ,, or is the UK not part of the G20 anymore? TM is probably too busy dismantling the Human Rights of the UK citizens to attend.,,, Just a thought. Cheers Penny

  5. Also missing in the photo is the US Flag. :-)

    1. Good catch, yep the other Adults are making it hard on the kids that came to the show.

  6. obomber becomes the guest from hell.