Thursday, September 22, 2016

Syrian No Fly Zone: Kerry makes the Call. Germany Seconds.

Kerry makes the call at the UN

Video available:  45 minutes long- Lavrov speaks first. Kerry follows.

Germany follows it up:

 Steinmeier urged to introduce no-fly zone over Syria for 3-7 days

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged to introduce no-fly zone over Syria for 3-7 days, TASS reported quoting Foreign Minister of Germany. He said that the situation in Syria was on a knife-edge. The truce was only possible in the case of ban on military flights over Syria at least for three and preferably for seven days.
Obviously, Russia opposes a no fly zone

Undoubtedly Syria is not on board with this!
"There are talks again, including at a very high level, of enforcing a no-fly zone over Syria to stabilize the situation. This solution is completely unacceptable to us. We saw what such measures led to in other parts of the world,' Ryabkov told RIA Novosti news agency.
Kerry's wanted only Syria and Russian planes to be grounded
Germany wants all planes to be grounded
Earlier today:


  1. Would it include Kalibr's

    P5 meeting today as well on UNGA sidelines

    1. Too late for Kalibr

      Interesting that nobody in my english speaking blogosphere talked about that. ISIS Command center in Aleppo hit by Russian Kalibr missile, several Israelis, British, Saudi, Qatari, US and British high ranked officers killed.
      It was also on arabic and french sputnik bt I couldn't find it in english (doesn't mean it does not exist but that I'm incapable).

    2. hey gallier2

      The link for that news was left here by jo and GC mentioned it too
      I hadn't read about it anywhere in English media until they brought it to my attention


  2. He said that the situation in Syria was on a knife-edge.

    Sounds like the USA/SA/Israel backed ISIS thugs are in deep trouble.

    1. As a german the only that I can say about Steinmeier: He is a felon!

      Gallier the Elder

    2. Greg: they are in trouble- if they lose Aleppo, they pretty much lose it all

    3. Gallier the Elder:

      In that case, Steinmeier is in good company with John Kerry!

  3. If the Russians had imposed and enforced their own 'no fly zone' after their bomber was shot down (with the help of the US) and the no fly was extended to all nations flying over Syria other than Russia, Syria and Russia would not find themselves in this contorted mess now.

    The more you negotiate with a psychopath, the worse situation you find yourself in. It's axiomatic, ffs. Sometimes I just tear my hair out!

    1. james: see the latest about Turkey and Russia coordinating air space together- interesting..

  4. Hey Kerry, what about a no-fly zone over Palestine? Seems the US is not a country the US is a gang.

    Russian Defense Ministry confirms US drone was present during Aleppo aid attack.

    "Unlike the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, we do have facts or the information from air data recorders on the situation in the Aleppo zone on September 19," he said. "And this information proves very unambiguously a US attack drone Predator from Incirlik airbase was present in the zone of location of the humanitarian convoy near the town of Urum al-Kurba."

    "What the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff and the U.S. Secretary of Defense have at their disposal - and it’s clear to everyone now - is their personal opinions and fear for a yet another error or a purported provocation," Gen Konashenkov said."

    1. Hey Kerry, what about a no-fly zone over Palestine? Seems the US is not a country the US is a gang.

      The US is the gang leader!

      I had seen the news regarding the presence of the Predator drone...