Friday, September 23, 2016

The US Delivers Plane Loads of Weapons to Kurdish Proxy Terror Army- Displacing Christians

Recall the post from earlier this week? A Turn for The Worse: Obama "Considers" Arming Syrian Kurds to Fight ISIS 

As I had suspected, if the media was mentioning this news as something being "considered", this was a done deal!

Sputnik: Plane Loads of Arms delivered to Kurds in Annexed Syrian Territory

Sputnik fudged the  quote! Intentional or accidental I don't know? They are quoting Andalou.
I have Andolou (AA)  linked below and clearly Erdogan stated two plane loads
"Three days ago three aircraft with US armaments for Syrian Kurds' forces landed in the Syrian Kobani," Erdogan said
Reuters: US Sent Weapons To Kurdish Fighters In Syria

Erdogan raised the issue in New York with Joe Biden:

 "Three days ago America dropped two plane loads of weapons in Kobani for these terror groups," he said, adding he had raised the issue on Wednesday with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden who he said had no knowledge of this.

“Three days ago, America landed two planes loaded with weapons. Where? In Kobani. For whom? For the PYD and YPG,” Erdogan said, referring to a Syrian city within sight of Turkey’s southern border.
“A very serious mistake is being committed before the world’s eyes,” he added.
Erdogan went on to slam the rationalization that the PYD and YPG are being armed since they are fighting Daesh.
“Now, Al-Nusra is a terror organization. Al-Nusra in the same way is fighting Daesh. If those who fight Daesh are not terrorists then Al-Nusra too, is not terrorist.” 
Erdogan said that PYD and YPG are affiliates of the PKK terrorist organization that is fighting Turkey. “They are together. They are the same,” he said.

Regarding Raqqa:

Raqqa is Islamic State's stronghold in Syria.
But Erdogan spokesman Ibrahim Kalin on Thursday ruled out the possibility of Turkey joining an operation by coalition forces against Islamic State in Raqqa if the YPG also takes Kurdish fighters also take part.
 Additional commentary from earlier this week went like this!

-The US is looking to increase the war making.
-The US is looking to increase tensions with Turkey
-The US wants to assist the Kurds because together they are redrawing the borders of the middle east & asia
- Destroying existing nation states- causing the refugee crisis which is globally destabilizing and culturally destructive.
And Israel is looking at this destruction and expansion as their win/win- Because Arabs and Christians have been decimated in this action- Which pleases Israel to no end!
 Yes, Christians have been decimated in this action! 
 Before posting this information here, it was posted at Syrian Perspective in a comment.
Here's is what I said:
I'll be posting this at my blog- Syper's are getting the first peek at this news
For the Kurdish/Israel disinfo persons at Syper-- and for those who don't get what is and has been going on. This is where the Kurds and ISIS and Israel are all on the same page. The expulsion of christians!
Kurds ‘expel Christians’ in Hassaka
"Christians are being targeted as Kurdish militia assert their control in Syria’s north-eastern city of Hassaka, a senior local Christian leader has said.
*"Whenever the Kurdish militia enter in action to reaffirm its military hegemony over the city, the epicentre of their raids and acts of force is always the area of the six churches, where most of the Christians live,"" Agenzia Fides this week quoted Syriac Catholic Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo saying.
*"In many cases they expelled the Christians from their homes under the threat of Kalashnikovs. And where they enter, they loot everything,"" Hindo added, noting he had himself narrowly escaped a bullet to the head when shots were fired through his window.
Back in June, Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II escaped an attack during the celebration of Pentecost in Qamishli, a town an hour and half drive northeast of Hassaka in an area largely controlled by Kurds.
The UN estimates that of the 1.8 million Christians living in Syria before the war, only 600,000 – 900,000 remain"
Is it any wonder that I am appalled at the actions of the Kurdish militias PKK/YPG/TAK it all the same?
What I wonder is why so many cheer the behaviour of these thugs as they displace Christians from their long inhabited lands
The Kurds are as bad as ISIS and on par with Israel- Since I don't cheer for ISIS or Israel as they harm, displace and kill persons how the heck can I cheer on the same type of thuggish behaviour by the kurds
I'll requote
"Whenever the Kurdish militia enter in action to reaffirm its military hegemony over the city, the epicentre of their raids and acts of force is always the area of the six churches, where most of the Christians live"
"In many cases they expelled the Christians from their homes under the threat of Kalashnikovs. And where they enter, they loot everything"
Same as ISIS. Just like Israel- They all have a hatred of christians in common

 Just think what will happen to these undesirables and many others now that the US has delivered plane loads of weapons to these Kurdish extremists!

From earlier today:  

Turkey, Russia Discuss Deal To Coordinate Flights Over Syria

If Turkey and Russia cooperate on airspace... ?????
It will certainly get the US up in arms- but it is sensible they avoid any dangerous situations


  1. Sputnik has got to do better when directly quoting anyone at all
    So the US delivered the weapons, days ago- Another reason the ceasefire had to be put to an end
    And of course, Turkey is less then amused
    That said the US will be less then amused of Russia and Turkey work cooperatively over the skies of Syria
    and Kurds are still killing and displacing Christians

  2. I over slept but you didn't ;^)

    Read most of your piece, I had come over to give you similar in Hurryet link

    Erdogan aka Saudi puppet also urges Obama to veto the '9-11' law.

    Yes, destroying Christianity is paramount in their game plan. I"ve now read it several places in writings dating back 3 centuries.

    1. Interesting Erdogan is saying well let's get this done and the US drags their feet

      That was the point I was making with my question a week or so ago?
      How is it the Kurds and the US in all this time haven't yet got rid of ISIS- and the obvious answer is- ISIS is still useful to the kurd and US agenda of remaking the ME
      I view Erdogan statement as putting the US on the spout or outing their 'war on terror' rhetoric

      He's stating for all intents and purposes the US is not really fighting to finish of Daesh

    2. "I view Erdogan statement as putting the US on the spout or outing their 'war on terror' rhetoric"

      That should have been putting US on the spot..
      and yah karin, jealous of your sleeping in
      I'm up at 4:30 am
      in the dark!

  3. Off topic but interesting:
    Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova hopes that the primary radar data obtained from the concern Almaz-

    Antey showing the air traffic situation in the area where the ill-fortunate flight MH17 was lost over Donbass on July 17, 2014 will shed light on the circumstances of the disaster.


    AWACs already admitted to be up

    1. that would be good for the families of MH17 victims
      ( I read the tass story-)
      AWACS- now or then?

    2. Militias will not like this.

      "Just a few days ago, there was a meeting that was chaired and supervised by [KRG] President [Masoud] Barzani, between the commander of the Peshmerga forces, Iraqi Army commanders, as well as the coalition, namely the US, in order to put the final touches on the military preparation," Bakir said of the pending operations to liberate Mosul.

      Read more:

    3. Not the AWACs but that alleged Ukriane fighter that was said to be trailing the plane.

    4. Falah Mustafa Bakir also noted that countries must increase humanitarian aid to Iraq’s Kurdistan region or millions of displaced people could face misery following an operation to liberate Mosul. "With this operation, all estimates are such that about 1 million people will be displaced, [and] more than half of them will be coming to us in the Kurdistan region," Bakir said on Thursday. "If enough measures are not taken, we would be witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe soon.

      Read more:

      Sinjar and that self funded Yazidi chronicler of death and genocide. Turkey just refused to take its troops out of Iraq which opens that question of those camps it built in Faysh Khabur, Assyrian town. Were the Turks not building camps in Fishkhabour?

      August 2014: The Turkish government decided to shelter Yazidi refugees in Silopi in a camp near Mor Gabriel Monastery in Mardin which was set up earlier for Syriacs that have fled to Turkey. The municipality of the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa has also decided to set up a camp for 3,000 Yazidis.

    5. Repost

      The Kurdish regional government’s spokesman, Safeen Dizayee, said the peshmerga “will not stop their advances until all Kurdistan’s territories in the Ninevah region are liberated.” He added that they will not withdraw “from areas they are going to liberate in the future.”

      Iran will like that now that the US is training PAK militias and the US CENTCOM nominee is warning about KHORISAN

      Wiki: The major ethnic groups in this region are Persians with Kurdish, Turks and Turkmen minorities.

      ussia has recently
      touted the
      idea that the United States is abandoning the region and is leaving behind
      an unstable situation in Afghanistan which will lead to the potential threat of the
      Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant
      -Khorasan Province (ISIL
      -KP) as well as the
      Taliban creating instability
      in Central Asia.

      US training PAK

      Noting the post Uzbek President death, the president of Krygz in a Moscow hospital after falling ill en route to Istanbul

  4. "Three days ago America dropped two plane loads of weapons in Kobani for these terror groups," he said, adding he had raised the issue on Wednesday with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden who he said had no knowledge of this.

    Of course pedophile Joe wasn't in on the "drop" info. He's part of the Obama Regime "cover" for the real occupation government in USrael.

    1. Yah, Joe Biden is as useless as they come. Must have been why he got sent to Turkey to 'patch things up'

  5. Hi Penny,
    First time commenting but always read here. Just another straw to add into the Kurd haystack...
    Can we see the connection with Gulen more clearly now? This pretty much confirms it. To me the Kurds/Israel/US "are" ISIS/AL NUSRA et al, one in the same. The masks are off by the actions being done. It is my thought that the US/ISRAEL want a full fledged war before elections...the "shoe-in" that became the test form of Bush by using OBL as the fake enemy. It's all delusions and illusions while many get murdered. Gulen is a dangerous stronghold here in the US...and I parallel this with a similar spree in the near future. What a sick and evil government the US is...and all I hope for is the total incineration of it. Thank you for the updates, much appreciated. (To include links from comments, thanks.)

    1. I forgot to add...Fetulah Gulen was AGAINST the Gaza freedom flotilla called the Mavi Marmara (which came out of Turkey).

      ["Gaza flotilla[edit]
      Gülen criticized the Turkish-led Gaza flotilla for trying to deliver aid without Israel's consent.[99] He spoke of watching the news coverage of the deadly confrontation between Israeli commandos and multinational aid group members as its flotilla approached Israel's sea blockade of Gaza. He said, "What I saw was not pretty, it was ugly." He has since continued his criticism, saying later that the organizers' failure to seek accord with Israel before attempting to deliver aid was "a sign of defying authority, and will not lead to fruitful matters."[100]"]

    2. Hi wallflower- thanks for reminding me of the mavi marmara incident-- because, yes, you are correct Gulen was very opposed to delivering aid without Israel's ok.

      "Kurds/Israel/US "are" ISIS/AL NUSRA et al, one in the same"

      throw in special ops from NATO nations and a pile of mercenaries and you got it!

    3. I'm extremely worried about the Gulen cult in America and feel there are far more in #'s than we even imagine
      and recruiting more every day I'm sure

  6. Going by the latest reports.. it appears as if Syrian army and Russian airforces are making a very concerted effort to flush terrorists out of Aleppo:

    Ignore the white hats bullshit from G& M

    Also Friday, a Syrian military official said airstrikes and shelling in Aleppo might continue for an extended period and the operation will expand into a ground invasion of rebel-held districts. The unnamed military official was quoted by Syrian state media as saying that operations in rebel-held eastern parts of the city, “will include a ground offensive.”

    The air campaign was followed by an announcement late Thursday by Syria’s military command in Aleppo that it is launching new operations in rebel-held eastern quarters of the city. The announcement and reports of clashes on several edges of the besieged city raised concerns of imminent ground operations.

  7. Will I awake tomorrow morning to news that the NATO allies will have fired on Damascus or some other type of demoralizing action, for Syria, taken by NATO thugs

    Will Israel make a big move on Golan?

    If the push is on in Aleppo is the NATO terror army going to stand for it!

  8. more craziness and wtf?

    there are claims right now that ISIS shotdown a US drone and a British fighter jet! I kid you not!

    The unmanned drone crashed near the town of Ash Shaddadi, aorund 50km from the border between Iraq and Syria.

    Local news agencies are reporting the aircraft was shot out of the sky by ISIS.

    The terror cult are now claiming on social to have brought down the US aircraft.

    Unsubstantiated news stories such as these give me cause for concern.

  9. the news has changed to ISIS tries to shoot down raf jet

    "British pilots have used evasive manoeuvres, electronic defences and decoys to avoid ground fire including missiles and anti-aircraft artillery"

    Its fear mongering but the timing bothers me!

    1. Russia and Syria need to impose an effective no fly zone and they need to do it yesterday


    also an interesting read

    1. Pla recently warned the Australians over the scs joint patrols that China should give it a bloody lip. And it was Fraser who wanted that Australia should end the us deployments and not follow us policy. UK taking the lead..


  11. This is the same scenario that the US applied to Iraqi Kurdistan.

    1. Un chief out protesting the offensive against rebel east. Lost in the ceasfire was that assad 48hr deadline. Lavrov has said the us isn't serious and surely those kobane dumps are not helping the convoy cause. Us just called emergency UNSC meeting for Sunday.

    2. the weapons dump wasn't designed to help anything except the destruction and remake of the me agenda


    Will search additional sources for back up.



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  14. Replies
    1. charles: notice the special forces are all in annexed Syrian territory alongside the Kurds- without the consent of the government of Damascus.

      what other nations special forces are there also
      uk, france, canada- bet on it!

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  16. thanks for all the updates
    was busy outside yesterday,but, was trying to keep an eye on all that was ongoing in Syria, yesterday
    It was apparent the NATO tyranny wasn't going to stand for the taking back of terrorist held Aleppo
    watch out what happens today with the UN meeting- distraction?

  17. this pretty much backs u up Penny...

    1. thanks for the link I will check it out

      the us has dropped weapons to the kurds, that fell into ISIS hands, more times then can be attributed to accidental- it's clear the US is arming them both as a unified fighting force that I call KurdIShIS.
      and rather then fighting one another as is portrayed the KurdIShIS is a symbiotic team working as one to remake the middle east- as stated here for years now
      I haven't changed that basic thought line because it appears to be absolutely correct