Monday, March 27, 2017

Greece/Cyprus Provocation as Pretext to Renounce Turkey ?

 Yes, I’m absolutely entertaining the idea of Greece as provocateur to justify some type of NATO action against Turkey- Greece was heavily involved in the US backed coup- that failed. I’ve no doubt that, indeed, the “Keystone” Coup (think Gulen’s home state) was a US plan to overthrow the government of Turkey.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again? The US wanted Turkey demoralized and subservient so they could get their Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 on without any messy inconveniences- Like Operation Euphrates Shield. But the coup failed. And Operation Euphrates shield impeded the move on Raqqa.

As of last week the US and their Kurd terror proxies made the move.

And the move is just going full steam ahead! With ISIS doing it's usual fade away routine. Trump’s point man,  Tillerson is headed to Turkey on March 30th. I expect he’s going to talk tough. Saw some early reporting that suggests this will be the case. Link
“Meanwhile, US sources said on Friday that the US Secretary of State’s visit to Ankara would be decisive with regards to the US-led campaign to regain the city of Raqqa”
 Visit to Ankara would be decisive with regards to the US led campaign to annex Raqqa. Crucial, critical and conclusive, just as I expect. Tillerson is going to give Turkey their options. None of them will be to Turkey’s liking. From there Tillerson heads to NATO HQ in Brussels.

The Turkish referendum is April 16. The West is Unhinged over the Turkish Referendum. The perception management has been applied profusely- The usual anti war, anti imperial crowd, including in the alternative media is clamouring for Turkish blood to be spilled- It’s quite sickening to observe.
A thoughtful commenter named  green valleyMarch 25, 2017 at 9:55 PM

Turkey is the hardest part of the operation. The USA can't openly attack NATO's member. Something big must happen

 Indeed. War must be sold with a lie. Always. That said the US doesn’t have time for a colour revolution. It’s doubtful another coup will fly.

 So here is where we get to Greece, possibly involving Cyprus, acting as provocateur, creating some type of pretext to justify an action against Turkey.  Keeping in mind that Turkey has no reason to provoke Greece. Turkey wants ideal conditions for their referendum, so it’s absurd to think they would “provoke” Greece.  However, Greece has incentive aplenty to provoke Turkey. Doing NATO’s bidding is a plus for Greece. Greece is NATO’s big spending lackey.  Greece has already acted very provocatively towards Turkey. Undoubtedly with a whole lot of support from Brussels. Unlike Turkey, Greece is beholden large to the banksters & the EU.

1-Greece was involved with the coup attempt.

2- Greece would not turn over the coup participants. As if their involvement in the attempted overthrow wasn’t bad enough.. Greece Refuses Turkey's Extradition Request of Coup Plotters

3- Greece has been extremely provocative regarding Cyprus..
Greek Minister Responsible for Derailing Cyprus Talks: Obvious Provocation!

4- Greece & Turkey joined NATO at the same time- So a Greek Provocation would be very symbolic of an ultimate betrayal. Think Cain & Abel. Think- As it begins so shall it end.

Considering all the provocations already undertaken by NATO’s gofer, Greece, it’s safe to suggest,  that Greece could and would provoke Turkey, yet again! In some way that would portray NATO’s betrayal of Turkey as necessary for the greater good. You know, the USA as the global social justice warrior.
And isn't the US the ultimate social justice warrior?! 

Thinking about all that is going on present day, while pondering possibilities, it seems very sensible to consider the possibility that Greece will provoke Turkey- An article from the Guardian certainly confirmed my suspicions: Tensions flare as Greece tells Turkey it is ready to answer any provocation
“The Greek armed forces are ready to answer any provocation,” Panos Kammenos declared at a military parade marking the 196th anniversary of Greece’s war of liberation against Ottoman Turkish rule. “We are ready because that is how we defend peace.”
Defend Peace? Sure.
“I fear the period from now until the referendum in Turkey, as well as the effort to create a climate of fanaticism within Turkish society,” he told CNN Greece.
A climate of fanaticism? How about a climate of national pride? My oh my the negative spin.
Turkey’s EU negotiations have long been hindered by Cyprus, and talks aimed at reuniting its estranged Greek and Turkish communities are at a critical juncture but have stalled and are unlikely to move until after the referendum.
 “The concern on the Greek side is not so much of an intentional incident but of an accident that then spirals out of control,” Dr Thanos Dokos, director of the Eliamep thinktank, told the Guardian. “The whole nationalist mood in Turkey would make such a situation difficult to defuse.”
 An accident (false flag) that spirals out of control, is what concerns Greece. To which I respond- Just make sure there are no "accidents".
 “Greece has expressed its concerns to the US,” said Dokos. “But when we don’t have a fully functional national security apparatus in Washington which is usually the firefighter in such situations, when Nato’s influence is limited and the EU’s even less, the big question really is who could or would manage such a crisis if it were to happen.”
Hmmmmmm..... That sounds like some convenient excuse making


  1. a Kurdish official from Turkey has gone public with the Greater Kurdistan plan and said if the Americans are going to bust off a piece of Iraq and Syria for the new nation, they better damn well bust off a piece of Turkey as well.

  2. Thanks for letting me know Willy! Validation for all the years I said exactly that, which is going on.
    Multiple nation destruction to build a nation no one but Israel and the US want- Death, destruction, ethnic cleansing, weaponized refugees- all THE PLAN

  3. Kurds you may have seen this already from Daily Sabah

    US Army report confirms direct PKK, YPG links in Syria

    interesting new twist

    1. Table set back in Feb in shadow of the Greek ruling (like the German ruling to non repatriate which has morphed into the nazi allegations and the PKK protests)
      Turkey and Greece Trade Jabs in Island Dispute
      Turkey and Greece Trade Jabs in Island Dispute

      Today, another Turk arrest related to Iran-Gold-Gas
      Top Turkish Banker Arrested in U.S. in Iran Sanctions Probe - Bloomberg

      An indictment was unsealed in the Southern District of New York against Reza Zarrab, aka Riza Sarraf, 33, a resident of Turkey and dual citizen of Turkey and Iran

      Us-Greece-Israel-Italy and Cyprus air exercises days ago. Article in haaretz says Israeli F16 were in Cyprus the week before for exercises.

      Italy being operative in the Mosul dam deployments (Italian company repair the dam) and those ground based SAMs when the US and Germany pulled the patriots out.of Turkey
      July 2015: German missiles 'hacked by foreign source'
      August 2015:
      November 2015: 2015 Russian Sukhoi Su-24 shootdown
      March 2016:
      May 2016:
      June 2016:

      Russian moves in the med basin (+ Greek pipeline proposals) put Israel in difficult position. Will posiedan end like Burgas (noting the Bulgaria, like Moldova, flip on sanctions). Zohr field closes soon in Egypt and the Libya drilling deal follows in the wake of the Egypt buy in(noting the Libya rebel inflammation after Haftar met the Russian carrier, though Libya port closings good for the waning OPEC production cut campaign). Remember the Russian 22 special forces soldiers in Egypt rumor days ago..

    2. Lebanon has said it is auctioning offshore irrespective of the Israelis. Makes that move on Gaza and the rumors about a offshore port as alleged and those rumors about the Palestinians in the strip moving to Sinai all the more poignant as they resurfaced weeks ago (to be denied amidst more tank and airstrikes). Notable the alleged kill team on the latest Hamas assassination in Gaza came in from the water. Also notable the repeat of the Coptic cleansing in the Sinai in the shadow of this rumor that will not go away. Recall the 2015 beheadings of the Egypt coptics in Sirte video. The lead up tot he Coptic 21 were the Syrian 21 by Jihadi John

      Dial back to 2013 and 2014 when Erdogan and genel were pushing hard into Kurdistan as Barzani pushed referendum and Baghdad break. Turkey and US fell out over the Turkish energy ambition as Us was pushing Cyprus LNG (Russian moved to diffuse their underexposure to LNG via Gazprom deals though relatively smartly as the price has collapsed in Asia into capacity cliffs incidentally making the pipeline delivery all the more critical all from a cost perspective.)

      Jan 2014: Israel-Turkey Pipeline Can Fix Eastern Mediterranean. Exports in the form of liquefied natural gas would maximize Israel’s options, providing access to the world’s highest gas prices, currently in East Asia.

      Those high prices in East Asia are now collapsed...

      April 2014: Kerry Urges Turkey to Mend Israel Ties, Help Mideast Talks. Netanyahu phoned Erdogan March 22 and apologized for the 2010 raid on a ship carrying aid to the Gaza strip that killed nine Turks.
      May 2013: Turkey agrees energy deal with Kurdish north Iraq FT

      August 2013: Ankara asks Washington to keep its nose out of Turkey’s relations with Iraqi Kurdistan

      2014: The ongoing ethnic conflict between Greek and Turkish Cypriots has deepened as the peace talks have stumbled over the Turkish side’s plans to deploy a seismic vessel into Cypriot waters. According to Cyprus Mail, the area “reserved” by Turkey is located in the Block 9, where Eni and Kogas are currently drilling. The newspaper says that while the area does not overlap with the part where the “Saipem 10000” is drilling for Eni/Kogas, it borders it and it may be an obstacle for Eni/Kogas future wells in the block.

      2016 TAP inaguration
      Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will inaugurate the start of construction for the TransAdriatic Pipeline (TAP) in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece on Tuesday. Official representatives of the European Union and U.S. State Department as well as high ranking officials from Greece, Turkey, Albania, Italy and Bulgaria will attend the ceremony.

      ITG poseidan revival in concert with turkstream and the Bulgaria turn

      Days ago Germany Finmin (Merkel) still pushing crushing austerity on Greece into more debt negotiations which is being challenged by Gabriel

      Sigmar Gabriel, Germany's foreign minister, has complained to German leadership about finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble. Mr. Gabriel appears to believe his colleague is trying to spark a Grexit - a Greek exit from the euro - with his tough stand on austerity.

    3. thanks for all the links anon- Some I'm familiar with others I am not- will read tomorrow- busy day today

  4. Greece has 1345 tanks, bought from Germany and US. France has 200, Germany 250, UK 227. Turkey has 2000+.
    Part of Greece's economic probs came from the amount of German tanks they bought, for no apparent reason. Perhaps the reason is becoming apparent.


    1. hey aferrismoon!
      Perhaps the reason is becoming apparent- It sure should not be discounted-

      I knew Greece was a big spender, militarily, which has always amazed me given their financial situation- precarious doesn't even begin to describe the Greek situation

    2. Turkey has nearly 5000 tanks.

  5. This is something I disagree with. I do not think the US under any circumstances wan't Turkey out of NATO.
    I don't think they will attack Turkey directly either.
    If this were to happen (unlikely) it would simply be weak Greece, being sacrified in order to destabilise Turkey.
    Yes, the US wan't TR on a leash as a loyal servent of empire, but that is inside NATO.

    1. Hi Rescue- I'm not really talking about a direct attack on Turkey--- unless absolutely necessary??

      I'm talking about a false flag. A pretext of some sort. It could take place on Cyprus, possibly.
      But wouldn't rule out a direct action, again.

      I think the US wants Turkey in NATO and on it's leash (in the EU also) but if the circumstances to act brutally are necessary the US will

      And really, haven't they already

      -Gezi Park protests that made a hero out of that kurd human rights lawyer
      -A coup attempt
      -The hand of the US behind all the terror attacks:ISIS and PKK

      Actions against Turkey already taken, seem bad enough- not including the financial warfare

    2. I simply misunderstood the entire post then, sorry.
      I thought you meant that the US was looking for an excuse to expel Turkey from NATO.
      I have read so many comments that Turkey should be kicked out of NATO. This is of course ridiculous, as TR out of NATO is the last thing the US wants.
      Brutal action by the US against Turkey is definately on the cards, and if Turkey fully rejects cooporating with the US safe zone in Northern Syria, then its very likely, IMO.

    3. It is Germany, at the behest of NATO/US, that are Greece to confront Turkey.
      Before the theatrics two months ago, Tsipras had a convo with Merkel, and last week, the Greek and German FM's meet, their main topic was Turkey.
      Germany is leading the anti-TR campaign. They have now introduced an arms embargo against TR and have started an investigation into MIT, the Turkish intelligence agency.