Monday, March 13, 2017

West Unhinged Over Turkish Referendum

Unhinged : Deranged, Unbalanced

It’s seems the time has come for one of those all encompassing posts- the ones that attempt to make sense of the non-sense.  It’s as if there is presently a whirl wind of activity around Turkey seemingly unrelated but in actuality-  all very related. 

Target Turkey:

This is becoming  ever more obvious and heavy handed. Yet, many still don’t or can’t see it. Not sure which it is? I’ve long stated here that the propaganda employed to target Turkey is necessarily devious and liberally applied- Pun intended. While it may be true that Turkey is a NATO nation it is one that has been barely tolerated by the Atlantacist crowd. The crowd that truly runs NATO. 

Very brief history- 

Turkey was manipulated into NATO to take advantage of  it’s geographical location with the encouragement of Kurdish agitation/ors Yes, that's how long the Kurds have been proxies for NATO/UK and Russia. As was covered in Caroll Quigley’s book: Tragedy and Hope.

Did Russia agitate? Did Britain agitate?  Did both parties agitate? Can’t be sure. But the end result which benefited the NATO alliance saw the US step up in the region & Turkey join NATO. The Kurds were happy to play the for profit proxies- same then as today

Jay Dyer Tragedy and Hope Lecture Series


- 1945 Anti-Turkish agitation was encouraged among the Kurds- By the end of 1946 Britain found the burden of providing military and economic aid to Greece and Turkey too heavy for its over-strained resources.
 - It was, moreover, eager to overcome the American aloofness in the Near East, where it felt it was bearing much of the Soviet pressure alone.
 - Accordingly, in February 1947, it threatened to withdraw completely from Greece and Turkey by April 1st.
 - On March 12th the American President enunciated the "Truman Doctrine" to a joint session of Congress.
-His request for $400 million for aid to Greece and Turkey was granted, after considerable debate, in May 1947.

SummarizingIn 1947 Turkey was being attacked by Sunni Muslim Kurdish proxies backed by either/ or both/ Britain and Russia-

 Brief digression- the modern day reverence for these terroristic proxy fighters is bizarre!- From  at least 1947 forward the PKK and their other rebrands have chosen crime, murder, smuggling as a way of life. They were employed willingly, for profit! They  profit from the misery they force on others- Including other Kurds!  If this band of merry marauding murdering thugs is worth reverence then I fail to see why Osama Bin Laden and his mujaheddin weren't also as equally lauded by the masses?
Except that OBL and company weren't marketed in quite the same way, were they? 
Sadly, it is the marketing, the meme and the way your mind has been messaged/massaged via the media telling you what to think that creates the reverence.

Osama and his cult/ militia

Ocalan & his cult/militia

-The US grants 400 million, in 1947 dollars, in aid to Greece and Turkey, undoubtedly in preparation for their induction into NATO- and lo and behold Greece and Turkey simultaneously become NATO members- You decide who benefited the most from the Kurds attacking Turkey 60 plus years ago.

Using this calculator just to give you an idea in today's dollars how much the US ponied up in aid to Turkey and Greece the  1947 400 million is equal today to $4,491,758,139.53 in 2017. Yes that is very nearly 4.5 billion dollars. The US could certainly buy everything and everyone that needed to be bought- Keep in mind that NATO was created, as stated by the very first secretary General of NATO General Ismay, "to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down"  Turkey would have served as an effective foil, at that time, in this regard 

 (foil: prevent something considered wrong or undesirable from succeeding)

The Cuban Missile Crisis and Turkey

  Keeping  the stated purpose of NATO in mind  let us now talk about the Cuban missile crisis as it pertains to Turkey- Most people don’t realize that during the Cuban missile crisis the US had moved nuclear weapons into Turkey aiming them straight at the USSR- This was the real crisis. It was not simply that the “Soviets” were moving missiles to Cuba- the reality was Cuba was  both the response to and the obfuscation by the US of their nuclear missiles being in Turkey

Cuban Missile Crisis
“Was a 13-day (October 16–28, 1962) confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union concerning American ballistic missile deployment in Italy and Turkey with consequent Soviet ballistic missile deployment in Cuba”

Nuclear missile placement in Turkey was an extremely provocative move on the part of the US- The Soviets responded- The crisis was on. This is NATO nearly bringing the planet to the brink of nuclear war. The geographical locale of Turkey was crucial to keeping Russia/USSR down

Let’s bring this up to present day:

Turkey, as it is today, is no longer necessary to the great game. Europe is weak- It’s been unionized. It’s history- stolen.  Europes people are losing their roots and identity. Europe has a faceless technocratic bureaucracy running the show in the most fascist/communistic manner possible. Europe is servile to NATO and by extension US

This is the plan for Turkey as well. A plan Turkey is resisting. The powers that shouldn't be don't like resistance to their plans. Their very"borg" like in their domination of the planet- Assimilating everyone into the great hive- Filled with mindless worker drones competing for resources and put to death when when no longer usable.
technocratic transhumanist hive man

"Resistance is Futile"? Resistance is Required!

Turkey, as is planned, can be made subservient and passive like all the great nations of the past by being  destabilized, balkanized and a portion of it absorbed into the jumbled mess that is the  EU. The southern portion can be turned into NATO’s new southern flank Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0. The fractured Turkey will have two obedient governments installed. One in the Turkish state ensconced in the EU- The other in Kurdistan.

November 14,2014:  Kurdistan. NATO’s new Southern Flank?
 If all goes well for NATO, Israel and the Kurds.  Turkey will be supplanted as NATO’s Southern Flank. It seems to be just a matter of time.....I hold the opinion that Turkish leadership has become aware of what looks to be it’s impending betrayal

A bit of background

“For a long time, Turks have resented the “curse of strategic significance” related to its forming NATO’s southern flank. They felt it enabled the military to keep a watchful eye over their politicians”
The Military keeping a watchful eye over Turkey’s politicians. Makes one wonder who exactly is is in charge, doesn’t it? I don't wonder so much, but others may?

How to Betray an Ally in Plain Site?

The creation of a perception of a Turkey as so out of control, so despotic, will almost certainly leave the NATO allies no choice but the save Turkey from itself- That's one way to spin the desired intervention...

Initially I too fell for the early spin and shouldn’t have. My infatuation with Syria blinded me to the reality of the situation- There has never been any evidence that Turkey created ISIS or supported ISIS- Just a whole lot of spin- Supporting ISIS was never beneficial to Turkey- Any more then it was beneficial to Syria to support ISIS and that is a claim that has been bandied about on many an occasion.  ISIS was created in Iraq- with the help of US/UK and Israel. This is something I'd written about on more then one occasion-  three years ago? My mistake at that time?  I didn't understand how fully & completely the Sunni Muslim Kurdish militias were in thrall to the US/UK-

ISIS- A US created "stay behind" using Iraqs plundered wealth.

Al Qaeda + "Awakening Councils" = ISIS

ISIS = Smoke & Mirrors. Giving cover now for strikes on Syria

 Where there are contradictions, there are lies-

This does not mean Turkey did not support specific actors in Syria- They did. And they did so in order to have a say in the obvious attempt to ‘remake’ Syria. To ensure their interests would be considered. As much as I do not like this, reality necessitates Turkish involvement for them to survive as a present day nation state. Any nation or any person would do this if faced with their own destruction via that which was occurring on the other side of their border-  Or on the other side of their front door.

Turkey- the PKK and the changing narrative

Have you noticed that the PKK/TAK/YPG pick your brand, has not carried out any recent large scale bombing attacks in Turkey? The silence is deafening.. It’s been how long now? Correct me if I’m mistaken but it looks to be mid December 2016

If there has been any since let me know?

I suspect the quiet is a prelude to this changing perception tact... Perhaps better characterized as a reality revision- “Reality revisions are agenda-driven and thereby fictitious narratives carefully scripted to revise an entire global reality in order to meet or fulfill that agenda”

The PKK has undoubtedly been told by their bosses to refrain from attacking Turkey during the run up to the referendum. The reality revision agenda at this time is to focus on the referendum and spin it as a negative. Bombings, mayhem and death would elicit sympathetic responses and/or empathy for Turkey  which is not desired at this time.  
Alongside the absence of PKK attacks we have an extremely coercive campaign of Turkey targeting/disinfo being waged by the US and it’s compliant lackies

Willy Loman/Scott Creighton covered some of this news in these posts:

*About that Dusted Off “news” That Gen. “Mad Russian” Flynn Lobbied for Turkey…

*Dutch police deport Turkish minister to Germany after barring her from consulate in Rotterdam

Before the Dutch incident Germany played it’s servile roll

 A referendum vote that could increase the powers of Turkey's president is threatening to cause a diplomatic row with Germany.
 Austria has conspired as well
Four planned Turkish political meetings in Austria were canceled on Friday in the latest signs of unease across Europe over a series of campaign events to rally support among expatriate Turks for President Tayyip Erdogan.
This is a coordinated campaign to interfere with the Turkish referendum

April 16/2017:

A constitutional referendum will be held in Turkey on Sunday, 16 April 2017.[1] Voters will vote on a set of 18 proposed amendments to the Constitution of Turkey
The referendum is an internal Turkish matter. For the Turkish government and it’s people. 
We should ask ourselves why the coordinated campaign against Turkey's, her people and their  right to choose their own way? Is it a problem of too much freedom for a people NATO sees as chattel- There to use, abuse and toss aside. Much the same as they see the rest of us

I’ve written previously about the referendum and the present day constitution which was a military coup constitution.. Speaking for myself I can no more condemn the Turk’s right to have a referendum on the future direction of their nation state then I could condemn Crimea for doing the same.

Europe/US seem hell bent on quashing external support for the referendum. Expect the spin to amplify and multiply exponentially until the April date. Entertain the possibility that another coup attempt may be made before this vote occurs also. Or quite possibly a false flag to frame the Turks, most probably in areas with a higher then average Kurdish populace- to advance the ‘eternal victim’ meme. It’s a good thing that the propaganda against Turkey has been so heavy handed for so long now- It’s really conditioned the western response ahead of time..

A few more things you should all be aware of..

1-I should mention here that Turkey gave the boot last year to a bunch of western backed NGO’s including , most recently, Mercy Corps- funded by USAID
The aid organisation Mercy Corps says Turkey has revoked its registration, forcing it to stop operations from Turkey?

“Mercy Corps' statement said its operations inside Syria would continue.”
Undoubtedly in Syrian territory annexed by PKK
Last year... “ in November the government closed hundreds of non-governmental groups it accused of being linked to terrorist organisations or acting against national security, as part of a crackdown launched after an attempted military coup in July”

A Russian replay? Indeed.  How much do you all want to bet Mercy Corp was being used to bring in the means to destabilize both Syria and Turkey? I’m quite confident they were doing exactly that. They were also accused of aiding in the black market organ/blood trafficking with the Kurds. A claim  I find to be credible. Given the history of both parties, USAID affiliated NGO’s and the Sunni Muslim Kurdish proxies


“Mercy Corps was not the only humanitarian group the pro-Justice and Development Party (AKP) targeted.

It alleged the Irish aid charity GOAL, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), and the International Medical Corps (IMC) “were providing financial and military support to the PKK.”

The IRC is a familiar NATO NGO..

Yenisafak newspaper claimed Mercy Corps, partly funded by grants from the US government, “was engaged in Syrian PKK’s human trafficking, organ trade, and arms smuggling activities.”
2- Turkey has fallen out of favour with NATO/US- 

Yet so many ignore the coup which was US backed- I've zero doubt, at this time, of that myself.
The alternative media never mentions the fact that Turkey is building this expensive border wall along the shared Syrian/Turkish border- More then half completed present day...  Last mentioned here
* August 2016 - Turkey's Border Wall With Syria

*November 2016 - Turkey: No US Cooperation on Safe Zone/Border Wall Construction Continues & Raqqa 
I believe this is a case of cognitive dissonance- Contradicting their indoctrinated beliefs- Turkey's border wall runs contrary to many claims made about Turkey. Some alternative sites also previously claimed Turkey was annexing Mosul, Iraq- That was not planned nor did it ever occur.

3-Turkey Seeks To End NATO Patrols In Aegean Sea

4-Ankara More Interested in Counterterrorism Then Assad Departing

5-CFR President Richard Haass:Gap Growing Between Allies and Turkey

6- Waging Financial Warfare Against Turkey

 7- The Tsar Meets the Sultan The use of ad hominems/name calling/logical fallacies to demonize

8- Yes, Willy Loman it's about blamin' and framin' Turkey and Saudi Arabia

Where I dissect why it is some so called peace group would be advocating for regime change in Turkey...


  1. An outstanding equivalence you make with "Speaking for myself I can no more condemn the Turk’s right to have a referendum on the future direction of their nation state then I could condemn Crimea for doing the same." Though the Deep State would have us believe otherwise, it is not for us to decide when other countries "vote the wrong way" though this is a common theme in American Exceptionalism that goes back to Chile, Palestine and even the days of Gen. Smedley Butler. No matter what they tell us, no matter what the line of propaganda entails, the word "sovereign" has a meaning as in "sovereign state" as in "right of self-determination". I am not going to argue one way or the other about the pros or cons of the proposed changes to the government of Turkey but I will argue to my death to their right to hold a referendum in peace without the threat of war from outside influencers(which is what this is, by the way. It's international blackmail being leveled at the people of Turkey prior to the vote).

    1. Agreed Willy the deep state would have us believe other wise- but we shouldn't.

      And yes it is international black mail leveled at the people of Turkey- I want to include here what you said at your blog ". By definition what is happening is terrorism." It is exactly that! Terrorism is defined as an activity, usually violent, but not always under taken to manipulate the outcome or decisions of another.

      Clearly Turkey is being terrorized.

      Each sovereign state can and should choose their own way- It may make the world a bit less manageable, for the elites, but in the end- has the move towards global tyranny been such a peace love and understanding kind of move? Of course it hasn't.

      Some years back we had a referendum here in Canada and I do not recall it causing such a global kerfuffle. Must have been deep state approved

  2. What does Putin really think

    Netanyahu said he also brought up the Golan Heights, telling the Russian leader that Israel will never leave the area. “He already knows this issue,” Netanyahu said, indicating that he has discussed the matter with Putin during their previous meetings. During the meeting, Putin said he was “very pleased” with his “close and trusting contact” with Netanyahu.“We meet regularly in person, are regularly in contact by telephone, and work together at the ministry and agency level,” Putin said. “You often come to Russia right on the eve of holidays, and so I want to take the opportunity to congratulate you on the upcoming Purim holiday and wish everyone in Israel happy holidays and prosperity.”

    A source close to Netanyahu reportedly said Wednesday, hours before he arrived at the Kremlin, that “Moscow allows us to act against Hezbollah in Syrian airspace.”

    1. I don't know what Putin really thinks. And unless Putin spoke of specifics it's not likely Netanyahu has a clue either.

      Bibi has made his lust for Golan very clear- he went to Trump and asked that it be recognized as Israel's- so far the US hasn't jumped at the opportunity- but with the zionist/ Israel firster son in law in such a powerful position in the White House, I wonder how long it will take?

  3. This was a very, very good post.
    I too was upset about the constitution, but now I realise it really doesn't matter. Turkey is under complete coordinated attack that democracy simply is not an option IMO.

  4. Penny, I believe you make some key mistakes in the piece.
    1. Turkey is still strategically very important for NATO. They are needed in the upcoming containment of Russia e.g.
    2. The US/globalists want to carve out Kurdistan from TR, yes, but not now. They are mainly focused on Iraq and Syria in order to carve put a state that separates Turks, Arabs & Persians. The campaign is mainly directed in order to force Turkey to accept a PKK state at their border.
    3. NATO can't actually intervene in TR, it would be a bloodbath. I have myself speculated that if YPG/PKK invaded from Syria, then NATO would intervene to "stabilise" Turkey, a la Kosovo, many PKK propagandists already call for this, but I don't actually think so even in that case. The west would impose sanctions on Turkey first, like they did in the 70's, where there was a anti-Turkish propaganda campaign like now.

    1. Turkey is still strategically important, yes.
      I don't mean to imply otherwise
      And yes I'm talkin' possibly years down the road- or not depending on the Trump administration which I will be addressing to day

      But broken up with one chunk in the EU and the other as Kurdistan- it will still be strategically important if not more so.. cause as you say it will cause that separation and thinking of the oil and water that Kurdistan will have control of be resource rich-strategic local for kurds to continue smuggling

      To my knowledge the Kurds are already annexing Turkish territory- I have a post here way back where they've been digging there massive trenches and planting bombs along the way- not sure if Turkey has gotten this under control or not

    2. To my knowledge the Turkish Army did alot of Counter Terrorism operations and smashed the PKK out of the trenches in towns. There are rebuilding plans under way at the moment for locations which has been demolished due to operations and entrenchments. Further there are still operations going on to find caves and hideouts of the PKK in the mountains. And if I am not mistaken PKK shifted their cannonfodder from the turkish front to the Isis front. So if the latest information is correct, Turkey has it under control.

    3. During the peace process Erdogan handed over large areas to the PKK. This was stopped by the Turkish military in summer 2015. They have taken back all land and cities, PKK mayers have been arrested.
      You should write about the UN report which accuses Turkish crimes in the South East.
      Also, if partitioned, TR will be federelized into many parts. Here, I think the Sevres map is an idi ation of how it would look.

    4. My understanding of the peace process offer.. it never went anywhere- I think this was before 2015- I have some posts here on that- Erdogan's government made an offer and the PKK ended the ceasefire and started their bombing campaign, it was at that time the PKK had begun carving up territory in Turkey..

    5. though I believe there was some sort of offer for autonomy on the table- it wasn't good enough what ever it was
      I'll see if I can find any of the older posts and leave them again

    6. Oh and one last thing Rescue- I saw the UN had done a 'report' I expected it to be largely political..
      ignoring all the crimes committed by the PKK- per their usual reports against Assad- against Gaddafi
      wash- rinse- repeat- however if you find a good article on the topic leave me the link?
      Please and thanks?

    7. Rescue:

      "Between 2013 and late 2014, the Turkish government tolerated the cross-border movement of Kurds and a small number of radical leftist Turks Ankara acted out of deference to the then ongoing peace talks with Öcalan and welcomed the large exodus of PKK-allied Kurds for strategic reasons. The government considered the YPG-ISIS war a net positive, given that two entities hostile to Turkey were killing one another."

      "During this time period, Turkish security forces refrained from conducting military operations in Kurdish-majority areas and the presence of PKK fighters was tolerated in urban areas"

      All with the hopes of making some kind of deal with the PKK terrorists- That's where Turkey did indeed make their mistake

      long story short- the PKK took advantage of the largesse and rejected the AKP's offer, broke the ceasefire and began with the terrorism

      Because of the peace talks and because it was beneficial to Turkey to allow the Kurds to leave and fight in Syria.

    8. No, no, no. As part of the peace process Turkey handed over land to PKK, they ran villages and towns. Started opressing ppl and took guns in to cities. The military then took it back. It was these mayors that were arrested last summer.

    9. Hi Rescue: can you find me something to read on this?

      The information I had about the PKK presence in Turkey makes clear the presence of PKK was tolerated in urban areas - so I imagine that was when they were planting the roots of their attempt to steal territory- I'm just not sure on any specific or official hand over of territory- though I understand there were offers made to the PKK which were rejected.

      "During this time period, Turkish security forces refrained from conducting military operations in Kurdish-majority areas and the presence of PKK fighters was tolerated in urban areas"

      I did have at least one or two other posts on the topic but I couldn't find them as of yet..

  5. There won't be another coup attempt in Turkey. The military is one of the main supporters of the new constitution, I found that out yesterday.

    I have recently recently found some more information about what has really happened in Turkey since 2013.
    Penny, I would like to tell you about it, but in a more private forum than here.

    1. Rescue- leave an email address for me here

      "The US Military Dives Deeper into Syria, Hunkering Down for the Long Haul"

      it will go to moderation- I won't put it through and then will email you back- I look forward to reading that which you have found out- thanks

  6. Hi Penny,

    completely off topic. Alain Soral has been condemned to 3 month of prison for the publication of a caricature.
    You can see the cartoon at

    It's outrageous for several reasons:
    - It's a blatant display of jewish exceptionalism
    - It's in response to a really tasteless Charlie Hebdo first page (small background, that cartoon was published after the Brussels terrorist attack last year making the guy looking for parts of his father, haha how funny. The thing that makes it completely tasteless, is not the thing that it mocks the victims of the terrorist attack but because it refers to a song that was a hit several years ago, sung by a Belgian artist named Stromae ( The title means "Daddy where are you" and even if the song seems catchy, it's about the guy's father who was among Ruanda's genocide victims. Yeah, well done Charlie.
    - Alain Soral is not the director of publication of E&R. According to French law, it's the director of publication who is for anything published on the site. Director of publication is Alain Gueffe Cohen a serial murder who is sentenced for life. This means that the procedure against Soral is formally wrong and should be revoked alone on that basis when going on the revision court.
    - The more it goes the more the dictatorial power has to show its ugly face.

    1. I am sorry to read this Gallier2
      So Hebdo can publish caricature after caricature but others cannot?
      " The more it goes the more the dictatorial power has to show its ugly face"
      I'm going to look at the cartoon in a minute- need more coffee..