Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"Barkey-ing" the Turkish Referendum

I've been mulling over the whole ruckus regarding the Turkish referendum. And there is a rukus happening in the so called "alternative" AND 5 eyes media. Including but not limited to a call for violent overthrow?  Overthrow call made by MoA reported  by Willy Loman
Seriously? How very atlantacist.

That oped from Henri Barkey has been on my mind, particularly that last paragraph.
Henri Barkey: " Turks have a tendency to buck the system when they feel that the rules of the game are unfair or that they are being bullied by their leaders. No one should assume that the vote will turn out the way Erdogan has planned"
It dawned on me today that Henri Barkey provided the basic narrative for the entire 5 eyes alt and main stream media presentation regarding the referendum- There it was staring me right in the face! In two short and sweet sentences, no less!

We are supposed to believe that the Turks actually did "buck the system" but that evil Erdogan 'stole' the referendum from those claimed system bucking/ Barkey-ing Turks.
Stereotypical evil sultan

Sadly and pathetically most people don't "buck the system"- The alternative media doesn't even buck the system- They march in lock step with the 5 eyes media.

So, is it realistic to think the Turks would actually "buck the system" as Barkey claims? Or is Barkey simply giving us the mind virus? 

I'm going with mind virus.

“Up to 2.5 million votes could have been  manipulated in Sunday's Turkish referendum which ended in a tight 'Yes' vote for greater presidential powers, Alev Korun, an Austrian member of the Council of Europe observer mission, told ORF radio on Tuesday”
Lie Big, Repeat often

 2.5 million votes could have been manipulated? That's a big claim.  That should be more accurately described as the Big LIE. Because it's big allegation of fraud involving multi millions of ballots and it's totally unsubstantiated. 
That's not stopping the 5 eyes alt and main stream media from running with it!  
*Do these ballots actually exist? 
*How do those that claim they exist, know they do? 
*If they do exist at all how were they manipulated? 
*How do those that make this claim know that they actually existed and were manipulated in a nefarious fashion? 
  I don't know. Do you?

I talked at length about the discrepancy in polling numbers that were covered in a post prior to the referendum taking place: Turkey's Referendum: "To Close To Call" ???
 What we are looking at here, and I mean really looking at is a roughly 60 yes/40 split nearly consistently-
It's been reported that the expected Yes support for the changes was going to be 55 percent
In a television interview on Friday Erdogan had predicted a far clearer victory saying polls showed a 55-60 percent share of the vote.
This was the point I was making about internal polling- Without a doubt internal polling was conducted all along. 

In conclusion I'm going to reiterate some statements made previously by me, here.
Considering the internal polling prior to the referendum...
Which did show the yes side ahead

 And my final thought goes back to what I said about the 'yes' side polling well in advance of undertaking this referendum to be certain of a comfortable win- That most assuredly did not occur
I get the impression Erdogan wouldn't have taken such a risk- He is shrewd. He wouldn't have misjudged- I should add that NO political leader or party anywhere would take that type of risk in a referendum- perception being everything
Perception being everything- it's more sensible to me that the no side was manipulated just enough to create the perception of division and of the changes being unsupported- The media spin bears this out

The narrowness of Recep Tayyip Erdogan's victory and opposition complaints about election fraud are highly unlikely to lead to a vote recount, but risk undermining the international legitimacy of his executive presidency.
And that was the desired outcome- job well done

The no side complained vociferously about conditions prior to the referendum and yet they had an amazing, unexpected, never showing in the polling result- So were their complaints bogus? Or did these claimed manipulated ballots favour the no vote? 

I don't know for certain. But, I certainly wonder.

Btw: the NO side wants an annulment-  A very good way to hide any intimate, fraudulent involvement  with 2.5 million manipulated ballots.....

I'm just sayin'...
Turkey's main secularist opposition CHP will present its appeal for the annulment of Sunday's referendum


  1. Hoping tomorrow to get away from the referendum
    It's done- It's doubtful there will be a recount cause no one is really interesting in having one

    the yes side won- they don't need it

    and if the fraud was on the no side they don't want that coming out- so no recount is coming.

    an annulment of the results? well will see- that's the safest way for the no side to go (no accountability for their claims)

    1. Um, doubt that whatever happens in Turkey will be of great concern to the Australian general public (or politicians) ... except that it might affect the radical Muslims in Indonesia. So far, we have an extremely good relationship with Indonesia ... but there is an increasing push within their local politics - for some sort of "caliphate" also.

    2. 9 more days before result is final. Just Saying

    3. Um, apparently the USS Carl Vincent (and fleet) was engaged in operations in the Indian Ocean when diverted.

      Many days before the announcement "our fleet is close to the North Korean Peninsula" ... and will, apparently, take many more days (perhaps a week?) before that Aircraft carrier, and it's supportive, protective, vessels will be anywhere At this point am wondering where the Fleet's tankers are. to

    4. Kaz ..Can you give me (us) a smidge more 'detail' about whatever 'result' you are referring to?

    5. Referendum results, 27-28 April are the dates when they will release the absolute results.

    6. ? referendum about what?

  2. Hello Davoh: talking about the Turkish constitution that changes 18 points in their constitution and changes their government from a parliamentary to a presidency

  3. Kaz: 9 more days for the final results, I will keep that in mind-

    that said does it matter? I haven't looked at the news this morning but the last two days have been non stop ballyhooing about this referendum

    A veritable he said/he said/they said
    take off their heads
    overthrow the government

    pure emotional manipulation

    1. To be honest, I never knew that all other nations were provinces of Turkey, I mean the amount of coverage they give to this is more than Usual.

      But on a serious note, it shouldn't change much but in this period all objections with regards to the election are being handled.

    2. And now for something different, There is a rhetoric going around of America working to become a Police State in a decades time ? Have you any thoughts on this.

    3. America and Canada are already police states IMO
      and I'm having a break from the media induced overdose of Turkey's referendum, at least for today

    4. I can understand that break. But with regards to police state, no they are not yet police state. Does the name Larry Grathwohl ring you anything.

    5. Hey Kaz:
      no that name does not ring a bell- would you enlighten me a bit?

    6. He was someone who Infiltrated the Weather Underground, but if I were to try to explain what he did and tried to bring forward I would do a bad job. Instead I would recommend this radio program which is 37 minutes long and the program begins on 0:28 seconds

    7. That program of 37 minutes <_<

    8. Just an update on the election, The official results are in
      (51.41 - yes) and (48.51 - no)

    9. Thank YOu Kaz- I was wondering about that and was going to look today, you saved me the trouble :)