Friday, April 14, 2017

Infants Show Innate Racial Bias- Good for them!

Leave it to AGENDA pushing university researchers to actually find fault with an infants  normal preference for those who resemble their family and parents- What a horror! 
* An obvious innate survival preference.  
* Likely crucial for forming a healthy self identity. 

 Nothing wrong with an infant having this preference- Nothing at all!

Yet, according to the sick  f*ck  researchers, this natural, normal healthy preference needs to be destroyed by even earlier exposure to the faces not of the infants own identifiable (to them) family.   Because what the world really needs is way more insecure, unsure and totally screwed up human beings who would never threaten the powers that shouldn’t be because they are all to busy thumb sucking and navel gazing thanks to early intentional identity destruction!  
A preference for those of your own family, immediate, extended and community does not imply anything but a normal survival strategy. A normal human trait
I really found this disturbing, abusive and indicative of the intent to destroy humans- starting as early as possible- And destroying the human race and getting them to accept the technocracy and AI is what this type of research is all about- A Brave New World-
Who would not want all humans to have healthy self identities? Predators aka psycopaths
What types of persons would not want humanity feeling confident? Feeling secure in who they are? Predators aka psychopaths

I keep asking myself why we humans are not only tolerating our own destruction but we're participating in it- willingly! Why aren't we pushing back against the obvious anti human agenda being pushed by the powers that should not be and their managerial classes.

This does not please me as human mother- It's an abomination

Toronto – Two studies by researchers at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto and their collaborators from the US, UK, France and China, show that six- to nine-month-old infants demonstrate racial bias in favour of members of their own race and racial bias against those of other races.

In the first study, “Older but not younger infants associate own-race faces with happy music and other-race faces with sad music”, published in Developmental Science, results showed that after six months of age, infants begin to associate own-race faces with happy music and other-race faces with sad music.

In the second study, “Infants rely more on gaze cues from own-race than other-race adults for learning under uncertainty”, published in Child Development, researchers found that six-to eight-month-old infants were more inclined to learn information from an adult of his or her own race than from an adult of a different race.
When infants are unsure they look to those from their own "race"- Those who resemble them more closely for reassurance- Nothing wrong with that!
(In both studies, infants less than six months of age were not found to show such biases).

Racial bias begins at younger age, without experience with other-race individuals

“The findings of these studies are significant for many reasons,” said Dr. Kang Lee, professor at OISE’s Jackman Institute of Child Study, a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair and lead author of the studies. “The results show that race-based bias already exists around the second half of a child’s first year. This challenges the popular view that race-based bias first emerges only during the preschool years.” Hear Dr. Lee discuss the research results.

Researchers say these findings are also important because they offer a new perspective on the cause of race-based bias.

“When we consider why someone has a racial bias, we often think of negative experience he or she may have had with other-race individuals. But, these findings suggest that a race-based bias emerges without experience with other-race individuals,” said Dr. Naiqi (Gabriel) Xiao, first author of the two papers and postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University.

This can be inferred because prior studies from other labs have indicated that many infants typically experience over 90 per cent own-race faces. Following this pattern, the current studies involved babies who had little to no prior experience with other-race individuals.

“These findings thus point to the possibility that aspects of racial bias later in life may arise from our lack of exposure to other-race individuals in infancy,” Dr. Lee said.

Study results could be significant in prevention of racial bias

He continued to explain that overall, the results of these studies are critically important given the issues of wide-spread racial bias and racism around the world.

“If we can pinpoint the starting point of racial bias, which we may have done here, we can start to find ways to prevent racial biases from happening,” he said.
Why? When it is stated above babies have this racial bias in times of uncertainty? So it's clearing a security, coping measure for them. Why then would reasearchers wish to prevent these racial biases other then to destroy the early forming identity and turn these infants into unsure and scared children.

“An important finding is that infants will learn from people they are most exposed to,” added Dr. Xiao, indicating that parents can help prevent racial bias by, for example, introducing their children to people from a variety of races.
Parents would most likely be inducing insecurity in their infants by forcing them into situations where they are feeling scared- this is sick. Sick. Sick. 
When my daughter was an infant she was scared of men with beards (Daddy/Hubby was clean shaven)  I did not inflict hairy face visuals on her because that's just horrible! As an adult she is not scared of bearded people. What Dr Xiao suggests is abuse of infants.

Who has not seen small children freak out over being handed to Santa Claus- Must be because their "racist" towards Santa Claus!!  These researchers are deranged. Don't buy into this trash

Clearly 4 biased hater children!
 First study: Face-race and music
In the first study, infants from 3 to 10 months of age watched a sequence of videos depicting female adults with a neutral facial expression. Before viewing each face, infants heard a music clip. Babies participated in one of the four music-face combinations: happy music followed by own-race faces, sad music followed by own-race faces, happy music followed by other-race faces, and sad music followed by other-race faces. The study found that infants at six to nine months of age looked longer at own-race faces (so what?) when paired with happy music as opposed to with sad music. By contrast, six- to nine-month-olds looked longer at other-race faces when paired with sad music compared to with happy music.

Second study: Face-race and learning

The second study examined whether infants were biased to learn from own-race adults versus other-race adults. Six to eight-month-old infants saw a series of videos. In each video, a female adult looked at any one of the four corners of the screen. Following the look, in some videos, an animal image appeared in the looked-at location (a reliable gaze). In other videos, an animal image appeared at a non-looked-at location (an unreliable gaze). The results showed that six to eight-month-old infants followed the gaze of members of their own race more than they followed the gaze of other-race individuals. This occurred when the faces were slightly unreliable, as they are in the natural environment. This result suggests that, under uncertainty, infants are biased to learn information from own-race adults as opposed to other-race adults.

Racial bias can ‘permeate almost all of our social interactions’- Bullshit!

Two more biased hater children
Dr. Lee said it’s important to be mindful of the impact that racial bias has on our everyday lives, stressing that not only is explicit bias a concern, but so too are implicit forms.

“Implicit racial biases tend to be subconscious, pernicious, and insidious. It permeates almost all of our social interactions, from health care to commerce, employment, politics, and dating. Because of that, it’s very important to study where these kinds of biases come from and use that information to try and prevent racial biases from developing,” he said.
Grade A bullshit! Preference for your own people is normal and innate- It is not wrong or immoral or insidious. 
If your a parent to a young child, please don't damage your child by believing this garbage.
Just love and give your child the most secure upbringing possible so they will be healthy,  happy, confident,  strong and independent.


  1. Babies are wonderful- why destroy them? I was very offended by this so called research into destroying everything normal about us starting almost immediately after birth- just awful

  2. And aren't babies wise? They know what is necessary to survive immediately- as we grow we succumb to manipulation on a mass scale- sigh

  3. Everytime I see these kind of research. The thing which comes to mind is a paper which Friedrich Hayek published of 14 pages long with the title "Intellectuals and Socialism"

    or a video for the faster answers


  4. I read this aloud to my husband. His jaw dropped, "they're saying BABIES are racist?!" Uh, yeah, I think so.

    This "study" is too stupid for words.

    Thanks, kaz, for the link to that paper. I'm looking forward to reading it based on the first paragraph. This type of "research" will eventually turn into some type of advice to parents on how to raise their children, or will become some type of conventional wisdom among those who don't delve into this nonsense (read: just about everyone) and then you'll start hearing, "we're all born racists.

    1. Yes Gwen they are saying babies are racist!
      Innately so. So black babies are racist to white adults and white babies are racist to black adults.

      I was thinking inadvertently how these researches shook the paradigm that only whites are racist- because according to this study black or asian babies are racist also when exposed to faces of alternative races..

      Gwen et al, don't you wonder who pays for this type of research to be done? And why they are trying to understand and destroy an infants natural preference for it's own family

    2. I do wonder about who, specifically, pays for it. I know the usual suspects are strongly represented in the destruction of each of our cultures along with their brainwashed, non-tribe minions. Why infants? The earlier the better. That has been made very clear in their writings. None of this could happen if people would use their brains and common sense (instead of emotion) and not be cowed into submission by insults, threats and intimidation.

      I agree with your anonymous commenter about cultural Marxism - that's exactly it.

    3. "Why they are trying to understand and destroy an infants natural preference for it's own family". That's simple, To create a world where everyone's family is the state, nothing more nothing less. The mothers will be nothing more than breeding containers and males will have their semen taken in an indirect manner where the mythology of succubus/incubus will probably become a reality. children will likely continuously switch from one family(I mean a couple devised by the state) to an other but their living conditions will be the same, because the school is the same everywhere. This way if someone really needs something they need to ask the state, because quite literally there is no-one else to ask to.

      Its Dark, but this is the only possibility where a minority can lead over a majority. They won't be subjected to the same conditions, they will have their families and be a special class within society which will not be known, and all this subclass will be learn that its because they are subhuman that they destroyed themselves and this is the only way they can survive, but serving the state which will look after you.

    4. Kaz, you have summed it up beautifully if not horrifically- this is why I shudder, simple shudder when I read evil such as this study and it is pure evil- and think about the repercussions from that evil- It horrifies and saddens me that so many are allowing this to occur.

    5. Gwen " None of this could happen if people would use their brains and common sense (instead of emotion) and not be cowed into submission by insults, threats and intimidation"

      Just because that should be restated and really thought about-

  5. what about the families who are filled with various shades? this is ridiculous. I flipped my chit as an infant if my paternal grandmother came near me (according to legend). my mother concluded it was because the nurse who gave me my first shot was an elderly woman with white hair, and my newborn eyes must have concluded they looked similar. Luckily, or sadly, LOL, everyone believed me to be weird, not racists. Peace to you all (stay safe) and thanks for rocking my world the other day Penny! :) I'm a "simple" girl, as you may be able to tell, it doesn't take much to put a smile on my face.

    1. Hey Nora: pretty certain a mixed colour family would see the baby prefer the mother's colour since the small infant would identify primarily with mother- this study employed very small babies.. and that only makes sense, in my opinion.

      I thought this study insane and actually wish parents would not subject their babies to this type of 'study'

  6. Cultural Marxism is a slow-release globalist plague infecting the lives of ordinary people. It is turning the next generation into compliant...retards. There, I said it :P