Friday, May 12, 2017

Kurds Allow ISIS to Leave Tabqa & "Live to Fight Another Day"

 This is getting to be ridiculous! Time and time again. Kurds enable ISIS to walk away.
Talk about being enablers of terror! So much for fiercest most effective fighting force against ISIS. I laugh every time I read that absurdity stated. By anyone. Anyone at all. Anywhere
 ISIS, can go to Deir ez Zour and the Kurds can “fight” them there all the while stealing more Syrian territory-Wash, rinse, repeat.

One wonders what is the real reason the US keeps arming the Kurds to fight ISIS? When the Kurds continually allow ISIS to walk away? Why would they have any need for arms, being such master negotiators and all? One reason is for the waging of yet more war.
2ndly, steal and hold territory and of course, the arms are for the Kurds to use against Syrian civilians- You know, putting them by the tens of thousands in outdoor prison camps?

flashback YPG/PKK: US Weapons & Outdoor Prisons for Syria's Displaced

Let's talk about the Kurds letting ISIS take a pass, shall we? - No arrests made? No transfer to US/UK forces for incarceration/trial whatever for all their acts of heinousness? Nope just let'em go! 5 eyes media is finally reporting, with a whole lot of spin, what was reported more then a week ago at Xinhua- Hattip anonymous!
 IS withdraws from Syria's Tabqa as Kurdish-led groups take over
DAMASCUS, May 4 (Xinhua) -- The Islamic State (IS) group withdrew from the city of Tabqa in northern Syria on Thursday, as the city has become completely under the control of Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a monitor group reported.
The IS started withdrawing from Tabqa in the western countryside of Raqqa Province, after agreeing to a deal struck between local delegations of Tabqa and the SDF.
The deal allows the IS militants stuck in the city to leave through passageways controlled by the SDF toward Raqqa, the de facto capital of IS, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
 Yup, ISIS  just walked right by their fiercest enemy? Do you believe that? Cause I do not! These two are partners- Tag team partners- Symbiotic KurdIShIS- With the US arming and guiding them both- Always

Washington Examiner- Today 

Syrian Kurdish-led forces say they are carrying out mine-clearing operations at the country's largest dam
 Can't imagine why the Kurds would have to clear out "mines" when removing IED's and other weapons was a condition of ISIS leaving... I just see men walking down a roadway
U.S.-backed Syrian forces have scored a key victory over the Islamic State by clearing the northern Syrian city of Tabqa, but allowed some 70 ISIS fighters to leave to fight another day.
 Davis said while the ISIS fighters were granted safe passage out of the city, they became legitimate targets once they began to move in the direction of Raqqa
Why would they head to Raqqa? It's Deir ez Zour their needed at?

 flashback:ISIS Capital is now Deir Ez-Zor- Israel Strikes SAA in Queneitra
 "About 70 ISIS fighters conceded to SDF terms, which included dismantling IEDs around the dam, surrendering all of its heavy weapons, and forcing the withdrawal of all remaining fighters from Tabqa city," said Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman.
 The deal to allow the ISIS fighters to trade control of the dam for their lives was unusual because ISIS militants are usually under orders to fight to the death.
 Claims Colonel Dorian- Spin doctor for the US Military- I've lost count of the number of postings placed  here regarding the repeated free passes the Kurds have given ISIS- 

"The U.S. was not part of the battlefield agreement, which was made by a Syrian Democratic Forces ground commander"

What a flippin' farce!



    1. hey Kaz!
      Thanks for the update- not surprising given what often comes across that border...

      There is a post here regarding the way the PKK has used the mountainous regions that border Iran/Iraq/Turkey and Syria to travel, smuggle and make lots of trouble

  2. Well at least you brought Kurdish perfidy to the attention of the altmedia reading public :D

    I hope the Kurds wise up before a certain nemesis comes a calling.

    1. Hi anonymous: most of the alt media is in my opinion an extension of the msm, quite obvious in the way they promoted the Kurdish militias along the same line and how they continue to excuse their behaviours and their collusion with the US/UK/Canada etc

      What nemesis would you be thinking of?

    2. I'm thinking of the retribution that will be meted out by the SAA, Iran and Turkey. I will even throw Iraq and Russia into the mix -- the Iraqis seem to be asserting themselves more than is usual for them.

      I am also assuming that Russia is not a ZOG that ultimately intends to betray Syria.

      My understanding of the concept of nemesis is that our own hubris constructs its own particular nemesis. So the Kurds are busily making enemies of everyone in the region who is not Zionist controlled.

      And even those of us who live within a ZOG, now see the truth and wish vengeance upon the Kurds. If you read the comments on other alt-media and non-mainstream news sites, the Kurds do get a drubbing. Even on RT and PressTV!

    3. Can you not generalize them. There are more honest Kurds arround than members of Marxist mercenaries like the PKK, PYD and what other affiliate there is going around using kurds as their cannon-fodder.

    4. anonymous: regarding how this will all pan out?

      It's less about betrayal (emotional value) and more about interests and positioning oneself for the gain

      What I am suspecting is that we are looking at the makings of vastly wider warfare- as the final settling of affairs-

      Just my opinion, that's all.

      regarding vengeance upon the kurds?

      Kaz is correct in stating there are more honest Kurds around then the ones affiliated with PKK/YPG/TAK and company- they like the rest of us, just want to live their lives... sadly the US/Israeli backed Kurds PKK and franchises abuse them terribly as they abuse so many others-

      The PKK tolerate no dissent- so they are quite brutal in their dealings with those Kurds that don't comply- (same as they treat the Arabs and Christians) evicting them from their homes, stealing their children/forcing them to fight after brainwashing them etc., The militias go so far as to make ordinary Kurds pay money to them- they extort from them in a sort of protection racket.

      these truths are why I've found the mindless cheering so despicable

  3. Hi Penny, I have been reading your posts for years and especially your insight into the current war in Syria and what's really going on. When I try (really try) to explain to close friends the gist of your research, in very simple terms, all I get is a thousand yard stare: they simply don't grok the significance of what is going on in terms of these proxy armies doing the dirty work or empire, etc. Anyway, here's a rebuttal in Foreign Policy, from one Aldar Khalil, a member of the Executive Body of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM). He claims the Syrian Kurds are not the PKK.

    1. The author denies their connection to PKK while admitting they're connected

      Note author splits Kurds into two camps? Barzani and Ocalan- There is actually more to them then that- but let's go with what the author writes

      "We don’t deny our relationships with all Kurdish parties in the four parts of Kurdistan (spread across present-day Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq)"

      The only party to my knowledge that is spread across all 4 claimed parts of Kurdistan is PKK

      "we don’t deny our connection to Ocalan"


      "I am proud to say I have a photo of Ocalan on my desk next to me"

      As any good PKK cult member would

      "Ocalan’s views and philosophy are at the core of how we govern the Northern Syrian Federation, or Rojava"


      "We also don’t deny that PKK also traces its school of thought back to Ocalan."

      Under cover of denying their connection author admits that-

      They have connections to PKK members- They don't deny tracing their roots back to Ocalan whom is admired and is the founder of PKK- And they govern Rojova under some rules set out by Ocalan who formed the PKK and laid out a bunch of deluded marxist rules about their dystopia

      Author fails to mention that Erdogan wins elections thanks to the Kurds who vote for him en masse and detest the PKK..

      "they simply don't grok the significance of what is going on in terms of these proxy armies doing the dirty work or empire, etc"

      In simplest terms the US and co are waging asymmetrical warfare through proxies

      Asymmetrical warfare simply defined

      "This is typically a war between a standing, professional army and an insurgency or resistance movement"

      In the case of the destabilization of Libya, Syria etc.,

      The US employed proxies (jihadiest) to wage asymmetrical war against the armies of whichever nation (Syria) is being attacked and their populace.

      This type of war gives the US their ability to hide their involvement- But it's a very thin veneer they hide behind

      tons of information available on asymmetric warfare and the use of proxies- I like to keep it simple for people when explaining stuff like that-

      thanks for sharing the link