Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Rerun alert! Erdogan "bodyguards" Clash With Protestors?

Wash, rinse, repeat. Wash, rinse, repeat.

This nearly exact type of incident occurred last year- March 2016- It got coverage all over the 5 eyes media- main and alt and it was as contrived, faked and as out of touch with reality as one would imagine any sort of staged psyop could be.

March 31/2016: Staged Provocation of Turkey's Security Detail- Aided by Amnesty International & Brookings

Not even certain if that was actually Turkey's security detail or just a bunch of posers last year.
Check out the no volume videos that made their way around- bolstered by headlines of outrage.
I checked the videos are still accessible.  Presently, just like last year, the Kurd victim meme was at play. Expect 5 eyes media, msm and alt,  to play this up with abundant outrage to boot!

Wash, rinse, repeat and YAWN!

May 17/2017: Erdogan's "bodyguards" Clash with Protestors

According to witnesses, the demonstrators, some carrying the flag of the Kurdish PYD (Democratic Union Party), were attacked by Erdogan's bodyguards outside the Turkish embassy, the Daily Telegraph reports.
Video footage on Facebook shows several people, including men dressed in black suits, trading punches.
Yup the video shows several men in black suits, no identification of who they are.  No indication how this began. Video appears to begin afterwards- Why wasn't the actual attack shown?
 A women who may or may not be injured- no clue how it happened? Even the security woman says "I'm  not seeing anything"  Where are you hurt? Man with blood, holding cloth to his head- Voice off camera saying "this is a really deep cut" (very briefly shown)  to focus on bloodied  shirt.. lots of confusion I'm not convinced that what is being claimed is what has actually occurred. Already, there is abundant social media coverage, bolstered by 5 eyes coverage...
"Some of the men were seen kicking people as they lay on the ground," claims Buzzfeed News.
 Demonstrators Flint Arthur told CNN: "They think they can engage in the same sort of suppression of protest and free speech that they engage in in Turkey.
Of course David Frum ( Canadian neo- con GWB "axis of evil") joins in with the media psyop
 Footage of the latest incident provoked outrage online. "Why is Erdogan allowed to bring goons with him into the United States?" tweeted David Frum, senior editor of The Atlantic.
 Blake Hounshell, US editor of Politico magazine, laid the blame for the "insane" incident at the door of President Erdogan

I don't know who the men in suits are? Perhaps their the infamous 'men in black'?
In among the aliens?
Continuing to watch the video- the man with the cloth to his "deep gash" which should probably be stitched if it's so bad appears to be walking around still
And then a monologue.. Nice piece of theatre.
The video continues... more unsubstantiated claims- I've nearly gotten through ten plus minutes.

Narrator continues with an unsubstantiated tale-  Narrator keeps saying ambulance is their caring for people- It's not shown.

Nice neuro linguistic delivery- "here we are" "here we are" "here we are" 
The protestors continue on chanting... guess they aren't really hurt
I've watched 15 minutes and that's it for me.
Sorry folks, I ain't buying what's being sold there

"Sad day for Washington"
"Sad day for Washington"
"Sad day for Washington" 

 Has it been hash tagged yet? Or maybe it will be "here we are"?

UPDATED: As expected this story has racer's legs and is going full tilt!

Washington Times- Alleged Turkish Security ...changed but original is there 
NBC Washington & Irish Independent  Wall Street Journal 
And John McCain, Crazy John McCain, condemns thuggish behaviour
claiming "we don't do this in America" what a moron- America does that and worse in America, all over the world, who the hell is he kidding? - We still have NO verification of who the alleged attackers really were?
Oh well Saddam had nukes and Bashar Assad gassed his own people- Trial by media.

UPDATE # 2: 

"The background of the two men arrested wasn't immediately clear." Translation- Not Turks affiliated with Erdogan
Ayten Necmi, 49, of Woodside, New York, was charged with aggravated assault, police said, after a woman who was thrown to the ground and kicked identified Necmi as her attacker.

Jalal Kheirabadi, 42, of Fairfax, Virginia, is charged with assaulting a police officer, who refused treatment for lacerations to his face.
Kheirabadi told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he joined the demonstration. Kheirabadi said he is a Kurd (who just happened to assault a police officer?)
Court paperwork spells his name Kheirabaoi, but he said that is incorrect. The document says he struck an officer in the face...
Definitely a psychological operation- Maybe some people got hurt? Maybe. But, it was all for the perception management.

This is just the beginning- the prep for what's going to come out of the Trump/Erdogan meeting


  1. Never seen anything like this:a female protester just tackled. DC cops are in the street trying to keep Turkish guards from hurting folks

    — Yochi Dreazen (@yochidreazen) March 31, 2016

    Samira Ghaderi‏ @Samira_Ghaderi 9h9 hours ago

    Two #Kurdish-American girls (seen in 1st pic wearing denim/pink) thrown to the ground & brutally beaten by #Turkish security officers in #DC

  2. Yah, I caught right away that this was nearly identical to the melee last year- which didn't appear as claimed at that time.

    But what does that really matter?
    It will go around like wildfire on antisocial media
    I expect it to be full blown by tonight's evening news

    I went to look at latest twitter feed and what specifically identifies claimed perps as Turkish security officers?

    I'm not clear on that?

    The video did not clearly identify the claimed perps nor did it show the beginning of the attack
    ie: said attackers positioning etc prior to claimed attack

    I'm not willing to assume

    1. Below is an exchange between GC and I
      Just wanted others to read it..
      I guess I'm the pessimist and GC is the optimist?
      But there it is
      I appreciate GC's thoughts and her courtesy when exchanging ideas- Wish all exchanges went as well

    2. I am siding with caspianreport on this one (11:07 minutes)

    3. Also two other things I want to get your attention on
      (Putin Is A Fraud - "New Lies For Old") its a 24 min video, but the subject starts from 14:10 I already fixed the time on that link. And I weigh it with some credibility because Putin honors Yuri Andropov

      And one other thing related with nortern America
      (Crop Losses You Didnt Hear About Over the Last Couple of Months)(4:40)

    4. Kaz: Regarding Caspian report- it touches on something I had mentioned in my comment
      here "That's the way I'm seeing it- No reason to remove Assad anymore- He is weak. The Kurds intend to take 30 percent of Syria- they have stated it. they will control the bulk of the water and oil"

      The loss of control of the northeastern section of Syria to the Kurds is huge for Syria- I must be the only blogger who has ever addressed this!

      The water diverted and controlled by Tabqa is what sustains Aleppo city- Aleppo city was the economic engine of Syria because of the trade between Turkey and Syria..

      If the PKK/YPG Kurds, US occupied, can cut the water off to Aleppo, which they can, they control the economic driver of Syria.

      In that same area is most of the prime farmland and of course the oil resources.. All under US/Kurdish control. Where does that leave Assad as leader of a cohesive nation state?
      There is no REAL need to remove him.
      (though personal grudges and ego may factor into this decision) That aside, what will he really lead? What will he really control? Even if he has the majority of the populace on board- How will they be fed? How will they have clean fresh water?

      This is one reason I find it difficult to read any longer at Syrian Perspective- I can't fault Ziad for his stance regarding his nation of birth- however- reality is what it is on the ground.

      And yah, Turkey has been moving refugees back into Northern Syria- I've covered that previously and they've been rebuilding also for those persons..

      Syria will have no control over that region- it will be economically tied to Turkey- which will strain Turkey over time

      As for the crop losses- I did see some of that news- thanks- we just had one warm day, yesterday, and a couple of more seasonal one-
      The lakes continue to be high- Lake Ontario is very high as Erie drains into it
      Lake Ontario levels are expected to rise until the end of June roughly- Centre island is dealing with flooding- there was a video showing a baseball diamond underwater with carp swimming in the water..
      crazy- wonder how many people think this is related to 'iceberg melting' lol
      It isn't- Rain and lack of evaporation

    5. "Its time to drop the messiah figure we can "vote" for. They are going to play us all day. We'll have to save ourselves"

      I like that statement..from Brendan

      I've said this before wrt our leaders. And other leaders. This is why I don't get into the cult of personality stuff- I'm the only leader I need. And I think about stuff for myself. Always.

    6. re: the price of lettuce!
      wicked. soon we'll grow our own leaf lettuce then f that crap- we also eat dandelion leaves and chickweed- so I wasn't buying much lettuce. I managed to get 1 head of my least favourite iceberg lettuce for a reasonable price I mixed it with my healthy dandelion and chickweed- making my own dressing of course and happily ate that.

    7. Thats true, I added this to give an idea of what a post-conflict syria would look like.

      About the strain, that is all about the approach.

      At this current moment I am watching out for significant updates on Turkey vs PYD/PKK mercenaries

  3. 1 – 6 of 6

    Blogger Penny said...

    Hey Greencrow:

    I've been watching and watching the news regarding this meeting..
    Nothing of substance has come out of it, in my opinion..
    That in itself is interesting- Meetings end today
    I expect the shit will hit the fan shortly thereafter.

    Whatever comment Erdogan made regarding the missile strike- isn't that significant- it's all been said- you'd expect that 'playing to the audience' and then the US playing it up.

    Once Erdogan leaves all hell will break loose- that's what I'm waiting for

    (of course I could be mistaken, but, that's how I see it right now)

    patiently waiting...

    May 17, 2017 at 5:00 AM
    Blogger greencrow said...

    I agree, Penny...all hell IS going to break loose in Syria soon. Think about it...what is the best way to drive a irrevocable wedge between Turkey and Russia? Answer: Get Turkey to join the West in a regime change attack on Syria/Assad.

    Killing Two Birds with One Stone...

    1. May 17, 2017 at 8:26 AM
      Blogger Penny said...

      "Get Turkey to join the West in a regime change attack on Syria/Assad"

      Could be gc... I mean anything is possible?

      What I see as more likely is what James Petrus was talking about war between Turkey and the US, taking place in Syria.

      yesterday's post contains a link back to the entire Petrus piece- where he is actually discussing Yinon and the US remake of the middle east- the one that's been going on quite openly since 9/11

      "The US-Kurdish-Turkey conflict provides the most immediate danger of serious open warfare among major nations"

      I don't care how the media will dress it up- it will be, and has already been, war between the US and Turkey in Syria- yes, that's right- American specials ops have already killed Turkish soldiers in Northern Syria and I believe Turkey responded in kind- late last year- Rescue and I discussed this at the blog

      At the time that Turkey was trying to wrestle al bab from ISIS- they took casualties in the 100's -Turkish soldiers died also
      Recall the mystery plane that killed turkish soldiers- tried to say it was Russian's
      don't think so..

      Prior to that there was an explosion that took out some kurds and others at a depot in northern syria

      this tit for tat has already been going on between the US and Turkey- It could get bigger- the media may present it as tag teaming to take out Assad, Turkey gains nothing from the removal of Assad- And Turkey has way bigger fish to fry

      May 17, 2017 at 9:44 AM
      Blogger greencrow said...

      Hi Penny:

      Turkey is, IMO, indeed caught in a vice...between Russia and the US. If Erdogan doesn't make a clear choice and soon, his options will be taken away. I am aware that the US has been working very hard on regime change in they have been in Syria. There just hasn't been as much publicity...other than the fumbled Gulen coup. The status quo is very complicated and made more so by the latest Washington crisis...see my latest post and watch the video...towards the end where Ed Schultz makes some ominous observations.

      Let me put it this way...should the US declare war on won't be Trump who declares it...he is definitely NOT in charge in Washington, if he ever was.


    2. May 17, 2017 at 10:49 AM
      Blogger Penny said...

      There won't be a declaration of war- not officially, that is.

      But the declaration has been made- the open and abundant arming of PKK/YPG was that declaration.

      I'm not sure that Erdogan has an option to choose?
      Perhaps Turkey and it's leadership is on it's own- Not because Russia and the US are allied.
      Because it's now every man/nation for themselves and the cards will fall as they may?

      That's the way I'm seeing it- No reason to remove Assad anymore- He is weak. The Kurds intend to take 30 percent of Syria- they have stated it. they will control the bulk of the water and oil
      Israel will control the rest and Syria as it is today is done.

      As Petrus said "Syria has effectively been ‘chopped up’ by competing imperial and regional powers leading to a possible confrontation among major powers"

      I agree wholeheartedly. Don't be offended GC by my saying this, but, Russia isn't there just to help an ally, They are their to help themselves- they can't save Syria and they won't..

      All that's left is to fight for a share- The biggest risk is to Turkey- which is why they are pretty much on their own.

      That's why I see no side choosing option for that nation- Russia might assist, but, only go so far with that assistance..

      I guess my idea/vision of what is occurring is different then most others- shrugs shoulders- Gotta call it as I see it

      May 17, 2017 at 11:27 AM
      Blogger greencrow said...

      I can't be offended by geopolitical analyses of others...each of us sees it differently and that's a good thing...we each contribute to the whole of understanding. Russia has always made it clear that it is in Syria to protect its own interests...the naval base at Tartus and to liquidate the Western-funded terrorists that will ultimately threaten Russia itself. I don't see Assad as being weak. He has immense "soft power"...which, of course, is completely disregarded by USrael---because they have NO soft power. Everybody in the world hates them. I don't see Russia abandoning Syria to be chopped up...all reports are that Syria and its allies have won or are close to winning the war. That is why the West is trying to get one last attack on Syria off the ground...looking for pretexts, etc.

      No, I see it as Russia/Putin drawing a line in the sand and needing (for self-preservation) to defend the rule and principles of international law--as it applies to the sovereignty of nations and the rule of the United Nations as the sole arbiter. They will fight against any Western assault on Syria.

      Putin would be very stupid (and he is not a stupid man) to suddenly abandon all the principles he has defended, all the allies he has made in the region and around the world, all the "soft power" and trust he has earned...everything...for some very temporary advantage (if that) or due to fear of a show down with the West. That is coming anyway...even if he he might as well gather his forces and fight.

      May 17, 2017 at 12:35 PM

    3. It is Israel that sees existential threat in assad taking ground and that is what the latest Jordan reinforcements assad discussed and buildup appears to be about following the idf airstrike. Trump appears reluctant to play ball. But then trump wondered why the mil tells isis it is going to attack for months only to have them inkblot to other areas...Israel minister just made similar comments about turkey (re Russia knows the long run impact of its involvement in a channeling of the deputy dir morell quoted comments on rose re killing Russians and attacking Russian cities) warning about tourism to turkey beaches (a feint echo of Sinai and the metrojet). Egypt was set to launch a big tourism campaign to sure up FX reserves around pyramid chambers you might recall at time of metro.

    4. I was thinking about Israel's role in the whole Trump/ Russian intel leak.

      They being the alleged providers of the information. Putin is willing to share notes of meeting and I wondered if Israel was putting pressure on the Trump administration

      They have so many media lackies to aid in the cause

      I missed the comments Israel made regarding Turkey? Would you have a link handy?

      I see Assad's move in the North East would threaten Israeli interests they have vested in Israel 2.0...

      Saw something this morning about Egypt and Jordan, didn't bookmark it, wish I would have!


      "We must keep correct relations with them," Galant told army radio.

      "The fact that from time to time (Erdogan) makes inflammatory remarks that reflect his own rhetorical political interests -- let him talk, we know how to talk too."

      "When it comes to practice, I think the Turks have other interests," Galant said, pointing to the number of Israeli tourists who visit Turkey and the possibility of building a pipeline to Turkey to export natural gas from Israel.


    7. thanks anon
      shall check the links

    8. Erdogan does love to talk. I agree with that much for sure-


  4. Wonder if Israel likes this?
    Iran and Turkey pharmaceutical cooperation to EU.

    " major Iranian pharmaceutical company has signed a contract with a Turkish entity to produce medicine in the neighboring country.
    Secretary-General of Iran-Turkey Commercial Council Jalal Ebrahimi made the announcement to Financial Tribune, without disclosing the name of the Iranian firm.
    "The cooperation will be in the form of a joint venture. The Iranian side is investing some $100 million in the project. Yet, details on the contribution of the Turkish side have yet to be released. The aim is to pave the way for exporting Iranian products to European and the Mediterranean countries," he said.
    Referring to Iran's competence in the production of biotechnical, nano and herbal medicines, the official, who is also an economic advisor with Maku Free Trade Zone (situated 22 kilometers from the Turkish border), said many Iranian companies are exporting their products to regional countries.
    "We have established modern factories on par with the latest international standards," he said.
    According to Ebrahimi, self-sufficiency and local production of different kinds of medicine are a priority for the Ministry of Health.
    "Yet, if we want to efficiently make inroads into global markets, we need to cooperate with foreign countries," he said.
    He stressed that Turkey is a very good option for this cooperation, as it has better commercial interactions with the European Union, is a member of World Trade Organization and a neighboring country, which means transportation costs are minimized.
    According to the official, Turkish expertise in marketing and advertising across the world can help Iranian producers expand their presence in global markets.

  5. So apparently this newspaper reports that there is a video where pro-PKK supporters were trowing stones on turkish americans, but they don't have a video but say instead its circulating on social media. -_-, Personally this move really hurts the newspapers credibility. Show the proof.

    1. Hey Kaz!
      There is a video link at the sabah.
      It goes to a twitter account which has a nearly two minute video up about what occured- Interesting to me is that it shows the Kurds were NOT victims- They are right in the street fighting with the pro Turkish persons- I can't tell about the stone throwing- however the Kurds are not victims-
      that woman with the red hair was doing her dazed and confused on the lawn look and she's there hitting and kicking-

    2. When I posted it they did not have it included, they must have added it later then, good that they did.