Saturday, May 6, 2017

“Syrian” Kurds Plan to March to the Mediterranean Sea- Greater Kurdistan unfolding right before our eyes. And 5 eyes media unquestioningly and approvingly report on the annexation of Syria territory in glowing terms while characterizing Turkey’s reaction as negative. Which it will be, of course. However, did anyone ask the Syrians themselves, all the rest of them how, they feel about their country being annexed?

Why should Turkey be overjoyed with this? It’s obvious where this is heading?
Should the Turks go, ‘oh yeah, the destruction/annexation occurring in Syria is our future and that’s just great’! One would have to be deranged to cheer that on!

flashback: US Kurdish Alliance Violation of NATO Treaty

complete with your feel good smiling/flag waving perception managing imagery

The Guardian, of course
In a further sign of growing Kurdish confidence in Syria’s north, officials say that they plan to ask the US for political support in creating a trade corridor to the Mediterranean as part of a deal for their role in liberating Raqqa and other cities from Islamic State (Isis).
So the US is just going to deal Syrian territory away, then?
flashback:  Syrians Rage Over American Flag-Flying Tanks

Senior figures have also indicated that the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), a 50,000-strong collection of fighters dominated by the YPJ Kurdish militia and a crucial US partner in its offensive against Isis, is preparing to occupy Raqqa after eradicating Isis before pushing deeper into Arab territory, along the Euphrates valley, and seizing the city of Deir ez–Zor from the extremist group.
Recall my mention of how it was oh so convenient that proxy ISIS went to Deir ez- Zor
flashback: ISIS Capital is now Deir Ez-Zor- Israel Strikes SAA in Queneitra
As stated ..." But you can bet the annex/appropriation of Syrian territory will continue unabated"

In another startling development, an official even revealed it was possible that SDF forces might eventually push west to liberate the city of Idlib.

 Hediya Yousef, in charge of the federalism project for the self-declared autonomous “democratic federation of north Syria”, which has expanded from the Kurdish region of Rojava to include considerable Arab territory, told the Observer:
Rojova has expanded to include considerable Arab territory- Anyone who has been reading here for the past several years will be aware that this was the plan!
  Hediya Youself continues..“Arriving at the Mediterranean Sea is in our project for northern Syria, it’s a legal right for us to reach the Mediterranean.”

Syria always did reach to the Mediterranean, but, this is not the Syria,  prior to the destabilization that we’re talking about here. This is part of the plan for Greater Kurdistan. The plan I’ve discussed here for years and years. The plan the msm and alt media ignore, willfully, for their zionist benefactors. And yes, that's my opinion!
When asked if that meant asking the US for its political backing to achieve a trading route to the sea once they had helped eradicate Isis from north Syria, Yousef said: “Of course.”

The SDF’s liberation of Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor along the Euphrates would extend territory controlled by the autonomous federation of north Syria to almost a third of the country, compared with the 16% that was governed by the federation of Rojava.


  1. Well there is a difference between planning to do something and actually implementing that plan. The Syrians, Iranians and Hezbollah say it aint going to happen. I cannot see Russia imposing such a "solution" on those 3 nationstates -- rather I do see Turkey also opposing any such plans.

    1. Yup there is a difference between planning and accomplishing- But then look at what the PKK with the support of the US have accomplished already?

      Quite a bit I would say. Quite a bit.

  2. PS I was fooled by the portrayal of the female YPG fighters as some sort of adherents to direct democracy. I was mesmerized. But when I slowly learned out how the world really works (and caught a glimpse of real history during that process) and those fighters for what they really are -- same old Marxist charade. I would state many are Mossad agents but that would be a conspiracy theory too far, surely ;)

    1. It's really best to think of the Kurdish militias, all of them, as a cult with an army- That is how they are best defined IMO.

      I'm sure many are Mossad agents

  3. looks like the map I drew of Greater Kurdistan all those months ago was somewhat close to what they really want. And when it comes time to regime change Turkey and take a chunk of that, they will want a "trade corridor" all the way up to the Black Sea and then one all the way down through Iraq to the Persian Gulf. That's the best way for them to make themselves the hub of the entire Middle East Grand Chessboard. Nice find Penny.

    1. Hey Willy- your still the only one I know, in touch with reality, and understanding what is going on..

  4. Turkish army braces to enter Syria's Idlib: report

    Turkey also moving after calling again for cleaning out Manbij for the umpteenth time. After the airstrikes on PKK affiliates, Putin ordering turkstream and the S400s deal, time grows short.

    Kurds say they took Tabqa


      IS withdraws from Syria's Tabqa as Kurdish-led groups take over