Monday, May 22, 2017

Trump's "Beautiful Military Equipment" Tour Unites Theocratic Islam & Israel

One wouldn't have thought theocratic Islam & Israel needed any more uniting?
This is all about Iran. Very clearly.

"One of the things that we will discuss is the purchase of lots of beautiful military equipment because nobody makes it like the United States," Trump said  "First that means jobs" he said, adding "it also means frankly great security back here which we want."
The beautiful military equipment tour for "frankly great security". The world according to Trump. While in Saudi Arabia Trump signed the ‘Largest Single Arms Deal in American History’
 The United States and Saudi Arabia have inked a $110 billion arms deal, the largest in American history.
The arms deal will see the U.S. providing Saudi Arabia with a "full spectrum of capabilities," including tanks, artillery, helicopters, armored carriers, combat ships, and an assortment of other advanced weapons systems, according to senior Trump administration officials working on the agreement.
The massive arms package is part of a larger effort by the Trump administration to boost U.S. allies in the region
The immediate 110 billion dollar package is just the beginning of a ten year- 350 billion dollar spending spree that will serve to burden the Saudi people with debt!
US-Saudi Arabia seal weapons deal worth nearly $110 billion immediately, $350 billion over 10 years
 The agreement, which is worth $350 billion over 10 years and $110 billion that will take effect immediately, was hailed by the White House as "a significant expansion of…[the] security relationship" between the two countries.
 Link - 34,000 soldiers to "fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria"
 Riyadh – The Arab-Islamic-US unveiled in Riyadh on Sunday a close partnership between the leaders of the Arab and Islamic worlds and the United States

The summit, chaired by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, brought together US President Donald Trump with the leaders and representatives of 55 Arab and Muslim countries, who all voiced a readiness to form a reserve of 34,000 soldiers to back counter-terrorism operations.

On the regional level, the gatherers at the Riyadh summit stressed the importance of good neighborly practices and avoiding meddling in the internal affairs of other countries. The sovereignty and independence of countries should be respected.

They will take the necessary measures to prevent and combat terror crimes in close cooperation of these states.

They hailed the announcement of the intention to form the strategic Middle East alliance in the city of Riyadh. A number of countries will take part in it in order to achieve regional and global peace and security.

They completely rejected the practices of the Iranian regime that are targeting the region and world’s security and stability. They also rejected its ongoing support of terrorism and extremism.

 They vowed to confront its (Iran) actions and exert efforts to preserve the security of the region and world. They will confront Iran’s disruptive actions with determination through joint cooperation, stressed the Riyadh Declaration.
Defence Stocks Rise Across the Board as Trump Signs Massive Arms Deal in Advance of More War

 In Advance of MORE WAR..
Defense and aerospace stocks rose across the board in premarket trade Monday, after Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states signed arms deals worth $350 billion with the U.S. over the weekend.
  In Advance of MORE WAR..

 President Donald Trump says Israel's Arab neighbors are realizing they share a "common cause" with Israel in the threat from Iran.

Trump is urging the U.S. and Israel to boost cooperation against common threats, and declaring the Iran never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.

He says Iran - Israel's chief enemy in the Middle East - must also cease funding, training and supplying weapons to terrorist groups.

 Said the pot to the kettle?

 Trump: Israel, Arab neighbors share common cause
Trump & Saudi Stooge
On Tuesday, the last details were apparently hammered out between the U.A.E.’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and U.S. President Donald Trump in their meeting in Washington after Trump's earlier meeting with Mohammed bin Salman, the 31-year-old son of the Saudi king and the de facto ruler of the kingdom.

Defacto ruler? Catch that word use? - I've talked about the division in KSA previously and bin Salman is favoured by the US.  

Israel and Islamic theocracy march hand in hand
– Racing the clock ahead of US President Donald Trump’s visit, Israel’s Knesset and government advanced the bill declaring its state once-and-for-all a Jewish nation.
The Knesset, or the Israeli parliament, had on May 10 given the preliminary approval to a bill draft proposed by the Likud party member and Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman Avi Dichter.
Despite being given the initial green light, it needs to be debated by a parliamentary committee and voted on three more times in the plenum before it becomes part of the country’s so-called “basic laws”, which are similar to a constitution.
In and of itself, the bill calls for stark discrimination against Arab minorities, while paradoxically maintaining Israel’s alleged “democracy.”
The bill aside, Jewish fundamentalism is a reality in Israel and what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the government are embarking on is to merely give Jewish fanaticism a legal definition. Shoring up Israel’s presence as a theocracy in the world.
Dichter’s bill not only encroaches on genuine rights of the original landowners, the Palestinians, but also announces Hebrew as the sole official language, devaluing Arabic from a primary language to merely holding “special status.”

The bill also confiscates the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.
It stipulates that the right of self-determination is enjoyed only by Jews … A term at which one must stop and ask how can racism be more explicit than this?
This glows beyond the fog of politics– it is a fundamentalist narrative at its finest. Self-declared right to supremacy over others, and self-given right to deprive, isolate and eliminate counterparts cannot better define zealotry. Such a bill promotes legal preference in a push to erase their trace from both geography and history.
Israel the finest theocracy in the middle east- Undeniable as it is a nation created solely and only for followers of a specific religion.

Don't forget NATO meeting on the 25th

From earlier today!

No garden planting, yet. Sigh.


  1. So had his beautiful chocolate cake when he sent missiles to Syria- He's selling "beautiful military equipment" for more war- One wonders if he'll find beauty in all the death/destruction he is set to deliver. Trump is a ghoul

    beautiful military equipment bringing beautiful death

  2. I do believe the first 110b is a deal obomber worked out in his last days in office because at that time the trumpster didn't like the house of saud. Then trumpster did what potus do and went along with neo-conns killing ways. He even was able add 240b on top like frosting.

    It made Amerikas merchants of death giddy.

    1. As Trump channeled Hannibal Lecter..

      Liver, Fava beans with a nice chianti and beautiful chocolate cake

      Donald Trump played by Anthony Hopkins


      Hubby comes up with some good ones!

  3. Objection ?

    You are describing Saudi Arabia as an Islamic Theocracy, but it should be called for what it is.

    A Kingdom ruled by the House of Saud. I am certain you know that it was with the help of the British Empire that they got in charge in the first place.

    1. Yes, I do Kaz. It was the British who set up the house of Saud- and the royals themselves don't seem very religious but they use religious rule to keep the people in line- Same as Israel does.

      Though unlike Israel- KSA wasn't set up for one religious sect, specifically

    2. Its not religious rule to keep people in line its more that they don't really have a choice. There were signs that the "arab spring" was also going to get into Saudi Arabia, but we all know how well that ended up and the people know this.

      Saudi Arabia is controlled by a tribe and the tribe is more important than everything else. So the rules and system is in favor of them. Besides that discrimination against non-Saudi Arabians is a thing in Saudi Arabia.

      And when it comes to Israel, they keep people in line because of fear not religion. Israel is a nation where the people are united against a common enemy. That in itself is a very unstable system.

    3. Hey Kaz- You make a whole lot of good points and after thinking about how to better describe the commonalities between the GCC nations and Israel - I thought... I'm leaving it as is.

      We could describe Israel as tribal like KSA

      It gets too confusing since the employment of religion plays a role in both nation states-

      As a control, divider, unifying force etc.,
      For the sake of simplicity it stays- all outside links are there to be read.

      I do appreciate your points :)

    4. Curious about your thoughts regarding the post info
      the arms deals?
      the change in Israel?
      Looks to me like a prepping for the final big battle

    5. the arms deal looks more as a (sign of their loyalty)/bribe to USA.

      The Israel changes might have to do with Hamas softening their manifesto and thus trying to get some sparks going to show that they cannot be trusted(hamas) even with changes to their manifesto, but they will hide these new developments which let to an escalation of conflict.

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  5. Terror attack in my city. Shocked. What are your thoughts? Police making arrests near my house.

    1. Ally- I was thinking about you when I saw that news this morning!! And was hoping we'd hear or read from you just to know you're ok!
      And I'm glad you are.:)

      I haven't read enough about it but I did notice how quickly they rounded up a suspect- Less then 24 hours, amazingly great police work-

      What do you think?
      Any one else have thoughts on the suicide bombing in England?

      Not sure where I was reading, but, saw somewhere Conservatives had dropped in polls(May's party) and suicide bomber. Is this accurate? Not sure.
      Does this area have a high immigrant population?

      I'm of the mind the UK does want to break free of the EU... so this would help May to get out of EU

    2. Manchester has the immigrant population in the UK after England, and is also the second largest city. Lots of immigrants and it generally known for being a very friendly city-little discrimination. In the EU referendum, the Manchester population overall voted to remain so this attack will definitely serve to create tension in one of the most immigrant-friendly cities in the UK. I am of that feeling too, Penny. They knew what the result was going to be before they held the referendum and would not have called for it if they thought the people would not vote the way they wanted them to.
      And yes, someone arrested quite quickly. Friends reporting that there are police vans outside a shopping mall arresting a man. How'd they find him so quick?? For all I know, it is a false flag!

    3. Ally I'm putting up a quick post and will add your comment- if you have any links to local media reports put them in the comments of the new post

      You can tell us what it is like, as it occurs, if you wish to- I will add it all to the new post

  6. Isn't it amazing Pen,
    That the LARGEST ARMS DEAL IN US HISTORY could be googled up by myself, and not one major news agency covered it? 2nd page, I got to a couple of articles, one by Reuters, where they indicated a very large deal was about to go down in a couple of days (a few days before it happened). But nothing on the actual day!

    Incredible. So instead, they concentrate on the thousands of other silly things, and some of them are legitimate concerns too, but yeah, no need to mention the biggest arms deal EVER in US history is one between the US and . . . Saudi Arabia, a tin-pot family dictatorship, super-rich from selling oil to America.

    And yes, I agree . . . it does sound like a major precursor to war with Iran.

    1. Hey slozo!

      it's is amazing how the news avoids any real news..
      as you say instead choosing to concentrate on any number of silly things

      It's the precursor to war with Iran that causes me concern.- I suspect it will be more then just Iran.
      I'm seeing many parties fighting for their piece of the geopoliticical pie