Monday, May 29, 2017

US/Kurds Do Damage Control After Russian Outing of Terrorist Colllusion

Totally ignoring the spin headline- which is bizarre to say the least. Let’s just read the facts as presented.
“According to a source in the SDF command, who preferred to remain anonymous, the Kurds in cooperation with U.S forces are setting corridors to allow terrorists move towards Palmyra and other towns controlled by the Syrian government”

Normally I don’t like anonymous sources, however, this news already has corroboration. 

The Kurds & the US had cooperated to allow ISIS terrorists to move freely towards Palmyra and other towns guarded by Syrian government/SAA and allies. So much for 'fighting terrorists'

Russia outed the practice last week. Via the international mediaRussia also bombed the fleeing terrorists. The Kurds denied their dealings with ISIS.  Likely because of the very public attention given to their devious behaviour. The US had to cover it's tracks too. We'll get to the baloney that crossed the lips of Sec of Defence  James Mattis a bit later.

Covered a bit about YPG/PKK denying their usual behaviour yesterday-

flashback: Russia Outs YPG/PKK Kurds Usual Dealin' With ISIS- Free Pass from Raqqa
“Washington is attempting to lure terrorists and their families out of the city to get them eliminated with mass airstrikes either by the international coalition or Syrian troops with the assistance of the Russian AF, the source added.”
If the US/Kurds know who these terrorists are.. Clearly the do since they are allowing them safe passage to go to Palmyra why not just target them where they are? Arrest them as they leave? Why even bother luring them to safety to kill them? Once they got wind of this plan why would the terrorists take up the offer?  Sorry, I find that whole luring them with safety in order to target them preposterous! What this nonsensical tale has is the stink of a cover up narrative for why the Kurds and the US have been allowing ISIS militants to leave or "shove them from one position to another" Jim Mattis
“Militants seem to have been trying to use the corridors set by the U.S. to leave for Palmyra when they were hit by Russian jets.
ISIS got a taste of "Russian meddling" on Thursday after Moscow received intelligence that Kurdish units affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) had granted ISIS militants a "secure southern corridor" from Raqqa.
Readers here already know Russia bombed the militants- Covered that yesterday and it's relinked at the flashback.

The source at the Russian Defense Ministry said that earlier the terrorists "have received an opportunity for unimpeded withdrawal on the condition they will head towards Palmyra"
The free pass was given to intentionally to move terrorists to Palmyra- So much for fighting terrorists!
MOSCOW, May 27. /TASS/. Commanders of the Russian group of forces in Syria has taken measures to avert the withdrawal of the Islamic State militants from Raqqa towards Palmyra, which is located to the south, a source at the Russian Defense Ministry said.

"The data confirmed via several independent channels suggests that the commanders of Kurdish units affiliated with the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces and the leaders of the Islamic State detachments operating in the area reached an agreement on the opening of the so-called secure southern corridor," the source said.

"The terrorists have received an opportunity for unimpeded withdrawal on the condition they will head towards Palmyra," he said.
Upon receiving the data, the command of the Russian forces in Syria took steps to prevent the militants’ withdrawal southwards, the source said.
You may recall that quote from the Drive article (previous post)
 "If this large line of vehicles did indeed originate from al Raqqa, it is a bit surprising that they weren't identified and attacked by US-led coalition forces"
 Not surprising that the US led coalition didn't bomb them since a deal was made for them to freely pass- But Russia spoiled that one for the US.

Jaw flappin from  Sec of Defence Jim Mattis that will make your head spin! 

The Fight Against ISIS has shifted to "annihilation tactics" says Jim Mattis

 Shifted to "annihilation" from what?   I thought this war on terror, get ISIS, was all about annihilating terrorists &terrorism? Facetious. Or so the spin goes... Jim Mattis clears the air on that spin. It was never about annihilation, no siree, the US led coalition was simply moving terrorists around, but, now there gonna git'em all!
 "We have already shifted from attrition tactics where we shove them from one position to another in Iraq and Syria, to annihilation tactics where we surround them," Mattis said. "
 The newer strategy gives ISIS no retreat, Mattis explained.
It's been obvious to me for quite some time the US has been 'shoving them (terrorists) from one position to another in Iraq and Syria-  But, they got caught , by Russia, "shoving from one position to another", in cahoots with the Kurds. Raqqa to Palmyra- Moving their terrorist proxies around.  

Which begs the question... If not terrorists who exactly has been being bombed by the US led coalition of the killing? Answer.... Civilians. 

The widespread bombing has always been the catalyst for the weaponized refugee movement and the annexation of Iraqi and Syrian territory in order to remake the region. Israel and Israel 2.0 aka greater Kurdistan. Yinon. And more. As has been discussed here for years.

The US is going to change tactics? And really fight terrorists?  I don't think so! 

 From earlier:

MI5 Investigates Itself Over Manchester Bombing Connections & Knowledge


  1. Hi Penny:

    Good assessment of what's going on on the ground in Syria re the movement of ISIS towards the south. IMO, USrael will want to have the terrorists killed either by Russia or "friendly fire" (see what happened in Ukraine today to the Nazi "Azov" battalion. As you know, "Dead men tell no tales". Terrorists/proxies/patsies all have one thing in common...a "best before" date. Once that has expired, they need to be discarded like curdled milk.

    1. GC: what happened in Ukraine? I didn't see anything.

      I don't know that the US necessarily wanted their terrorists killed- They needed them to go to Syrian towns and fight SAA and allies.

      I found the statement by Mattis very interesting, an admission that the US hasn't been really bombing terrorists just 'shoving them from place to place'
      That's quite an admission, not a surprise, but quite an admission.

    2. Hi Penny: Re Ukraine...quite a few of the neo-Nazi "Azov Battalion were killed a day or so ago in eastern Ukraine by so-called "friendly fire", i.e., the Kievian Junta military. The US disavows the terrorists publicly...look at what Trump is saying about them. While I agree that the US doesn't necessarily want their terrorists killed...once they are no longer needed...they will be killed, IMO. Better than having them a) emigrate to the US or b) give up their guns and rejoin Syrian society under the "amnesty" program of Bashar al Assad. As I said..."Dead men tell no tales."

  2. Then the following question should be asked to the Russians. Why stand between the Turks and its backed forces and SDF. Ow wait it just popped in my mind, they are there to limit the military might of the Turks within Syria so they can brag to all of their ex-states how great they handled the situation in Syria.

    imo the Russians have lost the right to complain about the PYD, because not only are they are they shielding them, they have been allowing The PYD to have an office in Russia.

    1. Not sure what the answer is there Kaz?

      Turkey wouldn't have set foot in Syria if not for the Usrael creation of the kurdish state. I don't think they would have. Way back when Assad had Ocalan ensconced they, Turkey, didn't enter Syria then. Threatened, but, didn't.

      As for the Russians like everyone else their concerned with their interests.