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Pacifying Raqqa: ‘Staggering loss of civilian life’ during US-backed siege of Raqqa – UN

Hell's Fire Reigns Down From the Skies

 I think of Dresden and Tokyo and know there is nothing new in burning living persons in their beds,  or as they huddle in fear in the believed safety of their homes

Pacifying Raqqa

“Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings”  Words, their use and the affect of that use on the consumer of employed language. This is a topic previously discussed here. You may ask why? To which I will reply because it is of the utmost importance in understanding how your perception is managed. One word can convey so very much. And this concept has to be understood by everyone.

 Pacifying is one of those  kind of words malleable would be a way to describe it- based on the word Pax- meaning peace, the difference in the meaning of pacify comes from the way in which pacification is achieved.

Pacifiying : pacified; pacifying

    transitive verb

    1  a :  to allay the anger or agitation of :  soothe pacify a crying childb :  appease, propitiate tried to pacify the enemy with compromises

    2 a :  to restore to a tranquil state :  settle made an attempt to pacify the commotion b :  to reduce to a submissive state :  subdue forces moved in to pacify the country

Pacifying Raqqa is subduing Raqqa : to conquer and render silent

That’s what occured in Fallujah, Iraq. Subjugation. Oppression, The bringing under control  of a populace/area with  massive physical oppressionThis is what was always going to occur in Raqqa.
Large city. Largely Arab populace. Rejecting of the subjugation/occupation by the US backed Kurdish forces.

On June 6th/2017 I wrote:

“The US backed Kurdish annexation move threatens as many as 200,000 civilians.
Ethnic Cleansing will be horrendous- I notice there have been some ‘hit pieces’ on the Kurds in preparation for this murderous move-  There will be blood and lots of it, but, it will all be a mistake and blow back- BULLSHIT! I’m tired of these lies”

I am tired of the lies. And the liars. One liar/deceiver was published immediately preceding the pacification of Raqqa, in the NYT’s -Kyle W. Orton is a Middle East analyst and research fellow at the Henry Jackson Society.( Pro anglo zionist globalist mouthpiece)

Why am I calling him a deceiver? Not because of the information in the NYT’s hit piece. That information is quite accurate.

“LONDON — The United States recently committed itself to arming the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, known as the Y.P.G., to help evict the Islamic State from its Syrian stronghold, Raqqa. This decision is likely to prove deeply troublesome”

‘The Y.P.G. denies that it is, in effect, a wing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or P.K.K., but the evidence is clear. The P.K.K., a Marxist-leaning Kurdish nationalist organization, was founded in Turkey in 1978, and took up arms against the Turkish state in 1984

In 2003, the P.K.K. began creating branches in Syria, Iraq and Iran that did not have the burden of the P.K.K. name, to better integrate with local Kurdish populations and to avoid legal problems.....

“The Y.P.G. does not disguise its ideological affinity for Mr. Ocalan, but denies an organizational link to the P.K.K. The reality is that power is wielded behind the scenes in Y.P.G.-held areas by senior P.K.K. operatives, according to a regional intelligence officer who spoke to me on condition of anonymity. Even the visible leadership of the Y.P.G. is overwhelmingly composed of longstanding P.K.K. members.

The information is correct and jibes perfectly with all the information I have posted here and all the information/knowledge  accumulated over the years of covering the regional remake-
Which is why it galls me that anyone spins YPG as anything but a terror group, subsidiary of the PKK. That’s all they are. The fictional narrative created by the liars in the 5 eyes msm and alt media is the casting of spells through word play.

So, ok Penny, Kyle Norton is telling the truth and you're still calling him a deceiver?? Yes, I am!
This story and others I had seen were timed to prep for  the blow back narrative. The contrived hand wringing to keep the lid on the overall deception. Arming the PKK/YPG was planned. Was intentional. Was chosen. To further the chaos. 

 When the inevitable bloodbath was nearing in Raqqa, the globalists needed a prepatory narrative in order to play the blowback card- They are intentionally deceptive, you & I being their intended dupes!  They want  us to be the deceived.  To accept the unreal, as real.  
I refuse their treachery.

This was so easy to predict that one cannot, one should not, willfully turn a blind eye to the massive killing spree the US and their Kurdish proxies are undertaking in Raqqa as I type this post!

Today: ‘Staggering loss of civilian life’ during US-backed siege of Raqqa – UN

 The ongoing siege by Syrian Kurdish militia supported by airstrikes of the US-led coalition on terrorist stronghold Raqqa is marred by many civilian casualties and displacement of some 160,000 people, a UN commission says.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a group of militias dominated by ethnic Kurds, launched their offensive on Raqqa last week amid weapons and military hardware supplies from the US. The effort is taking a serious toll on civilian residents

“We note in particular that the intensification of airstrikes, which have paved the ground for an SDF advance in Raqqa, has resulted not only in staggering loss of civilian life, but has also led to 160,000 civilians fleeing their homes and becoming internally displaced,” Paulo Sergio Pinheiro told the UN Human Rights Council, Reuters reports.

As I said June 06/2017- There will be blood and lots of it, but, it will be presented as unforseeen, a mistake and blow back- It is NOT. There is blood and ethnic cleansing galore. It was predictable. All parties intimately involved in this action were fully aware that this mass culling displacement was necessary for the Kurds to subjugate the Arab residents

The Pentagon calls the deployment, which is done with no UN Security Council mandate or invitation from the Syrian government, a limited-scale operation.

Also on Wednesday the Human Rights Watch (HRW) expressed its concern over the toll the Raqqa offensive operation is taking on civilians. The group criticized the US troops for allegedly using white phosphorous munitions as part of the offensive, saying the chemical may cause serious injuries and trigger fires when used in residential areas.

That’s right folks the US has been burning civilians alive with white phosphorus in Raqqa-

I’d saved this 5 days ago, but, just didn’t have time to post knowing an information packed post was utterly necessary for the Raqqa operation

US backed mass killers- PKK/YPG rebranded SDF
“BEIRUT - Phosphorous bombs were dropped on the ISIS stronghold of Al-Raqqa in northern Syria on Thursday night, local activists have said.

The sources have published video footage and photographs of the bombs exploding over the city that is under attack on three sides by Kurdish forces supported by the US-led international anti-ISIS coalition. The airstrikes are reported to have targeted the Mashlab district east of the old city, where the Kurdish forces are advancing. The US-led coalition has been heavily bombing Al-Raqqa for several days...”Several hundred thousand civilians still live in the city.

 Several days is actually weeks- Going so far as to allow ISIS to leave Raqqa before the shit really hit the fan- so to speak. I'll relink older posts where I covered that free pass thanks to the US and PKK/YPG

More then 40,000 children are at risk

From June 09/2017 again, as the US was showering civilians with White phosphorus- News that is being barely mentioned on the 5 eyes msm/alt media outlets

"In the name of fighting IS, the US-backed international coalition is dropping white phosphorous all across East and West Raqqa," the media collective said.

"White phosphorous is an incendiary weapon which can melt the flesh off a human to the bone," it added.
White phosphorus burns at extremely high temperatures upon exposure to air, posing a deadly risk to civilians.

Video footage available here

The US confirmed using White Phosphorus but only to light the skies- What a disgusting lie!

Regarding the US and Kurds allowing ISIS to leave Raqqa ahead of their  civilian slaughter..

I covered that free pass in three posts- all accessible here

What I’d like you all to read are these words from a Russian general regarding the US/Kurdish militias allowing, encouraging, aiding and abetting the free passage of so called ISIS from Raqqa

Diplomats dissimulate, journalists exaggerate, politicians waffle, but an army general has no reason to obfuscate the stark ground reality. Therefore, the rare remarks by the commander of Russian forces in Syria, General Sergey Surovikin, merit great attention.Excerpts are reproduced below:

    "The US-led coalition lets militants of the Islamic State terrorist group leave Raqqa instead of killing them… The US-led coalition enters into collusion with ringleaders of the ISIS, who give up their settlements without fighting and head to the provinces where the Syrian government forces are active… The Russian force in Syria sees in the Raqqa area militants leaving the city and its suburbs unhindered. In early June, ISIS terrorists left the populated localities 19 kilometers southwest of Raqqa offering no resistance and headed toward Palmyra.

    The Americans are using ISIS to robustly block the movement of government troops… The aviation of the US-led coalition is impeding the struggle of Syrian government forces against terrorists… They have blocked the way of government forces, who are eliminating ISIS militants and setting up border posts along the border with Iraq to the north-east of Al-Tanf"

If you want excuses and justifications for why the US and their Kurdish partners allowed ISIS a free pass, go read elsewhere. I'm not making or giving any excuses to obfuscate their collusion!

 The US and their Kurdish minions allowed their partner in all manner of crimes ISIS to leave freely- they helped them pass to safety before the US rained hellfire on the civilians of Raqqa.

I repeat that which has been said an untold number of times here, by me. ISIS/Kurds are on the same team. They fulfill different roles. But their end game is the same as the one the US and company have- Remaking the entire region.


Syria's Displaced Arabs Join Forces To Retake Lands from PKK/YPG

 YPG/PKK to Move on Raqqa- Tribulation for Civilians to Follow

Anger and disgust are with me today


  1. The U.S. has deployed a truck-mounted missile system into Syria, an official said Wednesday, to a forward operating group of rebels and U.S. military advisers that have repeatedly clashed with government forces.

    The deployment raises the stakes in eastern Syria, where Iranian-sponsored pro-government forces have outflanked U.S. advisers and rebels holding the Tanf border crossing to establish their own link to Iraq for the first time in years.

    They are now waiting for pro-Iranian forces to link up with them on the Iraqi side of the border, while preparing to march on Islamic State positions to the north, in the Euphrates River Valley.

    Shifting the HIMARS missile system into eastern Syria from Jordan will give the U.S. a precise, long-range weapon to protect its advisers and allies in Tanf, and to attack Islamic State militants further downfield. It has a range of 300 kilometers (186 miles).

    The deployment also insures that the military can protect itself from attacks in the area when weather would limit the ability of strike aircraft to reach there in time.

    Is the war in Syria nearly over?
    Or is it expanding

    1. Sorry if I sound a bit dark. But the area won't come to rest until after some genocides or in a modern way to put it Collateral damage.

    2. No worries on the darkness, I felt pretty dark doing that post- Raqqa was going to be this way because that is the only way it could be kurdified.


    1. good oped- thanks Kaz
      I'm going to use it

  3. It appears the Us deployments of heavy equipment is as much about standing up the Rojava self defense forces. Velocity set to increase in Afghanistan with Trump again delegating deployments to the .mil.

    1. Iskander deployment story to Kaliningrad imminent? Or will they show up in Syria? Like those S400 pictures that went viral on youtube out of algeria a few years ago?

    2. I see Russia today has confirmed the missile movement into Syria by the US- so will Russia move something in to the area?
      I don't know.