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US & France Tell Turkey to Stop Afrin Operation.. Turkey Rejects Their Call

I've read the most recent resolution several times- Afrin isn't mentioned at all. 

As reported previously the US wants Turkey to suspend it’s operation in Syria.
Monday, February 12, 2018: U.S Wants Turkey to Restrain Their Operation in Syria

I find it extremely telling that the US HAS NEVER, NOR WILL IT EVER, tell Israel to restrain their operations in Syria.. but will tell an alleged ally? Who is the real ally? 
From earlier today:  Israel Arming & Supporting 7 Different Syrian "Rebel" GroupsWith multiple relinks to other reports regarding Israeli involvement in Syria

Would the US and France be looking to use the recent UN resolution against Turkey?

Clearly the US and France are playing a public manipulation/relations game via the media... that much is very apparent. I do believe the US is looking to legitimize it's occupation of Syria.

*US State Dept. tells Turkey to ‘go back and read’ UN cease-fire resolution
“US State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert at a press briefing on Tuesday urged Turkey to read the entire UN Security Council resolution passed over the weekend for a cease-fire in Syria while avoiding saying that the Turkish government should abide by it.”
* France's Macron tells Erdogan ceasefire must apply to Afrin

"Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron told his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday that a proposed UN ceasefire for Syria must be applied across the country, including in Afrin where Turkey is waging an offensive against a Kurdish militia."

Why would the US & France request Turkey stop it’s operation against known terrorists, who not coincidentally are backed by the Usrael/France in Syria- While the US and France say nothing about Israel’s multi tiered operations, with "relatively moderate" terrorists, that have been ongoing consistently in Syria since the destabilization began in 2011!  At that time their were alleged ordinary Syrians calling for Israel to come and save them.  I was first introduced to "Syria's Chalabi" all those years ago- And like other "syrians" who wanted to overthrow the Assad government.. Farid Ghadry introduced himself via Israeli media

In 2011 readers here met  Farid Ghadry grovelling away to the Israeli media
Farid Ghadry
"Don't fear the fall of Bashar Assad. Syria will not fall into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood," exile Farid Ghadry told Ynet Monday in a reassuring interview in the US.- Israel should not fear the prospect of Bashar Assad's downfall, as the Syrian people are not interested in war with Israel, a leading Syrian dissident says.
 Farid was all for Israel- Israel has been destabilizing Syria from day 1.
The US and France had nothing to say then and still nothing to say now.
 Could the difference in US and France’s stance be explained by the fact that the US is supporting Kurdish terrorists in their remake the region plan?  Israel 2.0 and all?

While Turkey is impeding the remake agenda for their own security reasons.?  Impeding through cooperation with Syria regarding their mutual annexing PKK/YPG problem- 
It’s quite clear to me there is quiet cooperation ongoing between Turkey and Syria regarding the Afrin operation. With both parties set to gain from ridding the Afrin region of the US backed thugs..

And isn’t it odd that the US and France both claim the recent Syrian resolution is the reason for their demand? When there is in fact nothing in that resolution that even mentions Afrin!
I noticed that right away when reading the resolution, which you can find at the blog.  It's embedded in the post relinked directly below:

UN Security Council Approves Syrian Cease-fire/Vasily Nebenzya

another commenter observed that same fact:

brdlipFebruary 24, 2018 at 5:07 PM

I clearly see Russia's hand throughout the resolution. They included the refugees of Rukhban camp in Al Tanf, the situation of the besieged Alawite enclaves in Idlib, the de-mining of Raqqa, the prevention from using schools and hospitals as military posts, the exclusion of Al Qaeda from the truce, the stop of the shelling of Damascus, and so on...

(not a word on Afrin, by the way)
Turkey’s response to US and France perception managing manipulations of reality
Turkey forcefully rejected on Wednesday Western calls to suspend its offensive in northwest Syria, saying the United States misunderstood the extent of a U.N. ceasefire resolution and accusing France of giving “false information” on the issue.  
Ankara has said the United Nations resolution demanding a 30-day ceasefire across Syria does not apply to its five-week-old military operation in Afrin against the Kurdish YPG militia, which Turkey says is a terrorist group.

In strongly worded statements to two NATO allies, (allies?) Turkey’s foreign ministry spokesman said a U.S. State Department appeal that Turkey “go back and read” the ceasefire resolution was unfounded, and he also denied that Paris had told Ankara that the truce also applied to its Afrin campaign.

On Monday French President Emmanuel Macron’s office said he had told Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan that the U.N. demand “applied to all of Syria, including Afrin, and should be implemented everywhere and by all without any delay”.
Turkey’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy challenged that account, saying Macron did not specifically mention Afrin in their telephone conversation about the ceasefire resolution.

“Our reaction regarding the error of giving false information to the public was conveyed to French authorities,” Aksoy said.
France and the US are clearly playing games with Turkey. There is not an “official” start date for this so called humanitarian ceasefire.. Never mind the fact that Afrin is not mentioned at all. So it seems odd for the US and France to make this demand.

The French and American demands come immediately preceding the release of Saleh Muslim who was heading of to jihadi central in Finland.

flashback :As Expected, Saleh Muslim, Released- Going to Finland- Not a surprise either!

Not coincidental, of course. Muslim's release was definitely guaranteed via some sort of western intervention... Which wouldn't please Turkey. But then his release wasn't intended to keep Turkey happy. Perhaps it was a signal to the US's Kurdish allies?

Jonathan Spyer

"If so, Western pressure on the Czech Republic will lead almost certainly to Muslim's release, indicating an embryonic, unspoken political alliance now existing between the Syrian Kurdish leadership and the West.
If not, Muslim will remain in custody and possibly be extradited to Turkey. If this takes place, the Syrian Kurds will conclude that the West has used them as cannon fodder"
I've been very clear here at the blog that the US is not using PKK/YPG as 'cannon fodder'
They have grand, grand plans.

Israel Arming & Supporting 7 Different Syrian "Rebel" Groups

excerpted from Haaretz

With the Assad regime's advances the civil war and America's reduced involvement in the region, Israel has been forced to make significant changes in its policies in the Golan Heights

The recent tensions along the Israeli-Syrian border have been mainly aerial. But due to developments in the Syrian civil war, real changes are also taking place on the ground in the Golan Heights.
 But (Syria)  it is also gradually bolstering its presence in southern Syria, including in the Syrian Golan Heights. And accordingly, Israel is altering its deployment to prepare for what’s to come.
The de-escalation agreement for southern Syria, which the United States, Russia and Jordan signed last November, included a promise to keep Iran and its affiliated Shi’ite militias away from the Israeli border. Israel wanted the Iranians and their agents to be kept almost 60 kilometers from the frontier, east of the Damascus-Daraa road. But it didn’t get its wish; the agreement committed to keep them only 5 kilometers from the front lines between the regime and the rebels.
Two men, not specified which group of rebels, ride a motorcycle towards an abandoned UN base at Syria's Quneitra border crossing between Syria and the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, Nov. 28, 2016

'Cause it was so convenient for Israel that the UN abandoned their post at Quneitra
The Assad regime has posts overlooking the Israeli border near Quneitra in the northern Golan, and it’s possible that senior Hezbollah operatives and Iranian representatives visit these posts, which are quite close to Israeli territory.
That isn’t the only important development in recent months. About a month ago, the regime retook the enclave of Beit Jin in the northern Golan from Sunni rebels; it’s located less than 15 kilometers from the Israeli border. Israel Defense Forces officers believe that sooner or later, Assad will make an effort to regain control of the rest of the Syrian Golan, in part because of the symbolic importance of sovereignty over the border with Israel. Members of the security cabinet, who toured the Golan with senior IDF officers almost two weeks ago, think the same.
Analyst Elizabeth Tsurkov, who has followed events in Syria closely for the last several years and has interviewed many rebel militiamen and residents of the Syrian Golan, published a detailed survey of developments in southern Syria in the War on the Rocks blog last week.
Tsurkov said the scope of Israel’s involvement in southern Syria has changed in recent months in response to the regime’s successes in the civil war and Iran’s consolidation in Syria. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns about the latter on every possible occasion and has repeatedly said Israel will work to thwart it.
Dozens of rebels who spoke with Tsurkov described a significant change in the amount of aid they receive from Israel. Moreover, she said at least seven Sunni rebel organizations in the Syrian Golan are now getting arms and ammunition from Israel, along with money to buy additional armaments.
At the same time, Israel has also increased its civilian aid to villages controlled by the rebels, including supplying medicine, food and clothing. Last summer, Israel admitted for the first time that it provides civilian aid to villages in the Syrian Golan, but declined to confirm claims that it also provides military aid.
I've talked about Israel's involvement in Golan most recently:

flashback: Jan.31/2018- * Israel’s creeping further into Syria- Stealthily Taking Golan

 Prior to that:

flashback: July 2016. *Israel: Annexing More of Syria's Golan Territory For a "Safe Zone"- History Repeats

flashback:* While the Cat's Away? Israel Plots Largest Settlement In SYRIAN Occupied Golan

Tsurkov said these Israeli moves are intended to help block the Assad regime’s advance in the Golan and its conquest of rebel-held villages near the Israeli border. Nevertheless, she wrote, there’s an expectations gap between the two sides. The rebels expect unlimited Israeli support, and some are even hoping for help in their efforts to topple the regime. Israel’s plans are much more modest, and are intended as a holding action. (doubtful)
Relatively moderate Sunni rebels, whom the Israeli defense establishment terms “the locals,” control most of the Syrian-Israeli border, aside from two areas – a regime-controlled area in the northern Golan and a section of the southern Golan controlled by a branch of the Islamic State, Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Walid. According to Tsurkov, Israel is also helping the rebels in their war against the Islamic State.
"Relatively Moderate Sunni Rebels"(????) aka "the locals" (so Israel claims) control most of the Syrian/Israeli border, armed and supplied by Israel- How charming (facetious)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Deep Bore into Antarctica Ice Shelf Finds Freezing NOT Melting

Of course one could never be aware of that reality based on some very irrational headlines making the rounds. Such as this one: Science Confirms Antarctica is Screwed and So are We!
  Wow, I mean, just wow! We’re screwed and we’re all going to die- FEAR
 And check out the graphics- If the headline didn’t grab you the flaming planet graphic will surely stick in your impressionable mind

Oh my goodness the planet is on fire
Don't tell the people in the UK. Or the people in Rome who just got snow.

We Don’t Want to Scare People But...It’s Cold, Very Cold. Snow. Wind.

Remember the days when the cult of AGW, which rebranded itself to the cult of “Climate Change”, when AGW was a fail, told us all winter was a thing of the past. 
Snow will be just a distant memory... How wrong they were.
Let’s read something more realistic.. National Geographic
Scientists have peered into one of the least-explored swaths of ocean on Earth, a vast region located off the coast of West Antarctica. It is locked beneath a crust of ice larger than Spain and more than 1,000 feet thick, making its waters perpetually dark—and extremely difficult for humans to access. Now, a team of researchers has bored a hole through the ice and sampled the ocean beneath it.

A team of scientists from New Zealand began this two-month expedition in November. A ski-mounted Twin Otter aircraft ferried them 220 miles from the nearest base, landing near the middle of the Ross Ice Shelf—the massive slab of ice and snow, as flat and empty as a prairie, that hangs off the coastline of West Antarctica and floats on the ocean. Amid the glow of 24-hour summer sunlight filtering down through fog, they assembled an automobile-sized contraption of pipes, hoses, and boilers
This machine generated a powerful jet of hot water, which they used to melt two narrow holes, each a few inches across, more than 1,100 feet down to the bottom of the ice. They then lowered cameras and other instruments through the holes, into the waters below. In doing so, they hoped to answer a question of worldwide importance: just how secure is the ice of West Antarctica?
1,100 Feet Down to the Bottom of the Ice. With the sun sun shining 24/7 in Antarctica’s summer season...  They found the ice was growing

"They found the ice was growing"
Surprising Finds

The surprises began almost as soon as a camera was lowered into the first borehole, around December 1. The undersides of ice shelves are usually smooth due to gradual melting. But as the camera passed through the bottom of the hole, it showed the underside of the ice adorned with a glittering layer of flat ice crystals—like a jumble of snowflakes—evidence that in this particular place, sea water is actually freezing onto the base of the ice instead of melting it.
“It blew our minds,” says Christina Hulbe, a glaciologist from the University of Otago in New Zealand, who co-led the expedition
 "Evidence that in this particular place, sea water is actually freezing onto the base of the ice instead of melting it."
"The Ross Ice Shelf “has come and gone probably many times in the last million years,” says Scherer. It likely collapsed during a warm period 400,000 years ago. But he believes it could also have collapsed as recently as 120,000 years ago, the last time that temperatures were about as warm as they are today."
And yet if temperatures were "about as warm as today", 120,000 years ago, why is the Ross Ice Shelf growing? Why hasn’t the Ross Ice Shelf Collapsed? Perhaps it’s not as warm as all the hype?

Drilling  more then 1100 feet down with hot water jet.

Ross Shelf Freezing, Not Melting

A report by Popular Mechanics on the study mentions that the hole revealed two unexpected results. One the ice does not seem to be melting, but is freezing and two, the walls of the hole drilled with hot water, which would be really smooth if it was melting, had jagged icy crystals.

Huge snowfall increases over Antarctica could counter sea level rise, scientists say
And insulate the ice from the melting above.. Washington Post

"Based on a more than 500-foot-long ice core extracted from the thick sheet and containing a snowfall record dating back 2,000 years, the researchers found snow accumulation levels had been rising since around 1900. And the increase is most marked in recent decades, up through the year 2010"

From earlier:

As Expected, Saleh Muslim, Released- Going to Finland- Not a surprise either!

As Expected, Saleh Muslim, Released- Going to Finland- Not a surprise either!


Former Syrian Kurdish PYD leader Saleh Muslim said on Tuesday he had been aware of a Turkish warrant for his arrest but did not take it seriously, calling the allegations against him false.
Muslim was detained over the weekend in the Czech capital at the request of Turkey, which accuses him of disrupting the state and aggravated murder.
A court released him on Tuesday despite Turkey’s call for his detention pending an extradition request.
He didn't take it seriously because he is 'above the law'. And he knows it.
 Muslim, who pledged to the Czech court to remain in the European Union pending further proceedings, told reporters he had not decided where he would go next. He added he had permission for residency in EU member Finland.
Czechs reject Turkish criticism:
 “The Czech Republic strongly rejects any accusation of support of international terrorism,” the ministry said, adding extradition proceedings have not been concluded by the court decision.

Finland eh?  Oh Finland...... Saleh heading to your safe refuge is not a surprise

Finland & ISIS go hand in hand. PKK/YPG & ISIS go hand in hand. 

Bearing those facts in mind, Saleh heading to Finland makes perfect sense. I've come across Finland and it's abundant links to terrorism more times then I can recount. 
In case your unaware I'll link to some additional information.

How the worlds "safest" country (Finland) produced so many ISIS fighters 
"The most recent major analysis of foreign fighters in Syria found this quiet corner of Europe has the highest percentage of Muslims per population joining ISIS in the world
Finland Ready to Welcome Jihadists with Social Benefits and apartments 

Sound like another Canada.

Finnish combatants abroad may number more than thought
 "Special researcher Pekka Hiltunen from the Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo) says that the number of combatants who have left Finland in order to fight in the Syrian and Iraqi conflicts may be 10-20 percent larger than presumed"
 Finland is conveniently located next to Russia- so it's a great place to kick off the planned destabilization and balkanization of Russia

Norway is yet another breeding ground for PKK/ISIS terrorists....

flashback 2014: Redrawing the Map of the Russian Federation


Monday, February 26, 2018

Syria/Turkey: Saleh Muslim's Prague Arrest- Extradition Requested

A round up of Syrian related Turkish news:


Saleh Muslim
Saleh arrested on a warrant issued by Turkey-  
Saleh Muslim, a former co-chair of the main Syrian-Kurdish movement, the Democratic Union Party (PYD), was arrested early on Sunday.

The Turkish justice ministry said it has begun efforts to have Mr Muslim extradited.  
He has been indicted over a February 2016 bombing in Ankara that targeted a convoy of buses at the military headquarters during the evening rush hour, killing 37 people.
Talked about the bombing in this post- which saw my embedded videos censored despite help from Scott at Willy Loman's in trying to track them down as they were disappeared from the net. Also ....
"Upon finding the person in question was in the Czech Republic... it was demanded that he be captured and arrested to be extradited," the ministry said in a statement.
Mr Muslim is to appear in Czech court on Tuesday- Let’s see if he is extradited or if some other party gets involved... Such as any of the many PKK affiliates in the EU?  Generally leftists parties. Of which there are many. Or the US may block the extradition? Whichever?

Czech Radio
The Czech Republic has found itself in a diplomatic tug-of-war between Turkey and the main Syrian Kurdish political party PYD following the arrest of former PYD leader Saleh Muslim in Prague. Muslim was detained at the weekend on an Interpol warrant at Turkey’s behest. Turkey has requested his extradition, while the PYD has appealed for his release.

The whole situation is further complicated by the fact that two Czechs - Markéta Všelichová and Miroslav Farkas are currently imprisoned in Turkey where they were sentenced to six years in jail for allegedly supporting the Kurdish militia YPG. This has inevitably raised speculation that the Czech side may want to discuss a possible exchange.

Meanwhile, the case has attracted considerable international attention. German politician Tomas Pfluger, former MEP and member of The Left party has condemned the arrest and called for Germany to request Muslim’s extradition as well.
Of course the leftist parties are involved. The self proclaimed leftists parties have this real thing for the PKK.  Germany may request extradition? Doing the dirty work for the US? Or at the behest of so many influential PKK loyalists in Germany? If Germany extradites Saleh, he’ll go free.

Prepping for urban warfare

Turkey to send gendarmerie and special police forces to Afrin
Dogan news agency reported that gendarmerie and police special forces had entered Afrin from two points in the northwest, and said they would take part in urban fighting and holding villages that Turkish forces had seized.

Most of the larger towns in the region, including the town of Afrin itself, remain under YPG control.
Turkey to Send Gendarmerie to Afrin
Turkey’s Gendarmerie Special Forces and Police Special Forces will take part in operations in residential areas as part of the ongoing Operation Olive Branch, Habertürk daily reported on Thursday.

The forces who volunteered for the operation were trained at the commando school in Foça, a district in the Izmir province. The units are due to take part in Operation Olive Branch.

Erdogan to Tillerson:
Turkey flatly refused U.S. requests that Kurdish groups be represented at talks in Geneva aimed at bringing an end to the civil war in Syria, Sabah newspaper reported.

According to information given to a cabinet meeting chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s absolute refusal was conveyed to U.S. officials, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, in talks last week.

“The United States is arming a terrorist organization. They are engaged in actions to break up the Republic of Turkey. This is clear… We will not sit at the table with a terrorist organisation,” was the message given to the United States, according to Sabah.

Turkey also dismissed as “childish” a U.S. offer to get forces of the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) to destroy the mainly Iraq-based Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), saying that there is no difference between the YPG and the PKK. The PKK has been engaged in three decades of war against Turkey seeking autonomy for Kurds in the southeast of the country. More than 40,000 people have died in the conflict.

The messages conveyed to the U.S. officials also included Turkey’s demand that the United States removes the YPG from the northern Syrian town of Manbij and for it to restore the demographic composition of the region to that of before the start of the civil war.    
Manbij was, to my understanding, largely Arab.

Kurdish Brigade to Fight for Turkey in Syria
The brigade was formed by the Hamza Division, which is affiliated to the Free Syrian Army (FSA). The brigade includes 400 Kurdish fighters from Syria’s Azaz region, and 200 Arabs. 
“God willing, we will liberate our people in Afrin from PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) oppression,” said Kurdish Commander Hassan Abdullah Kulli, Turkish state-run agency Anadolu reported.
In a similar move, about 180 state-funded Kurdish village guards recently joined Turkey’s operation.  
Kurdish village guards are used by the Turkish state in operations against Kurdish militants in the country’s southeast.

“Although the Kurdish Hawks Brigade is a special unit that would have a better understanding of the local culture, language and geography, it’s hard to estimate how many of them are really from this region and know its topography,” Salih Bicakci, a Middle East expert from Kadir Has University in Istanbul, told Arab News.
“But their military training will probably help the FSA gain the upper hand in the looming urban warfare.”
From earlier today:

We Don’t Want to Scare People But...It’s Cold, Very Cold. Snow. Wind.

We Don’t Want to Scare People But...It’s Cold, Very Cold. Snow. Wind.

Remember the days when the cult of AGW, which rebranded itself to the cult of “Climate Change”, when AGW was a fail, told us all winter was a thing of the past. 
Snow will be just a distant memory... How wrong they were.
When I’d saved this article yesterday the headline started out “We don’t want to scare you but- Snow, Strandings and Mobile Phone Outages. Different Headline Today- Same Winter Storm.
Cripes Rome, Italy is covered in snow. Yes, Rome, Italy!

And in case we've all forgotten: The climate always changes. Always has. Always will.
As stated so many times. Where I live used to be under ice. Miles of ice. Then when the ice melted this was a great sea. The lakes remain as remnants of that sea.
Climate changes. Which is why I employ the original hard sell brand of AGW.
 Here comes the extreme cold!
The fallout from the "Beast from the East" has already begun across the country, with trains cancelled as forecasters and operators warn of plummeting temperatures and more cancellations later in the week.

The Met Office has put out a new warning as Storm Emma is set to hit the UK on Thursday and Friday, bringing heavy snow, blizzards and high winds.
"The Portuguese met service @ipma_pt have named #StormEmma, bringing strong winds to the Portuguese coast on Wednesday. Emma may then bring strong winds and heavy snow to parts of the UK during Thursday and Friday," the Met Office tweeted.
The effects of the storm could be felt throughout the weekend, and it is possible the Met Office will upgrade weather warnings to amber or even red.
Some parts of the UK are set to feel colder than the Arctic Circle as freezing temperatures continue into the week ahead, and amber warnings of snow have been issued by the Met Office for north east, central and south eastern England on Tuesday, and eastern Scotland on Wednesday.
"There is a good chance that some rural communities could become cut off.
Power cuts are likely and other services, such as mobile phones, may be affected."
Rail operators have warned passengers of potential disruption, with Greater Anglia cancelling some of its services in advance, and Transport for London (TfL) warned passengers to check ahead of their journeys as disruptions were possible on Underground and Overground services due to the low temperatures forecast.
The cold snap began to creep in over the weekend, with temperatures of minus five degrees recorded in some parts of the country, which marked the lowest temperature in the week leading up to March 1, the first day of spring, since 1986.
The wind chill, which could see parts of the UK feeling as cold as minus 15C (5F), rivals the temperatures forecast for parts of northern Norway and Iceland.
The Met Office said that by the end of Wednesday, more than 20cm of snow may have accumulated in some parts of eastern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Snow on the Colosseum?!

Rome is under a blanket of snow as weather chaos hits Europe

Romans have awoken to a rare snowfall, after an Arctic storm passing over much of Europe dumped enough snow to force schools to close and public transport to reduce services.
Rome's Mediterranean climate and proximity to the sea usually result in mild winters, such that restaurants often keep outdoor seating open even through the coldest months of the year. As a result, the Monday morning snowfall, though not huge in quantity, brought excited young Romans out for a rare snowball fight or walk in the slush.

Walking in the snow. In Rome.

Mayor Virginia Raggi signed an ordinance Sunday evening closing public schools as a precaution, and many private ones followed suit.
Elsewhere in much of northern and central Italy, the storm also closed schools and disrupted transport.

Moscow is also feeling the freeze; temperatures in Russia have dropped to this winter's low despite the approaching spring.
The Meteorological Office said on Monday the mercury in the Russian capital dropped to nearly minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit) on Sunday night, the coldest night this winter.
 Like myself, those persons in Russia, UK and Italy should be feeling the warming effects of the sun's rays. The days are definitely much longer! Still cold, but, nothing extreme in my neck of the woods.

Meteorologists are forecasting unusually low temperatures for early March. Roman Vilfand, chief of the Russian Meteorological Office, told the Interfax news agency that Muscovites should brace themselves for frosty weather in early March and could only "count on the warmth of the soul," not higher temperatures outside.
Moscow earlier this month saw what has been described as the strongest snowfall on record when more than a month's average of snow fell on the city, turning streets and yards into snowdrifts.
Apparently carbon does not equal heat?  
Though, I do know carbon = LIFE.

Since I'm a carbon based life form..On a planet built with carbon

Link  "How did carbon-based life develop on Earth, given that most of the planet's carbon should have either boiled away in the planet's earliest days or become locked in Earth's core?

Watching the planet breathe "Carbon is a building block of life on our planet" 
"Understanding the carbon cycle is crucially important for many reasons. It provides us with energy, stored as fossil fuel. Carbon gases in the atmosphere help regulate Earth’s temperature and are essential to the growth of plants. Carbon passing from the atmosphere to the ocean supports photosynthesis of marine phytoplankton and the development of reefs. These processes and myriad others are all interwoven with Earth’s climate"

flashback- Where do Trees Get Their Mass ?

flashback- The Keeling Curve etc

Because it's nearly spring time in the Northern Hemisphere- this is when carbon is at its highest in the atmosphere because all the plants have been dormant- so we should all expect that the mass mind manipulating media will start hyping the carbon numbers very soon

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Chlorine Attack in East Ghouta "Child Suffocates"

I don't know what, if anything, will come of this report..
Personally speaking,  I'm expecting this news to be hyped as this new week begins.
But always hope to be mistaken.  

We're heading into March. They're is Full Moon madness potential on the 1st of March. 
That Moon being the Worm Moon, I kid you not!
Roots start to push their way up through the soil, and the Earth experiences a re-birth as it awakens from its winter slumber.
Then a "blue moon" on the 31st- Book end full moons for

Moon phases aside. I'm certain the US/Israel was not OK with the UN resolution that was passed yesterday.

Here's the latest:
A child died and at least 13 other people suffered breathing difficulties after a suspected chemical attack on a besieged Syrian rebel enclave Sunday, a medic and a monitor said.
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 14 civilians had suffered breathing difficulties after a regime warplane struck the village of Al-Shifuniyah in the Eastern Ghouta region.
One child died and a woman was in a critical condition, said Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Observatory which relies on multiple sources on the ground in Syria for its reports.
Yaqub, a doctor who treated those affected, told AFP he suspected “chemical weapons, probably a chlorine gas attack”.
He said a three-year-old had died of asphyxiation.
“Most of the patients have chlorine odour from their clothes and their skin. Many have dyspnoea and skin and eye irritations,” he said in English.
 I was doing laundry today and my hands smelled a bit bleachy too. But, I washed them.
Not to be heartless but these claims are a dime a dozen. Coming hot on the heels of the UN resolution, why now, if ever, would the Syrian army do this?  It just doesn't ring true. Convenient. Timely. But not realistic.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Kurdish SDF to Pass Control of Manbij to Syrian Army

It's from an unnamed source- Which is problematic. 
However, if true, it's timely and could indicate that there is a wider agreement to push the USrael backed Kurdish militias east of the Euphrates.. A situation I've long believed and have stated here at the blog, could be tolerated by all parties concerned. 
A move that should not be confused or associated with peace, cessation of hostilities and the exit of Israel or the US.

Coming right after the passed UN Resolution..  UN Security Council Approves Syrian Cease-fire/Vasily Nebenzya


photo from sputnik

 "Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) have agreed on the transfer of control over the northeast city of Manbij in the Aleppo province to the Syrian army that will enter the city in the coming days, a Kurdish security source told Sputnik on Saturday. 

"The agreement was reached, under which the Syrian Arab Republic’s army will enter the city of Manbij, controlled by the SDF,” the source said"

UN Security Council Approves Syrian Cease-fire/Vasily Nebenzya

UN, February 24. /TASS/. During negotiations on a UN Security Council resolution on ceasefire in Syria, Russia sought to prevent the document from becoming a pretext for military action in Syria, Russia’s UN envoy, Vasily Nebenzya, said on Saturday.
Vasily Nebenzya

"The reason why we negotiated for so long on this resolution is that we wanted to make sure that it is not used as a pretext for any military action," he said. "We heard some worried comments on that in recent days and including today, some of them very bellicose. And we said it clearly that we won’t let anyone to interpret this resolution as a pretext for military action," the Russian diplomat said.
What might Vasily's statement suggest to us?

If anyone interprets this resolution as a pretext for military action is Russia prepared to act?

The 3 page agreement is embedded below

What do you think?

Friday, February 23, 2018

Ceasefire Syria: UN Vote Delayed, Again.

Regarding Ghouta. 
I haven't covered it because it feels exactly like a replay of Aleppo, Syria. 
Which was covered extensively here. I'm following Afrin much more closely.

Without further adieu.
UN Delays Vote on 30 day Syrian Ceasefire

"The U.N. Security Council has delayed a vote on a resolution demanding a 30-day humanitarian cease-fire across Syria in hopes of trying to close a gap over when a halt to fighting should take place.
Kuwait's U.N. Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaiba is the current council president. He told reporters Friday evening that "we are so close," but there are still differences over the timing of a cease-fire.
He said the council will meet at noon EST (1700 GMT) on Saturday.
The resolution sponsored by Kuwait and Sweden calls for a cease-fire to take effect 72 hours after its adoption, followed immediately by access for humanitarian convoys and medical evacuation teams"
 Should we expect an "occurence" in Ghouta overnight? A psyop perped by others intended to send a message or up the pressure exponentially?

 A week of insanity- How will it end?



Chaos continued, Syria.

From yesterday:  Chaos, Syria.

Massive Psychosis set to continue at the UN-

Globe & Mail
A new wave of bombs struck Syria's eastern Ghouta district unabated on Friday, witnesses said, ahead of a U.N. Security Council vote to demand a 30-day ceasefire to end one of the deadliest bombing campaigns of the war.
 As mentioned yesterday- The US has been flying out "prisoners" from Syrian territory annexed by their Kurdish proxies... Obviously these aren't prisoners. 
Obviously these are military assets of some value. Most probably these military assets are then presented as flag waving militia members gone to Afrin

 Besides the movement of military assets from Kurdish annexed Syrian territory there are reports of a "civilian convoy" bombed by Turkey. This was NO civilian convoy, same as there were no "prisoners" that were flown by the US to somewhere else in Syria...

The Region & their 5 eyes asset Wladimir van Wilgenburg

This is such a preposterous narrative overall, still it's interesting to read about the locales the  civilians hailed from. Relatively calm areas in Syria and Iraq...
“A group that came from Shingal, Kobani, Manbij, they are all civilians, 1,200 civilians came at the border of Afrin, and immediately hit them from Azaz, and according to my information they were 8 injured, and there was a vehicle burned,” Cemil Sulaiman, a Kurdish official in Afrin told The Region.
You would really have to be a complete moron to believe that civilians from as far away as Sinjar (Shingal) Iraq are going to head straight into a very hot war zone. Absurd to the nth degree! It's clear these were armed and ready to go fighters! And undoubtedly they'd wave Syrian flags as they entered the battle field for the psyop, the continuing psyop, of alleged Assad loyalists going to assist the annexing YPG/PKK.

“This convoy of women, old-aged and activists were exposed to a direct aerial and artillery bombardment by the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions, resulting in many martyrs and wounded. The wounded civilians were moved to the hospitals in Afrin enclave for treatment,” the SDF said.

Yah, sure. (eyes roll) As stated, this narrative is so preposterous only a moron could believe that old and aged women and activists were headed to a hot war zone. I would expect that if the YPG/PKK were not using civilians as human shields we might see civilian convoys exiting Afrin- that does not appear to be happening-

What accuracy can be extracted from this absurd narrative?

1- these are fighters- not civilians

2-  pay attention to the locations these fighters are coming from as they head to Afrin

Manbij; you have US special forces embedded with Kurds. Are they part of this convoy?

Kobani: Ayn al Arab, Syria- US forces are also embedded with Kurds there

Shingal: Sinjar, Iraq- I'd just talked about this Shingal/Sinjar the other day! And this cooperation between the Hashd al Shaabi PMU and the PKK- Lo and behold we have fighters coming to Afrin from a region where the PKK cooperates with Hashd 

Are these our flag waving rebels too? The Hashd al Shaabi that works with PKK in Iraq?
I'd say there is a darn good chance these fighters are being passed off as Syrian flag waving Assad loyalists

Contained with the  Afrin False Flag ?? report:

  The Story of PKK and Hashd al- Shaabi in Sinjar (Kurds call it Shingal)
The operations conducted by the Hashd al-Shaabi forces in south Shingal show that the PKK vacated some places there which were taken by the Hashd forces
This is at a time when the Kurdistan Region, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s government and coalition forces have demanded that the PKK leave Shingal, but the group is still defying these requests. The question is: Why can’t or do the PKK not want to leave the territory controlled by the Peshmerga, but voluntarily leaves areas under Hashd al-Shaabi control.
Sputnik: Turkey destroys "aid convoy" but was it? 

 "One person was killed and seven others were injured as a result of the Turkish shelling of a humanitarian convoy and cars of residents going to Afrin in order to join the operation," the source said.
"Only the convoy belonging to PKK/KCK/PYD-YPG and Daesh terrorist groups was targeted during the operation, and utmost importance was given to not harm any civilians," Anadolu, a Turkish news agency, quoted the country's General Staff as saying.
 Personally, I don't need anyone from Turkey telling me this was a convoy carrying fighters and arms. The report from The Region made it abundantly clear that this was indeed fighters heading for Afrin.

 Sputnik video:


I have difficulty understanding why some insist on presenting (false flag)YPG/PKK affilliates moving into Afrin as something good for Syria- I see it as a foot in the door desired by the USrael/UK,  if Damascus is seen to be attacking a so called NATO ally. Not that NATO has much use for Turkey in it's present state. But as a convenient reason to attack Syria and overthrow Assad- this ruse is very useful to the 5 eyes tyranny.

It was reported yesterday that YPG/PKK have handed some neighbourhoods in Aleppo back to SAA- 
Presented as part of this alleged deal for Afrin.. I left his comment at syrian perspective

What makes vastly more sense wrt YPG/PKK leaving Aleppo city/SAA take over in my opinion? (Assuming this is accurate reporting)
PKK/YPG desperately need reinforcements in Afrin as evidenced by their call for SAA to help- may as well give up a completely surrounded neighbourhood- to move fighters and hopefully hold onto the afrin border area- which further suggests they are being routed by the Turkish operation.

YPG commander in Aleppo, Furat Xelil/Khalil, says the Kurdish force has lost control of its districts in east Aleppo (Sheikh Maqsoud) to the Syrian regime, because the YPG there travelled to Afrin to get involved in the “Resistance of the Century”. Via @tobiaschneider

Bundy ” Kurdish force has lost control of its districts in east Aleppo (Sheikh Maqsoud) to the Syrian regime, because the YPG there travelled to Afrin

Isn’t that exactly what I stated?
“PKK/YPG desperately need reinforcements in Afrin as evidenced by their call for SAA to help- may as well give up a completely surrounded neighbourhood- to move fighters and hopefully hold onto the afrin border area-
It just made sense, ya know?
 Prensa Latina
The Kurdish People''s Protection Units (YPG) militias will deliver the Syrian Army in the next 48 hours the neighborhoods they control in the northern city of Aleppo, media reports said today. According to the Syrian State Television, the Kurdish forces will grant the armed body of this nation more than a dozen Aleppo areas, including the Sheik Maksud, Halak, Boustan Basha, Haidarieh and Ain Tal neighborhoods.

It appears that YPG/PKK needed reinforcements so they gave up parts of Aleppo
Additionally YPG/PKK needed reinforcements so badly they were bringing them in from as far away as Iraq!  By bus/car and with US assistance by helicopter.
I'm still not convinced Assad is sending anybody.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Chaos, Syria.

Events in Syria are so heavily muddied, by hyperbole and complete disinfo, it's been two or three of the most media crazy days I've noticed since 2011. When I began following the destruction of Syria  as it began in earnest.
Was saying to hubby- I've never seen the spin so thick and fast. And I've assuredly read through a whole pile of media lies these past nearly ten years.
I suspect this entire area is going to get much worse. If that's even conceivable to all?

Recent News and Views:

Security Council Resolution was a fail. Unsurprisingly

I like this guy

But Russia’s ambassador, Vasily A. Nebenzya, whose veto is the lone obstacle to the resolution, dismissed the reports as disinformation and propaganda.
He accused his fellow ambassadors and United Nations officials of succumbing to “massive psychosis” perpetuated by the global news media, which he said had engaged in the “coordinated and repeated spread of the same rumors in recent days.”
I just love that he used the words "massive psychosis" 
Syria’s ambassador, Bashar al-Jaafari, said accusations by the United States, Britain and France — which he called the “three musketeers” — that the Syrian government was indiscriminately bombing civilians were completely false

Lavrov: US Just Wants to Overthrow the Syrian Government

 The real goal of the West-brokered UN Security Council resolution on Syria is to put the blame on Damascus for everything and provide cover for militants, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.

The authors of the resolution on humanitarian issues in Syria, which is to be discussed at the UNSC meeting on Thursday evening, want to “shift the focus" from the peace process "to blaming the Syrian government in order to promote ‘plan B,’ namely overthrowing the regime in violation of resolution 2257,” Lavrov said at a news conference in Belgrade.

 Before the UN Meeting there were 3 trucks, with 3 big signs, circling the UN for 3 hours

Without intervention by law enforcement? Obviously this was a protest/psyop!  Who got this together in short order? Some PR Firm.

Inspired by the Oscar-nominated film "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri", three billboards circle the United Nations on February 22, 2018 for three hours to demand action on Syria in advance of a Security Council vote in New York

** U.S. Says Troops Can Stay in Syria Without New Authorization

This news definitely suggests  extensive occupation after worsening warfare. With an attempt to overthrow the government..

 WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has decided that it needs no new legal authority from Congress to indefinitely keep American military forces deployed in Syria and Iraq, even in territory that has been cleared of Islamic State fighters, according to Pentagon and State Department officials.
“The United States does not seek to fight the government of Syria or Iran or Iranian-supported groups in Iraq or Syria,” wrote Mary K. Waters, the assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs. “However, the United States will not hesitate to use necessary and proportionate force to defend U.S., coalition, or partner forces engaged in operations to defeat ISIS and degrade Al Qaeda.”
Kurds have been "freeing" ISIS members to fight/attack Turkey

Gee the 5 eyes alt media told me that Turkey was supporting ISIS.? 
And that Turkey "controlled" ISIS? Well, That's obviously wrong.

Since it's always been Usrael/Britain that have supported ISIS. 

Sputnik also reported this phenomena of Kurds cooperating with ISIS.. freeing them from prison etc., KURDISIS have always had such a symbiotic relationship

Could these prisoners be the 'flag waving' militia members arriving in Afrin ?
Smart money say's it so. I've got still more information regarding the false flag occurring in Afrin.
 "The source from the town of al-Hasakah (north-east part of Syria) has told Sputnik on the condition of anonymity that local people have witnessed US helicopters landing multiple times on the territory of the local prison, controlled by Kurds, a then leaving.
Masculine and Feminine
Ying and Yang
Kurds and ISIS


 From Earlier Today:

Afrin "Kurdish YPG militia says Syrian army must come help stop Turkey"

I've got a pile of Turkish connected articles too... but this post is getting overly long


Afrin "Kurdish YPG militia says Syrian army must come help stop Turkey"

If you've been following along with the situation in Afrin, as I have, you could be excused for already believing SAA had deployed to Afrin- It's clear they have not from this report!
Quite frankly I can't say with certainty if anyone at all deployed to Afrin and if some person did deploy, who exactly they are.
 What seems pretty certain is Syrian Army has NOT deployed to the area.

“Groups aligned to the Syrian army came to Afrin, but not in the quantity or capacity to stop the Turkish occupation,” YPG spokesman Nouri Mahmoud told Reuters. “The Syrian army must fulfil its duty... to protect Syria’s borders.”
The YPG has called on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government to send troops to the Afrin region in the northwest, and pro-Damascus militias arrived there late on Tuesday.
Hundreds of those fighters have deployed on front lines in Afrin battling Turkish forces, Mahmoud said.
I personally have serious questions regarding the very idea of loyalist militias being sent to Afrin. Waving a flag just doesn't cut it for me. A flag can be used like a prop. It can indicate loyalty or in the case of a false flag it can indicate deception.

flashback  Afrin False Flag ??

"But Assad did not send the army itself, a deployment that could have sparked a wider direct confrontation with the Syrian government if Turkey did not back down"
Ankara, a pro-Assad commander and Kurdish officials have all said recently that Russia intervened to stop Damascus sending the army to defend Afrin after reports of a deal with the Syrian Kurdish forces.
Ankara (nom de guerre) a pro Assad Commander ? Odd name, no? For an alleged pro Assad/loyal to Syria commander?
While Russia is Assad’s strongest ally in the war, it is also working with Turkey, which backs rebel factions, to negotiate a wider settlement to the conflict.

Russia has made two offers to the Kurds in Afrin.. 

I've covered them both previously- One right before the Turkish operation began
And several months back in 2017- The YPG/PKK wanted nothing to do with either offer, both the times they were offered- This is why I have extreme difficulty believing the narrative presented via the 5 eyes media. That and the fact that it takes plenty of time and energy to sort the wheat from the media chaff.

Most recently

Kurds Rejected Russian Protection In Exchange for Syrian Territorial Return

 July 2017:"Russia and Syria Collude With Turkey" Claims Kurdish Annexer of Syrian Territory

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Middle East Game Much Bigger Then Turkey

Carnegie Europe: Marc Pierini is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe, where his research focuses on developments in the Middle East and Turkey from a European perspective.

"Turkey’s foreign policy is dominated by a heated nationalist narrative, which in turn has triggered military operations in Syria. At the roots of these developments are several threats to Turkey—some very real, some perceived, others imagined—and the ways in which the political leadership uses them.

But beyond the immediate horizon, littered with hard-to-digest news and a couple of unthinkable risks, lies a different set of issues on which Turkey has little leverage. The real world around Turkey is so complex—Iran, Israel, Russia, and the United States are waging battles out there—that it may warrant a sober look from Ankara.

For now, Turkey faces many short-term hurdles.

Turkey’s EU accession has in practice been blocked by Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. The European Parliament has just adopted a new resolution criticizing Turkey’s human rights record. A forthcoming review of EU financial support to Turkey will likely end up with a substantial downsizing of assistance. On March 26, the Bulgarian prime minister will host Turkey’s president and the presidents of the European Council and the European Commission in Varna, where the words of EU leaders are expected to be firm. In April, the commission’s latest progress report on Turkey is also expected to be very critical of the country’s rule of law situation.

Then there are developments in New York.

A U.S. court will issue its verdict in the Zarrab-Halkbank financial crimes case around mid-April. U.S. Treasury fines, thought to be in the billions of dollars, against Turkish state-run Halkbank for violating sanctions against Iran could follow. In addition, the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control could exclude the bank from operating in U.S. dollars if it were designated as a foreign sanctions evader.

Closer to home, a fierce narrative is in train: the possibility of a direct conflict between Turkish and American forces in northern Syria. American think-tanks and media are abuzz with scenarios of a potential clash. A military confrontation between NATO’s two largest armies would cross into the realm of the previously unthinkable and, if an understanding is not negotiated, could prove irrecoverable. Diplomatic efforts are currently underway.

Also unthinkable is the possibility of the Turkish navy disrupting again the Cypriot government’s offshore gas exploration.

Whatever happens in Afrin, Manbij, Kobane, or off the coast of Cyprus, there is a much bigger game playing out around Turkey.

The stakes in the Syria, especially its eventual post-war settlement, are immensely higher than the fate of ISIS, the creation (or not) of an autonomous Syrian Kurdish region in a post-war Syria, or the links between the PKK and the YPG. They revolve around two fundamental issues: the balance of power between Russia and the United States in the entire Middle East region; and the potential for war between Iran and Israel.
In the seventy-three years since the end of World War II, the Middle East’s security landscape remained relatively unchanged: the United States was the dominant regional actor and Russia a relatively minor one. Israel was created in 1948 and consistently labelled an “enemy of Islam” by Iran since 1979—but the two never fought a war against each other.

Since 2015, however, momentous changes have been engineered by Russia and Iran in the region, with Turkey’s help.

By rescuing the Assad regime with Iranian support, Russia has drastically changed some of the key parameters of the post-World War II equation in the Middle East: for the first time ever, Moscow has set up a sizeable air force base in the region (in Khmeimin, an extension of Lattakia’s civilian airport in the Syrian coast); it opens and closes the skies of western Syria as it chooses; it is enlarging its naval resupply base within the commercial port of Tartus; and it has driven a diplomatic effort—supported by Iran and Turkey within the so-called “Astana peace process” and Sochi talks—to impose its brand of political settlement for Syria.

Meanwhile, in the process of shoring up the Assad regime, Iran and Hezbollah have also set foot in western Syria. They have established bases and substantially upgraded their arsenals in the country to harass Israel, in particular by building small-scale factories to locally produce drones and missiles, thereby avoiding the hassle of air and sea transport from Iran. Recent incidents between Israel, Iran, and Syria are a testimony to this evolution.

In the face of these developments, the United States is now holding about one third of Syrian territory north and east of the Euphrates River through a combination of proxy fighters—the Syrian Democratic Forces, led by the Syrian Kurdish YPG—and its own special forces. This, in essence, locks its position into future—and “real,” as opposed to the meetings in Astana and Sochi—negotiations about Syria’s future. At stake are the destruction of ISIS, the nature of the Syrian regime, local government composition, the right for foreign powers to maintain forces in the country, and ultimately—albeit indirectly—the security of Israel.

For its own reasons, Turkey has chosen to lend a hand to this geopolitical reshuffle: diplomatically, by participating in the Astana and Sochi talks; financially, by sending money to Iran—to the tune of several billion dollars—through the fully-documented “Zarrab-Halkbank scheme;” and militarily, by issuing threats to U.S. troops in Syria in the hope of pushing them back.

This bigger game playing out around Turkey is not made of somber conspiracies, as Ankara would like to convince its population. Rather, it is the theater of a massive transformation of the Middle East—to the benefit of Russia and Iran. It is as momentous as 1979 was for Tehran. The course that Turkish leaders will choose to follow in the Syrian war will have ominous, long-term consequences not only for their country but for the rest of the world, too"

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Afrin False Flag ??

A false flag in the most basic sense.... Flying the flag of another with the intent to deceive while carrying out, or perpetrating, some type of criminal/evil action
A political or military act orchestrated in such a way that it appears to have been carried out by a party that is not in fact responsible.

As of this writing- 12:00 pm EST,  I do NOT believe that any Syrian loyalist militias entered Afrin

I do suspect that the PKK/YPG  are attempting to and/or may have brought reinforcements into the area under false pretenses.

The YPG/PKK may have thought they could mislead Turkey by claiming their reinforcements were allies of Damascus. It seems apparent Ankara & Damascus have an understanding regarding the Afrin operation

 As yours truly had stated yesterday I see no reason for anyone loyal to Syria to aid the annexing Kurds who are already supported fully by the US.

What's the Deal in Afrin? Loyalist PMU's to Ally with PKK/YPG?

The convoluted saga of Damascus aiding the YPG/PKK in Afrin continues to be presented as fact.
Is it? I'm less then certain at this time.
You may recall that the US wanted Turkey to stop their operation?
U.S Wants Turkey to Restrain Their Operation in Syria   Turkey has not complied.
Tillerson then went to Turkey : Tillerson's Sweet Nothing's to Turkey. Israel & Syria. Lavrov insights Where he made offers he had NO intention of keeping. Turkey most likely made clear their intention to secure the border.
Oh dear what is Usrael to do? Intent on balkanizing both Syria and Turkey.
Cue a false flag

The arrival of alleged Syrian loyalists, who may attack Turkey, offers up the perfect opportunity for the US to gain the upper hand in the area. Have Turkey restrain itself. Etc.,

I mentioned a number of potential possibilities for this move over at syrian perspective..

I’m actually wondering if the Kurds were looking to bait Damascus into a move which would have seen the USrael step into the fray to
1- save their pkk/ypg allies
2- intervene against a wayward NATO ally Turkey (cause USrael doesn’t want to the Turks to impede their Israel 2.0 creation) Much like many syper participants
3- both feet in the door in western syria- aiding the PKK/YPG in connecting their cantons across northern syria- bad news for Syria. bad news for Turkey

I had also thought another possibility would be for YPG/PKK to allow PMU in to Afrin- stage a ‘chemical attack’ and count on the US and France to take action- which is another way of baiting Damascus with the same 3 point result I’d already mentioned.

Also people have to realize all PMU's are "not the same"

Example, as mentioned this at Syper's, Sadr's militia in Iraq, is a PMU (Popular Mobilization Unit) with very obvious ties to the US. Sadr and his militia are coopted.

A post from November 2017:

The PMU(F) & Iraq’s Future: Deal With PKK in Kirkuk.

 Where it was reported one of the militias had made a deal with PKK in Kirkuk

Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), in coordination with the Hashd al-Shaabi militia, deployed forces and arms in Daquq district, southern Kirkuk Province.

 There is a link contained within that post that reports at great length the differences between the myriad of militias.

If at first you don't succeed try, try again...


The Story of PKK and Hashd al- Shaabi in Sinjar (Kurds call it Shingal)

cooperation abounds

The stances recently taken by the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in West, East and South Kurdistan point to a change, whether tactical or not, in PKK policy. One could say it is a turning from Russia and Assad towards the US.

The operations conducted by the Hashd al-Shaabi forces in south Shingal show that the PKK vacated some places there which were taken by the Hashd forces
This is at a time when the Kurdistan Region, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s government and coalition forces have demanded that the PKK leave Shingal, but the group is still defying these requests. The question is: Why can’t or do the PKK not want to leave the territory controlled by the Peshmerga, but voluntarily leaves areas under Hashd al-Shaabi control.

The US administration has publicly announced arms deliveries have now reached the Peoples’ Protection Units in Syria (YPG) which Washington knows is an extension of the PKK.

A Shingal Protection Units (YBS) commander in Shingal, a group affiliated with the PKK, has revealed that they voluntarily handed over some Yezidi places to the Hashd al-Shaabi.
This cooperation occurred in Kirkuk also-

Israel is loving the very idea of PMU's entering Afrin- There looking for any reason. Even presenting this as an Iranian move in Syria.
Jerusalem Post: Iran confronts Turkey in Syria

False Flag............ a move that only benefits Usrael.