Friday, February 16, 2018

Breaking: Six People Hospitalized After Turkish Gas Attack?

I don't believe this claim at all.

That said, it was was almost predictable that the PKK/YPG would make this claim

After Tillerson's visit- where nothing was resolved between NATO allies this was predictable!
Looked as if Turkey was making advances in cleaning house of terrorists on their border
Factor in the distraction of yet another school shooting.
Macron's constant threatening. 
The US continuously playing the chemical weapons card...
With an ice pack tied to my carpal tunnel we go

Lie/Propaganda via sputnik
"Reports have surfaced that a Turkish chemical weapon attack in the Northern Syrian city of Afrin has hospitalized six civilians. The Turkish military is doing battle with US-backed Syrian Kurdish militias over control of the border city.
The Kurds in question are members of the People's Protection Units (YPG), a militia that formed the bulk of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) who have acted as US proxies in Syria.
On Tuesday, Turkey accused Kurdish forces of using chemical weapons against their Syrian allies in the Free Syrian Army, injuring 20. Although allegations of the use of chemical weapons have been commonplace during the Syrian Civil War, the Kurds have rarely been accused of such war crimes.
The YPG denied the report, arguing that Ankara and the FSA were trying to "fabricate a cover for their fiasco in the north of Afrin." They added that the Turks had launched a chlorine-gas attack against the Kurds, but hit the FSA instead.
The Daily Sabah, an independence Turkish outlet, then reported that no such chemical attack occured, and the FSA had instead inhaled smoke"
More details to follow

 Daily Mail
Six men were treated for breathing difficulties in the main hospital in Afrin in Syria late Friday after shelling by a Turkish-led offensive on their village, a medical source and a monitor said.
Jiwan Mohammad, the general director of the Afrin hospital, said six men had arrived to the emergency room with "difficulty breathing, coughing, and burning all over the body."
"We have treated them and are observing them now. We kept their clothes for testing," Mohammad told AFP, adding that their symptoms were in line with exposure to toxic agents.
He said they had arrived in civilian cars from Al-Sheikh Hadid, west of the town of Afrin, and had told medics there was shelling on their village.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reported that six people were wounded in bombardment on Al-Sheikh Hadid.
"Shelling from either Turkey or allied factions hit Al-Sheikh Hadid and left six people with enlarged pupils and breathing difficulties," Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP.
Abdel Rahman said he could not confirm whether toxic gases were used.
What's the world coming to when SOHR won't even verify this claim?


  1. ... more like; Turkey hits gas cache.

  2. certainly more plausible then this tall tale :)

  3. Penny:

    What do you think about this latest development ? I've got a bad feeling about it.

    - Turks propose joint deployment with US in Syria as allies aim to mend ties -

    1. Mieszko I:

      Don't worry about it- unless YPG move east of the euphrates- and I don't think they will- the US has had more then 18 months to make that move happen- they haven't- so it's highly doubtful they will now- unless forced- then we're talking world war!

      They've more bases and more troops present then ever

      last paragraph of your article

      "Such a deployment could take place only if YPG fighters first withdrew from Manbij to positions on the opposite bank of the nearby Euphrates river, the official said. That condition repeats a long-standing demand of Turkey, which says Washington broke a promise that the YPG would withdraw from Manbij once Islamic State fighters were defeated in the town.

      also I believe the US has people in Afrin with the YPG/PKK contrary to that reuters rubbish "The United States has no troops on the ground in Afrin"- They did bombing runs striking "Khorosan" way back- they have people on the ground with the PKK

    2. Mieszko I:

      check my latest post- I'm in the process of working on- where I relink back to the Manbij promise made to Turkey when Obama was still in office..

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  6. Hi Penny.
    Just want to say I hope you a speedy recovery. Good to hear your giving yourself treatment and I hope you can find the balance in the work you do. Its so beneficial. Keep well. You're a meticulous fighter.