Saturday, February 24, 2018

UN Security Council Approves Syrian Cease-fire/Vasily Nebenzya

UN, February 24. /TASS/. During negotiations on a UN Security Council resolution on ceasefire in Syria, Russia sought to prevent the document from becoming a pretext for military action in Syria, Russia’s UN envoy, Vasily Nebenzya, said on Saturday.
Vasily Nebenzya

"The reason why we negotiated for so long on this resolution is that we wanted to make sure that it is not used as a pretext for any military action," he said. "We heard some worried comments on that in recent days and including today, some of them very bellicose. And we said it clearly that we won’t let anyone to interpret this resolution as a pretext for military action," the Russian diplomat said.
What might Vasily's statement suggest to us?

If anyone interprets this resolution as a pretext for military action is Russia prepared to act?

The 3 page agreement is embedded below

What do you think?


  1. I do hope it works but sadly it won't.

    1. Hi jo!
      Yah, I've read through it once already and am going to do it again before I write any kind of analysis

  2. I clearly see Russia's hand throughout the resolution. They included the refugees of Rukhban camp in Al Tanf, the situation of the besieged Alawite enclaves in Idlib, the de-mining of Raqqa, the prevention from using schools and hospitals as military posts, the exclusion of Al Qaeda from the truce, the stop of the shelling of Damascus, and so on...

    (not a word on Afrin, by the way)

    About the vented "military action": Nebenzya is saying that no Lybian or - worse - Serbian scenarios will be possible. Macron uttered something on the line of Right to Protect. UE's Mogherini and Merkel are in a frenzy of "unacceptable", "must stop, NOW" and stuff. Trump... ahh, forget it.
    Russia says: OK, no more air raids, have your month-long truce, do your "humanitarian" best. But we'll call out every day passed without an escape corridor out of Ghouta, every missile or mortar shell landed in Damascus city, every Raqqa civilian jumped on a mine...

    Aleppo is back: truce -> jihadi not giving a f**k and preventing civilians from escaping -> "Assad-backing" civilians and SAA wounded here and there, exhibiting restraint of response -> humanitarian convoys shelled and looted -> the month ends with the clear result that "moderates" are unable to keep extremists from breaking the truce.
    Truce's over, where were we? Oh yeah: the Battle of Ghouta. Let's rock.

    1. brdlip: I agree Russia handiwork can be seen through the resolution- Just the inclusion of Damascus being shelled made clear Russia was exercising influence.
      Hostilities 'ceasing without delay' was quite open ended- And Afrin's exclusion was interesting too.

      You see the similarities between Ghouta and Aleppo as well?
      That was the reason I didn't bother with coverage focusing on Afrin- Ghouta felt so much like something I'd already done. Exhaustively

      The ceasefire seems for all intent and purpose to be meaningless except for what it may mean to USrael.
      That's what worries me

  3. ["The cessation of hostilities will not apply to military operations against the Islamic State, Al Qaeda and Al Nusra Front (outlawed in Russia) and other terrorist groups."]
    Well we've seen this countless times haven't we? Kuwait and Sweden are US vassals. The end game will hopefully be a trap for the belligerents US/IS/proxies/allies etc, by Russia/Hezbollah/China/allies on this repetitive cycle that needs to end now. Personally I do not trust the SDF handing anything over legitimately without an ambush. Next we will witness a faux SAA with uniforms/flags and all. My standard is NEVER BELIEVE THE ENEMY...NEVER.

    1. Hey WAllflower

      We've seen this countless times.. sigh
      I don't trust SDF at all. Never did. Not when they were ISIS or when the fill the ranks of the PKK
      All this rebranding..