Monday, March 26, 2018

Stormy CLOUD Act Darkens the Horizon--

Two days after publishing the post,  Cambridge Analytica "Scandal" CLOUDS Global Big Brother ACT (Cloud Act) , Futurism came out with a piece reporting on the many problems with the CLOUD Act.  Titled, "Everything You Need to Know About the CLOUD Act"
The article isn't exactly everything you need to know about the CLOUD act.
 Futurism "While you were reeling from the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, the U.S. government quietly passed a piece of legislation that has far bigger implications for your data."
As stated on Saturday...The passing of a Global Technocratic Big Brother bill was obfuscated by the nonsensical Cambridge Analytica  “scandal”

 Futurism: "The law is called the Clarifying Overseas Use of Data (CLOUD) Act. It’s basically an update to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), a series of laws that regulate how U.S. law enforcement officials can access data stored overseas. Congress passed those laws in 1986, and both the U.S. government and major tech companies believe they are ill-equipped to handle today’s electronic communications. 
Through the CLOUD Act, U.S. law enforcement officials at any level, from local police to federal agents, can force tech companies to turn over user data regardless of where the company stores the data.
The CLOUD Act also gives the executive branch the ability to enter into “executive agreements” with foreign nations, which could allow each nation to get its hands on user data stored in the other country, no matter the hosting nation’s privacy laws. These agreements don’t require congressional approval.
Let’s say law enforcement officials in Canada want to get at your data. The Canadians can enter into an agreement with the U.S. President, the State Department, or the Attorney General granting Canada permission to directly contact Google, Facebook, or any other tech company to request access to data stored in the U.S. By skipping the step in which Canada sends every request through the U.S. government, both governments would the save time and money
 Through the CLOUD Act law enforcement officials can now gain far quicker access to data stored overseas., That could help them prosecute criminals or even prevent crimes before they happen.
Of course, though, there’s a trade off: your digital privacy protections. For now at least, legislators have determined that citizens’ safety is more important than claims to digital privacy"
As everyone who reads here knows.. "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety"

The Futurism article glossed right over the many important issues I had highlighted in my Saturday post. The CLOUD act gives the Tech companies freedom from economic boycott, legal fees, legal obligations basically a free pass on doing anything at all to protect personal data from exploitation.

It (Cloud Act)  avoids exposing multi-national U.S. corporations to potential reprisals and economic boycotts by foreign nations.

The CLOUD Act is designed to save Facebook, Google, and other companies the legal fees involved in dealing with the many different privacy requirements and legal obligations 
In terms of expansiveness and oversight, it has a lot in common with PRISM, the NSA’s vast surveillance network that quickly became heavily abused and was a massive privacy scandal during the Obama administration

Interestingly, since I published the Saturday post my visits have dropped off by about 30 percent. Could it be those google algorithms at work? Since GOOGLE is a big benefactor of the CLOUD act.
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I’ve Got the Google Algorithm Blues- Project Owl

 From earlier today:

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  1. Yes, re the algorithms...the strategy is the age old carrot and stick...when you post none Deep State get rewarded with "hits" and when you post something with a greater degree of truthiness about the Deep State...your visits drop. The fact of the matter is...we bloggers have NO IDEA how many visits we get on our's none of our bidness!

    1. "we bloggers have NO IDEA how many visits we get on our's none of our bidness!"

      sad but true.

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